How to find a lost BlackBerry

BlackBerry Protect
By Simon Sage on 29 Jul 2013 04:55 pm EDT

This week is security week for Talk Mobile, and today’s focus has been on locking down your device. BlackBerry Protect is a fantastic tool that has been baked into BB10, and will be familiar to many older BlackBerry owners. The personal security suite provides everything you need to find your phone’s GPS location, lock the screen, have it ring, or even wipe everything from its memory. You can get the full run-down of BlackBerry Protect over here.

We want to zoom in on simply finding your lost BlackBerry. Maybe you forgot it the bar or the train, or wherever else. Here’s what you’ve got to do to get it back.

BlackBerry Protect

The first step is taking the right precautions and setting up Protect before you lose your BlackBerry. From the home screen, swipe down from the top, and tap settings. Now scroll down and tap BlackBerry Protect. Make sure the BlackBerry Protect toggle is switched to on. After that, dive into the Location Services button, and make sure Location Services is enabled there.

Now that Protect is working, go out and lose your phone. Go on, I dare you. Okay, fine, don’t, but let’s say you do. Punch in on the first browser you can get hold of after learning you lost your BlackBerry. Log in using your BlackBerry ID credentials - these are the same ones you set when you first booted up your Z10, Q10, or Q5, and the same password you use to authenticate BlackBerry World purchases.

BlackBerry Protect

From here, it’s a simple matter of clicking View Location from the menu items in the web browser. It might take awhile to get a lock, and you may be out of luck if your BlackBerry’s battery has died,

That’s it! It’s a pretty straightforward tool to use, and combined with the prudent decision of setting a device password, you shouldn’t worry too much about any personal information falling into the hands of some random stranger.

How many times have you used BlackBerry Protect? Are there any additional security features that you'd like to see included?

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How to find a lost BlackBerry


Is it work if iblackberry protect turn on but location services is off? Can i really find my lost bb???

Posted via CB10

The map to find your phone will not work if Location Services is off. It uses the GPS system to zero in on your BlackBerry. I'm not sure about the other features (which will lock your phone, show a message or wipe it).

And yes, it can really help you find your phone. I've lost mine twice (in my house) and I used the website to make the loud noise and found it immediately (once behind my bed, the other in a sofa cushion).

I also use it to find out where my other half is. If you know their BB ID and password (which I do) it will let you know where they are.

EDIT: I just tested it. With the Locations Service (i.e. GPS) off, you can still lock the phone, change the password and make a message appear on the homescreen. I'm guessing the wipe feature will work too, but I didn't test that.

Lol I know this is a great feature if you're ever worried about your significant other's whereabouts, but it can get very easy to abuse such a power if you know their credentials as you could basically stalk them :p

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

hey i'm going through the same problem! my z10 is blackberry protect is turned on... but my location service is off... is there anyway i can find my phone??? did you find a answer for it?? if so, plz tel...plz

Used it once with my Torch. I knew it was in the house so the ability to alert the device came in handy since I didn't have another phone to walk around the house with. Found it in the closet right where my then 2yr old had left it. Hopefully I won't have another need to use the app,but knowing it's there is peace of mind.

Posted via CB10

Never had to use it and hopefully never will. Good to know you have that tool available assuming you enabled it lol

Posted via CB10

Used it 2 years ago to stalk my cheating girlfriend lmao. Works great. I used my 9930's browser to track while following 2 miles behind her

Posted Via My Most Used BlackBerry App

(Damn app posted for me...)

Edit: Lol this is exactly what could go "wrong" with such power, but then again one could argue you'd never have to use it if she had been faithful. Either way, sorry to hear that you had to go through that.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

I dropped my Bold 9900 out of my truck 60 km from my house and didn't realize it until I was home. I had no idea where it could be but BlackBerry Protect showed me where it was so I locked the device and drove back up to get it. There it was sitting on the side of the road right where it said it was. I also used it to restore information to my new phone. Great feature to have.

Posted via CB10

Tried it, no luck.

I BlackBerry Protect is turned on as is location services. When I go and log into the website I'm told there is no device associated with my account.

Any ideas?



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Are you using BB10 or a BB7.1 or older phone? Just turning it on in Settings should be all you need to do for BB10. Maybe restart your phone?

If you are using BB7.1 or older, I think I needed to 'register' the phone within the mobile app via Setup or by opening the BB Protect app on your phone with a few steps.

i'm using a Q10 and faced the same situation: no device associated to this account. it works fine when i'm still using my 9780 and 9790, until after i switched to Q10...

Used yesterday to find my phone on the golf course, used my buddies phone to call my wife and she used my PlayBook to set of the alarm.
Found it in the rough what a life saver

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Non removable battery in A10 and Q15 ow makes sense...
With previous BlackBerry, if the thief stole your phone or if you dropped it and the battery became loose, the phone is undetectable.
Hopefully BlackBerry could install a FORCED SWITCH ON from website so that we could switch the phone on if it were stolen.

Nothing to download, it's baked into the OS. Look in the settings folder.

Unless you're on BBOS, though I still think it comes pre-loaded on OS 7.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

Blackberry portect sucks. Has anybody found a third party alternative for bb10 yet

Ive lost my phone before and it was always wheres my phone to the rescue. That bbo7 app was packed with features. The main difference being rather having to go on the website and hit refresh untill the thief turns on the phone long enough to catch him. You simply send an email or text to yourself with a password. The phone is always listening for this password and it will respond with its gps location immediatly once receiving it. So the thief only has to turn on the phone for a split second. Plus usefull features like having the phone call you so you can listen in etc.

I Tracked my 9900 to a cab drivers house with wheres my phone, he only turned it on for a few seconds. I was at his front door showing him the gps location on my laptop and he still denied it lol, cops forced him to give it to me.

Ive contacted the developer of the BB07 wheres my phone and he`s not interested in competing with blackberry portect. I offered him 50$ but no go

Well, most of that, anyway. I missed the part about the phone listening for the email. I don't think any first-party recovery apps do that though, including on iOS.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

There's a couple android apps that do it that way. Unfortunately the ports don't work on BB10. To many deep phone functions needed for such an app to work.

I am sorry, I didn't read it properly. I though the app you were talking on another platform.
As I posted below somewhere, I want Protect to improve lot more than what it offer now. Thanks for replying.

I am a Protect user from my legacy device.
However, I am still waiting for backup and restore function on my BB10.
I have used Restore from Protect few times on my Bold, never had to use locate device yet.
I believe that feature is most required.

I lost my Z10 twice, and this is the third time I bought a Z10 for the quarter.. I checked on BlackBerry Protect on both my devices, but apparently, I couldn't do anything about it. Once the pulled ur battery outing, or change the BBID associated with it, BlackBerry Protect cannot track down the device anymore. And the GPS thing? I've found out that it's not real time.. I hope they do something about this. :(

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If you have a password on your phone, there's no way to get past the login without it and/or the BBID already associated with the device. That includes autoloaders for leaks.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

so, if the person found the phone and enter wrong password for 10 times and let the phone wipe. Then he cant make it his phone?
I still believe BB PIN should be associated with BBID and Protect. not just BBID.

It's ironic, I was actually playing around with the Protect website and my account last night and thinking, "I wonder if CB is going to do another article about this." And here we are today.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 and loving it!

There is no need to backup the apps and media.
Just let the BOX sync the media files, and BB only has to sync the other files when backing up with BB Protect.
My most fear is loosing phone contacts than anything else - just don't like to sync my contacts to any of my emails. I am glad BOX app integrated to do automatic sync my pics and video. I would love to see music as well, but all my media are on the SD card and my music is safe on my pc and external hdd.
I really like BB to take Protect feature seriously and improve it much much more.

That is my main gripe with BB Protect for BB10... the lack of Backup/restore really sucks. If it was the cost of data storage, why not just make the backup/restore function compatible with or Dropbox - seeing as both are pretty well integrated into the OS....

I've used it once with my previous BB to verify that I had left it on my desk at work.
With my Z10 I've only tested it a few times to make sure it's working.

I just wish BB would update the PIN lock so the number keys weren't so effen small! I prefer to keep it locked at all times, but it's nearly impossible to unlock it in the middle of the night when I get paged.

I wish you could stop anyone from using the phone after it gets stolen. A bricked mode that can only be unlocked with a pin or by blackberry or your service provider using a special program.

Posted via CB10

I tried using BB Protect after I lost my Z10. No luck because my battery died when I lost it. :'-(

Good info for the next Z I get, though.

I have this installed on my Z10 since day 1
Haven't used it yet. Thank goodness.
I always keep mine locked, and put a message on my phone to call if found.

Is it thrue, that BB protect can not make back up all my data weekly? As I understand BB10 hasn't this option??!! If I lost or my phone or it will die, I lost all my info!!?? It sukc, I am dissapointed.

Tried this a couple of times, but even with location services, and Blackberry protect on, the site dosn;t seem to recognize I am using the Z10.

I'd like to add a 'Death-Ray' function, purchased from Marvin Martian.

This would finish-off a would-be thief, and leave the phone in one spot, so I could just come by, and pick it up.

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If a BlackBerry phone that has a protect turned on is stolen, the phone is wiped and protect is turned on with another BlackBerry I D. Whose I D will be visible on the map? The owner or the thief?

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Locations option should be password activated if stolen and a password required to turn option off

Posted via CB10

why bb world said my phone does not support this app wherein i can see on the settings and have it turned on?
anybody could tell me some help?

bb z10 stl100-1

A lot... it should be able to snap photos and record voices once marked as lost. I'd like to make my phone call a particular number via the portal. That way, I can be able to get the number of any sim inserted on my lost or stolen phone.

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I'm unsure if my `location services' is still active on my blackberry that was stolen a few months ago.

I logged into the bbprotect website entered my username and password, but it seems to take forever to get anywhere when I try any of the options on that blackberry.

Is there another way to find it because the protect thing is not on and the person is not telling me where it is soo pleasee tell me there is another waay!

I had lost my BB Z10. but it was switched off when phone being stolen. because of this Its showing my last location where it was switched off.
so can I find exact location right now and get back my cellphone?

my blackberry Q10 was stolen yesterday at the church of assumption Asokoro Abuja, Is there another way to find it because the protect thing is not on..