How do you use your BlackBerry: When do you charge your BlackBerry?

BlackBerry Charging
By Adam Zeis on 4 Mar 2011 04:15 pm EST


Here's one that was asked of me and I was very curious to know the results as well. Ever since I've owned a BlackBerry I've popped it on my charger overnight. I usually don't eat too much of the battery during the day, but if I do of course I'll charge it when I need to. I know others that like to use a charger whenever they can - be it in the car, at the office or just sitting at home. So our question today is this: When do you charge your BlackBerry? Are you just a night charger? A charge whenever you can? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know!

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How do you use your BlackBerry: When do you charge your BlackBerry?


That's a lot of batteries. Even with a 3 day batt life that's almost 120 batteries a year! You should recharge one of thos once in a while. :)

Same goes for me, but I voted overnight as that's when I charge it. I swap them before bed every night so that I have a fresh one always ready to go another day, and the other is charged when I wake up to take along just in case I might need it.

Ever since i upgraded my bold 9700 to OS6 i've had the need to charge my phone overnight which just plain sucks. With OS5, my battery would last almost two days with mild use.

It depends... mostly, when it gets too low. Or when I suspect it might get too low during the commute. Then sometimes I just hook it up to the computer to transfer or sync stuff and I'll decide to leave it on there, charging.

Usually overnight, but sometimes it doesn't last a full day (and I hardly ever talk on it). Darn CDMA....GSM devices last so much longer.

Whenever I get the chance...with OS5 on my 9700..even with pretty high usage, i got about 1-1/2 days with it, but with os6..damn..battery goes down FAST

I used to charge it overnight about every 3 days. Now that I have a Torch and a data plan I use it to the point that it is about half charge or lower most nights. Even when it's not in need...I use it as an alarm clock so I have a cradle so it is docked and charged every night.

I'm not charging my 9700 I have one which has trackpad problem its my charger (@always) charging. And I just replace batteries.

My 9800 is even now chargin @ car. No body wants to be alone ((=

I have NO CLUE how some of you get 1.5 to 2 days out of your battery on a 9700..I've gone through 2 stock batteries and am now on a Seidio extended and still only get to about 2 PM with light use before I'm at 25%..always close apps, no memory leaks etc,..I have no clue what the problem is. I do charge every night..I HAVE TO

I have a storm on OS 5. I charge mine overnight and then again at about 6PM because the battery has died! Really need to look at a spare battery with a charging doc.

I drop mine in the cradle whenever I'm at my desk and overnight. My desk is at home so it doesn't get to sit there all day. I use two batteries and plug the dead one in as soon as I can after I swap them. The spare battery charger rides in my pocket ready to keep my barry juiced up.

I charge it all the time cause i use it a lot. But mostly over night but it barely last the whole day, so i charge it all the time

every night with its backup battery in a charging pod i bought on...... amazon :P (cb didn't have the one i liked when i bought it), if i'm in my truck it goes in its holder and gets charged there (movies are a life saver in traffic). my charging pod is on the side of my bed replacing my 15yr old alarm clock woot for mp3's in the morning.

I charge my 9700 running os6 whenever I can and if I don't play angry farm on my phone I get between 2-3 days. Usually my phone will only be charged for 10-20 mins now and again.
My battery just seems to last ages.

Using OS6 on my 9700, I charge it overnight. OS6 requires a lot of battery power. Hope the manufacturers do something real soon!!

Over night and at work while I am moving files to and from the sd card they do charge while hooked up to the computer.

Mostly overnight but if I happen to eat my battery up during the day a quick charge during the day always hits the spot.

Great idea for a poll, poor poll options though.

I charge my battery at work after lunch until fully charged, and that's it. I almost never have to charge my battery again and I'm a faiirly heavy user.

In my opinion, I think that charging overnight will not give you the best battery life. I feel like once the battery is fully charged there is then a draw on the battery even though it's still plugged in. I could be wrong on that, but my method has suited me well.

Also, I never have to run the risk of running out of battery life when I need it. I'm fully charged for the end of the day and if I'm low in the morning I have the option to charge it while I'm at work.

I voted "overnight" but it is every other night. Even then the battery has a fair amount of juice in it.

Two berrys in the house and both on OS6, my son constantly on 9700 and both charge overnight but still have 30%+ charge at end of day. 14 to 16 hrs of heavy use on my Torch then it needs a top up charge. The 9700 has gone 2 days without charge but haven't pushed it further. Luck of draw with batteries I feel looking thru the posts.

I always plug it in at night and set on a stand in bedside mode to use as my alarm clock. BTW, I don't have one of the fancy charging docks but I still use the stand that came with my 6210. Works fine for my 9700 other than the phone sometimes slides out. They've got the charging docks at Wal-Mart for $30 right now; but I can't bring myself to spend the money on a glorified version of what I've already got.

Ask this question to iPhone users... It would be 100% "whenever I get the chance" because their battery life is so crappy. I'm an overnighter myself, battery on my 9700 lasts all day with heavy usage.

I have the cradle, so every Sunday & Thursday it's in there over night, full charge to start the week & the weekend for me. My 9700 has GREAT battery life, maybe I just lucked out with mine.

so you don't overcharge a blackberry? in My case I charged it overnight maybe close to 7 hours, the next morning It was warm and may Battery has never been the same :( and my battery smells burnt. Now I carry an extra batt with me always

I normally charge when needed but most over night. I just bought a new battery so when I'm out I don't really need a charger with me.

I charge my battery when ever it gets low, which running a 9700 on latest OS 6 leaked version lasts 2 days. I am curious about people charging the phone overnight, doesnt that fry your battery!!! No wonder you guys only get 1 day out of it!!!

If I don't have my 9650 in my hand or on my side in its holster, I put it in my bedside charging dock. I have it set on Bedside mode and use it as my alarm clock. I've never had a battery charge issue that way.

normally at 11 pm when i go to bed i turn it off and connect it to the wall charger

sometimes at work i have it connected to my usb port

im on my second battery on my 8330 and get 3-4 days out of it with light to medium usage i do use it as an alarm clock but have the auto on and off configured so I eek the most out of my blackberry's battery

Ever since I installed OS6, it's not even going a full day anymore... My 9700 used to get 2 or 3 days before I would have to charge it.

To be honest, i bring my charger or USB port wherever I go. I uses a lot of battery at time (waiting for train etc). Now with my new charging pod, it works better. Place it by the bed or work desk and it is ready to go!

Basically, I would charge my phone when the battery hit 50% to be on the safe side.

I've learned so much about blackberrys here...
Thank You & Good fortune
If I win the 9800 in black the one for me..

It is dangerous to keep charging overnight. I just charge my battery as soon as I get home and stop when it is 100%. If not enough time, I just charge when I working through usb.

Torch 9800 running .450 and I get a good two days, three days if I push it. However, I like to top my battery off at night when I get home from work. It charges while I'm cooking dinner and that's usually enough. Last night I did let it charge over night since I went out immediately after work. But it lasted more than 24 hours and still had a good 25% left when I went to bed last night at 11pm. That's with using 3G all day yesterday, plus streaming Pandora for a few hours at work, BBM, texting, email, etc. .450 has extended my battery life a TON.

Since I can't can't get anywhere close to a full day on a single charge, it's always plugged in at my desk and in my truck.

Driving (truck) igrip dash mount cradle plugged in always (clock, google maps-ing); stopped unplugged bedside cradle; heavy use low/dead batt 2 hrs to full charge; when home (4 days/mo.) Unplugged light use 2-3 days until low then charge

ALL day @ work, overnight, during commute, etc. I do need 2 double check my apps though not that I think about it and make sure they're closed. Is there any place on the phone that shows if any apps are still open? I have a Curve 8530

Don't I wish I could only charge at night. no computer at work, so its used as a news/chat device which means I'm lucky if it last till 4 pm.

I charge mine when I get up because I'm not using it then. I don't charge oovernight because I heard it could ruin the battery over time so I don't want to risk that chance. Plus the light from when its charging distracts me when I'm trying to sleep. I have a bold 9780 running OS 6.0.446. About half a charge gets me through a full day or normal-heacy usage. I'm pretty happy with my battery life as oposed to coming from the Samsung Galaxy :) now that thing would be down to 60 % by half of the day even though I barely touched it and had no apps running in the background. Now that thing was a nightmare.

I charge overnight mostly because it is my alarm clock. However until I put BB6 on my 9700 my battery would be almost dead after 12hrs of my use. Since BB6 it is never worse than 1/2 drained.

When you get used to daily battery charging, it just becomes a new reality. It no longer is a hindrance or an inconvenience for me anymore. I have chargers and USB cords in my car, at work, at home. I'm always prepared with a spare battery also. I love BlackBerry and will probably never switch. With that as my attitude, i just do what I can to make it work with my daily life

I have an extinct Tour 9630 that has been dropped in the toilet and abused and still holds up strong. I am patiently wating for my upgrade but it has transformed me from a person who used to own an MP3 player, GPS system and phone. Now I just have one device that does that and alot more.

I charge when my BB ask me to do so, more less over night but also in the car, at the office depends number of calls and surf. Question, can I damage the battery if I charge without drain it??

I see no reason not to leave it in the cradle all night every night. That way it always has a full charge in the morning. (Plus I love the bedside mode.)