How to filter what accounts are shown in the BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry 10 Hub
By DJ Reyes on 1 Apr 2013 03:58 pm EDT

One of the most prominent features of the BlackBerry 10 platform is the Hub, aptly named as it is where everything comes together. All your emails, text messages, Twitter mentions, Facebook messages, BBM messages and notifications are gathered so you can see them all in one place.

While there will be many who will want everything to show up in the Hub, there will be others who may want it a bit more streamlined and only want to show certain accounts in the Hub, perhaps just your more important email accounts. If this is you then there is a way to filter out the unwanted accounts.

Here's how to filter your accounts for the Hub:

  • Go into the Hub by swiping up from the bottom and to the right of the screen
  • Tap the overflow icon (three dots) on the bottom right and select Settings
  • Tap Hub Management
  • From there turn off any accounts you don't want to see in the Hub
  • Once done, tap Back twice to return to the Hub

From now on only those you kept on will show up in the Hub. If you wanted to view any messages on those accounts you don't want showing in the Hub, just swipe the screen to the left and you can choose those accounts from the list.

If in the future you change your mind and want those accounts to show up in the Hub again, repeat the steps above and turn the accounts on.

However, that is not the only way to filter the Hub. If, like me, you like everything showing up in the Hub but occasionally just wanted to view one account for a while, just swipe the screen to the right and select from the list the account you want to view.

To return back to full Hub viewing, swipe to the right again and tap Hub at the top of the list.

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Reader comments

How to filter what accounts are shown in the BlackBerry Hub


Format and update via BlackBerry Link fixed that notification issue. If you can handle a fresh start. Not sure if backup will work as I couldn't hey a back to run successfully.

Longer you wait.. the harder it will be

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I get the Hub and I like it to an extent, but if they can pin a shortcut directly to my text messages on the home screen, then I should think that I should have the ability to pin a mailbox. Please???

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I have an issue with text msgs in the hub. If you get a group text msg, it will also alert you like you received a separate text from the individual that replied in the group text. Example: if I have a group text going with John, Peter, and Steve. Then Steve replies in the group text so everyone can see, I'll get an alert for that and also it will look like Steve texted me directly as it will bring up the text chat between us. Any fix? Anyone else?

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When in the HUB, how do you know which account it's from? For instance I have my work email and my personal email. On my BB9930 it used to have a different background to let me know.

You can use the Hub for notification but go into the individual account to read the emails, if I understand things correctly.

I agree with the other post...why can't I have my e-mail accounts showing on the main screen like I have on every other Blackberry I've had? At a glance I can see if I've had a Text, whatsapp, Bbm etc but not the most important feature of my BlackBerry - E-MAIL. This I'd the only thing I don't like about the Z10

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@barney009 because they are in the HUB. Embrace the change. This is the new way of doing things.

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@Krack But the change makes it harder, and as the customer, we have the right to say that we would like to use the product a certain way... the way we're used to. I don't think there's any thing wrong with making an opinion known.

But if "they" are in the HUB, why have BBM and Text Message icons on the home screen? Especially since the Text Message icon takes you to Text Messages in HUB.

It should be an easy thing to do to create a short cut, but I am not seeing anyway to currently do it. One thing I did notice is that txt and bbm are under there own category within the hub, messaging vs email accounts (can see it under hub management).

I would call it an enhancement request for making shortcuts for email accounts to the main window.

My biggest issue with the Hub is that I have to back out of things. For example, let's say that I'm looking at a text with an attachment. I put my phone down and walk away. It locks. 5 minutes later I get an email. I pick up the phone, and go to the left to get to the Hub, but now I'm still on that attachment. I have to go back to the message, then back to all of the messages, then back to the Hub, and THEN into my email. See how that's a bit of a pain? The old way, I could just go right to my mailbox.

Again, not say that I hate the Hub. But if they can give me a shortcut on the home screen for my text messages, then surely they can let have a shortcut to my mailbox.

It's two taps and you're back at the HUB! Are you seriously that lazy the you can't lift the same finger for a second tap!

Posted via CB10 using a Z10

It's not a question of laziness but of user preference. If BB can provide a Text Message icon, why not provide an Email icon(s)?

From any message in the hub just hold back and slide over the window. That will reveal icons for anything in the hub. That way you don't have to go tap back crazy lol, really easy! I'm sure things will get more refined with time.

I have exactly the same feeling about the Hub, they should have called it "The Maze" lol. We obviously might be able to read our emails and messages in a single click (or touch*)

@hypnoboy, just swipe back, but start with your finger on the back button instead of just anywhere on the screen. You can then immediately go back to the main hub view

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That still only takes me to the outside of the Hub. I'd like to go directly to my mailbox when I pick up the phone, like I used to be able to, and still can with text messages. Once again, if they can let us have a shortcut for texts on the home screen, then surely they can let us have them for mailboxes.

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hello Crackberry nation, you have a new girlfriend now (the Z10). Forget about the old girlfriend (whatever BB or OS you had prior) and focus on what makes the new one different, powerful, more sexy and best of all, its the new OS going forward. Apple and Android, and previously BB, have convinced you that you have to always go back to a "home" screen just so you can see the precious red splat show up again to reward you and point you to your next interaction with the world. NO MORE. Unless you are launching a new app, or multitasking in active frames, you will live in the HUB...period. Huh? What you say? but, but I must see my main app, stop it. Forget about parking on app screen #1 and treating it like your "home" page in this OS. The HUB is and will always be your "home" page when you are not specifically using an app. why? It's where every single message comes in. Again, you don't need to see a red splat on a "home'' screen to tell you to then go open that app anymore. In BB 10 you are removing that step and operating directly at the message level as it comes in, in real time by using the HUB. How? By locking your phone down while directly in the Hub. So when a new message alert sounds....oh boy...unlock & slide up screen to launch directly in the HUB. You see your new message / messages displayed . respond as usual and lock back down in the HUB's main page...done. If you swiped left from the hub and went deeper in the account list in a specific email, text, or facebook account, etc, respond as usual, when finished, simply swipe left to the main account list, select "hub" at the top, resetting the hub back to its main page ready state, then lock down the phone again with the HUB as your "home" page........wash, lather, rinse, repeat. that's it, new home page dynamic. We all bought the Z10 because we want to communicate with the easiest, most elegant, intuitive OS there is. Do this every single time and within an minutes it will be second nature to you. So, always reset to the HUB main account list before locking down. Im listening to music with the Z10 locked down to the HUB as we speak. If i need to launch & respond, its right into the HUB, not the music app and then backtrack. I have read ad nauseum how "my old message is still there when i reopen the hub"...simply reset each and every time and all is good. remember, it's always one swipe away at the end of every response, regardless of the account your in. Hypnoboy, stop putting your phone down with an open attachment unless you want to continue working on it.Train yourself to close out, put things back where you found it, and return to the HUB main list each time as your "home" screen. I repeat, the HUB is "home". This is hands down the easiest OS on the planet. Yep i said it.....peace out.

Sooo..... in other words, there are STILL extra steps, but just do them BEFORE you lock down and then you won't have to do them after. (See the problem? There are STILL extra steps that don't have to be there.)

The HUB is NOT the HOME. You're using it that way, and good for you. Our job, as the early adapters is to convince others that this is the BEST phone on the market. (which it is) MOST of the people we're going to talk to are going to be either current "Legacy OS" users, or people who've left Blackberry for Apple or Android. If we're going to get them back, they're going to expect the same ease of functionality that they had. That means knowing what is in each mailbox/notification at a glance.

Give us the OPTION to have access to a mailbox on the home screen. They did it with texts, so my point is why NOT let us have the choice.

I would bet that most of the people who still use Blackberry (mostly the legacy devices) aren't loyal to the COMPANY. They're still using it because of the functionality. With the new phone, as those people start to look at it, they're going to look for the functionality that they have now and still want. Why not give them the option?

the "glance" at the "home" screen that you are craving to see your red splat is unnecessary. I am a legacy user so I get what you want to do. But the "glance" is only a "glance", you still have to (1) step into the message and handle it, (2) close out and return to the "home" screen only to do it all over again. The functionality in this new OS is still there, but think of the HUB is one giant red splat. You want your messages right? By locking down in the HUB, your directly at the message level. Respond to the message and done.No need to return to home screen to then come back to the HUB to respond to the next message, over & over. Old BB OS, IOS and Android force you to do this because its how its been done since 2007. the future is removing unnecessary steps and accelerating efficiency & speed to get tasks accomplished. Once a user drops the idea that "I must see a home screen to manage my messaging apps", then the clouds will part on how efficient the hub really as your main communication app. You want to "return" to a "home" screen, then lock down. I "return" to the hub main screen, then lock down. both steps are equal, but its what happens on the next incoming message is what this conversation is about. Have a good one my man. Glad your a Z10 user...:)

I have to have my phone on silent most of the day while I'm teaching and I could always see which of my email accounts had messages directly from the home screen and I really miss that - the Android phones have it so why can't we. it just seems crazy that I have notifications for the least important things on my phone - I have a Blackberry for business not social networking!

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Enable and disable any account works ok, on this BBM cannot be disabled at all!!
Never used it and don't want to see that account options either, so how can I get it not to show up anymore?

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Well, just to make my question clear, using a z10, and the option for BBM in the account settings is showing OFF but still the BBM is visual in the HUB!
Is that a bug or a ignorant behaviour in the OS10.?

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I have BBM turned off also but BBM still shows in the HUB. My understanding is that this is fixed and cannot be removed.

Love the Hub. No problems with receiving notifications in the Hub either. Users do need to embrace the Hub as the "Go-to" place on the Z10 to get everything as a communicator. Keep up the good work, BBRY! Press on!

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is it supposed to get rid of Google talk or just the fact that a new message wont show up? its google talk that i dont want to see in the hub, but its still there.

sometimes I'd like to be able to filter the hub to show ONLY UNREAD messages... is there a way to do that??

Just got my Z10. After reading all the HUB comments for the past few months I thought I wouldn't care for it. After actually using it I find that it's useful and I like it. I think of it as a separate, hidden pane just for email and messaging. I am much more concerned with the lack of ability to really use sound profiles and inability to customize alerts for individual contacts - the HUB is sort of a non-issue for me.

HUB is a good concept. It just needs some more options and flexibility.

For example, I have four gmail accounts in HUB (family, personal and one each for my children). But if I peek by right swiping on the back button, I see four white envelope icons. I don't know which envelope is for which account. If I could choose colour icons or have the account name displayed (this is a hi-res display and shouldn't be a problem) that would be extremely helpful.

not a hub question but i'm having trouble using the blackberry link for syncing with outlook. I tried it and it brought over every single contact in my outlook that i've ever sent an email to. the old desktop had a much better syncing system. any feedback on how to sync outlook calendar and contacts manually and filter it?

@stealthfox I am having that exact same problem. It is extremely annoying. Does anyone know if there is a fix to this?

I have facebook turned off and still receive notification through the hub. So if i go into the facebook application and check the notification i still have to go to the hub to either delete or open the same notification to clear it. If i turn the hub notification on for facebook it does the same its pointless. The same with BBM

Turning off BBM or Facebook notification in Hub Management only removes the notification from the Hub main view. It does not remove BBM or Facebook from the list of accounts listed under Hub. And yes, there is a difference.

After reading these comments, I am extremely discouraged about the prospect of buying a BB with BB10. I do not use my phone in this way; I want a separate listing for all of my email accounts and txt messages, and separate desktop icons to access them individually. I have been using BBs for 8 years this way, and have no desire to acquire a phone that has a less efficient way of doing things. Please tell me that it is possible to set up a BB10 phone the way I want to; this could be the last straw for me, after all the other screw-ups that RIM has committed -- like tossing out their empire-building proprietary push tech in favor of the far inferior MS Exchange ActiveSync. I don't want to switch to Android, but if everything that's useful and distinguishing about BB keeps getting jettisoned, then why would I stay? (And btw, I have no interest in BBM, so don't start.)

Actually, I recall that this exact same scenario played out when the Storm originally launched. Its OS, BB OS 4.7, would create a separate icon for each individual POP/IMAP email account, while the only way to access your BES mail was through the Messages icon. But the Messages icon contained not just BES mail, but also all of your POP/IMAP mail, as well as all txt messages. This did not go over well, and RIM shortly released a BES patch that allowed the addition of a separate Desktop icon which contained only BES mail. This allowed the user to decide to hide the Messages icon and go with separate icons for each message source, or hide the individual icons and use the universal Messages icon. Maybe if we're lucky, they'll make the same realization and add a similar fix here.


hey Cletis, you can achieve exactly what you want within the HUB. as a legacy BB user, I only knew what i knew from the past, which worked well. BB has introduced more efficient, fast OS that breaks slightly from the past and is moving forward. I suggest you try BB10 rather than get discouraged from reading different opinions on this board. you want separate listings for all of your email accounts? done, simply add them, they will all be there in account listings inside the HUB. you can see an overview of all incoming messages or drill down and work within a specific account. Text messages is already set to go out of the box. Buuuuuut, regarding separate desktop icons, that's not going to happen. BB10 is pushing the future envelope by creating the HUB as your 1 main messaging app for all your accounts. as I've outlined in prior posts, and its just my opinion of course, the need to see an "home screen icon" to alert you that you have an incoming message is now history. prior to this OS, a user had no choice, it was the world we lived in. currently, you have a message, you open that icon, and the next one, and the next one, etc. we became icon / app hoppers, in and out we go. BB10 has introduced a new paradigm and its all in the HUB. You reply, compose, manage, read and are alerted to every incoming message in the HUB. and its fluid, intuitive and very efficient IMHO. We now have one communication "app" if you will. no need to have to operate in multiple icons when one (the HUB) gives you the exact same result, much more efficiently. it called the HUB for a reason, right? I'm sure we'll begin to see other OS's follow in some form, as it removes unnecessary steps, allows you get it done quicker. try it, but give it a fair shot. if you don't like, move on.

Love the Hub! So many great features! My only issue is that after I delete Notifications from Twitter sometimes they will reappear in my hub as if they are new or unread.

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I also hope we get some much needed change to the way the hub functions.
I miss the ability to go to the next, previous, or unread message directly without having to go back to the hub. The play book can do it. Why can't the Z10.
The lack of some type of notification on the main icon screen that a new message exists is also a missed feature.
If we could get color differentiation to let me know the email is from which account that would be awesome.
I have been a loyal BlackBerry user since 2004 and have owned most of the different BB models since.
I agree change is good but if it ain't broke, why fix it.
Just my 2Cs worth

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While it's nice we can filter which account info is displayed in the Hub and Contacts app, it would be nice if we could filter out which account info--especially contacts--can be accessed within apps or built-in messaging. For example, I might hide Facebook contacts from my Contacts app, but when I compose an email and begin typing the recipient's name, the list of contacts that pops up still includes Facebook contacts with email addresses. Does anyone know a way to prevent this?

I second this. At no point did I agree to including Facebook contacts when adding an email or name to an email or text message.

I have also had a Blackberry now for about 8 years and I really love the Z10 in every other way but I really miss the mail notifications on the home screen. Please, please give us our icons back!

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Unfortunately, following this suggestion will leave the account name in the HUB list that you wanted to remove! I wanted to still moniter a couple of email accounts without it being listed in the HUB. I had indepth discussions with several BB Techie's and the conclusion was that it cannot be done. This has caused me huge problems. One of the reasons I deeply regret moving to BB10. I would like to think that BB will resolve this problem, but who know's when or if ever!!

What if you add a "zz" in front of the names of the accounts you don't want listed so that they are moved to the bottom of the hub list (you have to restart to see the change)?

Every morning I wake up and have several new emails, but for some reason they show up as already read. This happens intermittently throughout the day - most emails show up as unread, but every now and then a new email shows up as already read. Anyone know how to fix this?

I have a number of messages in the hub that have a folder icon. When I open them up, they are a feeds from and are filling up the hub. How do I block or get rid of these? They are not from gmail, outlook are any other account listed in the hub.

Found my answer. These were RES feeds in outlook that I did not realize were turned on. I set the hub to show filed messages, and hence, the feeds started showing up, too. Stopped the feeds and all is well now.

Didn't see this mentioned: even though you cannot change the order the accounts are listed in the hub, you can change the names of the accounts and add numbers or special characters to the front of the name to cause the hub to put them in the order you want. I believe capital letters come before lower case in its ordering system also. Every time the device is restarted, the list of hub accounts is rebuilt and it will reorder the accounts using the new names. May also work by just restarting the hub with the magic five swipe gesture - haven't tried that yet.

I have a question on the hub,,if you have more than one email account,do they show up in the hub in seperate envelopes or are they all combined in one email envelope

I have Hub set to filter out text messages. But for some reason when I swipe gesture to check on the latest notification alert I still see the text message board. It seems I have to completely close out of the text message screen after each text sent so that when I swipe I don't get pulled back into that category. I wish when you swipe to go to the hub it would bring you back to the hub screen instead of the last thing you were in. That is pretty much my only complaint. Everything else I love.

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I'm running 10.2.1 on a Q10 and a Z10, and I can't find the option to toggle accounts to be hidden - did they go missing, or am I insane?

I mean, I might be insane anyway... :p