How to edit photos on the BlackBerry Z30

By James Richardson on 9 Oct 2013 05:22 am EDT

When it comes to tweaking photographs that you have taken on your BlackBerry Z30 you'll be pleased to know that BlackBerry 10 has an edit option built into the OS. Photo apps are all the rage these days but as you will discover with your Z30, there are a ton of options if you fancy spicing up your photos. 

Once you have the image open it's just a case of tapping the three grey dots at the bottom right of the picture. Select 'Edit' and the options will be revealed. Whether in landscape or portrait you'll be presented with four tabs at the base of the display. 

The first of these is 'Transform' and this is where you can crop or rotate the image left or right - simple stuff. Tab number two is 'Enhance' and between the bottom tabs and the photo you'll have a new set of icons displayed. As only four can fit on the display you can swipe to the left to reveal a further four. These include Auto Enhance, Red Eye Reduction, Brightness, White Balance, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation and Noise Reduction. Selecting most of the options will place a bar on the screen which you can slide back and fourth until you are happy with the results. You can then either press save or move onto one of the other editing options. 

Tab number three is 'Artistic' and here you'll have a choice of eight filters (again, four initially displayed, but you can scroll to the left). These include Black and White, Lomo, Antique, Sepia, Whiteboard, Watercolour, Negative and Sketch. Just select the one you want and job done. You will also notice that above each filter are two arrows. These will disappear when you choose the filter that is below it. Tapping the filter once again will reverse the process and undo it, therefore allowing you to select another, or none. 

Last but not least is the 'Styles' tab. Once again you'll have eight styles to choose from, many with a border. If you take a photograph of a person you can have some fun here as there is a style called 'Big Eyes' and it does just that as you can see below. 

When you have finished editing your photo and select 'save' both the original image plus the edited one will be in your picture gallery. So as you can see - editing photos on the BlackBerry Z30 is not only simple, but it offers you some fun and beautiful options. Who needs a third party app with the BlackBerry Z30.

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How to edit photos on the BlackBerry Z30



I know you can crop a photo, but how do you increase the canvas size?

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Hi, is there any layout difference between the Z10 and the Z30? Because the definition is different (narrower on the Z30).

Posted via CB10

I find it pretty useful, I remember when you needed a pretty good computer to edit pictures and video like BlackBerry 10 does

Posted via CB10

Soooo, editing on the Z30 is a lot like editing on the Z10, just bigger. Sounds good to me. When do they go on sale in the USA?

The most useful feature I've found myself frequently using is cropping. It's nice to have such capability on the phone especially since it's my primary camera.

Posted via CB10

Anyone know how to change the orientation of the specified aspect? For example, if I take a landscape shot and want to crop it to a 16x9 portrait to use as a wallpaper.

Currently I rotate, crop with selected aspect, rotate, save.

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