How to enable multiple languages for the BlackBerry 10 keyboard

BlackBerry 10 Languages
By Adam Zeis on 18 Feb 2013 03:27 pm EST

One of the awesome features of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard is the ability to type in more than one language at a time. If you want to type in German, French and English all at once - you can do just that.

The keyboard on BlackBerry 10 will recognize the intended language and flawlessly pick up words as you type.

You can crank out massive multi-lingual emails without ever having to change a setting. You can choose the languages based on what you use most - one, two or three at a time.

Just typing on the BlackBerry Z10 keyboard is amazing, but adding in something like multiple language support turns things up to 11.

There is a bit of setup required before you begin as you have to enable the languages first, but we can help you do just that. Keep reading to find out how.

There are various settings you can tweak for the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, and this is just one. It gives you some great customization so you can cater the keyboard just how you like it for how you use your device. Typing out messages in multiple languages at once has never been easier. 

  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Tap Language and Input
  • Select Input Languages
  • On the bottom, select Add/Remove Languages
BlackBerry 10 Languages  BlackBerry 10 Languages
  • Here you will see a lost of supported languages for BlackBerry 10. Check the box next to each language you would like to add. Keep in mind you can enable up to three at once.
  • When you're done, tap Save and the chosen languages will be added
BlackBerry 10 Languages  BlackBerry 10 Languages

Now you are free to type in any of the enabled languages and BlackBerry 10 will do the rest. You can seemlessly change between them in mid-sentence without having to change any settings. This is truly a great feature for anyone who writes in multiple languages often as you don't ever have to pick a new keyboard to change up how you type.

Great stuff! Frappe heureux! 

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Reader comments

How to enable multiple languages for the BlackBerry 10 keyboard


Your example above shows roman alphabet based languages. That is helpful but please expand the example and the explanation to include the different scripts Greek and Arabic, for instance are shown in the screen shot.

How do those work? Can one type in the same message in Greek, Arabic, and Russian? If so how?
I'd really like to know how it works in two different scripts at least.

How many combinations of scripts are built in and how do they work together?


I ll second that question, can non latin alphabets be combined with latin alphabets and if so, how does it work?
I find this super useful for the browser searches and not email in particular. does this work in all of the apps that come with the phone, like browser, universal search etc or just for emailing?

still a great function to have!

To switch typing input languages, on the Language screen, verify that the Use Input Language Shortcut field is set to Yes
Hold the Alt key and press the Enter key. Continue to hold the Alt key and highlight a language. Release the Alt key

Maybe someone somewhere has demonstrated or explained how to use the keyboard to enter different scripts within the same message (email, sms, BBM) or into a 'Documents To Go' document or into the browser.

There may be a way to toggle easily between different keyboards.

If anyone finds such an explanation or demonstration on any forum or in any video I would be very grateful to be shown the link.

I'd like to learn.


I too am waiting for Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) handwriting input. When is this going to be released?

With my Torch 9800 I had unlock it and install the Asian firmware (for Taiwan) with handwriting input. I hope Blackberry doesn't have to makes us jump hoops to get this feature on our North American Z10.

I purposely bought the Z10 for this feature and I'm preying it will happen; or else I would have settled on the Q10.

This is a really nifty feature that I'm sure many people really would love to have! BB needs to market these unique features with greater emphasis.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

I dont like the automatic language detection, it often makes problems. How do I switch between the languages manually on the keyboard, please?

Anyone here figure out how to type using too languages?? I'm trying for Greek and English. Tried several times but not getting it to work as I wish it would. I can pick and choose what language and type like that but will not do it automatically as I had thought it amazingly would.

I don't have the phone yet and am not able to experiment. When someone does work out how two or three scripts can work in the same message or document it will be a great benefit to many to share that knowledge.

This is not working for non latin alphabet. For example tow languages English and Greek. Please add this feature for non latin alphabets or else give us a quick solution for changing between languages with a single tap or gesture.

It does not seem to work automatically. What I do though is at the left of the space bar is a froward slash with a circular icon above the upper left of the slash. By deduction that is the world symbol. Press and hold down this key and a menu will pop up with the language. Slide your finger up to select Greek and release. You should now see the greek letters replace the english letters on the keyboard. Start typing away.

hi.. when i set up the chinese simplified and english as language input, there wasn't any chinese characters appeared? why and how?? please advise..

Same problem here. Found the manual switch to Chinese input. Hold down alt key and press enter at the same time to manually switch. I really hope they come out with the pinyin input for Traditional Chinese soon. The simplified Chinese just doesn't work for me!

what this article is missing is how to switch languages while you are typing!

Z10: Hold the comma ( , ) key and drag to desired language
Q10: Alt+enter

CrackBerry and BlackBerry, make sure to get the details out!

When an external keyboard (Bluetooth, etc.) is attached, Alt + Enter works for Q5 and Q10 but holding comma (,) key does NOT work for Z10 and Z30. Do you happen to know if there is any other shortcut available for Z10 and Z30 to switch languages while we type?

I did think that this feature would be "awesome". I am a translator, and am constantly switching between English, German, Italian and French for emails.

However, my first annoyance was that only three languages can be selected/installed. Why?! With all that memory?

Then, the fact that the "auto detection" results in NOTHING but Italian suggestions when I am typing in English (which is the vast majority of the time!!), meant it drove me up the wall and I have now switched it off and change manually, as above.

So in my experience of it, yes it's a fab feature on paper. But it simply does not do what it promises it will.

So the statement above, "The keyboard on BlackBerry 10 will recognize the intended language and flawlessly pick up words as you type" is in fact, in my experience, untrue. All it has done for me is render my predictive text useless. Three Italian word suggestions every time I am trying to type an English one is no good to anybody. I think the algorithm is a little over-zealous and needs some serious tweaking!

I've got a problem related to this post.

I have selected Bahasa Malaysia and English UK being the default. However Bahasa Malaysia keeps being replaced by English US every single time!

I notice when I changed the region to Malaysia (Malay), Bahasa Malaysia would not be listed in the Input Languages anymore.

I tried changing the region to somewhere else such as Argentina (Spanish) and then set the input languages to Bahasa Malaysia (and of course the default English UK) and it was not replaced by English US, except that dates and menus were all then, in Spanish.

Could anyone tell me what caused this and how to fix this issue?

i'm one of the people who uses bi-language input, for English i do prefer the auto correct because there is no better than to write UK English language correctly. not to mention the Japanese language too, however, we stopped writing proper Arabic language long time ago and now we write slang Arabic, and it is irritating to have a vibrate and auto correct the inserted word to totally something else.
the Question is: is it possible to disable the auto-correct for one language only?