How to enable rotation lock on BlackBerry 10

Keep your screen in portrait by turning on rotation lock on your BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry 10 Rotation Lock
By Adam Zeis on 10 Feb 2013 09:56 am EST

Being able to use your BlackBerry 10 device in both portrait and landscape modes is a great thing. You can BBM or email while in portrait, then swap over to landscape for those large web pages. Simply rotating the device in either orientation gives you the ease of swapping between the two with no effort. But what happens when you're performing a task and you want to lock down orientation? Thanksfully you can do that with a quick swipe and a tap. Keep reading to find out how.

To lock your BlackBerry 10 device in portrait mode, enable rotation lock by performing the following steps:

  • Pull down from the top bar on the homescreen to load the settings panel
  • Tap the Rotation Lock icon

That's it! (No really, that's it) You're device is now locked to portrait mode. To unlock, tap the icon again.

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Reader comments

How to enable rotation lock on BlackBerry 10


WindowsPhone users have been asking for this feature for 2+ years now. the requests are falling on deaf ears.

After 9 years using Windows CE/Mobile/Phone, I switched to BlackBerry last year. It fits the business and "power users" VERY well. Can't wait for the Q10!

With the 1:1 ratio on the Q10 there wont be much use / need for rotation, unless I am missing something?

Watching a video while lying down.

Unless the phone can sense the orientation of your eyes to tell when you're lying down and adjust accordingly like some Androids, but I haven't heard of that on BB10 yet.

Mine does not seem to work. I followed the steps, pretty basic but the screen does not lock, still changes views if tilted??? Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Don't like the orientation lock. If i'm viewing a Web page or video in landscape, the orientation lock should lock that last orientation in place. I had a windows 8 tablet that did this well but it had a physical switch.

I do not have an option for locking the screen as per the instructions above. My screen is locked in portrait and I'd like to change it.

The screen doesn't rotate on a Q10, only on a Z10. THey left it off because the screen is square, so in the lab they couldn't think of why we would need such a thing! ;)
Love the feature to be added, so that the clock is rotated correctly in a docking station, and so that you can watch videos, etc, holding the device landscape.

Does the q10 come with this feature, and if some how come I don't see it anywhere in my poll down screen or in my settings.