How to erase two or more words on the BlackBerry Z10

Just add more fingers for more words!

By Adam Zeis on 19 Jul 2013 12:31 pm EDT

One of the coolest things about the virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 is the ability to erase words just by swiping left over the keyboard. While most people know that you can erase one word at a time by swiping with one finger, did you know that you can also erase two or more words by swiping with two or more fingers?

While throwing out some Z10 keyboard tips on Twitter, BlackBerry Developer Relations Manager Bryan Zubert dropped this tip that we haven't heard about before - but it's a pretty awesome tip.

So give it a shot for yourself. Use two or more fingers on the screen and swipe left to delete more words.

Deleting two words with a two finger swipe is fairly easy, but when you work up to three or four it's a bit of a task - still very cool though.

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How to erase two or more words on the BlackBerry Z10


I made a thread awhile back and included this tip among others. Zzzzzz old news

But since nobody cares what I think I'm sure many missed my post :)

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How is it not intuitive? It's super simple and it works perfectly every time when using the index and middle finger to delete two works at a time. Now using three fingers is a bit more difficult but doing that will erase three words at a time.

I've got no issue doing a 3 finger swipe, and use that gesture all the time.

I don't think there's a 4 finger swipe though, and trying it does start getting pretty awkward. That's just a whole lotta fingers on this screen.

This is how you CB10, son!

Check that!

Just tried in landscape for the extra room and finally managed a 4 finger swipe to delete. Still never accomplished in portrait though personally.

This is how you CB10, son!

I don't think it is intuitive. It's definitely something you have to be told about.

While these devices are multi-touch, that feature is not utilized as often outside of pinch and zoom. Even then, we had to be shown that when these devices were first available.

Before multi-touch was in, I remember seeing the demos on larger surfaces. None involved specific text editing techniques.

If it were that intuitive, why are so many people claiming they never knew. "Oh I knew." Well that small percent of people isn't everyone.

Here's a question of intuition for those who believe it's sooo intuitive. Can you swipe the other way to undo deleted words in the event you swipe too much?

The issue of intuition is important from the developer side and they've never been all that intuitive to begin with. People have to be told what they can and can't do, especially when one way is developed and the opposite isn't developed.

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Try the double thumb delete. It's very intuitive. Just swipe backwards with both thumbs, they are the same ones you type with so it can hardly be card awkward.

You're right, it should be a 3 finger swipe to delete 1 word and a 1 finger swipe to delete 3 words. (sarcasm)

Wow, I just did it with 4 fingers, but someone with smaller hands is going to have to confirm 5 fingers will erase 5 words. But that's soo cool

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When you are using two thumbs to type, it's actually easier to just swipe both of them to the left. Instead of having to hold your phone in one hand and then swipe left with the other, or.....maybe you're the one who's awkward.

Exactly, I usually use two thumbs to achieve this feat as well.

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

How about 11 words? Could I use the fingers from my feet as well???

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I have 11 fingers.
But it's the dreaded 7 / 4 combo though...


(and yes I'm kidding)

This is how you CB10, son!

I think this is why the 5 inch A10 was built :) Still think they missed the mark. Need a large tablet to support "11" fingers!


Thanks for this tip. I would love to see a 'tip of the week' post, as I feel that BlackBerry folks are generally too busy to browse the BlackBerry site for these tips, and besides, forget about the sales rep at the local phone store knowing anything when he reluctantly sells you a BlackBerry!

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Hm. I actually was wondering about this feature. However I find that I am a one handed z10 user and I prefer it that way. 2finger swipes are kind of annoying for me. I miss the bottom left corner swipe for keyboard in PB.

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If that's so, then just swipe your thumb across the keyboard to erase words while you're holding it with one hand. No one is forcing you to use more fingers or hands man.

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I don't think stengel is feeling forced, just expressing what he prefers. I too miss swiping up from bottom corner for the keyboard though a 2 thumb swipe from the bottom is becoming more natural.

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Have you tried holding the smiley to drag the keyboard up and down? Works smoothly and perfect for one handed use... Can't wait for my Z to get back... Keyboard died on me while on lock.. Rendered it useless... Never felt this akward not having my phone by the way...

Not cracked it out with the amazing Z :(

Totally agree on the keyboard gesture. That's one thing I used a lot on my PlayBook, and having to use two fingers or press and hold on the space bar to hide sucks in comparison. They need to bring that corner swipe gesture back.

2 finger swipe = delete 2 words
3 finger swipe = delete 3 words
4 finger swipe = delete 4 words
Also, 4 is the max

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Nice to know! For two hand typing, I try it with both thumbs swiping to the left instead.

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so wait a can only erase up to 4 words (3 words if you have large fingers) at a time?? What if one needs to erase a long sentence, keep swiping over and over...? That alone would make me shy away from getting the Z10 :-p

Is this the same hassle with select/copy/cut/paste, I wonder?

That's cool!
Also discovered if I hold down the SHIFT key and press DELETE it deletes the words to the right of the cursor.

To delete a single letter/character ahead, you can just tap SHIFT then tap DELETE.

Otherwise, yes you have to hold SHIFT down for longer effect.

This is how you CB10, son!

Lets try this out. I wonder if they can make it work the other way around in the future where you can redo your typing to accidentally erased.

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I think that the next step is to have the software look about 15 seconds into the future and just type what you were going to.

Just tried it and "wow". Excellent stuff. Gotta love these little tricks and tips

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OK single finger swipe deletes one word, fine. Surely a two finger swipe should just delete the entire text! Who starts calculating how many words they need to delete and then using a corresponding number of fingers??!! OK, I'm sure some people do, but surely using two fingers to delete all text is a far better proposition!

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I did know this, but reminders are always a good thing. Many obviously did not know this yet.

There are keyboard shortcuts in the browser for Z10 too. Not sure how useful, the onscreen keyboard takes up a lot of the space I'd rather leave for the browser. But you never know who might find it useful. (as posted on BlackBerry Help BBM Channel).

(Btw, two finger swipe up from bottom bezel brings up keyboard in any context, two finger swipe down hides it on Z10 -- everyone remembers that, right?)

This was mentioned in the forums long before this guy (I think in March). I feel sorry for the one who discovered it first and it has been reposted by a different person every time with more glory than the last

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...not only that, it was covered during the z10 reveal in one (or some) of the demos blackberry posted on their this Adam guy for being a Crackberry contributor/editor or whatever is a little (or a lot) bit behind...I've noticed he puts articles up that have been covered months ago in the forums, whether it's about tips, apps, or games....I'm not expecting him to spend 24 hrs a day in Crackberry but a quick once over in the forums or blackberry's own youtube channel before posting an article won't make him seem so outdated i would think.

Why the heck has BlackBerry not demonstrated this feature and other keyboard features (swipe down for numbers and symbols) in a commercial? Major fail!

Sweet! Thanks for passing on this tip!! Now I wonder what other hidden features there still are in BB10.

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Sick! Didn't know that!
Thanks for all the great tips as usal.

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How many more keyboard tricks don't we know yet?! Maybe there is a gesture for typing "BlackBerry keyboards are the best!"

But this is an awesome feature.
Keep the tips and tricks updates coming...'cause nobody reads the manual...

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Have been using this one for a while. Love it. Works really great for typing with two thumbs. And fast too.

The simplest and my favorite thing is the double space to period. I have caught myself on my pc chugging away at emails and double spacing expecting a period.

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I like that you don't have to backspace to put a full stop, question mark, it auto-places it a space back.

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Would be great if these gestures where available on the Q10 as well. How often would I have appreciated to delete a whole line by swiping over the screen?

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This is very cool. I also noticed that if you pick or choose a word and hold it within a sentence and swipe with your free hand it will do the same thing. I can't make it do two words but one is fine. Sorry if this was already known

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Seems you can do four fingers by bunching them together - they don't all need to be in a row. That makes it pretty easy to do a four finger erase.

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The best shIT! I used my left thumb and index finger for deleting 2 words perfectly. The best shortcut for me so far

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Thank you for this great tip. It shows how intuitive and efficient this keyboard can be. After all, BlackBerry is the smartphone keyboard leader for a reason.

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Cool !, intuitive or not, we can not expect to be highly skilled in any given domain, without learning and practice..

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Learned, not learnt. Their keyboard should have made them swipe left as they were typing that word.

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Thanks, although swiping left to delete isn't always good. There's been so many times when I was flicking up to select a word but angled diagonal and the keyboard thought I was swiping left to delete.

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I have questions??? What the easiest way to post questions on cb? And how do I rename my pictures? How do I post pictures to my albums in Facebook?

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