How to download and install Android apps using the 1mobile Market on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 21 Nov 2013 03:14 pm EST

We've been covering bits and pieces on how to download and install Android apps on BlackBerry 10 since the OS leak. While there are numerous ways to get this done including using the native File Manager or your Browser, perhaps one of the easiest ways is with the 1mobile Market

This third-party Android app store gives you access to hundreds of Android apps that may or may not be readily available on BlackBerry 10. Using the 1mobile Market to download and install Android apps on your BlackBerry 10 device is a very simple process, but in case you need some guidance, we've laid it all out here from start to finish. Note that this only works with the leaked OS for now (and most likely higher versions at some point).

Keep reading to see how it's done.

Download 1mobile Market

First things first - you'll need to download the 1mobile Market to your device. To do so, just point your BlackBerry browser to

Tap the For Phone button under download

Choose the location to save the APK file and tap Save

When the download is complete, tap the file to open the APK 

Tap Install, then tap Accept in the permissions popup

When the install is done, tap Open

Now the 1mobile Market is installed on your device and you can freely browse and install Android apps. How? Keep reading ....


Downloading and Installing Android Apps 

Browse through the lists or search for an app you want to download

Tap the app title to open the app page

Tap Free to begin the download

When the download is done, the native installer will start. Tap Install 

Tap Accept on the permissions popup


When the install is done, tap Open to start the app​

BOOM. You're done. 

Remove 1mobile notifications

You may notice that the 1mobile Market now throws some unwanted notifications into your Hub however. To remove this takes a bit of extra work, but it's well worth it. Find out how to remove them by following this thread in the forums


Now also keep in mind that not all apps you'll download will actually run on BlackBerry 10. That being said, we've had plenty of luck with most apps we've tried from the 1mobile Market. Hit up the comments and let us know if you come across any that aren't working. If you have any other tips on using the 1mobile Market be sure to let us know!



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Reader comments

How to download and install Android apps using the 1mobile Market on BlackBerry 10


1mobile who are they? You're certain the apk's are not tampered with? The site owners appear to be some no name Chinese outfit.

Is BlackBerry recommending this site? So we can redress issues back to BlackBerry?

Posted via CB10

Why not update the article with a step by step on how to remove Android apps installed in this manner -- ones that don't work, etc.

"Editors' Favorit"
"The Best Apps of work with mobile"
"The Best Puzzle Games recommend"
"Aren't You Love the Squarehead"

Sorry if this comes across in an English language supremacist kind of way, but the 1mobile website doesn't really inspire confidence.

Z10 STL100-1 /

As far as BlackBerry is concerend... you aren't using right now.

You do this at your own risk. The two Stores that I would trust don't really work too well. So it's this, or get your APK from a trusted friend or creat a virtual Android Devcie using Genymotion and copy the APK over to your device.

The KEY is more Android Apps are working (not all, and many not at 100%) but much better than what we had a month ago.

And you can download easily from the browser for example visit apkmania and download what you want then install it using app manager

Posted via CB10

I agree, me too. It's amazing. Glad they showed us how to stop those notifications. Those have been awful.

-ARWestenberger, Maester of New Yevon

Install Ghost Commander from BlackBerry World. Open, tap on apps, tap on 1mobile, tap Manage, uncheck Get Notifications.

Posted via CB10

You can also just clear the download queue in the settings. After all downloads have completed they stay in there. Hit the X next to the apps. And this kills the notifications. Found it out in under 2 hours

Posted via CB10

This is done within the app itself
1-tap on the "1" at the top left
2-tap on " my apps"
3-tap on the update tile and "x" out the apps you don't want updated, they will be moved to the ignored tab
4-go back
5-click on the download tile
6-brings up a list of downloads and close them by clicking on the "x"
Notifications will not be back unless another update is posted or you download more applications, but you would repeat the same steps when needed

Posted via my  Z10.2.1.1055

You can also turn off update notifications in the settings of the application as well
1-click on the "1" at home top left
2-click on settings
3- scroll down and turn off update notifications

Posted via my  Z10.2.1.1055

There's also a something in the appstore's settings that will allow you to turn off update notifications

Posted via CB10

I look forward to the say we can get tried and true android apps through BlackBerry World. So keep porting and writing BB10 native apps please. This in the meantime is a nice bandaid so to speak.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

If we can now use apks then why not upload them to BlackBerry World? I don't know if i entirely like this proposed solution. It is there for people to try I guess...

Posted via CB10

Still find some apps like Netflix and Fruit Ninja not optimized for the Z10 screen. Netflix and Fruit Ninja run upsided down and the picture distorted.

Don't like it as much. When you leave the app itself to go do something else, it doesn't work well in the background. It usually freezes for me or stop downloading.

Posted via CB10

I picked up virus's from this App appstore. Good thing I had Max Antivirus installed. It picked up 16 instances of the virus. All Android ones....

Can you name them so that we can avoid? Thanks in advance!

~ It's not a phone, it's a BlackBerry

I can't remember the name of the virus. Checked Max Antivirus app. It doesn't keep logs so can't check that either.

Try to download Aptoide thru 1Mobile market to see what I mean..

Top priorities for BB (wrt Android runtime) :

+ increase speed!
+ allow Android apps to share to Native apps
+ allow notifications to work even if the Android app or Android player is not running
+ increase speed
+ increase speed

Unfortunately, Android apps run better on my Dad's Galaxy Nexus than on my Z10, and the Z10 has much better hardware than it.

Every android app runs in a virtual machine, even on phones like the Galaxy S4. They all run in the Dalvik virtual machine. All Android apps are written in Java. This is how the same APK can run on all of the thousands of Android phones even when they have different CPUs.

To repost a comment I just made in the podcast post in relation to a discussion about this in the podcast:

I really hope that when someone runs into a malware problem downloading a questionable apk as invariably will happen at some point from some corner of the internet, that this isn't blamed on the Android home in which it will be sandboxed, but on the utter 'what did you expect?' stupidity of the user.

I am sure it will still be somebody else's fault WHEN it happens. But the hypocrisy is hilarious. Kinda like how Google is horrible for tracking cell phone users but the majority downloads Google maps.

Can't download the 1mobile app on my Z30.. nothing happens when I click download for phone

Posted via CB10

just browse (nothing after), pick a random app (or search for the one you want).
Then the first install should be the store app. and launch the requested app DL.

I must say to viruses though: good luck. And anyways, I doubt any of those exploits can actually do anything on a non android device. Anything they do would be limited to the arena of the player/runtime.

Posted with my Straight Talk Z10

What other manufacturer's and devices use these guys? Are these guys supported from other Android device manufacturer's directly or are they just a website?

It'd be pretty nice to encourage more Android developers to convert their apps and post them in BlackBerry World.

Maybe letting ppl post their apps from BlackBerry World to Amazon Appstore and Android Play Store would be nice.

Posted via CB10

I I have just downloaded the APK file. But when I try to open it, it says "unable to open the file".

My Q10 is running Waiting for the official release of 10.2.

You need 10.2.1 leak to run these apps directly otherwise you'll need to convert to bar and side load on anything lower (10.2 official and lower)

Can anyone please tell me if Air Watch works on a Z10? com.airwatch.androidagent-1.APK. I will try and convert this to a BAR with my debug token on 10.2 as soon as I get home but if it works I just may make the leap to

Will let you know in just one second
*one second passes*
Yep it works. Guess it's time for you to make the leap :)

Does this new OS version allows one to download and install application on memory card like android phones. If it does then it would be fine, that means I won't have to worry about my phone memory. Just download the app on my memory card and run it from there. Only important apps will be on my phone

Posted via CB10 on my white Q5!

1mobile sucks to get + load APK apps. Get link to app in Google Play and run through (not sure how to get updates for installed APKS though)

Posted via CB10 with my Q10.2

Snap is working agian! It's a bb10 app you side load but give access to the whole google play store!

Posted via Q10 using CB10

Temple run 2 and Candy Crush worked perfectly on the older runtime side loaded but with this new runtime I can't run any of these apps.

Posted via CB10

Anyone have problem installing updates using 1mobile, I get a error saying can't install because it's already installed.

Posted via CB10

It's starting already if this 1mobile flops before 10.2.1 launch well...yikes

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry World has way more than I need. However glad to see people are enjoying the new Android app access. However, I elect to stay with the official channels as I don't need any malware issues that run rampid in windows and android environments.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

OK wait, are there gonna be android runtime issues getting android apps via 1mobile to run? bcz if not for that I wdnt leave sideloading until the official 10.2.1 releases

Posted via CB10 on my BBQ10

Probably loaded with spy ware. Android apps are bad enough with their fixed permissions, now we have a third party thanks!

Posted via CB10

Got Netflix working on my Q10 (cool). But having trouble getting Vine and Candy Crush loaded. Using Amazon App Store. They both crash within seconds of opening them. Actually, Candy Crush freezes up during install??? Help anyone?? If they don't work that's fine with me. I was just testing them out anyway. I don't NEED them to survive! But, I do NEED my CB10 app. And it's been laggy since the leak install :(

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

I found that the amazon store's verion of both of those games didnt work for me either. However, the candy crush and Vine... and netflix off 1mobile all work... also the netflix off 1mobile is a newer version than the bar / apks floating around (that ive seen) on here too.. quite nice..

I am using the Os with a capable of apk apps, after I installed the 1mobile app, I could not open my accounts on the settings. It will keep loading and I won't be able to open it. But after I uninstalled the 1mobile app, I could easily open my accounts.

I dont know if some of you had this experiences before. I tried to install back 1mobile couple of times, but still have this problem everytime..

Sent from my Z30

I was able to end notifications simply by turning off all notifications off in mobi1 app settings.. they just stopped. Otherwise I think it works well.

Posted via CB10

I just wish we had the ability to change the permissions of the android apps after installing them. I try to change them, and all are grayed out.

Posted via CB10

what type of OS are you using? it will only works with Os

download the 1mobile app at

my bb 10 is Q10 but my latest update is .what should i do?beacuse i cant download apps (actually i downloaded but didnt work)

you can also get the 1mobile market apk by trying to download any app from the site from your will download a 2.7MB file with the name of the app you want but when you try to install the file, its the 1mobile market itself that installs

omg. it doesnt work again,why it didnt work.t?i need and how can i get the OS? my phone is the new ,why bb cant support to get the latest update?

That is a leaked version. Why would BlackBerry support something they haven't released yet?

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Wow, this is very cool and has worked for me. The tip on how to shut off notifications works as well. Great job!

via CB10 with my Z30 :)

im trying to download it after installing 10.2 on my z10 but just stays on processing and then says it has stalled cancel or ok??

Oh f this... I'll stick to BlackBerry World market. I gotta tell ya CB, you guys are your own worst enemies sometimes.

I'm tired of reading complicated, confusing and sometimes misleading work-arounds to this app situation.
Just let it be man, it is what it is.
If anything, you guys are doing a hell of a job promoting the Android.

Hmmm, what kind of idiot would want a BlackBerry when a BlackBerry blog is constantly beating on a dead horse while glorifying another app market instead of focusing on their own?

Posted via CB10

I totally agree, by using android apps we'll make BlackBerry App development dead. Why should anyone create native app, when there's android one?

Instagram works fine on my Q10SQN100-1/ but Line doesn't work. Can't add contacts because of BB10 Menu Bar is always showing on my screen...

Posted via CB10

I agree with kesedllz - let's support BlackBerry native apps. Having said that there was only one app I needed off of Google Play - and that was the Natwest Business banking app which works perfectly on the Z10... Other than that, I have all I need on BlackBerry World. On another note, we wanted to get a phone for a member of our staff and are going to get her a BB. She said her friends said it lacks apps and she would need to keep her Samsung and use BB as a business only phone - but at least that argument now goes away... (esp when I show her the leak I have installed and how she now has access to whatever apps she wants... - but again, it's all perception - she only probably needs 1 or 2 max which are not on BB World - her UK bank and perhaps Instagram if she really needs it...). Otherwise it's all there in BlackBerry World.

When I install the 1Mobile Market app, ( It just sits there saying Processing... Then it tells me it's stalled. Hit Cancel. Nothing. Any ideas?

STL100-3 Z-10

Thanks !

I download it but then it just says unable to open file. Does anyone know how to fix this

Posted via CB10

Can anyone confirm if Stitcher (the podcast app) works on the Q10? If so you can consider me a Blackberry convert and I can ditch this goofy Windows 8 phone I currently use.

Sum 1 help me I hav a BlackBerry z10 software 10os I would like to be able to get android apps can some1 tell me how I'm confused

Posted via CB10

I upgraded my Z10 to the new OS I also downloaded the 1mobile market app. However, when I try to install, I keep getting an error message "Failed to create manifest - /var/android/apk_ia_1385576240915"

Please, I need help.

I have tried both and can't seem to get it to work on z30.
I have read, re read and re re read forums.
Think I am doing everything right, but still will not let me download android aps.
1 mobile won't install.
Any comments, help would be appreciated!
Thanks ahead of time.

Hi, I can't seem to download the app onto my blackberry Q10, can some1 help me? Its saying "unable to open file", am lost.

Guys please help. Why U can't run some other games. It shows that I need to sign up to Google Play. Like plants vs zombies 2 and asphalt 8. Thanks.

I don't like the way the 1Mobile Market app wants access to my location, wants to know my phone number, blackberry ID as well as create view and delete my contacts.

No thanks 1 Mobile, I don't want your spyware on my phone.

It would be so much better if I could control what apps can access on my mobile, so I don't have to give away my privacy to use them!

I tried to do this hut every time I've tried to download this or Snapchat it won't let me open the file after it has downloaded

Well, I tried 1mobile, it downloaded the apks properly, but when i was about to start any app they just didn't. It gave me the starting screen but nothing else. Like it was freezed or something like that. No sign of loading just freezed. Anyone with similar problems? Z10 BB10.2.1.537

Hello to all.

I already try to search everywere but i can´t find any particular user having my problem.

I have Os

I can install small android apps from Snap, 1mobile or appstore. But wen i try to install big games, like Need for speed or any big game, it only download a small amout of it, for install and after instalation, he try to conect to download the rest (the big amout of the file) and every single game say, can´t stablish conection or can´t find server, or need google acount, etc, and it won´t download the rest of the game so it can be played.

I have a google play acount, and all my emails on blackberry z10 are from google.

Does anyone know how to solve this? What i need to do more, or install more, so it can donwload the rest of the games ????

Best regards

I tried 1Mobile Market and found it asked for complete access to Contacts. Huh?? I immediately removed it. Nobody needs access to my contacts list or files for that matter.

BB should have two categories for files. Files private to the application and others. This so one could give it private access to run but not access to everything else.

Installed 1mobile easily enough. Installed Viber easily enough. Viber runs easily enough but I get an error message:

No Service - There seems to be a problem connecting to Viber's service. Please check your connection and try again.

I tried using the mobile network and WiFi. No dice.

Anyone have any ideas?