How To Effectively Run Your Unlocked Storm (all features enabled) on North American GSM Carriers's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By pltaylor on 18 Dec 2008 10:37 am EST

[ Editor's Note: Member pltaylor has been doing some awesome work in the forums helping out new Storm owners, so we thought we'd let him bring some of that goodness to the blogs. Big thanks pltaylor! Enjoy the lecture!! ]

Seasons Greetings CrackBerry Nation! As many of you now know the Storm 9530 has a North America:1900MHz and 850 MHz GSM/GPRS networks compatible radio and SIM card slot. This gives it the ability to be used solely on any GSM network once unlocked. The problem is North American GSM carriers do not have, or are not able to push the proper Provisioning, Browser and MMS service books to the device.

Basically what we will do is remove the native browser, embed your carrier's generic service books. And replace the browser. So if you've scored an early Christmas present and managed to get it unlocked, let's unleash the Beast! 


Before You Begin:
Your Device must be unlocked. You can get the unlock code from either the carrier or a 3rd party unlocking service like bbenriched.
You Need an Active SIM Card of the carrier you intend to use,
With An Active Blackberry Data Plan.


Desktop Manager. This is on the disk that came with your phone or can be downloaded here.

First you will need the Storm's Operating System installed to your PC. If you don't have it already, on the device go to, Options>About to find what OS you have. You can download the appropriate OS below. Select your OS link, download and launch to install to your computer.

Storm 9530 Operating Systems:

(you will need to know an
Active Verizon Mobile number to download from them)

Storm 9500 Operating System:

Once installed to your pc, Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Find (usually at the bottom) and Delete the vendor.xml file. Then close.

* Note to Advanced Users: This as good a time as any to update your OS, but I won't go into that here. If you are new to Blackberry you should get more familiar with the platform and process first. Advanced users, update first as steps 1 - 5 will have to be repeated after updating the OS.

Next you need a copy of your carriers Generic Service Books below. Download to your desktop and right click on the file, select extract all. Inside is one .ipd file. Leave it on your desktop. We will come back to it in Step #3.


Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java. Locate the module net_rim_bb_browser_daemon typically in the fourth row down when in icon view. CAREFULLY right click on it and select cut. Then inside the same folder Right click again and go to New>Folder. Create then open the New folder, once inside Right click and select Paste, putting the net_rim_bb_browser_deamon module inside. Close all windows.



With your SIM card inserted, connect the Storm to the PC and open Desktop Manager. Go to Application Loader. Add/Remove Applications. If you downloaded a Multi-language version of your OS you will get a prompt to update languages. You can ignore. Select NEXT. In the Summary window you will see the module being removed. Click FINISH. You may have an Uncaught Exception Error on the Storm. This is expected.


Once the loading operation is successful, Return to the Desktop Manager Main Menu.


Now go to Back up and Restore>Advanced. You will see the Storm's databases in the box on the right. Over the box on the left, select File>Open. Locate and Double click on your carriers Service books .ipd file you downloaded and extracted earlier. Single click to highlight them in the left box and hit the bottom of the two middle buttons to transfer them to the device. Once complete return to the Desktop Manager Main Menu and Minimize Desk Top Manager.



Next, return to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java. Open the New Folder you created. Right click on the net_rim_bb_browser_deamon module. Select cut, select Back and right click and paste back into place. Delete the now empty New Folder you created. Close the Java folder.


Return to Desktop Manager. Go to Application loader. Add/Remove applications. Select NEXT. In the Summary you will see the Browser being replaced. Select FINISH.


When the Loading operation is successful. You can then disconnect the device from the PC. You should have a Fully Functional Browser now. Resend your email service books to restore your email. Also you need TCP configurations in Options > Advanced Options > TCP.

APN should say:
Nothing under user name

APN should say: wap.cingular
Password: cingular1

If you are using an unlocked Verizon Storm and have "Activation Required" on your home screen or your phone number displays incorrectly, Dial # # 000000 (Send). In the Menu add your phone number and select save. The device will reboot and activate.

Storm on AT&T

Storm on T-Mobile

That's all there is to CrackBerry Nation! Enjoy & Have A Very Merry Christmas!

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Reader comments

How To Effectively Run Your Unlocked Storm (all features enabled) on North American GSM Carriers


I always thought I was somewhat knowledgeable about mobile devices and what not. And maybe this a dumb question to some, but, Why would you want to run a storm on another carrier's GSM network? What are the advantages?

I use a Storm on VZW's CDMA network. Why would I want to use T-Mo or ATT's GSM? Cause of the service?

I have T-Mobile. So TMO users have been left behind when it comes to the BBs. So unlocking a Storm or Bold and running it with a TMO sim is advantageous to folks who are not on ATT or VZW network. Not do we want to switch carriers. TMO has some of the cheapest rates. Plus TMO users don't really know when and if we are getting any of the latest phones.

For you, since you are already on VZW, it wouldn't make sense.

Ahhh see that is exactly what I was unsure about. I knew it was gonna be a simple answer.


Thanks for posting how to get it to work, is it possible to get it to work on the 3G side of the network? or is that just out of the question.

Only if you're connecting to a 3G network that's operating on the 2100MHz band. So if you're connecting to T-Mobile in Europe, or anyone in Japan or South Korea, it should connect just fine. But AT&T uses different bands so it won't pick it up.

About the only thing going for the Storm is that it runs on Verizon. Why would anyone with any sense go to the trouble of unlocking it?

What do guys like me do who are on T-Mobile and use HotSpot@Home (for my business line), yet want something more updated then the 8820? The new Blackberry Pearl Flip.. I think not! I want a Blackberry Bold or Storm, but because of the number of minutes I use in my business (I am a Consultant), I really need Wi-Fi calling. The problem is that even if I got a Storm and unlocked it, the devise would not work with HotSpot@Home... so it would make no sense. Not that the 8820 is a slouch.. it is a wonderful devise, but its time has now come and gone.

I posed this exact issue to the T-Mobile Reps at my local T-Mobile store. The response I got was somewhat surprising. They completely understood my delema and said that nearly everyone that comes in with an 8820, and are on HotSpot@Home, wants to know what T-Mobile is doing about getting a Blackberry to replace the 8820. According to these guys (and who knows if this is true or not) the RIM Rep was in their store two weeks ago and answered that exact question. What the Rep said was that T-Mobile is working with RIM on 4 new Blackberry devises (including a touch screen BB), two of which will be Wi-Fi enabled and will start hitting the market within the next couple of months. Supposedly one will be the replacement for the traditional Pearl, another is the new Curve varrients (Wi-Fi and not) and the other will be a different version (T-Mobile only) of the Storm (since Verizon has a one year lock on the current Storm) that will be Wi-Fi enabled. Again.. this is all rumor based on what the T-Mobile Reps told me. But to be honest, these guys have hit the mark with everything they have told me in the 2 1/2 years I have been on T-Mobile. So I guess the guys at will keep us updated.

What I would like to see are more updates on T-Mobile from the research crew at Crackberry. Is what I was told by the Reps at the T-Mobile store total fiction or closer to the truth. This is an assignment for should they decide to accept it!

If your that sure about the rumors on the Wi-fi storm, did I just purchase a phone that is going to be ungraded in only a few months? Darn Corporate money machine. lol

it's a game... you know in the phone world - phones are out dated in about a year. NEWER BIGGER BETTER FASTER MORE WI-FI'ER before you know it phones will have live TV, any chanel, any station, Radio - the same what, CB Radio built in, DVR, 1080p screen and two little arms that will come out to get your beer for you. not to mention the bigger arms to change the baby's diaper or the legs that will pop out to take your dog for a walk...James Bond won'y have nothing on my blackberry 873873357867365487325496873654321571E : t-mobile version

Verizon isn't as cracked up to be as everyone thinks it is. I wrote VW a 3 page letter discribing why i HATED their service and the let me break the contract early.... it blew chuncks every where....

Very well written and I applaud the assistance in getting that throughly written out. I still however love my bold but might check into this as it sounds very tempting.

Merry Christmas,

DANIEL AKA Crackberry Addict since 06

I used this guide and my Storm 9530 is working on Tmobile. I wanted to stay with tmobile because of their prices and because i like the idea of taking out my SIM card and using it in another phone. Great job Pltaylor!

I tried the steps and i seem to have a problem when i go to install the TMO service books. The original service book has 6 records, and the TMO has 17. when i install the TMO service book, the records on the device still show up as 6. so when i get to step 5 of the process, the application loader does not show "Broser" like it does in the screen shot. Has anyone had success with this yet and if you could you give advice PLEASE!!! Thank you.

I am glad this is out there, but I have to wonder if you really have to follow this process to get it to work? The reason I ask is because I purchased a Storm and got it unlocked and I was unsure if I could get it to work on my local GSM carrier. I am in Nebraska and all we have in my part is Viaero. It's a smaller company and all I had to do was put my storm card in and push the service books to it. Everything on it works.

I was excited that I didn't have to do anything manual, but surely if it works on a smaller GSM company the same could work for the bigger companies?

Regardless, great guide, I am just glad I was able to avoid it!!!

This probably ain't the correct place to post this but I had a customer service guy from verizon call my house (at 9 in the morning!!!) to collect my thoughts on my storm and to see whether I liked it or not. Well I eventually asked him if youtube mobile was the only site the phone could currently stream video through and while he said yes it was the only one currently.....he did mention that they had a flash player being developed for it that should eventually come out soon.
Now besides the fact that ya'll know that the words RIM and "soon" don't mesh well together but I just wanted to know what ya'll thought about it? Do ya'll think its true or false? I swear on everything he told me this though

Wouldn't life be easier if every phone came with all the guts for all of the carriers? Then the companies would be forced to compete on pricing and service.

I travel to Mexico, so I was wondering if there was a to get this working on a Mexican carrier? And if I did, what would I need to do to switch back to verizon.

if you have vzw then you can roam in mexico. mexico, canada and US all have CDMA. since the phone is quad band it also has a CDMA radio in it along with GSM, which is why this process is possible. i dont know the effects of using the quad band (both CDMA and GSM while roaming, or visa versa)after unlocking the device. id say find someone who successfully gets the phone to work on GSM and see if they can still pick up CDMA. better yet, how do quad band phones on your carrier work? thats the better and most likely easier question to answer.

you are crackeberry genius wow i being everywere the way you xplain everything is perfect keep up the good work man>>

Im new to the whole unlocked phone thing, but I notice that the unlocked phones only seem to be working with Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. I currently have Sprint in the US, and am pretty happy with the service and dont want to change carriers, but I really want a Storm... I know Sprint phones dont use SIM cards, but there is a SIM slot in the phone if you look closely. Does anyone know if you can unlock the Storm and run it on the Sprint network?

I can not go more of step 1: because i dont have this address C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java I have C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\ I need help please

I like Alex M can not find the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java I have C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\. I have the updated desktop OS and can't get pass stop #1. Everything else up to there i have done. I'm trying to update the storm for use on the ATT network. It appears that whom ever did the instruction used the Bold as the footprint. Can anyone help?

I have uploaded tmobile service books and I still can't not access the browser or MMS. Any suggestions? Should I try the process all over again?

Once I do the above steps, will my Storm work on AT&T's 3G network? I heard it won't. Please advise. Thanks.

Nice guidelines! thanx!
Im new in BBs.
I got questions (overseas!! lol)
I got BB storm VODAFONE Netherlands locked.
I want to use it with VODAFONE Greece.
I know it has to be unlocked (although it is the same provider - jesus!!!)
Q: i need the service book of VODAFONE GR?
thanx in advance!
Happy NEw Year!!

I think all you need to do is go to the Vodafone GR and get the service books from their website. or google it i don't think you would have a issue just as long as you get the OS for Gr and not Netherlands.

Question tmobile service books do they have updates and if so were do you get them or do they just update after you have put them on your blackberry. thanks.

Just to share my experience.

I just bought Verizon Blackberry Storm 9530 locked due to inaccuracy info provided by the seller. I purchased unlocked code and now can be used in my local mobile operator network for voice and sms as well. My problem now is i can't activate the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). My local mobile operator network need IMEI & PIN as to activate BIS via the provided website. When i filled in the IMEI & PIN, the popup window appeared says "This Blackberry is registered with a different service provider.Please re-register this Blackberry and verify the URL matches the one provided by your service provider."

This means that maybe Verizon already registered the phone to RIM as to lock their customer/subscriber from misuse the subsidy. Currently I'm communicating with Verizon so that I can re-register the device for BIS service activation and still waiting for their reply.

Hey there i was wondering if you figured out the activation issue you were having. I just purchased a storm and am facing the same issue. I am with at&t and need to figure out how i am going to get around this problem myself.

Do you figured out how to get the BIS with ATT?I have the same issue with a Verizon Storm just purchased.Any help is really apreciated


I activated my on my phone and then i had to call Vodafone to reactivate it on the web. Let me know if you fix this issue because i really don't want to have this issue when i go to the US.

I followed all the steps have new icons browser works but I can not send SMS text, nore can I download from Media net can any one help? My storm is unlocked>

Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java


I got to step 5 and couldn't transfer the service book from the computer to the device databases. The middle button with the arrows is grayed out even though i highlighted the service book file as instructed. I removed desktop manager and added back in but still having the same problem. any advice will be appreciate it. thanks

I followed the instructions posted to tether the Storm. The laptop recognizes the Storm as a modem in the diagnostics test. Got to the final DIAL step and I get the Error #678. My carrier is TMobile who could not help me get over this error. Would appreciate any help from this forum

i just purchased an unlocked storm and i am with AT&T. i just added a unlimited data plan, but not the blackberry data plan. Will i be okay?

I went to options/about and I think my OS is (v4.7.0.148) is that it or Im supossed to look for a different number? If so. Does the steps above apply to this OS? If not. What I do? Thanks

i have a storm that i got off ebay i unlocked it and i put my rodgers sim card in and i can call ppl but i cant text why is that ?? and the phone still has the old owners phone # on it. I cant use data also can some one help me please

currently trying different forum post on this site.. might be working..

I have a couple problems.
I am not smart so please don't get mad, but I am confused..

I just bought the storm from a friend and I want to make it run better on tmobile so I am trying to follow this guide however...

The links for my OS is no longer availabe in any of th elinks that this guide gives. So I used download link, so maybe thats whats causing the other problems which are:

a. i find the bb_daemon file or whatever, and I cut it into a new folder and run the desktop manager but it doesn't find it and remove it, it just shows me screen of programs etc, asking me what i want to install or remove... but i kept going and then leads to my next problem..
b. when i try to transfer the downloaded service books it says there are 17 entries whereas the BB database shows 6, so i transfer and it asks me if i want to overwrite and i agree, however it still lists 6 so I do no think that is working, and i still kept going... And at the end when you tell me to take out browser_daemon and put it back and then run the app loader it still does not recognize it, as the guide says i should..

So what should I do? What desktop manager version should I DL? What OS version should I DL? Please help, thank you.

You can restore service books allot easier. Connect your BB to DM.

Enable Legacy SB Restore mode
Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book

hold ALT and press S B E B

Click ok on the message saying legacy restore mode is enabled. Restore the service books.

This way you do not have to remove the web browser and re-install.

is there any way to do this without doing the work on that file module net_rim_bb_browser_daemon because mine stops at My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\ none of the other files are there and i needed to know if that was an important step and i dont have the cord is it possiable to do this without the usb please help thank you

Has anyone tried this with a storm 2? I cannot get it to delete the browser. I just got the phone and it has the update OS. Any help will be greatly appreciated as I'm tired of the old Pearl.

So, Following the instructions with a few exceptions (OS for tour instead of Storm) these instructions worked perfectly on my blackberry tour and browser/mms are working on tmobile. but I lost the bb messenger in the process. I got it back though by going to on the phone. Just putting it out there in case others were curious or had the same problem I did

First, this was an awesome post! With that said, I can not get GSM or 3G service on my phone. The phone does have the capability and I have the 2G/3G selected on the network settings. Can anyone help with this? Unfortunately, most of the time I am only receiving the edge(AT&T) signal. On my Bold, I was getting GSM at home and 3G when in an area with that coverage. Thanks for any help.

Hello can someone please help me. I have successfully unlocked my verizon storm 9530. I put in my At&t sim card and it is asking me to "enter PIN code(2 left)" It only gives my the option to enter numbers, and I noticed the SIM code in the back of the phone has numbers and letters. Please please please, if someone knows where I can obtain this SIM code, I would be forever grateful.



need help i have a black berry storm 9530 is unlock but i dont see service book for sprint in usa is their such a thing for sprint thanks

I have a bb storm unlocke to AT&T also use metro pcs, but when I switch to metro my service books for AT&T get deleted, is there a way to save them? and ty for the class on installing svc books

I have a unlocked bb storm installed svc book as you prescribed, also have metropcs on cdma, when i switch from one to another I lose the svc books, is there a way to save them or keep this from happening?

I used This site since it has a nearly perfect 4.9/5 rating with google checkout and is accredited with the better business bureau and an "A" Rating with them.
plus they were recommended highly in the cell phone forums.
I talked to one of their support reps on live chat and within 5 mins i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
Hope this helps.

I've done everything the transfer to the device on desktop manager but the process is not going to the device. The exception that they said was expected didnt come up. I'm not seeing anything in my summary list. Can anyone help.

I'm trying to help a friend activate my old 9530 on his AT&T plan.

I followed the steps above except that I'm using OS 5.X. When I go to Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/ there is no Shared folder there. Is there a different process for activating if the O/S is 5.X


i have been running the 5.0 operating system on my storm rather than downgrading to the 4.7 like everyone seems to be doing. just wanted you guys to know you can still run the 5.0 OS without losing EDGE and all features work properly and amazingly at that. thanks.


ok heres the deal i have no idea what im doing with this dang phone, i have downloaded the latest version 5.0 and tmobile already sent the service books to my phone. I am still getting EDGE and as soon as I get on the browser it changes to edge. I need help, theres no point in paying for internet if i cant use it.
please help!!

I downloaded the t-mobile services books but it's in a .ipd format and I can't open it. How do I open it? I need a software to open it with. Any help?

ive done all the steps but my blackberry still doesnt say EDGE. it says GPRS i dont know how to get this browser to work. gettin fustrated.. someone help!

I don't know how to get the features enabled on my unlocked storm 2 for ATT, i saw all the links that give you instructions to load ATT service pack on the phone with a PC but I use a MAC. Please suggest how can i follow through the steps on a MAC. Thank you.

it says v5.0.0.328 (platform

is that ok? i dont have 4.7

but when i look on desktop manager it says my software is 5.0

i saw the vendor onoe but the next step i can only get to

Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion i dont have any of those folders. what do i do should i create them?

am having a tough time finding the Go to My Computer C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader Files\{Your OS Here}\Java

does anyone know what is going on with this?
please help

how can u do this for a 9530 connected to PAGEPLUS? i dont have my internet service and MMS anymore ever since i updated to version 5.0 HELP!!!






Hello I have been at this for days tying to reconfigure my BlackBerry Storm 9550. And so far I have hit a brick wall, I bought it for my mom as a present and had it unlocked. But when I look for the sevice books They don't exist for the MMS and Mobile Browser etc. Do you know where I can get these service books for download via link or direct download? PLEASE HELP!!! My email is I really hope to hear fromyou soon. Thanks in advance for your time.

John Cooper

Can anyone help me!

My friends contract with Verizon ende but he still wants to keep his BB Storm, thing is he want's to use it on att, I told him I would help him, but so far nothing I do works. I downloaded the lastest DM, and books,and everything but as soon as i get to the second step, my DM looks nothing like the one pictured in the guide i already tried dowloading earlier versions of the DM, but when i connect the BB it says it's updating, and it gets stuck there.
Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss a step? Is there any other way to do this?
i would appreciated if anyone could help me. Thanks in advance!!!


Soooo, none of it is working for me....I went through everything the first time around fine, but it didn't work. Then i tried it a second time and it doesn't say that its deleting that net_rim from my just continues updating.

I am having difficulty completing Step #3 because the menu for Desktop Manager Ver. is quite a bit different that what is shown on Step #3 here. Can someone help me how to accomplish this in the new version of Desktop Manager?
Model: BlackBerry 9550 (Storm 2). Original carrier was Verizon Wireless. The phone has been unlocked successfully and I am using it with AT&T. I can send/receive e-mail and BlackBerry Messenger. However, I cannot browse the internet because Verizon Wireless uses CDMA and AT&T uses GSM network. I don't have a Hotspot Browser which allows me access to the internet using a WiFi. Therefore, I cannot access the internet at all.

The new Desktop Manager doesn't have this Backup and Restore feature. Has anybody tried this recently with any success? Let me know. Thanks.