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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Which streaming music service do you use on your device?

By Adam Zeis on 14 Jul 2011 01:11 pm EDT
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With all the streaming music apps out there, it's sometimes hard to pick just one. Everyone has their favorite for various reasons, but for the most part all of the services offer pretty much the same features. Some users choose what works best for them on their BlackBerry alone, while others love the cross-platform nature of an app. When all is said and done it's a "to each his own" kind of choice. We're curious to know which streaming music app is the most popular with BlackBerry users. Let us know in the poll above, then leave a comment letting us know why you use the app you picked.



YES....I voted first. When do I get my 9900?


Even though I vote for Pandora, its a tie between that and Slacker...both are great....


The info gathered by Adam and the Crackberry crew is vital to RIM's success. These guys should be front runners on RIM's books for R&D purposes. Great job!


Streaming music on a BB? You guys are nuts!


@MacBreQ: why would you think so?


Slacker- it's all about the 'cache'. I spend too much time underground on subways. When Slacker came out with caching- even on a free basis, that was the tipping point. Even the $5 a month for the 'Premium Level' wireless caching is worth it.


None of the above.

I use SugarSync to stream music back to myself, to my various devices (BlackBerry, PC, etc.)

You can try out SugarSync here:


You not only left off SugarSync, you also left off SiriusXM


Seriously, when you make polls like this you need to include a None/Does not apply option. This will prevent these types of comments, and maybe give you a litte more insight into how people use their BB's, which is what you are going for, right? I've bought a 32 GB sd card, put all my music on there. No need for streaming then.


There is such an option: Don't vote...


Would be Spotify if RIM were to develop an app (since Spotify won't!)


I subscribe to Pandora, and that's what I selected, HOWEVER, during beta testing for Slacker and their new Premium service (which I got free for a couple months) I really got swayed. I just can't see spending 10 per month, BUT it's a compelling product, I'm REALLY missing it now that it's gone!!!! Perhaps if they were to offer a package discount 79 for the whole year, or something like that I would subscribe.

Honorable mention goes to TuneIN which lets you listen to actual radio stations. I'm actually listening to it now via the web, on my PlayBook!!!


I try and listen to music on my Tour with OS 5 but it sounds terrible! Not sure if the newer devices are up to par, but the quality of sound on an iPod is superior.


9700 OS6 does a great job! The speaker on the 9700 is good. I also plug into my home stereo, car stereo and anywhere that has a 3.5 jack connected to speakers.

Use Pandora, Tune-in Radio mainly.
Have not got myself to the point where I want to pay for a service, though Groveshark would be tempting as you can create play lists of hundreds of songs from the same artist that users upload. Different from Pandora where it is random play from the artist you selected and "similar" artists. Sometimes I like the verity though.
Slacker is also tempting with their new service offerings.
Yes, the streaming on Blackberry is really great! Mute, ff rr volume buttons, you have a mini MP3 player in your phone.


I really enjoy listening to real radio on my BB with this app. Odd as it may seem to some, I usually listen to NPR. The local station doent come in well from my house, but it works great on my Berry! Then I just plug it into my stereo and bingo, better than the real thing!


Blackberry Radio its a rip from the OS 7 devices and it merges a bunch of services and I love it.


when i used BB Radio, i saw 5 channels on there. Naturally i deleted it. Has it grown beyond the fast five?


When is sirius- Xm coming to the torch and playbook!


I use siriusxm app 24/7 :D


Spotify .. please bring out an app .. someone :)


I stream Slacker and Pandora all the time on my great!


I stream Slacker and Pandora all the time on my great!


I use Pandora and TuneIn Radio Plus, along with BB Podcasts and music on my SD card.


Where is the "none" option?

I do listen to podcasts using BB PodCasts thou.


I use Noblex for Radio in Canada... which of these work in Canada?...


well rhapsody is missing on this list. despite it being slow, it has better sound quality then rdio and doesn't require you turn ur phone sideways to use it like goofy rdio.

and i use more then one because tuneinradio is for local stations and showcast stations or whatever they're called from winamp days. remember winamp? lol... Rhapsody, rdio, crappy slacker are all on-demand subscriptions only and pandora is unavailable in canada, still, in 2011. Whereas TuneIn, RogersRadio, Wikitunes, are all local and Showcast Stations. you could separate them all make several polls. :)

i also find that rdio has music that rhapsody doesn't and slacker will have things that neither have, it's crazy. it's very disorganized that's why it's good to have all three especially when u get them for free. ;-)

Like i'd love to know which podcaster people use? Stitcher vs BB Podcasts. Cause i cant stand bb podcasts even though u can add feeds now, it's extremely unstable and i cant get through one podcast without it stopping playback and starting again. it's crazy. Stitcher on the hand is amazing but u CAN'T ADD FEEDS!!! That would make it the perfect podcaster on my torch. :(((

Crude Berry

I used to use Slacker exclusively until it became bogged down to uselessness. I kept it on my phone a week or so after installing Pandora and would try it from time to time. I never could get it to actually stop "buffering" and play for more then 10 minutes. And those 10 minutes were spent playing the first verse and half the chrous of songs then skipping to the next. They updated Slacker and I thought that would fix whatever bug it had, but no dice. So my answer is Pandora.


I use Slacker as it came with my Torch. Has tonsa of problems though but is great while its working...


I used to be die-hard into Slacker, but since they axed caching in the free version, there's nothing Slacker does that Pandora doesn't do as well or better...


I can't use my BlackBerry because I'm still waiting for RIM to release the 9900...


Don't use ANY music service on my BB. That should have been one of the voting options.


i used to use slacker but then the good stuff went to a pay version so i went to pandora. i since ditched pandora and went to xm app. the app cuts in and out because some areas are spotty and it is true streaming but i love my xm channels and just needed them in my truck.


pandora is cleaner than slacker. and i like to make my own lists .


I really wish there was a Hype Machine app like I had on my iPod touch...


any streaming music which uses BIS??


Pandora's the name that everyone knows, but with so many less songs and far less control of what music the custom stations play, I think Slacker would be the clear winner if more people knew about it. And the caching feature is awesome. (Note: I still have a 2.x version installed so I can still cache for free.)


a couple of years ago i would have definitely said slacker because of the "cache" feature, but ever since they took that feature out of the unpaid version, i say screw them. here's to pandora!


I use Pandora or use the music app on my BlackBerry to listen to the music on my card.


I use TuneIn... Gave Slacker a try for a bit but wasn't really impressed and went back to TuneIn. Love being able to listen to local channels.