How fast can you type on the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard?

By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2013 02:29 pm EST

I came across a great thread in the forums earlier where jfguay2 started up a game to see just how fast people can type on the BlackBerry virtual keyboard. We all know that diehard physical keyboard users can crank out some pretty fast messages, but there are so many factors when using the virtual keyboard (like word predication, swiping and fat thumbs) that it's hard to judge speed.

With a little help from the Flying Thumbs app, there's a bit of a competition going on to see just who is the fastest of them all on the BB10 keyboard. 

There are a few rules that are working off the honor system, but if you're down to give it a try, head to the forums thread here. The app itself takes care of the hard stuff, but there's no flicking allowed so make sure you don't cheat! Q10 users are in the clear on this one too -- the app isn't currently available for the Q10 so we'll have to come up with another challenge at some point.

If you're using a Z10 or Z30 then give it a run and be sure to post up your score there with a screenshot and let us know in the comments how well you did.

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How fast can you type on the BlackBerry 10 virtual keyboard?


I congratulate you as well my friend.

Anyways back on topic. Im not typically fast because everyone is different right? I wrote a 5k word essay all on ny BlackBerry for my english grade 12 course just last week

Nice, I did my English 100 paper on my Z10 too, heck I even printed it from my phone.

I just like how the Z10 keyboard helps me get keep on moving.

Posted via CB10

Yep. I wonder if that app rates accuracy too, because speed is nothing if nobody can tell what the hell you're trying to say...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Dude, you'd be surprised how far virtual keyboards have come, especially with the awesome keyboard on the Z10 & Z30. It is not only fast and smooth, it has numerous shortcuts to help you type fast even with just one thumb! Those shortcuts (such as backswiping to delete words) and word/phrase predictions have redefined virtual keyboard typing.

It's pretty impressive. I wish I could try this out with other devices and compare to see how well I do on my Z10 vs other platform keyboards (particularly Android with Swype/Continuous Input).

I may not be fast but I'm sloppy as hell and 90% of the time it's right.

I have to slow down to type on iphone/android because word prediction isn't as good.

I was using a 9810 now I own a Z10 and it very fast and he do the both language I use and the word prediction is amazing

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I use the app "thumb typist" on my q10 as a game because typing on the q10 is just sooo much fun!

Posted via CB10

I struggled with the keyboard at first, coming from a 9700...but I've gotten a lot better.

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right now running it twice, once I hit 45.9 words and the second time i hit 47.2 words. damn slow compared to how my typing was on my Bold 900 and Bold 9900

It's weird. Switching to the Q10, I was enjoying it more but thought I was still typing faster on the Z10's virtual keyboard.

Was GTalking at a friend the other day and he actually commented on how ridiculously fast I was replying. So I dunno.

I still *feel* like I was typing faster on the Z10, but the physical keyboard has that really satisfying feel to it...

No Flicking!!?? That's where all the awesome speed and time saving power of the Z10 (and Z30) comes from!! No fair! Perhaps flicking could be allowed if all programming (factory reset) is performed before the competition starts to even things out a little..

Don't think we don't have word prediction on our Q's, haha, so at least the comp is on a level playing field between the Berries.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

I will find out when I get my Z30, but when I had my z10 it was okay haha

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DJ Reyes put out a video on her Z30 (Z10). She was doing all sorts of tasks showing off the new 10.2 OS and I was very impressed. It almost seemed unreal how she was able to type so much so quickly. I pride myself on my Q10 speed, but she might....just might....give me a run for my money with her virtual keyboard!

Slow, inaccurate and always having to drive a cursor around to clean up the mess, sure do miss that awesome trackpad.

Having to keep my eyes on the letters while typing slows me down to a crawl, this isnt typing... it is a frustrating game of hunt and peck.

I HATE typing on glass. I will never like it, or consider it again. If anyone wants to trade this Z for a Q, Iam game.

BB until it is not CDN

I can type so much faster on my z10/30 than I can on my iPhone. When I am typing on the iPhone I'm always hoping that the words will appear so I can flick it up.

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Flicking words on the iPhone?
Waiting, so you can type "between the lines"?

Hooked on berry, haha,that's what you are, it's like trying to flick up to close an app on a Nexus!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Nice! 66 words per minute but I did have one spelling mistake but that's because my auto correct likes to change am to an lol

Posted via CB10

76.2. Would have been faster, but the boss man came in and started talking to me mid-test. I answered his questions best I could while doing the test, but my accuracy and speed both suffered.

Good times.

Also, flicking slows me down, but It's nice to have for one-handed typing.

I get 62wpm with a decent amount of mistakes.... something that never happen to me in my old 9930

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Faster than I can on a PC keyboard, and I make less mistakes and use just my thumb...

Posted with my awesome Z10...or maybe even my Q10...50/50 chance...

84wpm, 88wpm and then 68 on my third try, cuz I made a couple mistakes and had to backspace on that, got screen shots to prove it :D

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Sure wish I had the Q10! The boss switched all the company phones to Z10's and it really slowed down his productively. I'll never do that again!

Posted via CB10

Wow I thought the Z was just as fast as the Q. Thought it depended on the person. I will have to try a Z out!

Never tested but I did try a Q10 and Q5 and I can honestly say it's faster than physical.

Posted Via my second Z10

Tried flying thumbs and came up neither 70 WPM and the phrase was completely readable with the help of my friend auto correct!!

For me the switch to this keyboard has improved my typing on a smart phone and when u go back to my corporate issued 9900 I am typing way slower.

I seriously encourage all those people who are physical keyboard users to really hive the virtually keyboard a try, I was tentative but would never hive it back now

Posted from my ZED 30 jacked up on thank you very much!!

I type very slow and very inaccurate in my z10. I'm constantly editing posts in Facebook and text messages. It's been six months since I gave up my Torch, and I still miss the real keyboard. But the z10 is still the best phone on the market. I wouldn't go back.

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Used a Nokia windows phone for a few weeks. The z10 keyboard is one of the things I missed most. Plus email handling and display.

And I'm fast. Ha. Key is to train your keyboard well. I reset it once and was a bit more careful for a while and it works much better now...

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As someone who has been blogging for a long time and also wrote and published a book using a BlackBerry, I've always been curious to have a little word smithing race with those who love trying to tell me that physical keyboards are dated, dead, old, useless, etc. Wish those of us with the Q could be in on this, except that "honor system" part, it's my experience that rarely anyone is honest when competition or challenge comes about yet can't be seen.

Posted from BitPusher's Q10

Need to rules to be adhered to to test correctly.
1/ must be coherent ( universal language) otherwise we can't tell.
2/ minimum 1mn. Because the longer you go the slower it gets. ( my test went from 49wmn to 38wmn from 24sec to 1.10)
3/ writer must confirm no flying words used because this took my score to 65wm. So every screen shot should have confirmation from author that no flying words have been used. (not easy I can tell you that if you are used to type-
4/ must state Z10 or Z30.

Is this fair ??

Posted via CB10

I go more for accuracy. Make less mistakes.. One reason I like a physical keyboard better.. I don't always trust auto correct.. could get you in trouble at times..

What can i do, when i usually use a traditional Russian phonetic keyboard. I'll wait for keyboard update...:/ I am with Z30, and still not have phonetic tussian keyboard. Why is so difficult to make this? BlackBerry, can you hear me? :/

Posted via CB10 on Z30

But your right, they need to fix this. Especially since how proud they were at launch on how BB10 worked so well with multiple languages.

So damn fast..type type swipe swipe n swipe hell!!!!! I always get compliments from frnds for typing n replying that fast.. love my Z10 like anything :)

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One thumb -> 39.9 WPM (510 letters)
I think that is not bad at all.

Don't foresee how I could do better on any other device.

Posted via CB10

So by not allowing swipe feature, the article acknowledges the virtual keyboard is faster than the qwerty keyboard, right.. because it's true.

Posted via CB10

50.4 with auto error correction.
I am impressed :-) untill now though I was too slow.

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I still hate my touch screen keyboard.

I find it a sloppy method of typing and ever since I updated from the release version of my BB10 OS (which I received on my phone from Rogers on April 1st 2013, jokes on me) the auto correct/prediction has become worse and worse with each successive update. Should I come to expect anything more of BlackBerry?

I once thought BlackBerry had the best virtual keyboard. I did have an Android before my 9700 (which was far superior to type on than my Z10) and I hated the virtual keyboard on that phone (Sony Ericsson Xperia X10) but I find this keyboard in its current state to be no better.

I would get a Q10 if (and thanks for assuming I meant 'of' there, BlackBerry) I thought this company had any future. I'm stuck with a three year contract as it is. No need to drag that on any longer than needed.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

~ TheRealFixxxer

Too fast to type it right! But auto-correction saves my a** daily! I love it!

Me?! I keep movin'!

I am not fast I have big hands I can type using one or both hands and am forever amazed that some of the gibberish I type my Z10 decipher it in to what I was trying to type...i have also added a couple of edits myself in the phone
E.g TY = Thank You ....flicking slows me down TBH because even though it knows the owed 99% of the time I still have to look for where it is on the keyboard fret to flick it.

Posted via CB10

Ahhh. I remember having this speed type testing app on an older BBOS device. Wish there was one for the Q10. I've been curious to see if my typing skills are where I think they are.

Posted via Q10

I'll tell you one thing.. I typed way faster on my Z10 than on my HTC One. Doesn't matter what app I use.. :( Too bad BB's BES10 isn't a good fit for companies to switch to.. Sigh.. BB is their own worst enemy..

I was the main qwerty keyboard guy but when I got the z10 only because the Q10 was not out yet,

And I am blowin away from the amazing z10 keyboard, wow the best virtual keyboard everrrrrr

Dark Theme 10.2 white Z10

85 wpm! (avg of 3 tests)

I don't see how I would have been able to type faster on my 9800..

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