How do you use your BlackBerry series: Storm Users - SureType or full QWERTY?

Storm - Suretype
By Adam Zeis on 17 Jun 2010 01:26 pm EDT

This week we have one just for the Storm users. Everyone tweaks their device to their liking, moving icons and fixing settings. I see people out and about all the time using a Storm device, and I can't help but wonder how they type on the device? I'm sure some find SureType easier, just as some find the full keyboard easier. So our question this week goes out to all the Storm owners - what is your PRIMARY method of typing on your BlackBerry Storm? SureType in portrait mode, full QWERTY in portrait mode or full QWERTY in landscape mode? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know why.

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How do you use your BlackBerry series: Storm Users - SureType or full QWERTY?


SureType Portrait. Occasionally, I go full QWERTY landscape, but for most everything SureType works great for me.

if I'm upright, portrait full, sometimes suretype. If I'm laying down it has to be landscape, better device balance and you can lock orientation on all programs even if an orientation lock program won't work.

uh ok so multitap is the ONLY way to type on a Pearl 3G 9105, so i think we can safely say its a BB way to do things, personally i use suretype on me storm2, but sometimes multitap.

and thats powerbar :)

This is the reason why I hate to use the regular BlackBerry phones. Landscape Qwerty is what it's all about.

being semi-handicap, I tend to type one handed. SureType gets annoying at times, but most often I do pretty good. Wish the Portrait Full QWERTY were a bit larger.

I love the landscape keyboard, but the lag when typing texts is ridiculous, so I started typing in portrait. Took a little to get used to full QWERTY portrait mode, but I can type pretty quickly... This is on a Storm 2.

I use SureType most of the time but the spring under my screen must be wearing out because the lower part of the screen doesn't register all the time. So I have started to use portrait more often lately.

S2 - SureType in portrait with predictive turned off. Full QWERTY in portrait isn't bad, but as a previous 8130 user, SureType is second nature.

Occasionally, I'll use full QWERTY in landscape with Auto Correction (instead of Word Completion).

for one hand action, suretype portrait is great. Coming from the Tour and Bold 9000, I was most concerned about one handed use on the Storm2. Suretype fills that purpose for me.

While I prefer SureType, be it Storm 1 or 2, and occasionally use qwerty for complex passwords or new email addresses, if I could get predictive text back on the multitap keyboard that'd be me all day everyday. I had to adapt to SureType after they took predictive multitap away.

I go SureType unless I am typing in passwords or non standard words such as logins, email address', security codes, etc...then I switch to landscape full querty.

I used to hate typing on my girlfriends Pearl when I had the Curve and Tour. I still prefer the Tour over the Storm's SureType, but its amazing how good it is once you learn it.

The only reason I can see to not use the landscape mode is if you need to type one handed... Landscape typing is crazy fast as long as your fingernails are trim (clicking the screen is enough to press your finger out of shape and hit an adjacent key). It takes a little getting used to but it's not hard to get good at it.

I now use Swype or Voice-to-Text on my Incredible and both are light years ahead of anything on my old POS Storm.

I would love to take you up on your challenge.

Post a YT vid of your fastest Swype message, and I will thereafter post a YT vid of my beating it with my Storm 9530 without any problem.

Let me know. If you're interested, start a thread in the forums and PM me the link. This could be fun

I use full qwerty landscape, because I'm simply faster with 2 thumbs. In portrait I use SureType and only 1 thumb to type AND then have to rely on auto correction, and word suggestions. In full qwerty on the other hand - FASTER, MORE PRECISE (no auto correction needed)
Full QWERTY landscape all the way on Storm 1.

Pretty much half of all Blackberry owners in the world. Seriously I know more ppl that didn't even know what a Blackberry was outside of the fruit before they purchased their Storm. Hence all the BB elitist hate towards it. Personally I think the S2 is the best BB out.

I have a Storm 9530 and usually use the phone one-handed in portrait mode. If i'm texting or BBMing or doing most things actually, I am in Portrait SureType, which works great for me. If I am not distracted and have the luxury of dedicating both hands to my phone I may type out a longer message or email using the landscape full layout.

When entering passwords, I'll usually just switch to landscape and type it out. But sometimes I am forced to use the phone one-handed and I'll switch modes to full portrait keyboard temporarily.

In any instance I am fast and accurate on my 9530 and I am confident my speed and accuracy can rival most Storm2 and/or physical keyboard competition.

I used a Pearl Flip (8830) for about a year and a half...and used the Multi-Tap on that keyboard. I switched to a Storm (9530) about 4 months ago for the larger, easier to read screen, since I do alot of web stuff on my BB. I started using the Multi-Tap in portrait mode on the Storm but switched to Full QWERTY in Landscape after about a day. I just find it easier, with the Storm's tactile touch-screen interface. I had problems and many mistakes with the Multi-Tap/Portrait mode and those mistakes are time wasters on the Web interface. For Messaging, the Spell Check is on, and I find that it allows me to type fairly quickly while it auto-corrects mis-keys.

I used my friends HTC Droid Evo 4G last week, and the "sense" interface was very user friendly. I liked using it and wish RIM would go that way with the Storm's.

Incidentally, the Pearl with the trackball was VERY good, but the trackball would go "dead" every once in while and just spin with no effect. I had to do a battery pull reset to get it to come back, so it wasn't hardware related.

I find that suretype doesn't work well as I use a lot of "non-standard" words like "sooooooo" and "rolfcopterzomges" don't work out well. Plus, autocorrection fixes most mistakes rather well.

I used SureType on a Pearl 8130 for about a year before switching to the Storm 9530 and now I'm using a Storm2 9550. On both Storms I used SureType. Once you learn how to type using the SureType keyboard, you realize how fast it is because of the word prediction. I also have a Blackberry Tour that I use for work and I'm much slower typing on it. The only typing method that might be faster than SureType is Swype.

I have a Storm 2. I would use Suretype in portrait all the time, since I can type faster this way. The only reason I don't use Suretype as my primary keyboard is because the symbols are easier to get to in full qwerty (numbers and symbols on the same screen), so I have full qwerty in portrait mode as my primary keyboard. I almost never use full qwerty in landscape mode. It seems a little too wide for me. I also use Vlingo now to do most of my typing for me. ;-)

Quick searches, ten-word txt msg, etc. it's the Portrait Suretype; which is probably 75% of use based on number of times used... but, when it comes to typing an email, blog post or something like that I go for the landscape qwerty; which is about 75% of usage by number of words typed.

It all depends on what I'm doing. Usually ill use the full QWERTY in portrait except when driving then I switch to SureType.

since i live in Honduras most people here speak spanish, meaning when bbm'ing or texting or anything else that involves typing, i have to type in spanish but then with other ppl i speak english (and i use a lot of slang) QWERTY is the most convenient way to go. Also i use what a lot of ppl call Spanglish.. yeah sorta like the movie.. which basically means i use spanish and english all in one sentence (due to the lack of me not knowing the word in spanish..) soo yea... thats complicated me..

Guess I'm biased because me first BB was a pearl but if RIM did away with QWERTY I would never notice. I've used it MAYBE a handful of times since the S1. Love my SureType. I agree with Bodero above, I can type faster than any of my friends, one-handed to their 2 hands.

None at the moment since I cant use the 9530 on tmobile. :/ However I was always a fan of suretype on the storm or pearl.

I use full qwerty all the time. Most of the time in portrait mode. I used my 9530 and 9550 both with full qwerty, but the difference in typing on the 9550 is light-years better than the 9530.

suretype is just that. unless youre trying to purposely misspell or shorten a word then it becomes a problem. i found it to be difficult at first but the more i use it the easier it is.

Full QWERTY all the way. No contest. I'm pretty fast using the keyboard in landscape, but every once in a while you'll find a program that doesn't support it and my accuracy and speed drops in portrait.

im a landscape-qwerty myself. im starting to like the portrait-suretype a lil...but landscape is where i feel most comfortable and am quickest

Anything more than a few words gets done in landscape, but I use the portrait qwerty a lot too for short things such as text entry into google searches and such. I could never get used to SureType...I tried, I!

I normally write in Spanglish therefore it was easier to disable spell-check/auto-complete (the suggestion thing annoys the crap out of me!). 90% landscape full qwerty, 10% portrait multi-tap (one handed behind the wheel and looking out for Cali police).

I'm usually typing in landscape. But if i'm in the car or trying to do something else and dont want to look at the screen, i'll switch it over to portrait multitap! Why was that not an option?

Sure type is so much better and I find as a salesperson that it's a good sell for when people want a smartphone that they can still fully use easily with one hand!

I had a pearl as my first blackberry and I moved up to a storm love the SureType but I use landscape to put in passwords because its easier

S2- I use SureType almost exclusively, one handed or one thumbed if you will. I've gotten so good at it I'm faster than I was on my curve with two thumbs. In fact I pretty much keep "Ororo" in my left hand all the time when doing all the things we do with our devices. (Ororo is Storm from the X-Men for non-comic book geeks) The only time I use landscape is when I'm inputing passwords because the S2 switches to multi-tap

About the auto correction, you help it with the custom dictionary and any spell problems are pretty much over.

I love SureType.

I'm for the full QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode most of the time. Sure type is just too frustrating to learn when I'm already so competent with the full keyboard, plus I can still type two handed in portrait mode. I'm not one of those with the fat fingers issue. :) I only switch to qwerty landscape when I'm lying down or in some other orientation that isn't conducive to portrait typing.

I am kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I don't know how to use Sure Type.

I type in landscape QWERTY.

I use landscape-full qwerty mode all the time I type, no question about it. The feeling is much better even compares with real qwerty handset.

Full is too small for my fingers as frustrating as suretype can be at times.

The single biggest negative about the Storm2 (for me) is the lack of a physical keyboard - but I'll admit that I've been a RIM keyboard fan for years.

Was devastated when my employer said everybody has to switch to Verizon - my service at home is so terrible that I had to have WiFi to get data via my DSL WiFi router.

For short stuff, I'll use SureType, but I'll switch to landscape qwerty for longer stuff, or when I'm typing lots of numbers or symbols. Portrait SureType is more convenient most of the time, but I'm more accurate using landscape.

If you have a Storm/Storm2 you might be tempted to go QWERTY in either direction especially since it improved so much with .607 release...I've been giving SureType another try lately and really have picked up some speed...its a cleaner layout on the screen, too....but not as good for symbols and passwords!

Chalk another one up for suretype...if people give it a chance, they will come to realize this is the way to, its the only one that lets you swipe to get the correct letter...did ya know that? not many people do..

I type primarily in SureType for texts and short messages. I will use the full QWERTY keyboard in landscape though when typing EMails or a blog entry or anything that is longer. I'm efficient at both ways for the most part with minor mistakes once in awhile. I just find it easier to type longer messages in landscape QWERTY.

I mostly use SureType, but if it doesn't know a word I'll go landscape QWERTY. Its aggravating trying to type an unknown word with SureType.

SureType definitely. I can type so much faster on the SureType keyboard than on the full landscape qwerty keyboard. I don't even attempt to use the full qwerty in portrait. In fact... I'm using the SureType keyboard right now to type this reply.

QWERTY...both views!! I never ever could get used to suretype, and I think I hate it more now then ever!! I do however, manage to type too fast on my storm 2...which I never ever though I'd be able to do. LOL:) Go figure!

Soooo, according to the poll done here, 47.5/almost half) of the voters said they use the Landscape Full QWERTY k/b, yet, there were a lot of people saying that Rim shouldn't make a landscape Full QWERTY Slider BB because everyone wants to type with one hand...

I use SureType to text and landscape qwerty to surf! I type pretty fast either way using the Storm2! I am pretty fast surfing the web using both thumbs. You know typing user names and passwords and such. But, I am a beast at texting with my right thumb texting my brothers during ball games! I mean blazing and talking some serious smack! I can usually send three to four texts before they can send one when I am in the zone!

I've had both phones and 99.9% of the time I'm on SureType. I'm a speed demon typing on it this way. Plus I recently broke my wrist so I'm very fortunate to have a SureType device at the moment. :D

Landscape full keyboard is so easy to type on on my 9500. Either that, or the portrait full keyboard is pretty easy on OS5, because of the predictive text input. Before it was far too fiddly and I had to use SureType. To anyone who still uses SureType, just try full portrait now with predictive text on, it's a much better experience than on OS4.7!

I'm all for landscape full keyboard when I can use two hands, but I'll use portrait SureType for one handed operation.

I love suretype in portrait mode. Unless i am typing up an email want to look at something in landscape I prefer suretype and I like the bigger buttons. i get too many errors trying to use the full qwerty in portrait mode. I'm not even a fat guy, those keys are just not designed for use with pinky fingers.

For those who use Portrait - SureType, all I can say is...EWWW! It's gotta be Landscape - Full QWERTY for me! In an emergency (like while I'm driveing- which I DO NOT endorese), I'll go with Portrait - Full QWERTY as a back up...only one hand required. :-)

If Android had the same SureType keyboard as the Storm, I'd switch. I don't know how people type on the full qwerty on a touch screen. I can type faster on this than most on any BB or any touchscreen phone. This is on a Storm 1.

On my Storm 2, I prefer the full qwerty in landscape mode and the multi-tap in portrait view. I haven't mastered SureType yet and the full qwerty in portrait view makes the keys too small. Still looking forward to the Slider model with a physical keyboard!

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The great thing about a BlackBerry is using it on the go. Being able to type with one hand is essential. I find typing on the full qwerty with one hand very difficult. The SureType is perfect for this, and when I can use two hands, I can type even faster on SureType than QWERTY. SureType FTW

@hulashakes...any of the android phones that have the SENSE UI(droid incredible, droid eris) have it...they call it COMPACT QWERTY.

I have big fingers and often type one handed. I used to have an 8130 so SureType is the way to go. If only I could have SureType in landscape. I'm actually typing this right now in SureType on my 9530 and typed this whole message in about 450seconds.

SureType portrait all the way!!! I would hands down beat anyone at typing in this mode!! Once you get used to it its a piece of cake!!

Once you become accustomed to Sure Type it is the most convenient method of typing on the S2, keys are bigger, you get to keep screen real estate, all around the best choice of the three.

SureType without a doubt!! First off, I don't have to rotate to landscape mode (my fingers are too big to even think about QWERTY in portrait mode, but the addition was a good idea). It also saves me time typing out the full words. It does get a little ahead of itself once in a while, so I have to review what I typed just to make sure it didn't insert a replacement word for me I hadn't intended.