How do you use your device: Do you prefer native or 3rd party apps for Memos and Tasks?

By Michelle Haag on 20 Oct 2011 05:26 pm EDT
Notes on BlackBerry

There are several third-party apps for taking notes available for the BlackBerry and for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Some of these sync between devices and your computer, some are stand alone apps, and they come in different styles and levels of complexity.

It seems to never fail, whenever we post about one of these apps, such as Evernote for example, there are always comments about why people don't use the native Memo Pad and Tasks instead of bothering with a 3rd party app. So this is our question for you today. Do you use the native Memo or Tasks apps on your BlackBerry or Playbook, or do you prefer a 3rd party app with extra bells and whistles? After you vote in the poll above, go ahead and leave a comment below explaining your thoughts on the subject!

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How do you use your device: Do you prefer native or 3rd party apps for Memos and Tasks?


Look into an app called RoleCall Task and BeHive Tasts. Both of these just enhance the native task app and still sync with outlook well. They just give some of the features you are looking for. I personally use RoleCall Tasks.

This app shows categories better and due dates/time in the list. This app also hotkeys itself to R

native calendar, memo pad, and tasks synced to microsoft outlook... It will take productivity to a whole new level. #hadouken!

I would LOVE to use Outlook to sync my native apps with my computer. However I haven't been able to get BlackBerry Desktop to work on my new Windows7 64bit laptop.

I've yet to find a solution anywhere! It sucks when you buy the latest technology and it doesn't even work with the tired and true.

I use to have problems with the same thing but the latest Desktop Manager seems to work just fine and I'm using Outlook 2010 as well. What kind of error are you getting? I would type that error into google and see what others are saying.

You don't have the option that's right for me on there! :P. I use the native apps on my phone, but I prefer Groovy Notes and Conqu on my PlayBook. To each their own, but I do also use the bridge apps on my PlayBook for if I want a memo that I'll need to have with me anywhere.

Native Memo Pad was my go to option, but lately I've been going to Evernote for keeping things that don't change too often. I still use Memo Pad for it's REALLY ease and quickness of use, but Evernote's features are growing and it's harder and harder to resist. I have to say I love how Memo Pad is open and edit where as Evernote you have to open, choose Edit, and then edit.

The big reason I like the native apps is exchange sync. If my notes or task aren't in sync, whats the point? The only gripe I have with either is a character limitation on tasks. I tried evernote, but then all my password and other sensitive information would be online, which I dont feel is wise.

The limitation in tasks is just for the "title" really. I have copied an entire email in the notes section of a task before giving much more detail.

Both. I use TodoMatrix with task sync. So I am primarily using third party, but it syncs with the native tasks app which in turn syncs to my enterprise mail system. So I can check things off in either location.

i use native stuff, but that will be a lot easier when there are native playbook apps for all this, with the option to do a bridge sync. which will happen rsn, right?


I <3 the native calendar, and the memo pad for "floating" tasks/lists/etc. But the calendar is just perfect, to me, and I'm verrry picky about such things.

i use native stuff, but that will be a lot easier when there are native playbook apps for all this, with the option to do a bridge sync. which will happen rsn, right?


I use native memo on my phone, but BHive tasks instead of native tasks. It is a fantastic task manager with Exchange sync and category management. The native task manager on the PlayBook is weak and I really hope BHive tasks comes to the PlayBook. I mailed the developer earlier this year about this and he indicated that he was planning to develop it for the PlayBook later this year.. I really hope he still does this as BHive task manager is the app I most want for my otherwise fantastic PlayBook. For note taking on the PlayBook, Groovy Notes is a winner.

I use the memo pad as a multii-lingual learning aid. I curse my POS Failware handset out in 7 languages listed on the memo pad.

I chose native memopad/tasks on the Blackberry even though I would have preferred to use Evernote. However, Evernote is unacceptable slow on the BB and just about unusable.

My reasoning for wanting to use Evernote is for data syncing across most platforms that I use (Blackberry, Mac, IOS (iPad), Windows).

Ahhh. You made me look! No... no native app yet. I would prefer to use a non-bridged Playbook tasks / Memo pad, which means I have to choose 3rd party, right?

i love these polls on CB! thanks!

However, this survey tries to do too much. The reliability of the survey could be increased by breaking it into two instead. One for BlackBerry smarphones and another for the PlayBook.

SpeedNotes for memos and quick note taking but then it allows me to drop all my notes into the tasks, memos, calendar etc if I need more options for remembering or scheduling

Todomatrix and Ideamatrix may not be lookers, but they get the job done (folders, dimensions, search, etc.), sync with Outlook and the cloud and nothing beats them in terms of security for your data at rest.

I use the native apps daily to enter my memos and tasks, but I always felt they were lacking some of the extras that could make the BlackBerry more useful. So I have added mProductive and it is great for keeping track of tasks, memos, calendar (and a whole lot more) items on a daily, weekly and beyond basis. It reminds me on the home screen that there are items for today. I can group things together and make them into a project. I can access emails, memos, tasks, phone logs all from one screen. This is a great app and worth the price as it takes all the information that you enter normally or receive on a daily basis and allows you to work in once place with it all. In fact the two non-native apps that I would be hard pressed to live without are: mProductive and QuickLaunch which I use many times over a single day. Now if they would only come up with versions for the PlayBook!

I use role call tasks & roll call reminder lite on my 9800 for tasks. speednotes is a new addition and I love it for memos. on playbook groovy notes has become a new favorite.

I use the native task/memo pad on my 9900 but use Remember The Milk to sync with all other devices (BB,Android,iPhone,iPad Including Outlook). Also Cloud based so I can access thru any browser.

I use the native calendar+TodoMatrix(Tasks) + IdeaMatrix(memos) on my BlackBerry smartphone; I use Groovy Notes (memos) + Conqu(Tasks) for my Playbook. I'm into the GTD methodology, and these apps have proven to be better options for that purpose IMO. I really hope to see the PB be updated with a native calendar app soon, so I can stop carrying around 2 BlackBerry smartphones + my PB and be able to simply allocate one device for personal use only and the other strictly for work respectively. I haven't been able to blend the two peacefully so it's imperative that I keep them separate. Any word on that happening?

I use the native task and have a separate checklist app for inventorying trips or lists for a project. I use the native memo often as a virtual sticky note pad and sensitive data, but for serious note taking, office meetings and non-sensitive data, I use Evernote, so that I have my notes on my desktop (Windows), and my tablet (Android).

Native apps are the best because they work with enterprise and easily sync will Outlook and other clients. Nothing else is as reliable or as integrated.

One of the main reasons I like BB, I use Outlook religiously for emails, calendars, contacts, memos and task and it's nice to be able to sync and everything is updated at once w/o using 3rd party apps.

Native on the BB and it syncs to Mdaemon BES and Outlook OTA. It's the most wonderful thing!

I use Evernote for different historical notes on work I've done for clients. I don't need that as much as the Memo Pad, which is fast and efficient.