How do you use your BlackBerry: What do you do with your device when you're sleeping?

By Adam Zeis on 18 Feb 2011 10:27 am EST
 Sleeping BlackBerry  

I know this one sounds a bit weird but I am generally curious what everyone does with their device at night. I have always been a big fan of the charging pod/bedside mode combo, but I know others use the Auto On/Off (as I did when I got my first device). I'm curious what the majority of you do when you put your device to bed at night. Do you use bedside mode like me? Auto On/Off? Do you just power off your device before you go to bed? Cast your vote in the poll above then leave a comment letting us know!

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How do you use your BlackBerry: What do you do with your device when you're sleeping?


none of the options you can chose above. i turn all the connections off (mobile, wifi etc) and lock it normally. so it's neither bedside nor auto on / off.

You almost need a separate poll following this one now on How do you use Bedside Mode?

I used to use it in the default way.. the radio stayed on, but the LED didn't blink and the screen dimmed.

Recently I switched to killing the radio at night (risky, I know... in case there's an emergency), but I swear, you sleep better when the BB's radio is turned off. I've been pretty much hugging my BlackBerry at night for over 5 years now, and since I've gone to turning off the radio I've found I sleep better, I dream better (awesome vivid dreams that I remember in the morning).

Being the experimental type, I think I'm going to go back to turning the radio on at night and see if there's any change back (dreaming less, etc.). It's a curious thing... that I'm kind of curious about.

I plug it in and snuggle up next to it!

I made a "sleep" sound profile that disables any unnecessary notifications, but keeps texts, bbms, and phone calls at a volume that would wake me up - my BlackBerry is the only way to get in touch with me, so it has to stay on 24/7

I just sleep with it next to me. I usually don't plug it in since I go to bed with at least 50% battery (am I the only one who gets great battery life with the Torch?)

I charge it in the morning when I wake up, since I have a few hours before I have work or anything

Mines great as well, I usually get home after a full days use of mainly email, twitter and browser on 12 work shifts (mainly using wi-fi) and still have 40-50% left, but I still stick it in the charging pod and in bedside mode, signal off, dimed to be left alone for a while :)
GPS kills battery, MP3 plays all day.

i have a night time custom profile set up so that no emails or twitter alerts sound, but phone calls and texts still do

turn the led off for everything as well

i then wake up and answer all emails and tweets etc

Force of phone is on from abt 8 am to 9 pm, then it's powered off overnight. Now that I'm retired, it's no great shakes, but getting calls in the middle of the night from perceived "emergencies." I leave it on later if household members are out, though.

"Please note: A lack of planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an emercency on mine." ;-)

I used to put it in bedside mode until that stopped working after OS upgrade. So now I just put it on silent and set my alarm.

Same here. My BlackBerry is actually still a phone, too, and if someone were to call during the night, I'd like to think it's important.

On Bold OS 6.0, I can't figure out how to put it in bedside mode automatically when I put it in the Seido Charging Pod at night. Is there a way?

I just read about bedside mode, because usually the clock is too bright and sometimes I forget to switch the profile - I would love to use it!

During my waking hours, my phone lives almost exclusively in my holster on my hip. That has allowed me to take advantage of a ringer profile option that as far as I can tell is unique to BB: audio/vibrate settings that are different for in-holster and out-of-holster.

So, at night, I just plug in and let it charge. I've turned off my land line, so my BB is my only phone. If someone needs to call me, it will ring. If the kids need to get a hold of me by phone, text or BBM, I'll hear it.

For email, I have a pleasant little Bike Bell ringer during the day (in-holster), but silent when out-of-holster. I've never received an "emergency" email, and this way, while charging (out-of-holster) on my bed side, I don't get woken up several times per night when I receive spam, or even published newsletters that I have subscribed to.

I love that little in-holster/out-of-holster feature.

(My wife never carries her's in a holster. Her's lives in her pocket all day, so she can't take advantage of that the way I a consequence, she doesn't have any sound for email. I've told her to use bedside mode, but she's happy as-is)

I put it in bedside mode whenever I need an alarm clock (I can't do "every other weekday" on my real alarm clock, but I can using the calendar on my Torch), and when i don't I just plug it in and turn it off.

Remember that a huge number of Curve 8330s were sold. Many of those contracts have a couple more months to run. (Then the smart users will spend a couple more months negotiating for the best renewal deal.)

On most carriers 8330s are limited to 4.5 which doesn't have bedside mode.

So I put mine in its charging pod with Vorino clock running so it acts as a bedside clock.

One of the things I love about my Tour is bedside mode. Just pop it into the charging cradle and let the phone urn on silent mode for messages and such.

I have a charging cradle on my desk as well, so I have the bedside profile set to adjust the sound profile only at night (11pm-8am).

I have custom ringtone modes for in holster and out of holster, so at night when I plug it in, it will only ring for certain people, and all else will go to voicemail. 'cause when I'm awake its in the holster or in my hand

I voted Bedside Mode but more specifically, I use Bedside Mode - Plugged In, which isn't on the poll. I actually just received the docking cradle yesterday. Very nice!
Bedside mode will work when charging/not charging.

Bedside mode, as my alarm and if I wake up in the middle of the night I go onto Crackberry and shop around for wallpaper.

Leaving the device on charge overnight is not a good idea especially for those who are using additional compatible charger or not the one that comes with the device.

Overcharge can cause the battery lifespan to shorten. We always heard about battery became fatter due to over charge.

Nowadays, I charge until I sleep, pull of the charger and charge again when I woke up next day.

My battery seems to last longer.

RIM/BlackBerry says on its site that charging your phone as often as possible will help the battery last longer. I've also heard a long time ago that it's not good to charge excessively but I think phones back then had a different kind of battery than the BBs do.

open your blackbery clock, and push "b" .
To customize your bedside mode, get into Options (also when you have your bb clock on)

I use the Cross Clock/Battery Monitor: plugged in with my BB on silent. I have a(an?) 8530 so NO pod (sadly)...I'm disabled and can't drive. IF an emergency constitutes calling ME, YA GOT BIGGER PROBLEMS THEN YA THINK...LOL!!!

Mine goes on the charging pod and into bedside mode set to receive phone calls only. My Tour is always on. I can't remember the last time it was turned off other than to reset.

I do nothing as well. When I go to sleep, the only function I care about is the alarm clock. If someone calls me at the wrong time, I will "handle" them later, lol.

The battery recharges while i'm transferring files at home, work or school.

Plug it in and put in on ring only! I never like to miss an important call. Sometimes they are worth being awoken for.

My phones usually to the point where it needs charged so ill plug it in and sleep. My phones always on vibrate since I got the option to do different pulses for different things. Oddly enough, ill still hear it buzzing on my desk if someones calling.

I put it on bedside mode. Phone calls only and set the alarm clock. I set the alarm clock cause I didn't once and I had a power failure and over slept. I also charge it depending what the battery level is when I go to bed. I need a charging pod :)

I just turn it off and put it in the charger cradle. If someone wants to reach me at night, call my house.

Bedisde mode on the charging pod in the living room. I would consider moving it to the bedroom, but BuzzMe Premium doesn't recognize bedside mode so it continues to buzz my notifications. In bedside mode, I have the LED disabled so it doesn't blink all night.

I plug in my torch, use Auto On/Off, and then flip it over so the LED doesn't bother me. When the clock is on, I didn't realize it would dim or the LED would stop blinking. That's what bothered me the most. I don't even know if a charging dock is worth it for the torch. With my Bold 9000, I would have gotten one since it had the built in charging points on the bottom. But the Torch's pod still "stabs" the device. Is there a real benefit to that? Plus I need the room totally dark when I'm sleeping. I'm afraid the phone will be too bright in the dock. Any thoughts?

I just drop it in the charging pod. If I'm really beat I'll put it in silent mode.
Didn't care for bedside mode...if the clock dims, what's the point? And if it's on all the time, it's too bright.

I use mine plugged in on bedside mode which automatically sets the profile to "Phone Calls Only". The screen is dimmed and the led is disabled. I'm military and my job requires me to be on cal 24/7 so I need to be accessed by phone, but everything else can wait until the morning. Oh and I use it as an alarm also.

I turn my 9700 off at night, put it in the charging cradle, drape it with a nice little dust cover. If one of my family is away overnight I'll leave it on in the charging pod in case they call.

I put my phone in beside mode while it's either plugged in or in the charging pod. This way it has turned into my alarm clock. (Alarm is set to 5 am on weekdays only with the Alarm Clock app) I also have scriptures grouped in a playlist and set to repeat playlist so I can softly play them in the background while I'm asleep. My profile in bedside mode is set to all phone alerts off except phone calls (set on low ring) and BerryWeather alerts (set to low).

For me, bedside mode is actually desktop mode at work. I tried bringing the pod home and using it as it's meant to be, but even with the dimmed clock, it's still too bright for me. Maybe if we could change the color to red like my alarm clock instead of white, it would be ok. So the pod stays on my desk at work and I charge it there. When I go to bed, I use a custom profile to turn off the majority of notifications. The phone stays on, and a couple notifications for people I consider important enough to me to wake me up.

I plug her in, Bedside Mode is activated, LED off. On "school nights" I set the profile to Phone Only in case an employee has an urgent issue or has to call out sick. Otherwise the profile of choice at night is Silent.

I always drop my BlackBerry into it's charging pod every night & it automatically goes into Bedside Mode. I turn on "White Noise Storm" BlackBerry app to rainstorm & set the BlackBerry alarm to wake me up in the morning. And during the night, if I have to get up for a minute, it's the perfect clock with its big, bold bedside-mode clock. No other phone is as functional as my BlackBerry as a "Sleep Machine"! Not even my iPod Touch 4 with its retina display.

I use auto/off when in bed to avoid those early morning insignificant emails (mainly overseas) or annoying sms's from inconsiderate call centres! By the way is it still necessary to wait until the battery is used up before a recharge?

I am on call 24/7 so the device is my lifeline. At night I use Bedside mode with no notifications for any messages but BBM (that's how communicate at work) and reduced phone volume so the ring doesn't startle the $h*t outta me and my wife when it does ring. It is also my alarm clock.

If the battery is lower than 2/3 full, I plug the wall charger into it (this applies at any time of day when I'm home). It basically "lives" on my bedside table when I'm not using it anyway. I have the automated on/off timer set to turn it off at 2:30 AM and on again at 6:30 AM (and I usually end up sleeping less than that amount of time; life with chronic pain is fun like that).

I rarely use the "bedside mode" but I do like the look of the "flip clock" display; reminds me of a (Sanyo?) clock/radio I had as a child/teen. My first alarm clock, though, was a wind-up Timex folding travel clock my grandfather gave to me. I still occasionally wish I had the sound of the faint "tick-tick-tick-tick" to lull me to sleep. There ought to be an app for that (as if it would be even close to the same sound). The alarm bell of that Timex was nice, too. Not obnoxiously loud or shrill (like the piezo buzzers available today) but "just loud enough"...

I used to just plug it in, but now that I have my cradle, I'm loving the bedside mode. I have it on Silent, no LED, and I have a notification profile exception (custom contact alert) set up: only five people are allowed to ring my phone when I'm sleeping (family only).