How to get Amazon Kindle on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Get the Kindle app on your BlackBerry PlayBook!

Amazon Kindle BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 5 Mar 2012 02:16 pm EST

So you've got your BlackBerry PlayBook loaded up with the OS 2.0 software, and now you want the Amazon Kindle app as well? Not a problem!

While Amazon jumped the gun when they announced they would make an official Kindle app for the BlackBerry PlayBook available, it is still nowhere to be found.

Don't fret because you can still use the Amazon Kindle app on your PlayBook running the OS 2.0 software.

If you've got a few minutes to spare and a bit of tech know-how, you can load up the Android version of the Kindle app on your BlackBerry PlayBook and be reading all of your books in no time at all.

Just grab the BAR file for the Kindle app, then keep reading for a walkthrough of how to load this and other Android applications on your BlackBerry PlayBook.



Loading from a Windows PC

  1. Download and install the Java Runtime Environment suited for your PC
  2. Download and install the DDPB installer - Link
  3. Download any .BAR / .ZIP files already converted - Link
  4. On your PlayBook, turn on Develpment Mode from Settings > Security (remember your password!)
  5. Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook to your PC
  6. Open DDPB Installer that you just downloaded
  7. Enter your the IP address of your PlayBook (found by tapping the Development Mode icon in your status bar) or click "Scan". Enter the password you chose, then click "Connect".
  8. Click the "Add" button and browse for the BAR file you want to install. You can find a list of available BAR files here.
  9. Click "Install".
  10. When the process is complete the application will be installed on your PlayBook.

View the full Windows PC tutorial

Loading from a Mac

  1. Make sure you Mac OS is up to date and then download the Playbook_Tools here.
  2. Unzip the files into your /user/ directory (The directory typically shows as your username - mine is "/adamzeis/". You can put them wherever you want, it's just easier this way).
  3. Move the files from the Playbook_Tools\lib\ folder to the Playbook_Tools directory.
  4. Put your BlackBerry PlayBook into Development Mode by going to Settings > Security Settings and note the IP address of your PlayBook. You'll also be required to enter a password here if you don't have one already. Don't forget your password!!
  5. Find the .bar file for the app you want to install (check our growing list in the forums). After downloading, move the .bar file into the Playbook_Tools directory
  6. Open the Terminal application on your Mac (found under Applications > Utilities > Terminal). Your Terminal screen will show something along the lines of: new-host-2:~ adamzeis$
  7. Type cd playbook_tools and press Enter. Terminal should now read something like: new-host-2:playbook_tools adamzeis$
  8. Type the following into Terminal: java -Xmx512M -jar BarDeploy.jar -installApp -device PLAYBOOK_IP -password PB_PASSWORD Be sure to add in your PlayBook IP address, password and the name of the .bar file.
  9. Terminal will do it's magic and when it's done, your app will be ready to roll on your PlayBook

View the full Mac tutorial

Get Help and Discuss more in the CrackBerry Forums

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Reader comments

How to get Amazon Kindle on your BlackBerry PlayBook


I did this just this morning when my wife wanted a book they only have in kindle form. However I am not spending $130-$200 on yet ANOTHER device that I don't need. Not when my playbook does it all and then some!

Its actually VERY easy.

Once u download and install the DDPB Installer tool, its a breeze!

So far I've installed over 20 Android apps this way

I hear you on that. I have a Kindle, and was disappointed when it appeared that the Kindle app wasn't coming to the Playbook, but Kobo seems alright and, surprisingly, the books I've looked at are cheaper. The "Flashman" books are each a couple bucks cheaper on Kobo than Kindle.

It looks like Adam that you are using an old BAR file; thats not the most current version of Kindle. You can download the newest version on goodereader dot com. They have been doing app conversions for a few days. The nice thing is that they are the most current app versions versus fnding old ones in the forums.

**Hate to plug another site but the forums are a mess when trying to find this stuff; especilly the most current versions of apps but I do appreciate everyone's hard work don't get me wrong just don't know how old the links are.**

Have read the complete Song of Ice and Fire series, Hunger Games series, Eragon series and working on a few select Tom Clancey books right now.. All via Kindle ported app.

Lovin the PB as an e-reader specially since that's a secondary use compared to everything else I use the PB for.

Why hasn't Crackberry or RIM offered to pay someone to move this to the Playbook App Store? I am not going through these steps to side load apps.

I want these apps to show up in the App Store for Playbood.. period.

This is great news and thanks for publishing it. There are many CrackBerry users that will benefit from this.

I used to support Amazon but now I don't buy anything from them. They lied to us and then ignored us.

I use Kobo now and I'm glad I found them. I enjoy their book store and love the app on my Playbook.

So, I'm glad it is available for some of us but I'm supporting/rewarding those that support BlackBerry.

That is why I'm cancelling my Netflix subscription on March 15th.
By the way, I just enjoyed watching This Week with George S. on my crystal clear Playbook screen. They I entered a transaction on my PC and used Print to Go to send it to my Playbook for tax records.

The Playbook rocks and those that don't support it will simply not get my business.

Can you put a video up to show what this is better than Kobo. I have accounts for both and I'll go through this tedious sideload option IF it's significantly better, otherwise I'd rather tell Amazon they've lost yet another book sale because they are too lazy to sign this app over to App World (with ZERO modification!!!!!)

I get a "not java! close app" error when running this. I installed the newest java this morning, successfully. Any idea?

525 days after the announcement, still no sugar.

" [company name] is late getting products to market, they're doomed"

i heart doomsday paul reveres (or for the well-read, chicken littles)

I sideloaded the Kindle and its acceptable/readable. However, I find the formatting is a bit off and a tad laggy.

I sideloaded the app to read my previous purchases, but I will not spend another dollar on kindle until Amazon rectifies the situation of absolute lying to Playbook owners. While they have the right to not produce an app for Playbook (which I would be fine with), they should have the respect to tell us they cancelled their plans.

Incidentally, I check for every other option out there before I make any Amazon purchase as well. I also email them regularly to keep them informed of my feelings.

Update, got it working. For those that have never done it. If you get a blank grey screen. Just hit the ADD button and search for the .bar file you downloaded.

I didn't get the kindle app. I got the FT app. But ya this is pretty easy to do. I wish these files were signed over but I can kind of see why companies might not want to do this, since they don't work perfectly they might not want to deal with complaints.

I hope RIM can entice developers.

If I was RIM I would take these .bar file for the top 100 apps and modify them so they work well with the installed Android player and then go to the companies and see if they will let them be put up by RIM. "FT by Blackberry"

I have sideloaded a few apps, but most of them are laggy, so what's the point? Kobo isn't brilliant but it's on the PB as a default app and suits me for the moment.

RIM should just open the OS to all instead of having consumers sideload apps. Just do the work for your mainstream vendors.

I don't see you lasting long. I can see a takeover or another Nortel.

I should have waited before jumping on the bandwagon. RIM's simple browser can't even work without crashing.

I, like others, refuse to buy apps without seeing signficant improvements in the COMPANY's market share. Not the apps itself but if RIM is going the way of the dodo, why would I want to invest more money in a "BRE-X, Noretel, Eatons, Woodwards, Blockbuster" type company?


A major source of RIM's revenue is at risk of significant decline as RIM's core wireless carrier customers become more "averse" to paying out the monthly per-device fees to the Waterloo, Ont.-based BlackBerry maker, according to an industry analyst.

Toronto-based Northern Securities analyst Sameet Kanade said in a research note to clients on Monday that checks with RIM's major wireless customers at the recent Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona have made him much more bearish on the company.

RIM currently gets a monthly fee from the carriers of about $5 for each device on their network, Mr. Kanade said, but that number looks set to drop to around $2 by February, 2013, especially in the emerging markets where RIM has seen explosive growth. RIM has around 75 million subscribers, and in the last quarter derived nearly 20 per cent of its revenues from "service" fees charged to clients, though the majority of its revenue - at 79 per cent - came from hardware sale, which have declined as the BlackBerry brand has lost its lustre in more developed markets.

Mr. Kanade's forecast of a major decline in crucial revenues comes as RIM launches BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a new version of its BlackBerry service for enterprise clients that allows corporations to implement a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy that could accelerate the trend of bringing iPhones and Android devices to workplaces more accustomed to BlackBerrys. He warned that it could begin to affect the company's balance sheet strength and will combine with the compressed profit margins he expects to see in RIM's handset business in the future.


Northern Securities is run by Vic Alboini, who also runs Jaguar Financial and has acquired a stake in RIM along with other shareholders. In the past he has been a vocal RIM critic and has advocated for the company to explore strategic options, such as putting itself up for sale.

Also on Monday, Canaccord Genuity analyst Mike Walkley put out a research note with more bad news for the company: According to his checks, both RIM and Taiwanese handset maker HTC Corp. continued to lose share of the high-end smartphone market to Apple's iPhone 4S and new phones from Samsung, such as the Galaxy S II.

"Our checks indicated continued soft BlackBerry sales due to high-end share losses in leading smartphone markets combined with lower-priced Nokia feature-phones and sub-$200 Android smartphones adversely impacting sales in emerging markets," Mr. Walkley wrote.

RIM shares were under pressure on Monday, down more than 3.5 per cent in mid-afternoon trading to $13.29. The company's stock price has fallen steeply from its 52-week high $67.94 and the company recently appointed new CEO Thorsten Heins after long-time co-CEOs Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie stepped down in January.

The losses for RIM that Mr. Walkley sees in the U.S. market come despite Mr. Heins's vow to ramp up marketing and restore the BlackBerry brand to prominence south of the Canadian border in an era with expectations redefined and dominated by sleek touch-screen devices.


On the other hand- I have been using Kobo since getting my Playbook and like it better than my Nook Color. In fact just gave the Nook to my sister.

I really do not understand why as an end user, you should care if the company's stock price is up or not. Stock price should not be deciding for you the quality of product. As long as the product is good and serving your needs and is getting developed all the time, there should not be any concern. And if it does not meet your requirement then anyways you should not be buying the product even if its stock is sky high.

This post is not on point, but I don't blame you. Another @Crackberry #fail. Why don't you allow vote buttons??????????????????????????????????????????

What's the point of posting this here? Just to try and ruin people's day? Welcome to a fan site sir, where we like our product. And your browser keeps crashing? What are you doing to it? This browser works wonderfully! I've had my playbook since release day and it's crashed maybe 3 times. The android tablet I purchased before my playbook would crash that many times in a day. My computer browser crashes more than that. I think the browser crash rumor is something invented by the iTrolls. Or maybe it's the sites they're visiting? Should stay off those yaley. You'll go blind.

I've got the 64 gb version and the browser crashes all the time as well. The app platform crashes repeatedly too. I'm considering backing the pb up and doing a security wipe so that I can stop thinking about throwing it tbrough à window in utter frustration.

I tried the Overdrive app as an ereader and after downloading 20 ebooks twice the app would show no books when restarted. Others have found it problématic too.

ahhhh my Blackberry's!!!!!!!!

You should sell your playbook to me ill give you half of what you paid for it. Get out now before the company crashes. Really..... If RIM falls, buy something else, how long to you keep your devices a year or two tops.

I rather like the RIM products they are more adult based and I want a tool for business it seems RIM fits that model. Whit BBM it is also agreat communication device for the whole family.

But thanks for spending a week gathering this info so it can go into the round file.


Thank youbut,
if I wanted anything android I would have bought an android tablet instead of the PlayBook; I'll wait till we get it on the PB.

Question is how do i get my old books to be recognized be the Amazon Kindle app without the use of WinSCP? The app doesn't read from the Playbooks standard folders (Books, Documents, Music, etc), it reads from the Driods library which can only be accessed using WinSCP.

P.S. - After the 2.0 update i still seem to have HoneyComb installed. It launches every time i go to launch an Andriod app. Should i remove it? and if so how?

I got the Playbook a couple of days ago and I love it, but unlike others I cant wait to get certain apps. This was fast and easy to do. Thanks to all of those involved.

The steps worked great thanks. What about the average non tech savvy user? Will this eventually show up in app world? That's a big deal.

Just in case anyone gets a "path error" when trying to run DDPB Installer, and then getting another bunch of path errors and "Cannot Access C:\Documents and Settings... etc...." you need to make sure Encryption for your My Documents folder is turned OFF. I've been getting all these errors for months but never had the time to sit and analyze it. I just checked on it and turned off the encryption for the folder and DDPB Installer ran without any errors while the BAR file uploaded just fine :) Just ran the Kindle app for the first time and it works FLAWLESSLY!!

does any one else get forced to register every time you open the app? I want to use it at work but don't have wifi. any help would be appreciated.

I'm far from tech savvy compared to all my IT friends, but if you follow the directions it's pretty simple to load Android apps. So much of my reading material is linked to Amazon, it would have been counterproductive to boycott them (love a good $.99 book and discovering new authors). I already own a Kindle, so the provenance of the app isn't a deal breaker. That being said, the Android /PlayBook experience is rather enjoyable particularly if you're a note taker and are accustomed to a second or third generation Kindle. Besides, I'm so enamored of the PlayBook at this moment I'd download an app created by Bin Laden if it gave me something else to play with on this sweet, sweet device!

You can load non DRM'd books onto the Kindle app as well.
Connect your PB and browse to media/misc/android/kindle
Drop in your MOBI files and there associated cover and you are all set.

Thanks to Crackberry for making this so easy, I never could have done this on my own. Now my Playbook is complete! A heads up though, if you are in the middle of a Kindle book, it does not return to your last page read.

Has anyone been able to get the sync to work with the droid version on Playbook. I have it installed on my Playbook and everything seems to work ok EXCEPT syncing across devices. On the Playbook sync doesn't seem to be working.

If anyone has figured out can you post including what version you are using. I'm using the version from

Well, I wrote an email to Amazon today about the lack of a Kindle app for the Playbook and they immediately replied with this:


Kindle for BlackBerry Playbook is not yet available, but stay tuned. You can view our Kindle apps currently available and discover when we’ve released Kindle for BlackBerry Playbook by following the link below:

However, I have also passed your message on to the appropriate department in our company for consideration.

We regularly update our Kindle and Kindle application software with added features. It is always important for us to hear how customers react to all aspects of their Kindle experience. We do value the feedback of our customers and make every attempt to integrate their comments or suggestions in our further developments."

I don't know if this is just a standard reply, but I hope not. I really enjoy using for many types of purchases and while I have a Kindle, I'd rather bring one device with me for travel and that's my Playbook. I still want to read my Kindle books somewhere though. For me, it doesn't do much good to complain on a blog site about other company's refusals to work with RIM. If we all wrote to the companies whose apps we'd like to see on the Playbook, perhaps heads might start turning around. Anyway, it's a solution I prefer to try. I really would rather not sideload apps. In the end, I might have to, but for now I'll wait.

Thanks for this thread. I have been waiting to get Kindle on the Playbook. I really like the Kindle store and book selection; but I am as well a die-hard Kobo fan and sometimes use library books thanks to Overdrive. Now I have all three worlds on the one device (just as I do on the Kobo Vox).

You folks are great!

Gee. I did it! I sideloaded the Kindle app to my PlayBook. These are excellent instructions. I followed all of them exactly and it worked! I have no repeat NO programming experience, so now I'm encouraged. The only trouble I had was with app itself since it works differently from what I'm used to. And it got stuck for a minute, but I rebooted the PBand now everthing works. Yay!

Just resurrected the PlayBook thread on Amazon's Customer Discussions > Kindle forum
Blackberry Playbook ... Also sent in a(nother) query. The reply was "we aren't, I've sent the team your query, if we do it'll be on our website". I followed up with a reply about how their customer service was.

Nice rep
Quick response
Lousy corporate policy

and sent this comment:

Amazon needs to either state outright
1/ it is not going to work on a PlayBook app
2/ it is having trouble working with RIM on a PlayBook App or
3/ give us a PlayBook app as per your Sept 2010 news release.

If your nose is out of joint about Kobo getting on the PlayBook at launch, it's a Canadian company just as is the National Film Board and RIM itself - patriotism works two ways, and Amazon can onboard and keep the support of what are VERY vocal PlayBook users.

Kindle is doing really well, and may not need PlayBook - but it DOES need the Kindle and Amazon customers who use the PlayBook, if for nothing else but goodwill.

awesome! can't believe it actually worked…(comment on the installer, not the author) had to 1: make sure the playbook was connected via usb, and 2: pay attention to the spaces in the last line when typing into terminal (…..yes I know that sounds obvious)

Worked beautifully, and was not hard AT ALL. I am so excited to have finally started with Android apps on my playbook--this opens up a whole new vista, and makes the IPAD look even less appealing to me!

Anybody else have this Kindle sideload issue? I sideloaded Kindle on my Playbook last November. Everything works fine, except that every third or fourth time I open a Kindle book it tells me that the item is no longer valid and I have to retrieve it from Archived Items. If I'm in a WiFi area, no problem, it only takes a few seconds to download. But if I'm on a long plane ride, it is a problem. I downloaded the latest Kindle version in this article last week, but the problem remains. Anybody have a solution for this? It's annoying. Of course if Amazon would create a Playbook download this issue would go away. Help, please!

I am a new playbook user and was frustrated by the lack of a Kindle app (should have done more research) but love the machine. having looked at the alternatives available in the UK I bit the bullet and sideloaded the Kindle app.
My techical knowledge of Android machines is zilch, but I was up and running in 10 minutes. All seems to be working OK so I have registered here to say a BIG thank you to those responsible for sorting this out.
Many thanks again,

My husband put this on last night, I uploaded my books and read one for awhile. I then shut off the playbook and went to bed. Started it up this morning and the app is gone! Can you help me make sure this does not happen again? I want to take only my playbook on a trip and need it to also be my kindle. I will have to shut it down, or it could lose all battery before I can charge it. Thank you.

Hi All,
I just loaded the KIndle app. It works great! but I do not have the ebay icon or any other andriod icon. Maybe I read it wrong, but I thought you needed that ebay icon for side loading. Anyways it work perfect. It was my first side loaded app.

This was totally amazing. It took me awhile to get this to work (link took me to an older version of DDPB that did not work). The link to the .bar files also was unworkable for me but was the place to easily download apps. You all can whine all you want about Amazon not providing an app after promising, but I paid $500 for this PB and I was not about to give up on it because it is a beautiful machine. I also do LOTS of business on Amazon (Kobo does not have the books that I'm looking for as a pastor and an RN) and I really wanted to get my books that I had ordered there, including books for my Masters degree. All I care about is I have a Kindle app (among others) now that works all the time and takes me right back to the page where I left off. Thanks Adam Zeiss, thanks Crackberry, and thanks RIM for giving us the PB ~ a serious tablet and not a toy.

Can someone share the Kindle .bar file or at least the version number I need to find that works? I've tried different versions and I think the newest and keep getting the error "The application Amazon Kindle (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.) Apparently this error is common with apps that don't work on the PB but I see some people have it working.

I had the same problem yesterday while installing kindle on playbook.
A version that works fine is : Amazon-Kindle-

Also verify that you use the last version of DDPB 1.0.9 on your PC. This version is able to install AND uninstall apps ... The version i first installed DDPB 1.0.2 could not uninstall apps ...

HELP !!!!.

I followed all the above steps and all looked great, got the message to say done at the end of loading, but its not showing on my playbook ?????

Where do i find it ?

Thanks guys

hey, what did you do after it said "done" because i still dont see the app, even tho it claims it has finished.
Im trying to make sure now i have all the latest java etc installed.

Oh how delighted am I. I bought the playbook last week because it was ridiculously cheap at PCWorld and Curry's. I wanted to put films on it for my grandson and found this really easy. Fell in love with the device. I followed the instructions and now have Amazon Kindle on my Playbook. I can't tell you how happy I am.

Thank you so much. It is just brilliant.

I purchased a book at Amizon and sent it to my playbook (Kindle app). I can open it and read it but I want to share it. On a normal Kindle I would just use calibre to remove the protection but I can't get it to work with my playbook. Calibre wants the Kindle serial number but I don't have one for the Playbook app. Does anyone know how to remove the protection so I can share my books with oter people?