How do you use your BlackBerry - What are your brightness settings?

By Adam Zeis on 29 Dec 2010 10:57 am EST

Checking through the forums today I came across this thread about screen brightness. It gave me the idea to toss up a two-part poll here to get some better numbers. Mixed in with the tons of settings on your device, the brightness level is one that many users tweak right off the bat. There are various settings, and when bundled with the backlight timeout it gives users variable control over the display. Changing these up can help out a great deal with battery life as well. So weigh in on this one and lets see what the majority says. What do you have your backlight brightness and backlight timeout set to? Cast your vote in both polls above and let us know!

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How do you use your BlackBerry - What are your brightness settings?


Personally with my torch, Ive noticed an improvement using the timeout set at 10 seconds while still maintaining a brightness level of 100.....I tried reducing the brightness to 0 for a few days but didnt notice a significant improvement.

When I say improvement im referring to battery life :)

I feel the same about it still being too bright. I think my 9000 was able to be more dim than my Torch :(

DISAGREE. There are a lot of us looking for optimal settings for battery life. Honestly these are nice practical posts that help users who don't have the time fiddling with their phones.

I agree with the disagreement. The more we know about what other BB users are doing to optimize their experience the more we know about what we can do. The writers are on the right track initiating discussions of all BB subjects. Keep on it writers!

I just changed my brightness from 100 to zero. I think I left it at 100 because it was hard to see with the lighting in the store and the privacy screen. Timeout 30 sec (long enough to show a picture to my mom who always needs to find her glasses first).

On my 9530, I keep it set at 10% for 10 seconds. Though my auto dim feature is off it always seems to be active. I love my Storm but I need to conserve as much charge possible so it can love me back

Quick Luanch needs to update so you can set it to 0.
Right Convenience key + BL = 10
Right Convenience key + BH = 100

Time Out = 20sec

I didnt realize OS6 allows you to put it at 0. I just changed it on my 9700!

Since I read the toronto star and forums, e-mails when I cannot sleep, 20 second timeouts are great. Some like 10. 0% backlight level does nothing, since it's the same as 10% LOL

I'm using Leave It On by Shao Soft to change the default screen timeout setting. I have my 2 e-readers, tasks, calendar, doc to go set for 10 min. and clock/ stopwatch set for 2 hrs ( I use it to time my workout)

My brightness is usually set to 10-50% with a 30 second screen timeout, but after reading these posts, I've changed the timeout to 10 seconds.

I'm excited to see if my battery life will improve after changing the timeout time. Good post Adam, it's posts like these that are very practical.

Damn wats with the 10 second timeout? It may save a tiny bit of battery sure but that would annoy the hell outta me lol. My timer is set to 2 mins.

I use the holster came with it all the time. So the backlight timeout setting has little to NO effect because as soon as it got in the holster, the backlight is turned off. 9700 holster is really good.