CrackBerry Asks: How excited are you for the BlackBerry Assistant?

BlackBerry Assistant?
By James Richardson on 18 Aug 2014 07:06 am EDT

We've known for some time now that the next version of BlackBerry 10 (10.3) will come with the BlackBerry Assistant built in. Having the ability to use voice commands on a BlackBerry is certainly nothing new, however from my experience it's always been more hassle than it's worth.

That's all set to change when the BlackBerry Passport hits the scene running BlackBerry 10.3. It's very early days on whether the BlackBerry Assistant will give the likes of Siri, Google Now and Cortana, for Windows Phone, a run for their money and even if it is as productive - is it a feature that you will use on a regular basis?

As BlackBerry fanatics we are used to using our hands (normally two thumbs) to get stuff done. I'm wondering how easy it will be for us to make the transition from keyboard searching to voice searching routinely, as long as the BlackBerry Assistant is up to the job?

Are you excited for the new feature and can you see yourself using it rather than hitting up your keyboard? Let us know your thoughts in the following poll?

Interesting times are on the BlackBerry horizon.

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CrackBerry Asks: How excited are you for the BlackBerry Assistant?


have you ever tried 'siri' or asked someone how often he uses siri?

its a nice feature that no one really needs. . . waste of time and money in my eyes

Guys, did you remove my comment ??? It never happened to me before ??? Which part was incorrect ??? That one about good move of BB entering very important niche for the future? Or that one relating to 'SQUARE IS FAIR'? Isn't Passport worth to make also its marketing a breakthrough matter, at last? Kind regards...

[...] first ever London smartphone story powered by Z10 keyboard:

Dear Indn

I just clicked on the link in your comment, but all am getting is a blank page.

I looked into BlackBerry App World and I couldn't find it there either.

Am I not able to receive it on my Z10 100-STL2


I use Cortana on my Lumia all the time. Its not just a gimmick you talk to. I use it for quick reminders, if I need to look up something, etc. You can either speak or type in your commands...on top of that, Cortana sends reminders such as when its time to leave for an appointment based on traffic conditions which is really awesome and helpful. I honestly use it way more than I initially expected.

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They did license it from a company based in Waterloo (can't recall the name right now).

Posted via CB10

Only time I've ever understood the practicality of an 'assistant' is in the context of sitting in a car or browsing a tv at home. I think it would be a great integration with QNX car os.

That's what I was thinking. I only ever use my voice controls to send texts from my car using the bluetooth, but I do that on a semi-regular basis. I'm excited about this if it works well.

I have more friends because I do drugs!!

Siri made for a good commercial with Samuel L Jackson to get all the Fanboys tingling up their legs for a new iToy.

Unfortunately, it was just another hyped up piece of garbage from know like the upcoming battery in the iPhone 6.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

I disagree concerning BB Assistant since....


... that makes it like 1,000 times more interesting than any competitors assistant tbh. I see me using it a lot just b/c of that feature.

Motorola let's you just talk to your device from any screen without even physically interacting with the device. Isn't that more interesting than having to type from the home screen?

You don't always want to talk. If you're in a quiet environment then it actually makes more sense to type.

It sounds like BlackBerry Assistant will also allow voice commands from the lock screen.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30 2B6927F7

I think when a device or service is executed well, people will use it does something faster or easier than before. Siri never went past the level of gimic, but Google now has really been developed to go that next step. I see Cortana as a more advanced Google now, but with a personality. If Blackberry assistant is a Siri clone it will fail. If it starts to approach the usefulness of Google now or Cortana, it will succeed.

Added mote. The ability to say someone's name to call them on even flip phones had been around for a long time before Siri, and the vast majority of people didn't use that feature because it just added extra steps for doing the same common thing

Posted via CB10

Exactly, I've tried both siri and now. Sorry, just not worth it. My thumbs are both more accurate and faster than any "assistant".

Depends on your age...the old geezers won't use it, the teen generation loves it. I see my daughter and her friends using it all the time on their I-phones

Posted via CB10

In my mind I'm a teen, but really am 48. So not exactly an old geezer either. I will definitely use it if it works. Right now the voice recognition sucks in a way I won't describe here. I've tried it for speaking text and dialing phone numbers. It's been so disappointing that I force myself not to think about it. Back on my Storm 1 I had a free app called Vlingo that worked pretty good. But then it changed to like a $20 app and I couldn't justify that. Not sure what happend to the app or if they still offer it.

Yeah, I had Vlingo on my Tour and on my Torch. It was awesome. Going back even further, I had a virtual assistant on my Palm Treo. While it didn’t do all the things that the modern assistants do, what it do, it did very well: look up contacts, dial numbers, search tasks, etc. AND, it didn’t need to be connected to a network.

Posted via CB10

Disagree. More old people use it because they can't type as well. I tried to talk my aunt who uses an iPhone and cannot type well into using a BB but she wouldn't consider it because it didn't have proper voice control.

The current voice recognition system is complete and utter garbage. I unashamedly need to use my phone a lot while on the road as I am on the road very often, but haven't been careless enough to whip it out in the middle of moving. If BB10 had a competent virtual assistant I could stick it on the holster and it would make my life a whole lot easier.

Siri and Google Now are so far ahead that BlackBerry needs to kill it with their VA

I'm constantly searching Google, mainly to learn a word or phrase in Japanese so it would come in handy if it worked

Z10 on T-mobile running

None of them are flawless and none likely will be very soon. That's why I have no interest in actually using it. But I'm still glad we're getting it so people can stop using that as a way to talk crap about BB10 phones.

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Definitely. Using voice commands over bluetooth can be a real chore, looking forward to a smarter assistant :P

Funny story. I input my wife's cell number as "sexy wife". One day, she asked me to call her phone so she could find it. To show off, I hit my Z10 voice command: "Call 'sexy wife'".

Unbeknownst to me, the phone had put her in more than once (work and mobile?).

So, it replied (to my embarrassment):
"Which 'sexy wife' would you like to call?"

Posted via CB10

I am excited, but only if is available also in Czech language... As english language recognizing is usually very poor even I speak well...

I must say, I was very disappointed. The voice assistant was a top notch feature for me. You guys know, that our rivals from Apple had their Siri. Asking the sport results, making appointments, or making phone calls with it.

Well, with our voice assistant it was a bag of hurt. And I have tried it many, many times. Always a frustrating experience. When the update came out several months ago, we were promised an all new updated voice control. But still, a bag of hurt.

Making phone calls is better than on its start. But try to ask for the weather, sport results or opening a music app. And even with making a phone call is not easy. Voice control never understand the names!

How come it doesn't learn who I call nearly everyday (spouse, family or friend). Siri knows who is your spouse (nickname).

I often slured to voice assistant, when it says: "Should I search the internet for call Person A on MOBILE?"

"Should I search the internet for F*** you right in the p****?"

It was a bag of hurt, and I really hope they managed to better its voice control, because it can be a cool feature.

I believe in BlackBerry!

Well it was not the objective. On 10.2.1 the feature is called "Voice Command" not "Voice Assistant".
In 10.3 it is named "Voice Assistant" so we can hope it will be more like Siri, GoogleNow and Cortana.

Posted via CB10

An option in between very and not at all would be good. I'm excited about it but let's see how it turns out first.

Posted via  BlackBerry Z10 LTE

Although it is most welcome ...

It's sad to see BlackBerry being the last company to have this facility. Especially in this capacity.

It just goes to show how much work BlackBerry still has to do.

More innovation is needed.

What's so special about BlackBerry 10?

The answer has to be beyond security ,it has to be mind blowing.

Posted via CB10

Well, BB10 did come out after iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

In fact, BlackBerry's assistant came out the earliest with respect to when the OS launched.

But, I do see what you're saying.

Posted via CB10

How about "EA - the Executive Assistant ", that can do all the things that those other voice assistance programs do plus features like learning your preferences, schedules and/or reschedules your appointments, scores you tickets to events you prefer or those of your client's wishes. Etc etc.

That would be some kind of EA.

Posted via CB10

EA is already another popular brand. A brand you don't want to gave connections with as it is only of the worst companies.

The irony is that Google now does all that, but the BlackBerry faithful call that 'data mining' or a breach of privacy.

If BlackBerry were to scan your mails to remind you of up coming flights, that would be OK right? Even if it's opt in.

Posted via CrackBerry App

I'm not totally sure but I think there's a difference. BlackBerry will find the info on board, and give it to you. And done.

Google will do the same, and then send a copy to its HQ for ads, etc. It's not the functionality of it, the problem lies in giving Google permission to use it, which means to have it and do with it as they wish.

Posted via CB10

The assist will be the best!!! Better than the Crapple Iphone!!!!!! Siri!!!!

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I get things doen much faster with the touchscreen and keyboard then with the voice control option

Posted via CB10

I personally don't like to talk with machine, hate all sorts of answering machines and automatic customer service line boil my blood!

Posted via CB10

I'll try it out but probably use it that much as it's just easier and quicker to do it with your thumbs :)

Posted via CB10

seriously are you going to join the apple crowd?
sitting in a train talking to you phone. . .
if you don't have the money to have a human personal assistant you should do you stuff yourself.

sitting in public transport and dictating your messages to you phone makes you look like a fool.

Every user using that service in public, should consider an appointment with his mental doctor. But sometimes, the service is best in car or at home.

Amen to that. I agree with not using it on public transport or while walking through the mall.. but I spend the majority of my day driving alone in my car. If this works well it could be a life saver. Literally.

Posted via CB10

That's the only time I can see using/needing this feature, but it's a big one. I'm in the car a lot during the day.

Posted via CB10

Lol I know what you mean about using it in public but I do have to say that siri is pretty much the only positive thing about my new work phone. I do a lot of work from home and it takes seconds to schedule appointments, reminders, alarms etc. (and with natural speaking) so I'm very excited about it for my BlackBerry. I hope it works at least as good as siri.

Posted via CB10

Something's up with the Java on the poll.

I vote very excited! Though I might shy away from using it in public. I don't see a lot of people trying to do that here. Would be nice to have a usable voice assistant though.

From my beloved BlackBerry Q10 :)

We are more excited than you, provided it understands the different types of English speaking across the globe, rather it should be region specific, as Google people are working presently on their voice assistance...!!

Posted via CB10

Looking forward to it since it's made by BlackBerry themselves and can be integrated with the OS in ways a third party app probably couldn't.

Posted via CB10

It's actually not. It's by another company in Waterloo, but I can't remember their name. I saw them demo it in a video in the spring, and it seemed to work really well!

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

blackberry is known for its false promises and commitments, cant really get excited about the same

Yes very excited! But haven't found any video which really shows the working of it! Just very curious to see the working of it!

via, Zeddicted 10

I answered very excited. However I don't believe it is well accepted to use in public. I think there are times where it would be really quick and easy to say 'phone calls only' on the way into a meeting. The other component is if it is really good at recognizing what you are saying. We'll see if it is going to be as good as announced. Lastly, will it be able to 'hear' you in a subway or crowded room.
In conclusion I am excited for the productivity that the BlackBerry Assistant will provide, but truthfully I am more likely to type the commands than speak them.

Posted via CB10

I'm excited for it to keep me updated on appointments and suggest things to me by analyzing my browsing/phone usage.
I'm not going to behave like an idiot and start having conversations with my phone in public, shouting something until it understands what I want. The talking bit is non-essential for me.

Siri and Cortana are fun gimmicks but it can't remember the last time I've used them other than to keep me updated for stuff.

I find if you want sports results or restaurants, a quick Google search is faster, more accurate and let's you customize more.

Posted via CB10

All those services don't work offline, which is silly when you deal with content already on the phone (music, messages, contacts).
Voice recognition is so-so...
Unless there is progress on both of these subjects, I'll stick to current means of interacting with my smartphone.
Multitasking should also be enabled by default.
You should be able to prompt the system using voice command while doing something else with the device...

Posted via CB10

Not at all, I can't believe they didn't mention adding a feature in 10.3 to disable the voice control or blackberry assistant. Not everyone uses it, and I can't just leave it because, everytime the volume button get pressed by accident it goes to the voice control, very annoying.

Posted via CB10

I feel stupid when I talk to my phone and ask it to do something. I'd rather just type something or tap a few icons to get what I want it to do.


Believe me, when you're busy doing something else and can get your phone to do something without even picking it up, just by saying 'Okay Google', it's pretty frickin awesome - and useful.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

It will be very useful for commands I can send while driving my car.

I hope it will be as good as cortana.

Dreaming about the new Passport

That's it! I'm currently a displaced Texan living in Eastern Alabama. That explains everything. Well, everything except the drivers.

(Do you know why squirrels get run over more in East Alabama than anywhere else? Because here there are more nuts on the road!)

A pal of mine is dyslexic and finds Sir handy on his ipad for searches as he struggles with spelling. He is the only person I have ever seen use it on a regular basis.

Posted via CB10

Should be excellent in recognising what I'm saying for me to use it, otherwise I'll regret the space it's occupying in my mobile...
Voice control is so bad it does not recognise more than 70% of what I clearly pronounce.. I wish I can delete it to free up some extra space used by it on my Z30

Posted via CB10

I still use Voice Assistant to schedule appointments. BlackBerry did change something, because I used to be able to schedule date, time, title, and location all with one push. Now it takes at least two. The last update made the alarm easy to set which I use as a timer.

Posted via CB10

Let's put it this way: I'll grab my missus' Android, push the Google Now button and say "how old is Julia Roberts?" after we've had a debate about it, rather than pick up my Blackberry, open the browser and type in the question. So, yeah, the Blackberry Assistant (BA - good licensing opportunity for Mr T, actually) is crucial.

No need to use the Android for this- I just asked the same question to our Blackberry Assistant (BA) and she responded that the result is 46 years, 9 months and 21 days. Answers are provided by WolframAlpha. I'm using a Q10 with release I'm not saying the BA is very good, but it may surprise you with what it actually does do :-)

I used it to set my calendar dates. However on my 10.3 it don't work at all even when I changed out the bar file still don't work.

Posted via CB10

I will be excited if.... that when I'm in the car and it knows that I am as it says so on the lock screen. that when an email, BBM, or anything else in the hub, that it then comes on the radio and ask me if I would like to hear that message/notification. And after reading it then asks if I want to reply.

With all the hands free laws out this would push the connected market especially since android made the big announcement and we all know what google can do.

Let's push the boundaries again BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Siri is way better than BlackBerry voice assistant. I have tried it and found Siri is more responsive. BlackBerry voice is like you are asking XT computer 1990s.

Posted via CB10

Excited but reserved. Will it understand different accents? Hmm, has never been properly executed in the past, so here's hoping for it.

Z10 STL100-1, OS

From what I've read I'm really looking forward to it, and hoping for the best.
If it lacks anything upon release I hope BlackBerry keep tweaking it with updates.

Posted via CB10

I'm glad Blackberry is adding the feature, for those that want and use it, but I don't care to talk to my phone.

Posted via CB10

I've never met a personal assistant that I found to be effective... So not at all. That being said, I do know many who want to use a PA... So if this is good, it may mean a switch back to BlackBerry for some friends.

If they get BlackBerry Assistant working better than they have now. I will use it for bbming and testing well I'm driving. I always give up on assist right now.

Posted using my Z10

I don't get voice assistants. They're not really efficient since they're a hit and miss experience. +It is also weird to use because you look ridiculous taking to your phone like a robot. I've never even thought of using any sort of voice assistant since they're so hasty to use. Why use a half-capable software program when there are calenders, contacts and messaging apps literally right at your fingertips tips? I don't get the purpose of these.

Posted via CB10

Touchless control when you're busy - Okay Google. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I do use the current voice command technology on my Z30 when I'm on the go, but just for basic stuff like calling or texting. Mind you sometimes the texting doesn't work out so well. So I'm excited to see any improvements to voice controls in blackberry 10.

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Two thumbs on the keyboard ?

Nope. Hold the phone in my right hand and type using left index finger! :)

Posted via CB10

I don't care at all about such voice assistants, be it Siri, Cortana or what other kind of names they have. A decent and flawless device is much more important.

I ride a motorcycle a lot, and have a bluetooth helmet, having a better voice command system will make my life that much easier. Everyone has opinions, but to say "it's a waste of time and resources to develop" isn't considering BlackBerry is basically this only platform left that doesn't have this... so... there is a reason, purpose for it.

Posted via CB10

I've used Suri and got tired of it rather quickly. Most of my IPhone friends don't use it either, so I'm not too exited.

Posted via CB10

For me, easily the biggest feature of 10.3. BlackBerry has to push forward with a Digital Assistant with Voice commands and interaction. It is the future, and it is certainly critical for business people and folks who spend a lot of time in their vehicles - hands free!

Like the BlackBerry camera, this feature has been too underplayed by BlackBerry. It's of critical portance to users and a measure of how good "smart" the platform is. If done right though, the assistant will really be focussed on enterprise users, in particular very good on information search, not command search.

Posted via CB10

I have a feeling that BlackBerry Assistant will be the BEST out there....excited to check out!

" The sleeping giant is about to wake up " Me

Im on Wind therefore data charges wont apply to me... so definitely going to use this service as much as I can!!!

Posted from my Awesome Z10!

I have no experience with Siri or the others, I have used the voice commands on my Blackberries while driving. It worked very accurately, but what really bothered me was the delay where you send audio to the clouds to figure out. Do they all work that way? Will BlackBerry Assistant still do that?

Posted via CB10

How about "Number One" as the title for voice assist. Through this the phone becomes your second in command.

Posted via CB10

For my accent the voice commands have worked perfectly on all the berries that I have had. BlackBerry assistant should work like a charm...can't wait to get it..

Z30 STA-2 , OS10.3.0.700, Posted VIA CB 10

Actually the current Voice control works pretty well after the 10.2.1 update, ask it to show you nearest shopping malls, starbucks, or show you the weather.. it does all that compare to 10.1

Every time I used voice control,she 'didn't understand'what I meant so I asked 'what do you know' she didn't understand that either. So I'm looking forward to the difference.

Posted by my FABULOUS z10..THANK YOU 

Use my voice command all the time for replying to texts while driving and making phone calls 10.2

I got a Motorola blue tooth that has noise canceling features works alot better.

Also use it to type when responding to text if I am walking my dogs instead of typing. On windy days it sometimes doesn't catch all the words right.
But yes I would like an improvement in assistance

Posted via CB10

You have to have it for the sake of competition, but "rom my experience it's always been more hassle than it's worth."

Posted via CB10

I would really like a good assistant. Say it, is horrible. It always says I don't think I understand. BlackBerry please get this right!! I own my own company, and i am always traveling in my car. It would be a great asset to me to have this feature.

Posted via CB10

I am pretty stoked. I don't know how many different things I will use it for, but being able to search for things on my phone and on the Web is going to be super useful. I also hope that it will be able to read back messages so that I don't have to look at my screen at all while driving.

A business assistant I would use should be able to:
1. Answer calls for me when I set my status as busy.
2. Take messages and play them for me when I'm not busy.
3. Summarize my schedule for the day
4. Schedule a recurring business trip - flight, hotel, and car with my card on file.

Posted via CB10

Can't wait to try it out. I brought "Sayit" and it stopped working after a few weeks, peed about it and the developer can't be contacted and i know they must have seen the review but they have done nothing to fix it. What a waste of my money. Just hope this new one works with all the hype that's been heaped up on it.

Z10 Post.....great phone......great OS.

:-( I too am a victim. Initially, there was so much potential for SayIt.
@nbaliga - Love #3. I used to use an app on an old android device called speatoit assistant. Each morning it would come up and read the local news and give me my itinerary. There are some better options (also with animated characters now), but they tend to be expensive an require a good deal of storage and processing power.

Until voice recognition is more like the computers on TNG/VOY etc., they are going to be irritating in their use. With that being said, they've come a long way over the last couple of decades.
Another layer that would help improve the technology and increase usage (besides accurately understanding what anyone is saying/dictating/asking) is the device being able to anticipate your next inquiry based on previous inquires.

With being hands-free when driving the law, the voice dialing better be far better than it is now. I use it all the time when driving and it is very frustrating. Most of the time it doesn't recognize the name and gives you ridiculous stuff. I have to repeat the name multiple times or use part of the name. Many times I have just looked at the phone to find the name because the recognition is CRAP. This needs to be one of the items that need to be fixed with this assistant.

I asked Siri of how excited she are for the BlackBerry Assistant?

She replied: "I like the weed you are smoking"

Posted via CB10

I would love it, if it were to work. I currently only use it to pull up directions to work and home cause apparently those are the only two words it understands.

From the sounds of what the assistant can do and how it is going to add to productivity. I am so excited and yes I will utilizing it. There are those lazy days when an assistant is appreciated

Posted via CB10

I'm with AT&T . I won't be seeing OS 10.3 for at least a year after it is released.

Posted via CB10

Siri and Google Now are super helpful. If BlackBerry doesn't get this right, it's another black mark against their claim to be the "get things done" smartphone platform. For example, my Moto X is flawless in reading my texts and letting me respond while driving. Super super useful. I switched to Moto when my Q10 keyboard and headset jack both failed. I switched back to my Q10 because the Moto drove me crazy in other ways. (Fixed Q10 successfully myself)

Posted via CB10

Agreed. Sometimes, having a virtual assistant can increase productivity. I wear my headphones all the time when I’m listening to music and the virtual assistant can be very helpful for lots of reasons.

Wouldn't use it walking down the street but would be using it while driving. The ability to make calls, book appointments and schedule tasks, etc would be valuable for my job.

Posted via CB10

I'm very excited for it. I use the current voice command features all the time to compose messages, create calendar appointments, etc. Sometimes I just don't feel like typing. It's also very useful for safely getting things done while driving.

There should be an option "yes I'm excited to seen them catch up. But better voice recognition and different access commands won't change the fact that these things haven't meet their full potential yet and BlackBerry assistant won't change anything"

Hell they couldn't even give it a cool name like siri or cortana. If you though "ok google now" didn't roll of the tougue, try "BlackBerry assistant remind be to ____."

Features are important, but not if the usability is sub par.

With a name like "BlackBerry assistant" they might as well have just improved the commands in the current voice assistant.

I'm willing to put the chips on the table that "BlackBerry Assistant" will be a collosal disappointment relative to how much you guys are hyping it up.

BlackBerry fans are just as bad as maple leafs fans, just suckers for punishment and disappointment.

Posted via CB10

It is difficult to get excited without having used and tested it personally; but still looking forward to trying it.

Either this new assistant jumps ahead of the crowd or it is pointless. The place BlackBerry can capture the market is in M2M with our cars. I think it might have been Kevin that said a few years ago when BlackBerry first bought QNX that our cars will become an accessory for our phones. I've always loved that idea.

Posted via CB from "Z" best

Voice control sucks so bad it is unusable in the car which is mostly when I want to use it. It does not understand me no matter how hard I try to pronounce clearly or yell louder, especially with any background road noise. I hate it!!!!! It borders on comical. Hoping the new voice assistant is awesome!

Posted via CB10

This thing leaks tons of data and can only be used when you're alone. Why invest so much in a consumer feature? Siri is banned on most corporate networks.

Hell yeah, I would use it! It was about time BlackBerry users got a decent voice assist! The current one is usable, but pretty pitiful when compared to what Android and Apple have to offer. Siri is still at the top of the pile...I've only made use of Android's voice feature a few times and it wasn't too impressive.

I have no idea what or who Cortana is...but it sounds like some Microsoft employees have been playing one too many hours of "World Of Warcraft"!

Hopefully now BlackBerry can, even though extremely late, catch up or at least surpass the others...

Just please don't make BlackBerry Assistant sound like a crazy cat lady...make her, it (?!?!) Sarah Silverman!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

they're all a work in progress in my opinion. the best ive used is google's on my tab running kitkat; its neat that you dont have to click anything to initialize it (you should be able to say 'ok google' from any screen to initialize the search) but it works very sporadically.

comes in handy every now and then... most of the time its just a neat trick.

any version of vioce search/assist ive ever used on a blackberry has been pretty awful... so far..

I will likely use it in the winter time when I'm outside to search, type, open apps. Cause I'm Canadian and I don't need to tell you how cold it gets on my digits trying to type in January


My brother is blind and I got him a Q5 as neither ios nor android have qwerty phones. He has been using the Voice Assistant for some tasks but it's pretty half baked and not reliable. So ya, definitely looking forward to this feature in 10.3

Posted via CB10

OS10 keeps getting better and better, even if i dont use the assistant much i would be happy knowing i have the choice. Seeing as BlackBerry smartphones are primarily business tools the assistant is likely to be quite a useful tool! BlackBerry 10 taking BlackBerry back where it belongs!

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I don't know about Anyone else, but I would simply like to be able to make calls hands free as easy as possible. Don't tell me to choose between 3 contacts (the same person mind you) but you don't give me a choice verbally so I have to open my phone. BlackBerry needs to fix a couple things in their contacts, to start with, for any assistant to work correctly. i.e. duplicating last names ; does anyone else have this problem as well?

Posted via CB10

Very much needed.
An on the go speech to text,would be fantastic addition. I used siri a lot my previous phone. Very much missing a feature on the BlackBerry. That aside, get the 10.3 out soon for heavens sake! Proper integration of apps from Google is so much needed as, the current native ones actually suck!! I will be away during the iPhone 6 release and am so tempted to grab one from a duty free if it's on sale. Sorry but after 6 months with my Z30, I feel so disenchanted with BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I am a big fan of Google now hopefully this works just as good if not better.

Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android

I'll be happy if it works better than the nonsense we have now. I bought say it, it was sort of there, but we know what happened lately.

A smart phone should be smart enough to learn our own voices, and to be able to work in high noise environments. Especially in cars trains, crowded places, etc. Otherwise, i've little use for this voice technology.

Dictating text and emails, BBM and so on should be standard fare. Being able to turn it on or off is critical too.

Remember Dictaphone?.... :-)

Posted via CB10

Where can I find this application.
Is it available to me on my Z10 - 100 STL 2

I have looked into BlackBerry App World and tried the links here with no direction to the download.

Please could someone explain why I am not able to receive it.


There should be a middle option in the poll. Something to indicate that users will try it, but not that they are clamoring for it.

I will surely give it a try. If its decent I might even use it occasionally. But it's certainly not make or break for me.

That said, I think BlackBerry should acquire maluuba, the company that is powering this for two reasons. First, BlackBerry would own the IP then and have some protection against the likes of Apple should they choose to sue. Second, for BlackBerry's security reputation, I'd rather see the servers that are processing the queries be owned and operated by BlackBerry.

Once the Digital Assistant thing is good enough though, Maps and BlackBerry Protect had both better get ALLOT of love in future releases of BlackBerry 10

Will you be able to use it offline? Will it support native language, for me Dutch. If not it will be useless for me.

Honestly, I love my BlackBerry, and I love CrackBerry, but sometimes reading comments from other users in response to thing like this is like taking a trip to the Dark Ages.

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I use voice control when I call contacts when riding a bike, so that's really important as a feature. I use it on my bold and Q10.

There should be a " I'll use it only when driving" option. The voice command features are more gimmicks than they are hardened tools. Yes, they're useful when you can't have your hands on your phones at all times, especially when driving, but using it as a search tool when you can easily use your thumbs? No thank you. But yes, please bring it to blackberry so the gimmick eaters make their way here and the blackberry world erupts into a colossal powerhouse again, bwahhhahahahahahaha

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I'm definitely ready for Assistant! I use Siri on the iPad. I don't use it for everything but when I need to quickly retrieve weather info or the time of a sports game it never disappoints. If BlackBerry Assistant can do some simple things like that I can use our awesome universal search function on our amazing keyboard for everything else!

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Tried using it a few times with my leaked 10.3. All I got to say is that I hope the official release is a major improvement. Until then, it is completely useless.

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If it works well, then I will use it during those times when I need to send an email or text, make a call, get directions, etc when I'm driving or doing something else where I shouldn't be handling the phone. The key words being "if it works well", because I've received the results of someone using Siri, and that app leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn't punctuate text messages, so sentences run together, incorrect words are sent so time is spent clarifying the text rather than continuing the conversation. I witnessed someone dictating a text on an android and I thought he was talking on the phone to a person that was hard of hearing. He was speaking very slowly and loudly, and when he finished speaking, he looked at the screen and said "it did a lot better with this one". So like I said, if it works well, I can see myself using it.

I had seen ads about Siri in the past, but never tried it. When i recieved mmy Q10 i wanted to put it to the test. I was so excited to see how well the voiced command worked but was quickly disapointed! its lack of understanding of what i was saying and the little amount of task it could barely perform. however im not giving up yet! Im excited about the arrival of the 10.3 Os update and Hope the voice command will step up his game.

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Woo Hoo! Wolfram Alpha tries but she is just downright goofy....wonder if she's a blonde...

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I wonder if the BlackBerry Assistant will be named "Barry" and if it'll have a deep, baritone voice....

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I wonder how it will be received by members of the visually impaired community. A solid Assistant could be a real boon to many of them as well as those with arthritis, nerve damage or amputations.

Just another perspective.

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