How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: What's your data flavor?

By Ryan Blundell on 22 Jun 2011 02:54 pm EDT
What's your data flavour?   

So in the blogs, you don’t really hear too much about BlackBerry data plans. Sure we talk about devices, accessories, applications and such, but we don’t spend too much time on what makes the BlackBerry magic happen (most of the time) – the data plans. These plans have definitely come a far way from what they originally offered. 2006-ish brought us blockbusters like the Pursuit of Happyness, The Da Vinci Code and super amazing data plans like a whopping 200MB of data for a measly $100 per month. All joking aside, not everyone leans on a full data package in order to feed their BlackBerry addiction. Many carriers offer plans dubbed BIS Lite (email and instant messaging apps only) or BIS Social (instant messaging and social networking apps only) that seem to be more than enough access for some. There are even pay-by-the month options, which are similar to pay-as-you-go plans.

I'm comfortable with having a good old regular, full BIS accessible, data plan and use WiFi at work and home. What type of data plan do you use? Do you have full BIS or are you more of a BIS Lite or Social type? Are you pay by the month? Or are you like our own Yousif, who doesn’t even have BIS available and relies on WiFi and such to get through the day? Pick an option for the poll that describes your access. Don’t forget to leave a comment that tells us what you are using and why.

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: What's your data flavor?


Full BIS, 150MB/month cap. Have never gone over 60MB. With a data discount from Rogers, my full BIS plan is less expensive than the email/BBM-only plan.

I'm a Full BIS user. I use BBM heavily in places where I don't have WiFi access, so I can't live without full service.

Ditto. Plus a 20MB/mo Data Global plan. Being able to email and BBM from any where around the world is a must

Unlimited, Full BIS with VIVO (Brasil).
Around $42/month.
And I can tether the hell out of it with NO FEES! XD

I am a full BIS user and the fact that "the man" these cell phone companies are cutting unlimited data plans like they are saving the planet makes me wanna crack (pun intended) some thinking caps. I don't need to hundreds of dollars a month to limited BlackBerry was meant to be free. Free to roam the internet and watch videos and tv. Free to to check my email anytime! I need to BBM without worrying about eating up my data. Why try to force me to text? Luckily I'm grandfathered in so my plan is unlimited but my mom who I just turned BlackBerry has limits. What the what!

Loving Sprint unlimited at this moment, I pray they don't switch anytime soon

Have my 3 WiFi only devices, Ipod Touch 4th Gen, Toshiba Laptop, and Rooted Nook Color tablet, I depend on My Curve for those moments I'm away from WiFi.

Full BIS from Bell ;) 1Gb data 45.oo$ to pricy but this is Canada ;) also lot's of my friends switch to MobilyCity :)
Hmmm maybe one day to, 45.00$ Unlimited all : ) Free Phone calls provider to provide :) looks like a good plan but not to much coverage fro that company :( to bad maybe one day they will have a good cov.

This is a stupid survey. Do you think the vast majority of people who aren't on a real data plan are going to be reading crackberry in the first place?

Also, does anyone know if the survey will run on my 9700?

How did you get that 6GB plan? Is it for blackberry under the same area or is it grandfathered? :( @reply me on twitter. @rootbrian_
Thanks :)

Full bis with wind mobile. If I tether I use around 10-14gb a month.
I can't wait for the newer bb with the faster 3G antenna.

I got Unlimited Full BIS for $ 2.29/month + 3 Gb Tethering just in case for extra 10$/month @Movilnet Venezuela

FUCK AT&T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ima Gig head / UTube fiend. I only get 2gigs a month on this so called (Un)Limited plan for 80.00 a month. After that, a whole steaming pile of urky jerky THROTTLE THROTTLE!! I wipe my ass with 2 gigs since some jack ass stole my laptop. I'm going home to Sprint if they get the 9930 like that leaked order sheet speculates. I'll be in the store on 8/21 by 8:21 or whenever they open here in Chattanooga. That's in TN yall. =) Honestly; 80 with Sprint(infinite gigs) is a higher value than spending that same 80 with AT&T-Mobile(2 gigs)!

downloading 300-800MB Storm2 formatted movies all the time...and BBM & CrackBerry aaalll day every day...on that 29.99 UnLmtd VZ✓

Full BIS data plan -- I'm grandfathered in to my unlimited data plan w/AT&T. I use around 3GB a month. I'm CONSTANTLY BBMing and surfing online. I also have unlimited texting.

I go full BIS. 1024MB, 600 minutes and 3,000 texts for £25.00 a month on Vodafone UK for my 9700. I can tether as much as I want and the data comes out of my monthly allowance.

Why is it that some networks won't allow tethering without EXTRA charges? Sounds pretty stingy and unfair…

Full BIS here as well. I don't even have the internet at home and can't really afford it anyway, so its safe to say I live on my Bixy.

6GB Data for $20. (after discounts) unlimited calling in Canada & US for $50. plus the other features like unlimited texting etc. Rogers

Full BIS from T-mobile UK, usually costs £5/month on PAYG but currently got 6months free since February. Never used Wifi on my BB.
BTW, wat does 'grandfathered' mean???

full BIS , unlimited , on a discontinued blackberry 30 on Bell for 30$/month . i guess with tethering included cause i tether from time to time and never got charged... never went over 5GB so don't know if there's a cap. don't use WiFi even if available since i never get charged extra !