How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Message Folders - Combined or Separate?

By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2010 03:16 pm EDT
 How Do You Use Your BlackBerry - Messages Combined or Separate?  

From the looks of things last week, it appears that most BlackBerry users don't take advantage of the voice commands on their device (myself included). Our next stop is one that I've always been curious about. BlackBerry email is really the main feature for most users. There are loads of options to tweak your settings to your liking, and depending on just how many email addresses you have on your device, it can be a daunting task. I personally like to have all of my messages land in one spot in the Messages app. I keep all of my work and personal emails as well as SMS in the same place. I know others like to keep them apart, and have up to 10 individual folders for messages. So our poll today is this: do you keep your messages combined or separate? Cast your vote in the poll, and be sure leave a comment and let us know how you have your message folders setup, and why it works best for you.

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Message Folders - Combined or Separate?


COMBINED is the only way to go (unless you have 800+ unread emails like my boss).

It's single handedly the reason I switched from WinMo to Blackberry.

I keep them together mostly, wheras SMS and MMS go to Messages folder along with emails, but I also keep all my email accounts folders separate to view if i keep that nice little red star there so I always remember to read...

I keep them together mostly, wheras SMS and MMS go to Messages folder along with emails, but I also keep all my email accounts folders separate to view if i keep that nice little red star there so I always remember to read...

I use the messages folder for all email, and use the SMS/MMS folder for texting. The individual emails I put in one folder cleverly named as 'Email.' =)

I have everything set to go to Messages. But on themes where I can have a lot of icons on my home screen, I put 3 separate email folders plus SMS. Then I hide the main Messages folder. (I can always get at it by using the App Switcher.)

When using a theme short on real estate, I take the opposite approach and put the individual mailboxes in a folder somewhere while displaying the catch-all.

I prefer the separate approach though. That's why I gravitate to themes with a lot of icon slots.

I use the centralized Messages app for all of my email and keep SMS and MMS by itself. both are on my homescreen. I always hide the individual account icons.

all of my sms, mms, and email accounts are together. But I always keep my gmail separate, mostly because i have can see some emails together in the threaded email conversations so it saves up room. :)

Separate is the way I go. One for my gmail and one for my sms and mms I do alot of texting at work so its best for me to keep them all separate

I keep all my emails in the messages folder, but all of my text and mms are in the SMS and MMS folder. My main screen has the Messages folder and the sms icon. I have all of my other email folders on the application screen in case I want to go through them individually for clean up.

I like to keep them all separate, keeps things organized IMO. SMS first, E-Mail address next to that, the messages folder is all the way at the bottom of my applications screen where it won't get in the way. I only use it to delete sent messages (stupid Gmail app...)

I use 1 folder for sms/mms, one for emails, and every IM has its own place. I hate a combined folder. I use Berrybuzz and have separate alerts for every type of message.

I keep everything going into one folder, but when I see a lot of email with the same subject. I'll go into the Gmail plug-in so it'll show me the threaded messages therefore making it easier to read the entire thread of messages without a bbm or text message messing up the flow of the thread.

I have all my email combined to my messages folder, but I do not combine my text in there. I leave my text in a seperate folder, makes it easier for me.

it's much easier to keep track of all my messages that way.
But the better question is where cani get that crackberry theme i always see on your phone?

I use both. Having 5 email accounts, i like to have it seperate when i am looking for certain emails but then again i use the main message folder as well.

I like to use my messages app, but I keep my email folder and sms folder present. I usually check either my email folder or sms folder but if I have both a unread email and sms I would use messages.

I use the Messages Folder for Email and Instant Messages and the SMS folder for SMS and MMS obviously. Ithen create an Email folder and throw all the individual email folders in there along with my Translator app, saved messages and compose message.

i would love to use combined for everything but what i hate is when my bbm and text messages show up in there to i dont want them on there. if someone knows how to fix this issue for me that would be awesome.

Messages>Berry Key>Options>Inbox Settings>Uncheck SMS and MMS

BBM>Berry Key>Options>Uncheck Show Chats in Messages Application

I have 4 BIS email, 4 IM including our corporate OCS - plus our BES Exchange mail (SMS & MMS too though we discourage them since they are not included in our data plans) - no way I'm gonna keep checking them individually normally. Very handy to have them all combined - for me.

I keep all of my emails combined in the messages app, along with Facebook notifications. SMS and MMS is separated from those emails.

I like to keep my apps separate, creating a mail folder in which I keep my various inboxes; a social networking folder for my IMs and twitter and FB; and a personal tasks for my personal/business management tools from address book to password keeper.

Most people who's BBs or other smartphones I see have everything cluttered on the homescreen, I'm one of the few who uses folders extensively....the biggest drawback being that when I switch themes (I've only done so three times in a year) I have to recreate folders then move everything back into their proper home?

Am I neurotic for going through this exercise, or are there others like me??

We didn't get that far yet .. that will be a poll one week as well. I have a looooooooong list of all the polls for this series that will last quite a while and we'll definitely get that in there.

All of my emails go in the "messages" folder.
SMS/MMS goes into its own separate folder right next to it.

I'm the same. SMS/MMS goes into one "folder" and all other email/pin/gtalk/bbm/twitter goes into the other one.

Ever since I got my Blackberry I've had my email & sms/mms seperate BUT since I've upgraded to OS 5.0 I've liked the threaded SMS so this post has encouraged me to try them combined... seems alright so far... easier than jumping between SMS/MMS and my email.

I have work and 2 personal emails. I like to view things separately. I also like my SMS/MMS in their own folder. I hide my messages folder because it annoys me to see it there and I don't use it.

wud prefer it works separately as it is more organised n easy to reconcile for whatever reasons.. 2 separate email folder, own sms/mms/missed-call folder and a stand alone BBM folder.. I too hide my mssg folder like u.. ;)

My berry has two email accounts on it, one work one personal. I keep all my emails combined into the messages folder along with FB notifications and etx. and leave SMS/MMS out separate.

i keep emails and sms separate. it's easier for me to compose a new text or email by hitting 'c' when they are separated.

keep my email, VVM and facebooks updates in my messages folder, while i have sms/mms seperate.

If the OS would differentiate between notifications when you have your sms/email together, i would group them all in the messages folder (when i include sms/mms in my messages folder, the notification for a new text received is grouped in with the notification of the unread emails. EX: i have 4 unread texts, and 6 unread emails. the notification shows 10 unread messages. I'd rather it be split up to id how many sms/mms and how many messages)

but with a different alert for each account, so know when I need to check right away or most likely junk. I put all the email folders in one folder, and hide it.

SEPARATE IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO!!! I have 4 Email accounts... one yahoo, one hotmail, one gmail & one enterprise... I need all of them separate so i can know whats coming where, and keep them organized & separate from my text messages...

Add a fourth option.

"Keep emails and SMS seperate"

That's what I do. I have four email accounts linked to the Messages folder, and my MMS/SMS folder.

I alway kept them strictly seperate, but now I got my gmail plug-in up and running and having the option in OS5 to keep in both ways at the same time i´m leaning more towards the combined approach.. I just never understood it before....

I use the message folder to store both email and texts but i relly dont like it sometimes i just hide the message folder in my applicationd area

Well I recently just had everything go to my message app because I never really used iit but I do now and I love it what I'm tryna do is find a way to make my SMS go into that folder please

but then i came over here from Facebook and looked in the forum and saw this page and "got it." and A'd it: all in one place. i can't be bothered looking in twenty different folders...

I love having them combined. makes my life so much easier. I can usually tell which email address the message was sent to by the sender or the context. if I'm not sure, I scroll up. I try to address my emails right away so it's not like they pile up too much.

I also combine SMS messages. No sense in having extra crap on the screen I don't need. And, again, why not just have one place to go to to take care of everything. If I have a lot to take care of at once, I can swipe to the next message when they're all combined. If I had to get out and then go to another mail folder, that would be a pain.

Also, I have a hidden folder called "seldom used" that I keep all the individual email folders. They keep vzw's pushed browser links company.

I tried to keep them separate but the messages folder kept re-organizing itself so I could only see emails. I ended up giving up and allowing it to be all in one folder. Now I'm used to it.

Everything goes into Messages. E-Mail, SMS, MMS, BBM, missed calls, Facebook updates, App World updates. Everything is in there.

Then I also have the icons for "Desktop" (my BES account, why do they call it that anyway and how can I change it?), "GMail," "SMS/MMS" and "Blackberry Messenger," in case I just want to view one thing. But most of the time that's not what I'm doing. Most of the time I'm looking at Messages.

I keep my SMS/MMS and emails separate. And each of my email accounts is a separate icon on my home screen. (I also like a "clean, wallpaper friendly" home screen, which made finding a good one difficult...) That way I can tell which account/folder the message came to and how quickly I need to look at it. I actually only would go into my Messages folder to get rid of my missed calls - really annoyed me that they showed up in my messages folder and as a "New Message" on the icon. But this post and the comments made me take a further look and I just discovered "Call Logging"! I just selected "None" so now hopefully none of my calls will show up in there and I will never go into my Messages folder! Thanks CrackBerry!

I keep my Emails separate from my SMS/MMS. I have 10 emails on my phones, so I need to separate business and pleasure
. I would love to find a theme that,can have different icons for each emails. Maybe I should just create one my self!

I set it for all sms/email to go to one msgs folder. That way one icon on screen to keep track of 3 email accounts and txt.

I have to keep mine apart. SMS apart from e-mail, and each e-mail account apart because each e-mail is for something different. I keep my messages icon hidden as well

I use emails, twitter and SMS combined in the messaging app. Much simpler and easier.

P.S. Where can I get the wallpaper shown in the post above?

i keep my work email, sms, and gmail seperate. mostly becuase i dont like to dig into my work email on the weekends but still want to read my sms. gmail i use thier app

Device, a Pearl, I would separate the inboxes but soon grew tired of opening each one to read different messages. Now, it just seems soooo much easier to have everything in one place.

I've installed five email addresses on my Tour 9630 (AOL, Live, Google, Yahoo and BlackBerry) each one has its own unique purpose. I use the one main email folder for a quick view of my all that has hit my inbox. Then I use each individually to quickly find any specific email. My SMS folder is used basicly for receiving sport scores and news updates from sites such as ESPN and Yahoo Sports.

The one I use is not present: I use Message app for all my email accounts but keep SMS separate

Mine are currently all combined.
Can anyone advise how I set up the 'Default' send. I have my Storm 2 running .517

i have sms and email seperate because i delete almost all my sms after reading and idont want to delete important emails by accident. works for me.

I keep all my email in the message folder (like 6 email accounts) and hide the individual folders, and I keep SMS messages in its own folder. That works best for me.....

I don't want to go through different folders for different account, this is easier.

I keep mine seperated. I do this so that I don't delete an email that I really need and also when I am looking at my phone if I see that I have an email from my job I can deal with that one right then and I don't have to scroll through all the email messages to get any work messages.

I keep mine seperated. I do this so that I don't delete an email that I really need and also when I am looking at my phone if I see that I have an email from my job I can deal with that one right then and I don't have to scroll through all the email messages to get any work messages.

I keep emails all in one folder as well as facebook, beejive, and anything else that gets puched through. I keep SMS and MMS in their own folder, just because the theme I am using has a link for messages and sms seperate. Otherwise they would be together.

I keep all 4 of my e-mail accounts in Messages and hide all the individual e-mail account folders. SMS/MMS are separate, BBM is separate.

I keep all messages combined - I can use quicklaunch to get to the messages screen in two clicks no matter what I'm doing. If they were all separate, I would have to jump back to the home screen to see which message type it is, then click on that specific message icon. Also, appswitcher makes it much easier when they are combined. How would you know if it's sms, mms, email, bbm in app switcher? You can't!

Do be very accurate about this I divided all of my messages separately, then use it for about a week. After a week I put them back in one place because of all the extra clicking it took to get what having them in one place accomplishes. I do agree I scroll more and have to archive just about all of my saved messages but in the end this work outs for me.

I have 4 E-Mail accounts I use with my 9700. Two are strictly business accounts and the other two are personal. I like to be able to look and see which account is coming in. If it's business I usually grab it right away. Personal I let it go until I have free time. I also had Drivesafely until my paid Vlingo account added it's new safereader. I deleted drivesafely,kept safereader and gained a little memory. I think it would be very confusing if all my messages were all in one folder.

as of right now my SMS messages and MMS are in a seperate folder from my Email and BBM folder.. and i hate it.. i want the two folders combined.. can anyone help me combine them?????????? please and thank you!

I like em all in one ... Hide the individual accounts. I also like to set color borders so I can visually separate work emails from personal.

I keep them separated to distinguish work vs personal. Only problem is I don't like the generic mail icons and the fact we cannot change them in os5

I am really still new to the BlackBerry and I haven't learned yet how to put all my message in one folder . Can someone please tell me how

It just works better for me that way, especially when I get only 10 emails but 2-500 texts a day, sorting can b a pain.

There is an easy way to have all your e-mails in one mailbox, but look at individual accounts. I do not want to have 5 different mailboxes, so I hide all of them. What I do is create search rules, so for example if I want to see what came on my Gmail account I just press alt-G and only Gmail e-mails (in and out) are shown, or alt-L for my corporate ones (alt-S for SMS and alt-U for unread are defaults).

Here is how to do it:
1) Go into the messages folder
2) Press the BlackBerry key to see the options and select "Search"
3) Leave all options unchanged, except for the Service one, and select from the list there the email address you want to assign to the search (for example, the "" one)
4) Press the BlackBerry key again and select "Save"
5) Type the Title you would like to appear at the top of the screen, for example "Gmail"
6) Select a shortcut key, for example "g"
7) Press the BlackBerry key again and select "Save"

Now you are done. When you are inside your messages folder by pressing alt-G it will only show you your Gmail emails. Do this for all accounts and you won't need to separate the different folders and go back to the home screen and select a different folder every time you want to see your other accounts, just by pressing alt and the corresponding letter you immediately see a particular account.

If you want to modify, erase or just see the assigned letters, press the BB key, go to "Search" and inside there press again the BB key and select "Recall". This will show you all the filters, including the ones that came by default.