How to get Candy Crush Saga on your BlackBerry

In this CrackBerry guide you will learn how to download and install Candy Crush onto your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 even though it's not yet officially available

By Bla1ze on 15 Jun 2013 04:35 pm EDT

Candy Crush Saga. You've likely heard of the game. I'm not sure how anyone possibly couldn't have really. It's insanely popular with over 15.5 million people playing it daily and unlike Angry Birds, people haven't yet started to get burnt out on it. It's a pretty basic game when you think about it, candy drops and you must align the colors so that they disappear and gather up points before time runs out. If you've played Bejeweled, then you already know how to play Candy Crush Saga. The game hooks you though and keeps you coming back for more, back for just one more level, all in effort to get further in the game.

Now, thanks to the new side loading capabilities found you can get it up and running on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10. Just like all of the sideloading methods, it takes some time and effort to get things working correctly but the good news is the methods keep getting easier and easier. Check out the quick run through above of Candy Crush Saga in action and then jump below to find out how you can get installed on your BlackBerry 10 device. I do warn you though, I'm not responsible for any time lost playing this game nor will I help pay for marriage counseling should you get addicted and totally forget about your significant others.

Although it may not look like it, this method of converting, signing and installing has been cleaned up lots by those involved with its creation. You no longer need to download the Android SDK package but just instead install one simple package that does the majority of it all for you. It's a fairly easy process, you just have to read carefully and follow the steps exactly. If you run into issues, chances are someone else has already run into the same issue, so be sure to check out the CrackBerry Android sideloading forums. Specifically, this forum, where xsacha and many others have been helping out.


To get a debug token:

  • Simply request tokens here. Keep note of the 'PIN' you chose.
  • Edit config.txt from my package below. PINPASS is the pin you chose on the webpage, above. KEYPASS is a password of your choosing. DEVICEPIN to the pin of your phone (in lower-case).
  • Drag the two .csj files that were emailed to you on to a-registertokens.
  • Run b-createdebugtoken.
  • You should have a if everything went successfully. Sideload it to your device and continue.

Windows Steps

  • Download this package: here. [Updated 15th June #6]
  • Put your in the same directory as the script.
  • Now just drag any Android app .apk on to y-android2bb.bat. A .bar should be generated.


  • Download y-maclinux.
  • Put your in same directory.
  • Now, in a terminal, run: ./ MyAndroidApp.apk
  • Now you can install this .bar on your device and it should just work. You can use the included z-installer.bat or other means.


  • If the createdebugtokens cannot find your author.p12, it is looking in %APPDATA%\..\Local\Research In Motion for a file called 'author.p12'
  • If you get '881 no debug token found' that means you didn't install your on your phone.

To close this one out, there is also a few known issues with Candy Crush Saga loaded this way that you need to be mindful of as well. Nothing serious mind you, in fact I think it makes it better, but you cannot purchase any upgrades or advances in the game as they all go through the Google Play Store and that portion of the game simply does not work. If you can't get past a really hard level, you'll just have to suck it up and work harder at it. Though, if you're up really really stuck make sure you to check iMore's Candy Crush Saga cheats and tricks as they apply here as well.

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How to get Candy Crush Saga on your BlackBerry


I cannot believe there's no comment. Aren't BlackBerry people interested with this?
It's looking good! I hope devs see this and we're excited for other things available in 10.2

All though I won't deny I will give this a shot and install it on my Z10 just to quiet a few iOS and Android users that criticized BB10 didn't have the game, just like many other games, this one will also get played a couple of times, then get forgotten within folders cause I'm too damn busy to be playing all day!!
Anyways glad to see some of the most popular games added (even if Android ported).

Posted via CB10

Not sure I would says this game was "added".

Sideloading is not something that I think the average use is going to even consider trying. And having to give your pin out and going through this process to get a game working... isn't even close to what I'd call making it available.

Not sure, but I think Candy Crush IS the biggest game right now.... just not sure WHY it isn't on the BB10 Platform. There are some apps that BBRY should be willing to PAY developers to go through the easy process of "porting" over their apps.

Or you can play it in the BB10 browser with Flash enabled. Probably plays smoother and it more secure than sideloading an Android app, and you can make in-game purchases.

It doesn't play smoother in the browser. However, you're right abt the in app purchases. As for secure, well that's arguable but the APK was taken right from the Google Play Store so nothing afoul there.

Apollo G's, sir.

I'm just weary when sideloading cuz you can't customize the app's permissions. Eh, my own problem and OCD issues I guess.

How do you play in your BB10 browser with Flash enabled? I'm not the most tech savvy, but I can follow instructions well. I'd rather not try sideloading this Android app either.

Bla1ze, Imma buy you something for this! My fiancée has been asking me about this game since all her friends keep telling her to play, and even though I've had some experience with converting apps I'll use your tutorial to surprise her with this game when she gets home.

I think I'll be winning tonight, and when I win I think we should all win too ;)

Posted via CB10

Haha! Well, I'm glad to help though credit goes to the forums, that's where it all was born. Xsacha and everyone who helped, really made it happen.

Oh yes I know, keep one foot in the thread at all times. But you highlighted Candy Crush Saga, that's what's key here ;)

Posted via CB10

The instruction looks like simple for but it is not for me, i have been wondering for 3 days now how would i get that effing DEBUG TOKEN. I have my 2 files from blackberry and i am stuck, cant follow thru. Sigh...

Thanks Bla1ze for the heads up (and the guys that've made this whole process easier - those tools are excellent!).

I thought one had to be a Dev to get debug tokens! And am I correct in saying these tokens are tied to my pin and last 30 days, needing to get a new one after?

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

That is correct.. they .bar files will only work on your devices and you'll need to renew the token every 30 days. You won't need to repackage the file, just renew the token.

Would you please tell me how to renew the token. Newbie Here. Thank Bla1ze. BTW, Candy Crush works very well following your notes and steps

Thanks for this! Waiting on the tokens now.

I've fiddled with the BB SDK before, and tried using the debug tokens that I ordered for that. Doesn't seem to work if the tokens are already registered.

I feel your pain, but like it was highlighted somewhere in the comments... Developers should be starting to get excited with the potential of BB10. and with 10.2 having 4.2.2 runtime, App World will be flocking with apps (I doubt they will be native this year) .

Posted via White Z10

On holiday without my tools, guess I'll have to wait till the 18th to load the all the Apk's I've downloaded and didn't work. :)

Posted via White Z10

Wait sir Im a bit confused here, Do i need to follow through all the steps again and Im having issues deciphering the "To get a Debug Token"
Im using a Mac

i tried but only candy crush works for me, both temple run and subway surfer freeze at the start splash screen

Awesome work, Bla1ze! I've been stuck on level 392 via FB for most of this week, and now I have an excuse to have back at it while on the go :)

Is there any chance of someone doin a tutorial video plzzzz don't understand any of it :o(

Posted via CB10

Hey Bla1ze, what do you mean when you say to put the in the same directory as the script? Bear with me, I'm fairly new to this!

Put the debugtoken in the same folder as the one you downloaded and ultimately unzipped.

Posted via CB10

I got this working on my z10 yesterday now im tryng to do it on my playbook, but now when i get my new csj files and drop them on the registertoken file i keep getting errors... I've requested nearly ten times now nothing works, i dont get it....

Theres a config folder change your logs as in your username (Lowercase)
that you applied then after that put your files in the reg folder and thats it all easy :)

I long for the day when I can get ANY App or game from BlackBerry World with no consideration as to whether it's native or Android.

Posted via CB10

Let me be clear on this... NATIVE, NATIVE, NATIVE, NATIVE, NATIVE, NATIVE, NATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said...

Follow Me on Twitter @mongezaurio

Thanks for posting the .apk. Most of the sites that host them scream "Virus Trap". I think I only trust one of so far.

Posted via CB10

Has someone got a BAR file of it?... us developers can just side load that puppy in one step if so.

Posted via CB10

It won't work. It's bound to the device in which the debugtoken was made for in this case.

Posted via CB10

Yeah,who needs a purchase when we have cheats?!I can't understand why certain people prefer purchasing over cheats.

Posted via CB10

The majority of the APKs are for free fact, I don't think I've seen a paid one yet in my travels searching for APKs to convert. If someone has posted a working paid app, they more than likely had bought it and backed up the APK.
The BAR files aren't freely distributed either...if one makes a BAR file from a gleaned APK, it would only be usable on their own device because the BAR files are bound to their own debug token.

It's running quite good on a Windows machine, but trying this on a Mac is still weak.

The terminal command "./ myandroidapp.apk" ends in "[ERROR] Android SDK path is not set.".

Do you I have download the Android SDK or is there a work-around for this?

If you're on Windows, you may be browsing the zip folder and you cannot do this in the zip folder. You need to find the zip you downloaded and extract it first (right click, extract all). That was my issue anyway.

hey bla1ze,
just one question, i´ve sideloaded candy crush just fine with the tutorial you just posted, but cant connect with facebook. it opens the browser when i put my user and pass, and says "cant open market//details?id=facebook something like that. could you help me?

I used this to get all kids of Android ports to my Z10 today and they all work great! Can't wait for 10.2 so I can get Vine!!

Posted via CB10

when gettin the debug token what do you use for "company"...Im new to this...I have sideloaded .bar on my playbook, but not this far

OK so let me apologize if this has been answered already. I got everything working and candy crush on my Q but after converting the apk file where the heck doe it go?

Posted Securely Via Q10

been playing it on the browser since I got the Q10.... the only game I play.... must sideload til native comes :)

Posted via CB10

I love this tutorial, i'm now using the latest version of Instagram as well as Candy Crush and iStoryBooks for my daughter.

Posted via CB10

Can someone please make a how to video for this or break it down even more please!? For the last 3 hours, I tried following all of the steps above and this game will not show up on my phone! I have a Z10 and I am using Windows.

Please, please help!!!!!!

I can't even seem to download the JRE from the java site, sigh seems like this method of sideloading will never work for me..

Posted via CB10

Especially since the game plays great through Facebook on the browser. But with this, Candy Crush is just the tip of the iceberg. There's so many more apps you can get in addition for it.

Posted via CB10

Will I be able to sideload other apps such as wechat, viber, etc using the same method? do i need a new debugtoken?

Just install either "Fruit Blitz" or "Bejeweled 2" instead pretty much the same if not better games, no need to side load.

Posted via CB10

It's pretty cool Bla1ze !! Btw, i saw viber, facebook messenger app on your screen. Did u manage to have it working on ur Z10 by using this new sideload technique ?

Ok so I've downloaded everythin from the tutorial and got the 2 bar files that I was emailed and now am stuck lol plzzzz sum1 break down the next process

Posted via CB10

Having a hard time procuring a debug tokens. The link you posted takes me to code key signing or something like that. And, they do send an email, but there were no two files attached to it. I am really excited about the new sideloading methods, but not for the life of me figure it out.

Posted via CB10

The two files they send you need to be downloaded. Then you edit the a.bat and b.bat according to the tutorial and then you'll drag both files BBRY sent you over the b.bat file and it creates a. Bar file called debugtoken which is the token you need to put on your phone.

Hope that helps. Check out the forums...the tutorial (clean) is simplistic and works well.


Posted via CB10

The way I interpret the situation, it's because if you port the code, it may not work. However, this method tricks the code into thinking it's going onto an Android device, hence the need for a developer token.

It's honestly like a couple more steps from side loading, and thus far I've been using

Google Maps
Google Earth
Google Sky
Temple Run 3
Fruit Ninja

And I can honestly say the Google maps now versus the sideloaded version I previously had is way more fluid.

Posted via CB10

I appreciate you trying to help, Mike,but I do not understand a thing you are talking about,lol, plus Blackberry did not send me any files.

Much better if we buy an android phone instead of sideloading an app. This is ridiculous.

Posted via CB10

Glad crackberry is following up on popular games and what's hot in the industry, just yesterday I saw my sister playing this game on her Android Samsung phone and I was thinking if blackberry had this game or not?

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

when i drag the two .csj files that were emailed to me on to a-registertokens i'll get this message:

Error: Error: The HMAC information in the registration request is not valid. The
likely cause of this problem is not entering the correct CSJ PIN.

There was an error registering your tokens:

Press any key to continue . . .

What am i doing wrong?
Any help please?

I've put the debugtoken on my device can sumone explain wat I need to do next plzzz stuck n confused

Posted via CB10

I don't think it's worth bothering with all this since the Facebook version of the game loads fine in the BB10 browser in landscape mode.

Can you do this from the z10 directly? New to BlackBerry Just switched from iPhone 4s. Not liking the lack of trending apps on the BlackBerry world

Posted via CB10

thanks so much. got a lot of useful apps working via this method. might even try candy crush saga when i have the time to play :)

What happens when the 30 days of debug token expires? Do i have to do it all over again to play this app kr any other app installed this way?

Keepin'it fresh Z10

Happy Father's Day Blaze! I followed your instructions to a tee and low and behold it worked. I never played candy crush nor had any desire but after loading it up to test I can't put the game down. I'm really digging the learning experience with the new os. Thank for sharing.

Posted via CB10

Thanks Bla1ze! My wife is an avid player of CCS so this is a great capability to have. I also loaded another app that I was having issues with and it seems to work perfectly without crashing. I Don't know what the secret sauce is behind this, but I'm excited to have a lot more control over my app preferences now.

Anyone got Viber running better yet?
ive got it running and its fine on the pc version but whenever i try to send a msg to a contact it crashes,any ideas?

When I try to Drag the two .csj files that were emailed to me on to a-registertokens it appear
You do not have java.exe in your path
Please help me :(

Can somesome please tell me what I need to do next I've got my debugtoken and sideloaded it to my device now I don't know what to do :(

Posted via CB10

Hello bla1ze,
I'm sorry if this was already answered but I'm desperate to get this method working I ordered my debug token there nothing to worry about I got them the next morning per e-mail so I went on with the steps. I downloaded the package:
1. I unzipped it to a folder
2. I open the config file:
-changed the passpin (to be honest I wasn't sure of it anymore x))
-Put a random passkey
-put the pin of my Z10
3.posted the two csj files in the a-registertokens this went fine
4. Dubble clicked the b-creatzdebugtoken, it then generated the debug token. I left it there for the meantime.
5. I went on to find apk files (the topic for candy crush was not yet on) I found one and drag and dropped it on the y-adroid2bb this generated a bar file, I had some difficulties to find it since it generated in the folder where the apk file was stored.
6. I went on to sideload first the debug token to my device this went smooth with no problems (I used the chrome sideload method)
7. Here it gets tricky, I tried to sideload the created bar file and then it happened, it puts on the error not the right debug token for the device.

I tend to think that I didn't
Use the right pass code in the config document but I'm not sure.

Since then I tried to order new debug tokens but when I try to pass them trough the a register token it just says that those files were already registered how can I get a new debugtoken(bar file).?
Also I use the OS if this has to do with something. I would love to have a solution for this unfortunate problem.

Posted via CB10

I think it's because you wrote the wrong DEVICEPIN.
Make sure the DEVICEPIN you typed in is in *lower-case*
Eg. 2af8b92c1

Then run b-createdebugtoken again and sideload it to device.
You'll also need to convert the app again.

The device pin lower case is not correct for everyone. I had to put mine in Uppercase in order for it to be recognized for the debug token to work. It should be put in exactly as its printed in the about. I could not get mine to work with lowercase and had to sign up for a new token. After uppercase..all is well now.

Thank you Bla1ze. I got my first sideloaded app working. Now I too can waste countless hours playing Candy Crush. :)

hi guys noob here.. My JRE is updated, the config.txt is correct.. followed the steps to drag the two .csj files at the a-registertokens.. after that it suddenly closes then when i open the b-createdebugtoken it promts an error saying "Error: Not yet registered to request debug tokens. There was an error generating the debug token: ECHO is off. Press any key to continue..." so yeah thats my problem.. any advice my dear fellow blackberry peeps? thanks! :D

had the same error; mostly likely incorrect pin in the config.txt file.
1) go to your file manager: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Research In Motion --> copy and paste into address bar
2) delete or cut and paste somewhere else: author, barsigner.csk, barsigner files (get them out of that folder)
3) edit config.txt (from package)
4) grab your 2 token files and drag to a-registertokens
5) run b-createdbugtoken
6) port the file that was created on to your phone
7) convert the .apk and a .bar version should be created
8) port .bar file to phone
9) enjoy!

Hi.. I did everything but still got the error "failure 881 application author does not match debug token".. debugtoken is already installed on my phone. So now, I don't know what to do. Why do I receive that error? Please help me.

Since it's telling you you have the debug token already, you must have gotten a few steps right before. But you need to have debug token in the same folder as the package and it also has to be side-loaded into the phone. Then convert your apps.
Or you can try to uninstall the debug token using whatever you used to install it.
Other than that, that's all I can say.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. I did everything again today and luckily, I got candy crush saga installed in my z10. However, when I try to open the icon, it always says " Sorry! The application candy crush saga stopped unexpectedly. Please try again later." I did try again many times, the same message appears. Do you know why?

Hi ram4life!
I deleted barsigner.db from the path you mention. but still getting this: "Error: Not yet registered to request debug tokens. There was an error generating the debug token: ECHO is off. Press any key to continue..."
and everytime i run b-createdebugtoken a new "barsigner.db" is created on the Research in motion path. Any advice??

You need to delete 3 files in total- author, barsigner.csk, and barsigner. It is normal for the files to be created every time you run b-createdebugtoken.
I would say, delete the 3 files mentioned above, request a new token, and try to do the process all over again. That's how it worked for me in the end; plus the fact that I think I had my password and stuff wrong x_x

I had that issue with my first two attempts. hence why I was up until 5 am this morning! your password (that you randomly choose) needs to be between 6 and 10 characters. I finally got it to work (made a debug token) but now it says my debug token isn't recognized/valid for my device.

Blaize, is there a video on how to do this, I tried doing it as you have written down here, but had no luck

Thank you so much!!! I have been dying to get Candy Crush and now I have it plus Simpsons - Tapped out!!!

Everything worked well!

Anyone knew that it loads perfectly fine using the browser? :) I have been playing it like that. Anyway native app would be the best.

Posted via CB10

yes. but bigger, and nicer interface with the app. although ask for lives and unlocking episode is better to do with browser. (for me)

When I drag the apk file to android2bb.bat were will the bar file be wen it converts I can't find it?

Posted via CB10

same folder with the apk.
did you run b-createdebugtoken.bat?
you ll need debug token bar and the apk file on the same folder as the scripts.

Residing..I agree with you..This is too time consuming for the new or average BB10 user. I for one love Candy Crush but I have no clue how to even begin. But if theres an easier way to do this please let me know!

"Although it may not look like it, this method of converting, signing and installing has been cleaned up lots by those involved with its creation."
just be patient and do exactly what the guide says. I follow the step blindly. It's actually simple. just need faster internet to download the files needed. after that, it's just took 1-2 minutes to generate files and side load.

It's great. Now I've installed "temple run", "subway surfer", "shazam" and "instaplace". They're all running very smooth

Posted via CB10

Simple solution here. Avoid the headache and get an Android. That's what the average consumer would think to do... #Just Saying

Has anyone else that installed CCS find their battery life tank? My Z10 gets really warm and the battery life drops significantly. Like, 10% in 5-10 minutes. Love having it on my phone, but worried something's wrong...

Only when it runs. I did a battery pull and it seems to be a bit better now. But still really bad. That hasn't stopped me from playing of course lol

Well to answer my own question yes this does work with myfitnesspal. Yes my phone is now complete.

Posted via CB10

Can you get the Debug token on a Mac? Seems like the step is for a PC and I am unable to get it to work in Parallels

how to remove the debug token from my PC, if I want to re-create another one (debug token) for my Q10 or PlayBook?

Hey guys... I tried this with Spotify (v6.0) and Candy Crush Saga... This does work 100% on my Z10! I can say that I'm really really happy now!!!!! Test it out yourselves...

Hi ! Did all what you said, got the .BAR file. Installed to my Z10, and I see no Saga Crush icon....Any help ?

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I was able to sideload Candy crush on my wife's Z10, and she's a happy camper as well as Shazam (finally!!!) on my Z10 :)

Posted via CB10

I have found a bit easier option. Log into Facebook in desktop mode with flash enabled. You can then access this directly with full functionality. It worked just like being on my computer.

I tried this message also with Words with Friends, but it did not work nearly as well. Whenever I tried to pick up a tile the screen just scrolled on me.

No idea... usually when that happens to me on an Android app, I just delete it- assuming it won't work on mail phone. maybe somebody else could help you out

I am following debug token, it says edit "config text on my package below" where is that package?

Posted via CB10

Was anyone able to get past level 35? you need to ask friends to help you get to level 36 and my request doesn't register on their phones?

after i requested two csj. files. When i drag the two files on a-registertokens. It said already registered with PBDT.. What should I do ?

Hey could you possibly make a tutorial video for this on a mac because I can only follow text instructions so far before I begin to get confused and actually seeing this happen would be a big help (Im assuming you followed the same steps as this to get temple run and such on your z10 as well)

Also you show how to turn the csj files into a debug token with your windows package but there is no tutorial on how to do this for the mac version

Works like a dream. Installed on two Z10s in my house. The game has really big sound and awesome graphics. Now I see what the fuss is all about.

Please can someone tell me when these apps such as Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Instagram will be available to get via Blackberry App World!!! Why is it that you can only get them by sideloading??? When all other androids already have them available anyway!!!!!! Otherwise I really do love my BlackBerry Z10! :)


Somebody please help me :( I'm on MAC but it won't let me drag the two .cjs files on a-registertokens.bat. I drag them but they will just sit next to the .bat file

How do I do that? :(

thank your special guide.
I tried all the things described in the guide without any trouble.
I'm trying to installa the game on my PlayBook, latest update applied
I created debug token, created the bar, uploaded the token and the bar.
Now...I used the Chrome Plugin to sideload both the debugtoken and the game.
Install for the token was coorect while installing ght e game i received this error:

Install failure 533 Application-Requires-System: version forbidden, want (10, 0, 9, 0) have (2, 1, 0, 1526)
Info: Action: Install
Info: File size: 41921271
Info: Installing ...
Info: Processing 41921271 bytes
result::failure 533 Application-Requires-System: version forbidden, want (10, 0, 9, 0) have (2, 1, 0, 1526)

Anyone has this trouble too?
Any idea why?

One more question: if I'll try the same for my BBZ10..have I to create a new token by changind the devide PIN in the config file?

hi all, i manage to get and generate a debug token bar, however i cant sideload it to my z10. Error showing "500 invalid action install_2" anyone can help me? i must have done something wrong..

whew! finally i got it, 10.2 seems to be the problem back then. so i had to downgrade to 10.1, now i manage to install on both my z10 and q5 running on os 10.1. thanks a lot bla1ze and the team.. keep it up!

I'm a newbie here and I followed those directions precisely (although I mucked up the first two times in the config.txt when adding a password b/c it wasn't 6-10 characters). I'm installing it onto my Z10. It worked the third try by now my phone says the the Debug Token is installed BUT Not Applicable To This Device. Any ideas? Help!

What is a script, & what folder is it in? Does this work on the bb playbook? Do I need a debug token installed in the .bar file, or do I need a debug token installed on my Playbook?

This is the second time I've tried this and I keep getting stuck at the csj files. I never got those emails from blackberry. Both times that I've gone through to get a token I don't get an email. Any idea why or what I need to do to rectify ?

Hello, I am new to Q10 and trying very hard to understand the sideloading but no go. Do you have directions for dummies? should i be on my phone when doing this? argh, feel totally hopeless. I jus tput an hour asside to try and do this, still no idea. i need viber and candy crush or i will die. please help XX

Here is a question I haven't seen answered. Does the Candy Crush bar file that you have the link to get updated when new levels roll out?

Hi guys,

I keep getting a "failed to decrypt keystore, invalid store password or store password not supplied" when I try to renew my keys. I'm not sure if I"m doing it wrong? My debug token expired so i requested new keys from BB and have been getting this error when trying to create one. Any info would help -- thx!!

Hey everyone, I don't understand why I only get a bbidtoken.csk file when I go on the website to get the token. In fact, I never received the e-mail. Can anyone help me: I select "For BlackBerry 10 apps developed using BlackBerry NDK, AIR, or Android...", then it asks for me to add my BBID details. What did I do wrong?

Hi, I have Candy Crush Saga on my BB Z10 device now, but the problem is that I can only start the App when my device is connected to my Computer...
Has anyone suggestions how I could fix that problem?!

I followed all the steps, had to use the Chrome BB10 / PlayBook App Manager addon to install the without error. Then when I tried to sideload the file that the above steps created I get Error: Package Id and Package Name must not be empty.

No idea what is causing this, anyone here have any success getting candy crush to work on their BB 10 or PB?