How to enable and use Device Analyzer on BlackBerry 7 smartphones

Device Analyzer
By James Richardson on 4 Jul 2012 08:54 am EDT

The Device Analyzer which is built onto BlackBerry 7 smartphones is in many ways one of the greatest features that was included in the latest OS update. You will need to be running version 7.1, but most carriers have rolled this out now so I am pretty sure you should all be up to date. If not, then this is a great reason to do so.

The Device Analyzer is one of those features on the BlackBerry that many people won't even know exists. It is not a feature that is promoted by RIM so in order to make the best use of it we have a short 'how to' video. To cut a long story short, Device Analyzer will allow you to monitor applications on your BlackBerry to make sure you are getting the best battery life and power consumption. If you experience WiFi problems the Device Analyzer will tell you. The same applies for if your device drops its connection or you just need to monitor data usage.

These are just an example of some of the features held with Device Analyzer. You can see the short video below and if you have any questions feel free to sound off in the comments.  


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How to enable and use Device Analyzer on BlackBerry 7 smartphones


Using of trackpad is often more accurate instead of thumbing on display... ;-) Trackpad rulezz ;-)

Errrrr...... so if you have 7.1 and don't have the analyzer, how do you "enable" the "enable device analyzer"?

Good morning and "Happy 4th of July ". Things got a little strange yesterday on Crackberry with the RIM executives making statements that comforted some and enraged others. Hopefully, they know what they are talking about. That said, this article is another good illustration of one of my points.

How could ATT not have launched 7.1 by now???

This is the same kind of BS that leads me to believe that, even if,. BB10 phones come out Q1 of next year ATT won't have them out until this time next year.

The "timely" launch of the 9800 (which I also owned) was a complete fluke for ATT which has never been repeated.

The timing of the 9800 launch on AT&T wasn't a fluke - they developed the device with RIM and are the exclusive US carrier offering it.

And that was the "last time" you saw any REAL support of BlackBerry from ANY vendor in the USA. Go to Verizon and see how "fired up" they are about BlackBerry - its a joke and RIM better get pretty creative with the launch of BB 10 to get these sales reps in the carrier stores back or BB10 will FAIL in the USA.

Now go to a store and ask them about Samsung Galaxy S3. That's the level of excitement you will need for success of BB10. It is a stark difference that RIM has not been able to muster at the carriers for a very long time.

From my BB Playbook.

How about instructions for those of us not currently able to watch video (or who grow weary of the video-tutorial-for-EVERYTHING-tech fad...) ?

I have a 9860 with With BBSAK, I can see the CODs (v1.1.0.46) for the Analyzer are installed, however this does not show up when I try to search for "analyzer" and is not a menu item under Advanced System Settings. I know I had this previously with

Does anyone know how to activate this?

I have to say, as much as people like to rip on the current BBOS, its little things like this that I don't think any other OS can do to this level that make it still a great OS. I know the average consumer doesn't care about this stuff and would rather play Words With Friends than monitor their battery, but it just shows that once RIM catches up with BB10, the OS should be better than the competition because of the internal mindset that RIM has when it comes to "tools" like this.

To be honest, if you look at iOS, pretty much everything about it is app based. The OS offers very little when it comes to useful tools.

Go into the options menu, hold down the ALT key and type bbda. This will activate devic analyzer.

Once you have done this, go to the search menu and type in analyzer like the video shows.

I don't know if I'm retarded but I'm doing something wrong obviously. When I hold alt and type bbda it types "!!5*"??? Is that correct?

The same thing is happening to me. I cant get the analyser to come up i get 9 other things in the menu that come up but no analyser

If you did this in the options screen, then it should have activated. You may not know that it activated as you still have to go into the search menu and type analyzer to find it.

If you go into Options and use the search bar at the top of the screen and type in analyzer, it will come up right away.

Not possible. My beastberry is about ten seconds away from a hammer cuz I was super pumped to use this and I'm startin to get a little heated off!!!

Hey thanks, James! Excellent tip, and I agree IOS lacks this kind of depth.

Poor spin83! You are so angry. Breath. Listen. Analyze. If you have ever been on a ship, think what it takes to turn it around. Don't go back to what was/was not being done before Thorsten took the helm. Pay careful attention to what is going on since. If you have one, really think about the PlayBook. It is brilliant and is going to get even more amazing. You are oviously bright, but live in a very threatened, angry place where you think people are out to get you. You might want to choose to free yourself from that. Meanwhile, calm down. When you catch yourself foaming at the mouth, you might decide to wait before posting your comments.

And that's exactly the attitude that has gotten RIM to this awful place they are. "Slow and gradual" has the competition "eat your lunch". That's why RIMM is @ $7 per share.

Hopefully, they will be able to survive at this "turn the ship around" pace. And awful lot of people think they won't.

I hope the executives at RIM, who went on their press tour yesterday, are "smart enough" to take a peak at some of the reactions on Crackberry to see what their customers think. They, apparently, have all the time in the world. Why not?

I actually found the device analyzer in the "application management" but when I search for it, it acts as if it does not exist. I tried the alt + bbda but nada. Any other suggestions?

Did you search within the Options search menu by typing analyzer?

Guessing there may be an issue with the version of 7.1 running on the 9930.

You can try a battery pull and repeat the steps, or you may need the latest version of 7.1 on the 9930.

My carrier doesn't even offer 7.1 yet (MTS). Using an official release from another provider that was downloaded through the CB forum/ leaked OS page.
The downloaded OS works great.

I believe is available for the 9930, maybe even .428.

Go into options, use the search menu on the top of the screen and type analyzer. If you have it you will be able to select it here and use it.

If you found it under Application Management, it can not be used there. It can only be used by selecting it from the search.

If you have a 9900, works great! You can download it through the CB forum/leaked OS.

On a 9860/9850, you can find it under Options - Device - Advanced System Settings (bottom of the list) - BlackBerry Device Analyzer

I have a Verizon Bold 9930 running From the main screen, I press S for search (I have Application Shortcuts enabled) and I type analy. Then I tape on Options and there I see BlackBerry Device Analyzer.

This comes at an excellent time because a few days ago, I started to have major battery drain problems when I'm out and about. I need to figure out if its an app or the hardware.


It sickening but the truth is that I have tried everything here and its not showing but I was able to locate it at application Management. What can I do

On My Verizon 9850 running, can't find it and without an ALT key, not sure how to activate it.

I do see it in Application Management though, just can't find a way to enable it.

Hi I am having the same problems as some of u, I press alt + BBDA and I get !!5 but it is on the application manager. I already rebooted, did a battery pull n nothing. Please help.