How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: What type of hands-free solution do you prefer?

By Adam Zeis on 2 Jun 2011 03:32 pm EDT
Hs-300 Headset

There are tons of hands-free solutions for smartphone users. Wireless headsets, wired headsets, stereo headphones, car kits, speakerphones and more. They all work in a "to each his own" kind of way, with users taking what works best for them as their favorite option. When on the go I typically like to use the BlackBerry Visor in my car for hands-free use, but sometimes turn to my old HS-300 as a backup. I'm honestly not a big phone talker so choosing a setup isn't a huge deal for me, but for many that are constantly on the go a solid Bluetooth solution is essential. So what we want to know is what type of hands-free solution works best for you. Are you a headset user? Do you only use your integrated car system? Cast your vote in the poll above and leave a comment letting us know why what you do works best. Thanks rrebo!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: What type of hands-free solution do you prefer?


Wired headset FTW!
If you're like me and you listen to a lot of music from your BB, you'll want to get yourself a high quality, and reasonably price set of headphones.

I prefer wired headsets for sound fidelity and because I don't have to charge it.

I currently use these (or the older version of these) and would recommend them to anyone comfortable with in-ear headphones.

The sound quality is GREAT, no low ends are lost due to the size format, and I've been told the mic (on the ellegible model) sounds just as clear as my Blackberry's mic.

I have nothing but good to say about these and will recommend it to anyone/everyone in the market for a good pair of headphones/mic


I recently washed my BT headset (jabra w/ a2dp support) and decided to replace it w/ 2 different devices. I picked up a Blackberry VM-605 for the car b/c I really don't like having the BT headset on in the car. As a speakerphone, the noise cancellation works really well and it's great in the car. FM streaming stinks, but I don't really use that.

I also picked up the Blackberry HS-700 (a2dp) for use at the desk and for replace the Jabra. WOW, the HS-700 sounds great, not wired quality of course, but good enough and I don't get 'snuck up on' while working at my desk.

Both great purchases, very happy w/ both.


I prefer using wireless headsets over wired to avoid hastily untangling wires whenever I receive a call. I also feel I gain greater freedom of movement when using a wireless headset. I'm currently using the Discovery 975 although I can discern no difference between its call quality and that of the significantly cheaper LG model I was using before it. The only advantage I can think of for using a wired headset other than perhaps call/sound quality is that they do not emit radiation like their wireless counterparts (that's all the rage now).

Sometimes an earpiece, if I'm in my truck I use a bluetooth speaker, sometimes I use the speakerphone option, all depends on the situation!

I dearly miss my original Jawbone earpiece! It lasted 3 solid years of frequent use before the battery died for good. I'll be ordering an ERA to replace it. For now, I use the speakerphone when appropriate.

For music, though, I use wired headsets, because I have them. I wouldn't mind trying the Moto S9-HD, though.

Loved my bluetooth headset until my dog used it as a chew toy. I'll be looking for a new hands-free device soon.

Adam - Maybe you can give a list of what the CrackBerry editors use?

These "How do you use your Blackberry" posts are really dumb.

How do YOU talk on your phone? Left ear? Right ear?

How do YOU text message? With one hand? With two hands?

Goes to show nothing really interesting in the world of Blackberry while everyone is waiting in limbo until the new devices get released.

jav3lin: Clearly you miss the point of these posts. This is a "How do you use your Blackberry" poll. It has nothing to do with other Blackberry news. We are a community of enthusiasts. Some of us like to learn how other utilize their devices, so that we may also learn, or share lessons learned. You do have the capability of choosing what posts to read and participate in. May I politely suggest that you brush it off and get to using it?

Blue tooth car stereo. Only way to do it in a car. I can stream my misic and it kicks on as soon as I start the car. All other times I just talk directly in the the handset.

When I'm in the car, I use the built in BT. Otherwise I'm talking holding my phone to my ear haha

same here i have a Ford w/ sync and the voice activation is better then the blackberry and i will sometimes use the speakerphone but usually hold it to my ear

I use a lot of different thing I use a bluetooth when I'm working so my hands are free and a wired head set when I'm listening to a podcast or music and I got a new radio for my car it has a AUX jack I just hook my blackberry up to that and I can listen to music or podcast on that too
I really want a Bluetooth headset that would be better but there to expensive. You need an addition to your poll i use bluetooth and a wired head set mostly

either my Jawbone Icon around at work or home, stock bluetooth in my new VW CC. holding the phone to your head is so 2003

Generally, a Plantronics Voyager Pro earpiece (great unit!). If I'm listening to a podcast or music, either a wired headset, FM transmitter or if in my wife's car, aux plug-in.

If I remember to turn it on I use my Bluetooth headset. Otherwise I use the speakerphone. Don't want a $124 ticket!

To be honest I don't get a lot of calls but I do listen to a lot of music. i tried wired headphones but the wire can get in the way when driving, I tried a Jabra bluetooth device it was great for calls but pretty bad for music. i have now settled on the Motorola S9-HD bluetooth stereo headset. Conclusion? probably the best product available, pretty good on calls, awsome for music

I use the built-in Bluetooth in my Cadillac STS, and it works great. Why isn't built-in BT for cars an option?

I use my Ford Fusion's SYNC system - works perfectly with the BlackBerry. It even lets me send music (either from the music player or Pandora) to my stereo via Bluetooth. There is no better (and safer) way to use a phone in a car than with SYNC.

Sorry Adam, but what I like to use and what I do use are two different things. I would like a built-in in-car solution complete with voice commands. I don't have that option right now, but I do have built-in Bluetooth in one vehicle (no voice commands) but I do use a headset or Bluetooth GPS unit.

In this day and age, all cars should be Bluetooth ready with voice commands. My wife and I should be able to walk into the vehicle and it would just sync with our phones. If two sync options exist, it should ask which we want to sync too, especially since we sometimes travel together! It should not randomly select one sync client.

Speakerphone is a must, especially in a crunch.

I must say, I kind of envy rickkel. His well-equipped Fusion does some great things many more expensive vehicles cannot. Worse, you probably can't even buy a third party system that does that.

One more note on Bluetooth devices like the BlackBerry Visor or even headsets: most people don't want to charge a second device just to go hands-free. I can tolerate charging the headset from time to time, my wife won't and when she'll want to use it, it will be dead.

MS Sync in FoMoCo vehicles does it. Hands free calls, reads text messages, updates contacts in the background via bluetooth pairing. Love it!

Wired headset for best clarity. I haven't found a Bluetooth that's loud enough or that people haven't complained about. I have yet to try that $100 one with the extended boom (forget the name of it) . I wonder if it's any good? But it is $100, and I can't afford to buy it just to try it and find that it disappoints.