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How to enable offensive words in voice control on BlackBerry 10 phones

Do you like to curse when you use voice control? Us too! Here's how to enable offensive words for voice control on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10.

BlackBerry 10 Offensive Words
By Adam Zeis on 5 Feb 2013 02:47 pm EST

Voice control on BlackBerry 10 is pretty handy. If you're in the car or would just rather dictating commands to your device, you can fire up voice control for some hands-free action. You can send messages, open apps, perform searches and much more. On the BlackBerry Z10 voice control can come in pretty handy, and we're here to make sure it will recognize all those naughty words for your messages.

If you're anything like me, you like to curse ... a lot. You may even want to fire off some angry messages from time to time using voice control. In doing so, some chosen words may not show up if you don't enable the offensive words. Words will appear as a**, f**, s** ... you get the idea. Kind of frustrating, right? Well fear not - voice control on BlackBerry 10 has a pre-set offensive world filter that you can easily turn off. Keep reading to find out how.

To get voice control to use "offensive" words instead of cutting them off with a spark (okay, an asterik), head into the Settings. 

  • Tap on Voice Control
  • Tap the Offensive Words toggle so it says "Allow".

Done and done. Now you can curse at your BlackBerry 10 phone all day long and it will curse right back at you. Well, maybe it won't curse AT you, but it will recognize the words. (Enjoy the dirty looks from anyone around you)  



that's fucking awesome


Hahaha, that's great.


Good to know that Adam likes to curse!


Holy shit it fucking works!

- Sent using my Blackberry Z10


FUCK... so many fucking articles to read when I fucking get home and get my fucking Z10 finfuckinally!!! LMAO


"Do you like to curse when you use voice control? Us too!" Too funny, I love this website!


Now, how can you turn on curse words for predictive text?

Kevin Michaluk

The comments on this article are pretty damn shitty.


Is there a faster way than selecting the icon to get voice control to pop up?

Eric Shapiro

Press and hold the little nubby thing over the mute button.


Is the word "iphone" one of the 10 pre set offensive words??


Damn f**n right it is!

Just wish f**n Verizon would release the Z10 already!


Looks like some Z10s are going to need the xL tag on them
(Old XM reference)

Wilbur Hough

That's awesome, dude! :-D


I'm looking forward to testing out that "pre-set offensive *world* filter". Now that sounds pretty cool.


I'd love to fuckin test it out, but AT&T can't get their ass and head wired together and sell us a fucking Z10 in the United States of America. This whole thing stinks like a box of hot shit, this fucklin iphone might as well have Fisher Price written on the side of it. Nothin more than an app launcher anyway. Can't even edit my damn spreadsheets. FUCK!


Amen to that shit!

If I ever get the damn phone thia will be the first feature I tinker with.


I thought kids owned IPhones.


You thought... Well i know ! When i was in the fucking (to stay in the topic) airport, a 10 year old shizzly little freeking boy said to his mom next to him : hey mom , i have a nice new game on my iphone ... I was like ????? WHAAAAt ? Fuck off man :p when i was 10 i had a fake phone and some dinosaurs to play with ! Now the kids have iphones , or ipads...

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook


Glad that there's a "filtered" state on the voice command. that makes curse words appear less "dramatic" :)

Emu the Foo

LOL. This is too funny.

That was what I was going to say just about the article but then I saw the comments and lol. All I got to say after read these comments, owww my fucking eyes are burning!


I hate to be a pessimist here, but shouldn't voice control allow you to say "Allow offensive words" or "Enable offensive words" instead of having to toggle a switch? Kinda defeats the purpose of voice control, doesn't it?


Enough is enough! I have had it with these monkey fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane! Everybody strap in. I'm about to open some freaking windows.

Emu the Foo

LOL!!!! When I saw that on fx I couldn't stop laughing


That's almost something akin to what the fuckface Romney might say. The shithead actually thinks we should be able to open the windows on airplanes! What the fuck!


Fucking Awesome Now tell Heinz to get the lead out of his skinny white ass and release it to the US so we can send some filthy emails. Fuckin aYE RIGHT


hey how the fuck are you guys getting past the fuck filter on CB?

w0lfgang I can't post the word "idiot" in the forums....but the f word comes right through? Whoa


Fsck Yes. Killer feature. I'd use it.


Son of a bitch! That's fanfuckintastic! ;-)


With all the shit about delaying the release in the US, this comes close to making it up to me. This is incredible forethought and shows BlackBerry's commitment to making the phone as customizable and adaptable as possible.


I was actually able to get it to schedule a 6:00PM Getting Shitfaced Appointment with my buddy Josh. It even repeated it back to me, to confirm. Cracked me up.

I hadn't touched the filtering at all before this.


*LAUGHING MY MOTHERFUCKING ASS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!* @ this thread. oh wait...we still use acronyms for that, huh? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!! oh well...carry on




Shit, piss, cock, cunt, motherfucker and tits.
Good old Mother Goose. Remember her?... I fucked her.
Only a bunch of red neck sons of bitches would fucking swear so much. Motherfuckers be rude n shit. Good thing I don't give a flying fuck.
Said the z10 to the iPhone:
"Young man. Young man! You just got knocked the fuck out!"


So let me get this right . . I get zinged by a mod in the forums for using the word a$$wipe but yet we allow this? I know I'll get crucified for saying this, but this kind of post proudly proclaiming a leaders' foul mouth and allowing the comments to propagate similarly doesn't seem to match our "professional" image, unless this is part of BlackBerry wanting to appear more 'hip'. I had to read it twice because I would have assumed the post to read "how to 'disable' offensive words" not how to enable them. . . . Yeah I know, here comes the catcalls of 'self-righteousness', I don't mean to be but just seems really unnecessary. Sorry, just my two cents.

btw- well played bruvvapete (smiling)


Flying turbo-powered fuck! I'll be so glad to enable that when I get my q10! I'll be fucking pumping out as much vulgarity as I can when I rant at twitter for being such a fucking piece of laggy shit when my photos don't post! :D