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How to enable / disable predictive text on your BlackBerry device

By Jared DiPane on 20 Jan 2012 11:50 am EST

We all love the ability to open a message, read it and then be able to quickly respond with our BlackBerry devices, right? Well what if you could make responding on your BlackBerry even quicker with predictive text? Yes, even for devices with a full QWERTY keyboard. Luckily for us the option is built right into the OS and it can be enabled and disabled on the go with just a few easy steps.

  1. Open device settings
  2. Scroll to Typing and Language
  3. Open Typing
  4. Scroll to style and select predictive to enable / direct to disable then save
Predictive text won't be for everyone, depending on your typing and grammar styles this may be more of a hinderance than a benefit, so be sure to check it out and decide for yourself. 


wow i never knew that. predictive text enabled!


Same. Wish I would have known sooner.


I'm always flying on my keyboard with predictive text and touch screen combo with my 9930.



Show me how to turn off predictive txt with the SureType keyboard on my torch and I'd be thrilled! I love the 2 letter keys, but I can't stand predictive txt!!!


Options > Typing and Input > Typing

Turn each setting to "Direct" for Virtual and/or Physical keyboard. You should be good to go.


There is no "direct" option under reduced keyboard...only the landscape keyboard.


This would be useful if once it pics the correct word you just hit the space bar, but when you do that it kills the half-done word and inserts a space. No good. yes you can hit the trackpad but that is not as good.

If someone know how to make hitting the space bar accept the suggestion, I could really use this.


I think Enter also accepts the highlighted suggestion...


Awesome! I used it to notify BBM contacts and it was faster to press Enter when I was half way done with a word than finishing typing it. Thanks! This is why I love coming to!


I turned it off on my leaked OS, and still it corrects everything I type. Pretty annoying because I use the word well (with one l) a lot in Dutch, but it changes automatically in the English version we'll


Ah a fix for that, and now I know what the terms mean lol


Very nice! This is actually one of the better predictive texts I have used. I did not even realize that it was available in my 9930! I will probably use it a lot now that I have it set up.


Nice. Thanks for this.

Appears much improved over what was available on Storm - unless marriage with keyboard makes it seem this way?