How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: LED Coverage Indicator On or Off?

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2010 02:01 pm EDT
LED Coverage Indicator

Well as it turns out, not as many of you use a password on your device as I would have though (shame on you!). This week we'll see who uses the LED coverage indicator option (located under Options > Screen/Keyboard Options). Personally I have never had the option turned on, as I found the blinking green LED was more annoying than knowing if I had coverage or not. I rarely venture out of service areas, and if I do, I feel that if I don't have coverage that's all there is to it - I don't need an LED to tell me about it. So what's your take? Do you use the coverage indicator LED? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know why you do or don't use it. Thanks to Kai for the suggestion.

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: LED Coverage Indicator On or Off?


The only time my LED is blinking at all is when a Bluetooth device is connected or when I have a message, otherwise it's annoying.

Yeah I have mine off too. And seriously dude, who are you to tell us whether we should or shouldn't use a password on our devices. Shame on you.

With Verizon, I'm rarely out of coverage where I go, so its just not worth the annoyance. Plus, if I don't have coverage, I think I would notice it anyways.

But I might experiment with it this summer at a friend's cabin. There are very specific spots that get coverage (like the outhouse!) and having the blinking might help find a few more spots.

I have my coverage indicator switched off, it saves on battery as I keep my Berry in a Screen facing in Holster so the LED is obscured by the Holster, and it's annoying having the bright green LED blink when using my Berry. The only time the LED blinks on my Berry is when Bluetooth is on, or if I've got a notification or low battery.


First and foremost, I don't have much of a use for it. I don't travel much, and I pretty much always have coverage wherever I go. (Regardless of what some people may say, I love Sprint and think they have great service.) If I'm ever in doubt, it's just as easy to look at my coverage indicator in the top corner.

Additionally, the LED on my Tour is brighter than most other phones I've had, which makes it even more of an annoyance. I don't even have LED turned on for Bluetooth.

I definitely have my LED on at all times. And with the Berrybuzz installed, I have all my apps notify me in a different color. It's awesome!

My coverage indicator in the purchased Berrybuzz app is set to blue. I don't see the need for anyone to think that's weird or that I don't know what I'm talking about. OR to be ROTFLMAO either.....

I didn't know there even was one. The last phone I had with such a thing was a Motorola 650 on 360 Wireless. One was pretty much needed then. Now, not so much.

I do not use it.

1. It wastes battery.
2. It's completely pointless because you can see on your screen if it says SOS or not.

Having that on is very annoying and stupid. There really is no purpose for it. I didn't even know it existed until now. Only thing you have to do is check your bars to see if you have service. Having that green light blinking continuously for no reason is just a battery killer, then people want to complain about the short battery life.

Have always had mine on...i quite like the blinking green of the things i like about having a BB....a quick look at my BB lets me know if im in coverage or not.

It's annoying. I have BerryBuzz that uses the green L.E.D. for when I have an e-mail. I used to have BerryBuzz blink purple if I had no coverage, but I found that annoying as well. So, no. No L.E.D. coverage indicator.

Never used the Coverage Indicator since I've been using Blackberry, found it totally pointless. If you don't know when you're going outside your coverage area...well... meh

Way back when I had my 7105t, coverage was spotty, so I had it on. After a few days you get used to it, and in fact it is comforting to see it blinking away at me.

I don't know why, but I have always been on board with the status LED. I even went through the trouble setting up BerryBuzz to do it.

its just nice to see the green blinking lights to know my phone is still alive without picking up the phone.

when it changes color to RED, i'm getting excited and starts wondering whether its from FB,SMS,Emails,missed calls or appointments.

haha..i dunno, i just like to leave it on ;)

That would make too much sense. I expect my phone to work all the time. No need to keep me informed of that.

Didn't even know about it. Thought is was common. Now that I do,guess having it turned off would be wise,since my battery runs dead fast. Besides,it's absolutely pointless. Just check the bars on your screen.

I don't use it. Green is the color I use with Berry Buzz to show me that I have an SMS/MMS/FB message, I'd get confused and always think I had a message when I didn't.

The biggest reason though is that I never have any coverage issues with Verizon anyway.

I suggest doing a blog post and online poll of how many people prefer to have message indicator lights flash for longer than 15 minutes before it times out.

The fact many users purchase third party software like BerryBuzz states it pretty clear it is something all blackberrys should have by default.

Plz do a poll on this too!

The first thing I do when I get my hands on a new BB (which is often) is to turn off the blinking lights. They stress me out and I cover them with my finger if they are blinking. Same goes for the blue light for BT.

Haha I do that too. I don't use the indicator lights for bluetooth or coverage. If I'm not able to check a message right away I cover the blinking red light with my finger. It stresses me like an annoying noise that keeps repeating.

When I miss a call, or am receiving a call, or getting a msg or having my bluetooth on are the only reasons I have that on. To indicate that something is happening. I don't need the indicator light on all the time because why would I need the light to tell me my phone is on? That's the pointless feature. No need to have it flashing on all the time for no reason.

I love that mine is on looks like the phone is working at something lol, with berry buzz I have the disco green its hot!

Very annoying, I agree. First time I noticed it was when I installed a new OS. I could not, for the life of me, figure out why my LED was flashing and it drove me nuts.

Like many others here, my LED flashed for BT and messages/missed call. Period!

it's a nuisance and it's useless. off with their HEADS! i mean LEDs...haha. i don't enjoy the blue for bluetooth either! can berrybuzz let me use red for email, blue for bbm and green for SMS? If so, where do i sign up?!?!?

the only reason why i put it off coz of the GREEN color!! none of other phones used this color for led!! if blackberry use the normal white color then sure ill put it! BUT GREEN? it suxs sorry :/

It's completely necessary for me. My university is spotty at best for Verizon, and I like to know when I have coverage. Most of the time I don't have signal, so this is necessary for me, and thus I use it.

A lot of people complaint on their battery life . But I use berrubuzz with my phone and listen to music all day with it atleast 8 hours straight and txt a lot 4000 txt a month atleast and my batter life at the end of the day has 2 bars left.....idk what phone ya have but I have a bold9700 and I like it.

You just want to see your LED blink when you have something to see, not when you have nothing... So annoying that was the very first thing i disabled when i got my 9700

I only use the blue for bluetooth and the red for messages. The green just got too annoying. Especially at night when all you see is blinking every three seconds. The red and blue led flashes are not that noticeable. Therefore, I keep the coverage indicator off.

I have always used the coverage indicator. I got used to it when I was with Nextel and now can't seem to live without it.

I took that off the first day i had my phone lol.. i wouldn't be able to stand that haha.. i got BuzzMe though and i use the "green" colour for when i receive a msg via BBM.. so its on all the time anyways lol.. but for that i don't mind :D . These polls are great.. really gets a good scope of how people configure their phone, very interesting. Well done Adam!

I've always left mine on... Sure its annoying... But I'm just too lazy to change it to off.. I have more important things to do with my phone then worry about some crappy little light.

I turned off the coverage LED back when my BlackBerry still had a wheel and didn't have a 'name'.
Just to echo so many here, I have coverage everywhere, so it is pointless and wastes battery. BerryBuzz and Alerts controls the rest of my LED needs.

I didn't even know that existed. I actually took the time to disable the LED for Bluetooth and the only reason I have it enabled for messages is so I can get a notification of a new message while I'm on a call.

I am thinking about turning it on to see if it helps prove my theory imy 9700 is having issues appropriately switching connections from EDGE to ATT to WiFi etc. My WiFi has been dropping off and I find no issue with my wireless router and other devices remain connected when my phone does not. Then I notice I am on EDGE. It seems like there is an issue with how my phone is scripted to switch connections. I am going to search the blogs for this issue now.

Red for new messages - that's the best part. The green is only there to let me know there is nothing new. I don't know how people can call it useless. I don't need to keep my BB on me to know new message has arrived.

Battery usage??? Peope, its an LED light that blinks every 10+ seconds. How much battery is it going to use?

Because I hate that my iphone 3G doesn't have it. And I just like flashing lights, I guess. And what drain on battery life? Give me a break.

I use it only because if I leave the phone on silent or or a table or something, I just have to see the corner of the phone and see if its blinking on not to see if anything new came through or not. As far as batt drain, I think its rather minor as long as you have access to a charger. Jus my .02

i have mine on, i leave mine on and i dont really have a reason to i just got use to it but after reading all these comments im actually starting to find the blinking green light annoying lol. i dont have any third party apps for my led light i just have it on as default. it comes in handy cuz i got so use to it that sometimes i find it strange when it dont blink lol.

i have mine on, i leave mine on and i dont really have a reason to i just got use to it but after reading all these comments im actually starting to find the blinking green light annoying lol. i dont have any third party apps for my led light i just have it on as default. it comes in handy cuz i got so use to it that sometimes i find it strange when it dont blink lol.

Nope, I turn it off. THe last thing I need is to go to a call (LE) and have a flashing light giving me away!

With BerryBuzz - I have my Coverage Indicator set to flash white/red only when I have no data and no radio coverage...because with the last OS Leak I installed, all connections kept shutting off!

I find the led indicator annoying and if I had the option would turn it off altogether. The led makes me want to keep looking at my phone just so it would stop :@

R u freakin serious that blinkin would lead me to stomp by beloved bbsoooooo led indicator is a big fat NO!!

It a prehistoric feature inherited from times when coverage was not as good. Today probably at least 90% of all cell phone users hardly ever loose coverage. If you have it ON on your BB you're surely not using it for business as a blinker has way more practical applications. "beamolite" is somewhat reasonable with his "find-it-in-the-dark" explanation. Personally I'd rather call the number to find it in the dark.

Nope-I turned mine on on my Blackberry Curve 8530 and it only took about 2 minutes of that nonsense and I turned it back off. Much better without it. It may have some usages for some people but not for me.

as if all the apps loaded don't drain the battery enough, why turn on a useless LED to drain it even faster.

I leave mine turned off due to the fact thàt my battery will run down faster as well as there being no need for a coverage indicator being that I could simply look at my bar status!

I don't bother. My coverage is the best!!! If for some reason I lose it doesn't last long so who cares.

BerryBuzz Saved me from everyone saying to me "your phones blinking" when I had the coverage indicator on. I liked it but it did become annoying for me and others. So instead now with berrybuzz I can set an alert from when im out of service ;-)

My LED blinking only when new emails, sms/mms and voice calls arriving, and when bluetooth is on. For messengers, twitter app and coverage LED is off.

Im glad you brought this question up. Now I don't have to put my phone down while going to sleep because I learned how to turn that DAMN light off, all along I thought the LED indicator were those funny bars on the top right side, it never occurred to me it was also the blinking bloody light.
Once again thanks.

i like having the indicator on for messages, facebook etc but not for coverage, would be too annoying

I thought you meant New Message Indicator when I first saw the Poll so voted ON. Later went back and voted OFF. Might be an interesting Poll to see how many turn off the New Message Indicator too.

Line coverage is crucial in a place that have instable links like here for celcom malaysia. So most of the time when you can see green blip you need to climb a tree or somehow to make your berries alive again .

It is important.

Through the magical use of Bedside mode, it turns itself off if I plug it in to the mains after 11PM.

In and out of datacenters, fortified buildings, basements and subways, the flashing green light is a must when a signal is needed and I can't easily turn on the LCD to check bars.

I guess I got accustomed to it back from my Motorola Startac days. It would flash green for signal, yellow for roam and red for no service.

As far as annoying, not even, I find it helpful. With just a glance at the phone I can tell if its on or if I have a message. As far as coverage, I never worry about that as I have Alltel and never had a problem. The flashing LED never keeps me awake at night either, I just flip the phone over. What a novel idea to the brightness at night problem or the just the fact that its on as most BlackBerries do vibrate too.

Always on! Ever since having my sidekick days there was only the option to have it on. I only got rid of my sk due to the danger servers shutting off in Canada. Its nice to look across the room and see green knowing I have no new messages. Instead of looking at nothing.

I doesnae turn the led coverage on cuz the continuous blinking led becomes distracting, to me at least, and cuz i donesnae need a led to indicates me when i run off coverage.

I like the coverage indicator light, makes me feel "connected" and there are a few dead zones where I live. Also, I work in a fairly quiet environment where even my vibrate mode seems loud at times so the LED for message indicator is my lifeline! And berrybuzz is sooo awesome, I can look at the light and tell if it's something I need to answer right away so I hope they never get rid of it.

Never had it on, and now thanks to reading some of the comments here I have turned the bluetooth indicator off. It was very annoying while driving at night (while driving my BB is in a cradle on the dashboard).

I have always used the coverage indicator. This is my 3rd BlackBerry and I have always set it to on. My wife also keeps hers on also

Seems like a useless feature. I mean, fire alarms don't sound continuously when all is fine and then go silent if a fire breaks out.

I have used mine - in a very limited capacity - on my old Pearl 8100. Although I grew weary of it fairly quickly. I feel that if you could adjust the brightness (down), the rate (up slightly) ans add a smooth fade effect on and off, it might be easier on the eyes. Oh well.

I tried leaving the coverage indicator light on for a few days and couldn't take it any longer. It got on my nerves and I haven't had it back on anyway. I have a friend who loved to have hers on, but I think she was a little off and into blinking lights. To each his own but for me, no thanks

I turned mine off. While an LED uses little battery life, it's still using some. I don't see a point for such a pointless feature to be wasting any of my power.

There's something soothing about the green blinking light on my BB :) more of a fashion statement than for functionality in my case though xD

Green light means no messages, and that's relaxing sometimes.. when ON CALL in the weekends :P

It also helps make you look like less of an addict.. you know: constantly checking your BB screen for new messages

Just one look at the LED and I know i have no reason to pop out the BB, still knowing I do have sufficient coverage ;)

It's annoying. The red LED indicator letting me know I have a message is great especially since I have to keep my phone on silent a good bit of the time, but I honestly don't need an LED light telling me whether I have coverage or not.

when i first got my curve 8900, i had it on all the time. then when i started to notice how the battery life was affected (even though it wasn't major) and how annoying it was visually, I turned it off and haven't looked back since.

If you like seeing your phone blinking constantly and have a short attention spand, then yeah you dont mind having it on.

but if your an adult and willing to look at the signal indicator in the top right of you phone, then you have no need for it other than for message and call notification and bluetooth indication.

to me its not that important that i get a flashing light when coverage is lacking. its more important that the blackberry operates properly.

I have it on as yellow in BeBuzz... which is cool because you can customize exactly what coverage you data and/or voice. I find a use for it because I get horrible signal in my area and if I'm at a friends house waiting on a call or textit could very well lose coverage in dead zones... which is when the LED would go off and I could try to move the phone somewhere else.