How to enable word prediction on the BlackBerry Q10

By Adam Zeis on 8 May 2013 12:09 pm EDT

The obvious difference between typing on the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 is the physical keyboard. While the Z10 has various options for word prediction that can help out when typing on the virtual keyboard, the Q10 only has one option that may or may not be helpful when typing.

For the most part we've found it actually slows you down when using the word prediction on the Q10 as your fingers have to leave the physical keyboard area to jump to the predicted words and tap. However, some users may still find it helpful to use this feature.

The Z10 gives you various options for predicted words (over letter, in column) but on the Q10 its basically all or nothing. 

  • To enable word prediction on the BlackBerry Q10, go to Settings > Language and Input
  • Scroll down and tap Prediction and Correction
  • Toggle Show Predictions to On

Now as you type you'll see three suggested words over the keyboard. Simply tap any word to choose it.

Again - this may or may not be helpful given the physical keyboard of the Q10, but it's still great to have the option. 

Are you a Q10 user? If so, do you use word prediction? Let us know in the comments!

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How to enable word prediction on the BlackBerry Q10


Depends on the user I think. If you are crazy fast on the keyboard I don't think you need it, but I'm sure there are plenty of users that use it and are faster with it on as well. 

How about bolding or changing case on the letter to type (with user definable hold time) next to select. Following your example (I'll use upper case) it would look like
either "pRedict" "prEdicted", or "preDiction"

Ok, BB, send me a shiny new phone please, and we'll call it even! :D

I'm patiently waiting for the Q10 to be released on AT&T! I do believe the predictive text feature i will keep off! I really enjoy typing on the BlackBerry keyboard (9800 previously and currently using the 9900)...

It's ironic that all of these posts show the Q10 with the AT&T logo, but it's still weeks away (at least) for AT&T customers (and anyone in the US)

Turned thid feature off as i rather have the virtual send soft button, attachment button visible

Posted via CB10

I actually really like it. I'm fast on the keyboard so I don't generally need to use it for composition of text but it's really useful when it comes to me having made a typographical error in a word; I can just click the right one when I get to the end of the word and see I've made an error. It would also be useful for people who maybe don't know how to spell a particular word. Thumbs up from me!

Posted via CB10

Probably good for one handed typing. Otherwise reaching up for select a word breaks the flow of typing.

Posted via CB10

Works a treat on a long word or if typing in French (accents). But frankly after the trauma that was my Z10 I love every aspect of the Q10.

Posted via CB10

I like it. The predictive engine is very good, so often I will select several words in a row without going back to the keyboard. It predicts long words like disappointed after only 4 letters.

Posted via CB10

Just testing the Q10 (actually a Dev Alpha C) keyboard. I think I am way faster when using the predictions.

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I'm not a Q10 or Z10 user (yet) but I certainly find that the predictive word selection system on the Playbook works brilliantly. The Q10 system sounds similar with the offered words being displayed above the key board. It's a bit distracting sometimes but it is very helpful - and really cool!

I do use it occasionally, but only for big words, like occasionally. (used it both times) It's also really handy when you aren't sure about spelling on a word.

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am I the only Z10 user whose in-column option for predictive text never appears...even when i choose that option, my text keywords always appear over the keyboard letters...

Posted via CB10

There needs to be more predictive text options pref one where you dont have to take thumbs off the keyboard

I use it sometimes especially when I am not in a rush. But I have some problems with special characters: holding down a letter key doesn't work sometimes - special characters don't appear.