How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Holster or No Holster?

BlackBerry Holster
By Adam Zeis on 20 May 2010 10:39 am EDT

The next stop in our ultimate pursuit of knowledge brings us to the age old question: do you use a holster for your BlackBerry? Personally I've never been a big fan of holsters for my device. Sure its convenient, but I'd much rather just hold onto my device or put it in my pocket than tote it around on my belt. There are benefits to using a holster, among which are keeping the device secure as well as being able to set separate profiles (which can come in handy), which to some I'm sure are a big draw. However I think most people prefer the "naked" approach or just go with a simple case on their device sans-holster. So our question this week is: Do you use a holster for your BlackBerry? This only counts for the official BlackBerry holsters or another type of belt-clip holster like the ones that come with the OtterBox Defender. If you use just a case on your device, then go with no for your answer on this one (we'll save that for another poll). Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you do or don't use a holster as well. 

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Holster or No Holster?


Definitely use it... keeps the lint out that pocketing brings along... and the magnet helps put to sleep quicker to save on battery life... And I was never a case guy before getting my Bold a couple months back...

I use the OEM holster myself. Like the fact that the phone goes into stand-by when I put it in and it helps to save me from making accidental calls. Apart from that, I always throw my BB into my bag (which has a LOT of stuff in it, lol) so it's also to protect it from scratches or other cosmetic damage, while still keeping it as 'naked' as possible

I prefer to use my holster as it quickly locks and protects my Curve, I would prefer a holster I can where on my belt as it would be more convenient then the default holster that came with it for my pocket.

I use the holster that came in the box with my Bold 9700 and it serves its purpose well (considering I've had phones pocket dial 911 on me), aside from one incident where the flap got caught, causing my grip to slip and my precious took a dive onto the sidewalk. Yikes!

i'm shocked the poll is split so evenly. i completely disregarded the holster when i bought my bb and i dont know a single person that uses it.
dont get me wrong, i completely understand why someone would use it. the settings make for a very convenient device. but still..... lol

I don't know anyone who uses a holster.... well, except for the IT geeks around here.

I would rather replace a broken berry than holster it. LOVE its birthday suit.

who carries there phone on there hip? i just drop it in my pocket. i get a new phone ever 6-12mons so it not that big of a deal to be supper protective

I protect my 9700 with the Otterbox Commuter, and I carry it in an OEM 9000 holster. I always know where it is, it doesn't collect pocket lint, it's well-protected, and easy to reach. It's easy to move it from my belt to my center console pouch in the car, where it's easy to plug into the charger while still in the holster. I can take it off my belt and toss it into my backpack or a bag without any worry of scratches or damage.

I don't know who, in their infinite wisdom, deemed holsters "uncool", but they're idiots. I'm protecting my $400+ device, and I don't give a hoot what you think I look like. :) Same goes for my Jawbone. So there. Nyar. ;)

... got my otterbox defender but its usally cliped on pocket not belt or if pocket big enough such as the side pocket of cargo style shorts phone is clipped on the inside of that pocket so all you see is the clip part of holster.Yeah I know I am the "coolest" :p LoL BB holster rides on my belt right next to my Leatherman. :) Anti-holster people beware! I'm an uncool fool with a Bold and a Tool!

Love the holster, for one of the reasons you touched on. When it's in the holster it doesn't make a sound, just various lengths and number of vibrations based on what came in, which is perfect for when I'm at work. Nothing worse then going into a meeting and forgetting to silence the berry.

I use the supplied holster with mine. The magnet is great for putting the machine on lock and making sure my BB doesn't dial people while jumping around in my pocket. It's easier to slip it into the holster than it is to remember to lock the screen manually all the time.

Also, as you state in the article, it's much easier to use different profiles, for example, if it's in your holster it will vibrate rather than ring so if you need quiet (for example in a lecture or meeting) it's another thing you don't need to remember.

The supplied holster is the best I've seen on any phone and is another big BB + for me!

I always use a holster on mine. Used a leather one for quite some time, until I dropped my BB on my STEEL TOED BOOT and broke the screen. Now that it's been replaced, the whole thing goes in an Otterbox and I use that holster.

I prefer my high tech Otter box and feel safe knowing that my small investment is safe and secure. Plus with the amount that i'm on this thing i would wear it out.....

Always holster.

It looks good
It locks/unlocks the keyboard
And it protects the device

Only draw back is the extra volume and inconvenience when only having one hand available

I just have a screen protector and a silicon slip cover for my Bold 9700. I used to wear my cellphones (and pager and Palm Pilot in the pre-BlackBerry days) on my belt but have grown to dislike the bat-belt look as I've gotten older I suppose. Now I just keep it in a pocket.

It is nice to be a little covert as well, I'm tired of the world knowing that I know a thing or two about technology! :)

Lol on pager comment! U tellin ur true age ;) lol I remember those days! O so blackberries rule the world..who would have ever known when we were sportin pagers!! Lol

I bought some quick holster from best buy that had a hard case and holster combination. I liked it very much and use it all the time at work since I move around a lot and have to store med supplies in my pockets for events. When I am at home or going to hang with friends though I don't use the holster cause I don't like the bulkiness of it. I guess for the poll just put me down as a yes.

I keep my BlackBerry in a neoprene sleeve when I am around the house. However, when I go out on errands or to meetings, I carry it on my belt in a case similar to the one pictured, and still in its neoprene sleeve.

It is amazing how much lint and grit is harvested by a BlackBerry when it is extracted from a pocket. And that grit seems to head straight for the trackball as if it had radar.

One drawback to the case, though, is its powerful magnet in the retaining flap. Place that directly on top of your wallet containing credit cards and see what happens to the cards' magnetic strip information.

I had another strange incident with my BlackBerry case when I entered a CVS drugstore. As I walked in through their detectors at the entrance, the store's alarm went off. It was somewhat funny because a state trooper was standing just inside the door talking to the manager.

Apparently some stores use a technology for theft-protection that uses magnets. I resent the personal intrusion when the alarms go off as I enter the store and everyone turns to look. I want to tell them to purchase an upgrade to their security system!


I generally do not use mine...only occasionally it I am wearing shorts/pants that don't have good pockets for my Seidio Innocase II covered Tour.

For those occasions, I pop the case covered Tour into the holster. A little tight, but it works.

There should be a third choice: Sometime or Occasionally

Hahahahaha.... that is an excellent reason to use a holster. I always use one also. Got to protect the family jewels.

I use my holster when I'm at work. I like to keep things out of my pockets when I'm at the office and I like to show off the nice black leather BB case! Haha. On the weekends, I throw the iSkin Vibes skin on it and keep it in my pocket.

Use a Ripoffs case to hold my Storm. Case has a sleeper magnet and steel spring clip large enough for a 2-inch belt.

I have 2 holsters just use a rubber casing for my BB don't like taking it out of a holster to see who is calling. Much easier for me to use no holster.

I use the holster mainly when I am at work to optimize the sleep and vibrate profile. It's embarrassing to have my phone go off at max volume in a meeting!

Don't like things on my belt.

But I can slip my Noreve case into my pocket.

It has a magnet, so the holstered profile works and BBLight can detect that I've opened the case so the screen lights up as soon as I flip the case open.

The BB slips right out of the Noreve case and into the Charging pod at night (where it acts as an alarm clock with Vorino clock.)

I also use oem holster on weekday for work and my seidio spring clip on weekends, more secure for those drunk nights...

I use one during the week at work but my Tour just goes in my pocket on the weekends unless I'm hiking or something then I through it in a Sedio 360 case and use that clip holster for it.

By the way, the one that came with the Tour (not real leather)started to crack and come apart about 6 months in. Assuming the Bold 9650 comes with the same one.

Actually heading to Best Buy today to grab a replacement because the magnet in the flip part is starting to move around and doesn't always put it in standby anymore. Which has proven to be a bit embarassing while at work.

I almost ever use a holster... I want to protect my BB! :)
But I don't use the belt holster, I use the... mmhh... "other type" and I take it in my pocket... maybe I'm overprotective!! :D

I have 2 holsters; a Body Glove universal that works better for me when on my job in the field, and a Seidio for more formal situations or when I don't want a pocket bulge. Plus, when just hanging out or dressing down, I'll use a convenient pocket.

Wherever I choose to stash my BB, it is most often in my hand.

Mine is always holstered except for a few rare occasions at work when I'll leave it out on my desk. I like the protection it offers. Pockets are just too inconvenient and not as professional. I just wish we could still set separate ringtone volume for when the device is in the holster. If I set it high it's way too loud out of holster and if I set it lower then I sometimes won't hear it when it is holstered. Currently I've opted for too loud. Profiles were better in v4.6 when you could set it completely different in/out of holster.

I used to holster but don't anymore. I worked for at&t and the holster was good for a selling tool but where I work now the only people to holster are technicians and a couple in sales.

I persoanlly do like the holster and don't mind the look but unless I carry the 9000 holster and a very thin skin on my 9700 it doesn't work. I have dropped the 9700 many of times and it still looks new because of the case I have on it.

Also did the otterbox defender for a while but the clips that held the BBRY in place broke in less than 2 months. Otterbox replaced it but still a little bulky for my liking as well.

I never have used a holster but i might once I get a real job. Right now I'm either in class, or at work (walmart). At either place I'm not supposed to have my phone on me.

I always use the holster and I'm not usually one who puts any type of cover on my devices since I like to actually feel the device, but when I dropped my Tour in a parking lot I caved and have since used the Seidio Innocase II, since it is the only device case that will actually fit in the holster and not limit access to buttons while still giving solid protection from impact that a skin just can't offer.

My dad uses a holster and it looks lame. I keep mine in my pocket and make sure it is always the only item in that pocket. As soon as my keys, change, lighter or anything else shares that pocket space... That is when my device can become damaged. When I wear my suit, I keep it in my inside coat pocket. I have seen men wearing the holster with their suit. That is Über lame.

The scrubs I wear for work have a  sized pocket and I like to keep it there. Otherwise (or if I just want a change) I'll holster it. Pocket lint is murder on my Tour's trackball so I really should knock it off or get a 9650.

When I'm jammin to my music or textin heavily I use my otterbox. But if I'm not using it heavily at the moment the case comes off and my Bold 9700 goes straight to the holster.

I use a Blackberry holster without the beltclip! Don't like the clip and I really don't need it! I like the protection for my blackberry!

I don't use a holster 97% of the time. The only point I will use one is if I'm putting the BB in a bag and not my pocket. A screen protector is good enough for me - I quite like my phones to look 'used' and not like I've just bought it!

I use my leather holster when I dress up (i.e. suit and tie) and use my rubberised cases when I am casual or around the house.

Holster makes me feel like a Hipster Doofus! I prefer to just buy a good case or skin and thats it.

I used to use a holster for years until just recently. I just stopped using it and put it in my pocket.

OEM holster a bit bulky looking. I use an EPIK resin case and holster (best combo). Its still slim enough I can clip it inside my pocket.

I always have to use a case, for any of my phones, cuz if not, i will lose them, i lost my 8900 becuz of that reason.. :( but yea, definitely a case.

I feel like the holster keeps me away from my bb. It's bulky and doesn't look great with skinny jeans, a tight tee and pumps. Makes me look like I have an extra hip. Holding it in my hand is just fine.

I prefer to just carry or pocket my blackberry storm2. I do own a very nice leather pouch case with a wrist strap, but when I put it in there it usually gets tossed in my bottomless purse. When I go to retrieve it from my purse, it is much harder to find than if it was just in my hand or pocket or sitting on the desk or dashboard next to me. Also, because my blackberry is used so frequently throughout the day, it is basically an extension of my hand lol. Therefore, to me it's a hassle to keep putting it in & taking it out of a case/holster all the time.

I know what you mean; I tried using my 8900's holster when I first got it, but I checked it so often that I figured pulling it in and out of the case was probably more damaging than anything! I just use a hard case (in hot pink) that wraps around the back, with a sticker skin (because I REALLY like pink), and a handstrap (because I dropped my berry once and cracked the screen).

I have mine with the seidio case to protect it in case I drop it. Never been a fan of leather holsters on my belt..I personally think its old fashioned, but I guess if you work in business attire, it goes well with the holster.

I like the idea of the holster, just not the holster. I got my Bold 9700 about a month ago, and like any new thing... toy I was overly cautious and protective. I used to use the holster but, I never really liked the clipped to the belt look. I always thought it as a person saying "HEY, Look At Me! I Have A Blackberry! I'm Cool!" I'm not much of a show-off, so I opted to put my BB in the holster, then into my pocket, this made it too difficult to take it out quickly.

My 8310's holster did not have a belt-clip, that was easier to take out and put back in, yet still a little bulky. With out the belt-clip my Bold holster would be more ideal for protection and small enough to take in and out of my pocket. About a week ago I stopped useing the holster. and without thinking I put my keys into the same pocket as my BB, now I have some small scratches on the screen. A sad sight to see for me. My plan was, to get a screen protector and a new silicone skin, but it was too late.

Now my brand new Bold is , not the new toy, but alas it's a phone. My silicone will probablely show up in the mail today, YEah...THAT NEW SLIDER LOOKS RATHER NICE!!

i use the holster on my 9700 and not a scratch on it. my friend with an iphone said that my phone is mint condition. its 7 months old.

I learned a long time ago that if I use a holster I WILL catch it on something and send my phone flying. It may get a little roughed up in my pocket, but I've snapped those plastic clips too many times and even had my phone drop down a flight of stairs after catching it on a corner of the stairwell I went around too close. Hmm... Maybe I should just slow down some. Nah!

I use my holster for the standby option that the magnet in the case offers. I use the Tour 9630 and the only thing I don't like about it is, I have to put it in up side down to charge it if its in the case. Saw everyone bitchin bout the placement of the 9650 charger port which looks great for charging and using as compared to the Tour but, I wonder how it works in the case. Anyway, love my case. Its saved me from dropping it and I love the 360 degree rotation.
Edit - oh I almost forgot, the studies are still tryin to find out how much damage if any having a phones emissions sittin on top of a guys berrys will do. So I'm not really giving a damn if anyone thinks I look uncool by keeping my phone on my hip instead of POTENTIALLY rottin off my nuts.

The holster for the Otterbox Defender BB9700 sucks. As many have claimed the phone just doesn't stay in it.

So it's either held, put in my pocket or in the cup holder while plugged into the car's radio.

My berry is either in my handbag or my hand. Clipping anything on a belt reminds me of my dad. NOBODY gains weight in the shape of a Blackberry.

For protection, I use a hard case that wraps around the back, a skin over the front (and the back too), and a screen protector. I'm from Singapore, and we're huge on screen protectors for our devices; it's a brave person who doesn't want any resale value who'd go without. I've had my berry for about eight months now and no lint problems (mine's a 8900), no butt dialing issues (I use Autolock, which is free, I believe). I check my berry so often (BBM, and SocialScope, and Mobipocket Reader, and Google Maps) that keeping it in a holster and squeezing it out is quite tedious.

I typically use both the OEM holster and the OEM pocket pouch for my 9000. I've experimented with other cases and skins, but the OEM stuff seems to work the best for me. I used to use a skin and put it in my pocket on weekends with a holster that could fit a skinned 9000 on weekdays.

To those who say that wearing the holster on your belt looks bad, it's not the only way to use the holster; I usually have it clipped onto the pocket of my jeans rather than my belt. It makes getting in and out of cars easier.

Ok let set it straight for everybody right now. This question was asked a few nights ago on tv(forgot which show).if you are a policeman then you can use a holster everybody else no no no no. The holster thing might have been ok a few years ago but not now. It was polled that women do not like guys with phone clips and holsters. It reminds them of the 80's with beepers and its like talking to a guy with a pocket protector. If you are a true bb fan then you know with the design of the new models the only way to rock a bb is to put It in your pocket. If you are a corporate guy you keep it in your pocket or inside your suit jacket and use a desktop charger when not on the go. Women hate phone holsters what are you a handy man. The only time you can rock a holster is if its under your shirt and not seen. Ladies keep their bb's in their purse and or in their hand so everybody can see what type of phone you rock. Women that use phone holsters look like old ladies or batgirl wannabe's. Here is a rule of thumb if you are under 45 then no go on the holster. If you can prove a point that can prove this wrong respond but I have tested this and holsters are a accessory that will definitely kill your bb style.

I wouldn't want a woman who thought less of me for carrying my BB in a holster. Shallow much?

I like how you've neatly pigeon-holed BB culture, and women in particular. Someone with your keen insight and mad skillz with the ladies surely would be able to easily overcome the otherwise-crippling disadvantage of wearing a holster!

Please understand, I kid, I mock. I couldn't not respond to this. I'm not offended, I'm not on the warpath, I'm mostly just bored at work. ;)

Please allow me to depart with a quote from The Offspring:

"I'm not a trendy a$$h01e,
do what I want, do what I feel like

I'm not a trendy a$$h01e,
don't give a f--- if it's good enough for you!"

I use the blackberry holster so I have a place to put my phone when working/walking and the profile change comes in veru handy at work as well.

I remember back in the 90's when pagers/beepers were commonplace. All the 'cool' people would wear their pagers in their pockets, with the clip hanging out. All of the older/business people wore their pagers hanging out of their pockets or belts... lame. If you're wearing your pager on your belt, you're not protecting it very much. It's more liable to fall or get dinged, or break the clip.

Same goes with your phones... first of all, you look like a dork, and I say that in jest and total respect simultaneously. Second, wear it in your pocket; you can feel it vibrate, it protects the phone, it's just as accessible, and you don't look like you're trying to impress anyone with two or three items on your belt. Now, I can see the argument that if you have multiple devices (like I do, I'm in IT), you only have 2 front pockets and you probably don't want to occupy them with phones. I don't have an answer for that. I keep my work device in my pocket, my personal at my desk. Everyone who knows me personally knows how to reach me on my work device.

To the reason for my answer... the holster is an added layer of functionality. The added profiles make for customization beyond just a case. And why spend that cash on a BlackBerry you really like and relegate it to no protection, free to scratch, grind and fall unprotected?

Cause I don't feel right without a holster on my belt :D

I use an OtterBox at work and a BlackBerry leather holster the rest of the time. I love the sleep magnet and the holstered profile settings! I don't have to look to see what kind of message is coming in thanks to the vibe pattern and I can stop the sound before it starts thanks to vibe THEN ring.

I using otterbox, so I only holster it if only I on the move.
If I on the desk or just using it's I don't holster it.

Naked when at home or in a no harm kind of zone, Otterbox Commuter anytime it leaves the house, whether in my hand or pocket. Never took a liking to the holsters

I'm a fan of the holster that came with my Tour. Tried an OtterBox Defender for a while, and while it offers great protection, it felt like a spare tire on my side. I like the features you can use with a hoster so I flip back and forth between belt holster and OEM pocket pouch depending on what I'm wearing.

Holster is really good. Reading new messages on un-hosltering, profiles and energy saving - wonderful idea!

I use the holster during the week at work. On the weekends I use an OtterBox Defender to protect the phone while workin in the yard or out camping with the Boy Scouts. If I work the weekend it is usually dress casual so the Berry gets slid into a shirt pocket. I do use the basic BB silicone skin except when using the defender case.

I like cases, too much. I like holsters, cases, anything that make my phone look a little different. I like the clip in holster, but everytime I've dropped my BB it's been in that holster. Now I mainly use the leather one that came with it.

I carry both my blackberries (work/home) in holsters. I tend to drop them, so I put them there for their own safety.
This way i always have them with me, and the magnet keeps them where they're supposed to be during my random activities. :)

I MUST carry mine in a holster. I don't like to have alot of stuff in my pockets. On top of that...I carry my slim wallet in my front pocket (that's another story) so carrying the Bold in the other pocket is just not an option for me. You get the bulky pockets! Unfortunately my OEM holster broke, so I will be getting an Epik Case+Holster soon.

I generally wear mine in a horizontal holster, on my belt, over my left pants pocket. I keep my car key (keyless entry chip) in that pocket, so I never have to really take it out. I was putting my Storm IN that pocket, but that was a pain to keep the screen from getting scratched. I bought a common, everyday horizontal holster from Case Logic for $8 and modified it a little with a small magnet in the back for "holster sensing". The Case Logic holster is better than the BB OEM Holster because the clip is a molded and sewn metal spring clip and is leather covered. I originally had the OEM vertical holster, but the clip kept breaking and the holster stuck out too far from my body.

Definitely prefer a holster vice the pocket. I would take the Storm out of my pocket, and oftentimes, it would be on, the screen lit, etc., with the battery running down; even though I'd locked the keyboard/screen before putting it away. Now my battery doesn't run below 40% most days, which is great, even with bluetooth sucking juice on my hour long commute, to/from work every day. I don't care how Geeky it looks; I choose functionality.

I have a Seidio case and holster for my work Blackberry. I don't what them charging me with damages when I turn it in. Really a good case and hoster IMO. If you in a suit or business causal it doesn't stick out from your belt or look stupid. Has a very professional apperance to it.


I'm would look really werid if I were rockin a holster around.

Maybe when I'm mid 30's and have things to do that are actually important haha

Seriously, you really must be running out of things to write about, this is the silliest topic of all of them to date. Next topic, 'which fingers do you use most to type on your BB', followed by which side of your belt (if you are male') do you wear your BB on, followed up by 'what color purse matches your BB best' (mainly for women, and any men that might enjoy that). Just leave the freakin space blank if you've nothing more to say about the product, this is truly an embarrasment.

I have had my holster since I first got my Storm...I have not abused the case or the phoned and yet some out the offical BB is comming apart :( I took it to the carrier they said not their problem ,I call rim they say not their problem ....

Any one got a # or email to get in touch with the "case" people at blackberry

Use mine in a holster all day at work, would be too much of a pain to keep in my pocket. After business hours is a dif story.

Currently, mine lives in an Otterbox case inside of a Bold holster. Can't protect my baby too much (especially since me and my job are both hard on phones!)

The original blackberry leather holster for Storm 2 is a perfect fit and puts the phone to sleep immediately. Its use significantly improved the battery life up to 25%. It is also very well made and fashionable. Was on sale at Verizon store for 19.99.

Sound profiles are great, especially if I am busy and can hear who's calling before I answer it or even take it out of the holster, that comes in handy at work. Also, I hate lugging stuff around in my pockets, keys are enough. I don't need keys, phone, change and whatever else I might have all in my pockets at the same time. No go.

Also, when your sitting down or in a car it's a lot easier to grab your phone from a holster on your hip than it stuff your hand into your pocket to grab your device.

I hate holsters...
but like the auto sleep mode provided by the holster. I harvested the magnets from the holster that came with my 9700. Took a pair of pants that I normally wear on travel days and sewed in a "change" pouch on the inside of the pocket... just big enough to hold my phone securely. At the top of the pocket I folded back a lip and inside securely sewed into place the magnet. That way whenever I slip my phone into my pocket and into the pouch... the magnet triggers the phone to sleep mode. Works like a charm, and my battery doesn't drain as much on travel days as it used to.

I use the holster mostly at work, but not everyday. When away from work I use my Seidio case. But the holster works like a charm when it's needed.

I use the Otterbox case and holster that I won in a contest from this website. Since I work outside at an airport, it gets very dirty. So I always have it wrapped up!!

I have the Otter Box Defender Case. Yes a little bulky but protecting a valuable phone. I always have a case and holster for my phones. Personal preference Yes, oh well, everyone has their thing.

I like to see a few scratches and some light damage on my BB, makes me look more rugged and manly. Shows that I been through some crap in life and not afraid to get dirty. So NO I do not use a holster. Life is rough on me so I'm rough on my BB. LoL

I tried to like using a holster. When I first got my Blackberry Tour 9630, I used the holster that came in the box with it for the first couple of weeks. I just couldn't get use to having something dangling on my belt. I was alway conscious that it was there, in the way.

I quickly converted to slipping my BlackBerry into a pocket pouch, then slipping it into my pocket. I have three of them that I really like:
1. A Sena brand Ultra-slim leather pouch with magnetized sleeper functionality, made specifically for the BB Tour (purchased on-line from Sena).
2. A BlackBerry OEM synthetic pocket pouch (purchased from
3. A BlackBerry OEM folio pouch, with the strap removed (purchased from

I bought an 8520 pouch for my 9700 because I'm not a fan of the swivel clip on the holster that came with it. Only problem is that the top sticks out so there are a few scratches which resulted

For one it saves the battery with the installed magnet in the case. I use the BlackBerry branded lamb skin case for my 9700, very nice. Other than a screen protector she's pretty much naked.

i never used a holster for non of my blackberry's, i'm on my fourth device now, what i do use is a blackberry sleeve, well, most of the time i use that to protect my beloved blackberry.

As an Australian visiting the US last year I noticed the popularity of both holsters for BB and the use of bluetooth headsets that simply doesn't exist here... I don't use a holster and whilst I can see the use for some, can't imagine myself using one

I put my blackberry in a holster when I'm on the go and it stays out of one when I am at home. The reason I use the holster is I'm afraid of breaking my BB (don't want to get stuck with a el-cheapo phone if I lose it).

As my kids have pointed out "girl pockets" aren't deep enough for anything anymore. Can't have my precious BB falling out, so I have a holster on my purse for when I'm out and about.

Let your BB naked its a big no no .. now I hate using skins which will always makes your Blackberry looks more and more bigger by the minute.

So Holster is the answer its like guns slinger days of Billy the kid ,,, having a holstered BB.

I use a skin on my storm2, and then stick the whole affair into the holster that came with my 8820 then (lovely holster too)... the steaze in the holstering?, im so down with the way it just vibrates against my waist during meetings... and the clean look the skin_holster gives my phones even after several months of use. :)

Factory type holster, clipped to top of a pocket with the BB in the pocket. Uncomfortable is a weak description of wearing the thing on my belt. I had several Palms die from being carried in the pocket w/o any sort of protection and I see my Storm's screen being at least as vulnerable as the Palms were. So far so good, except for the time the whole bit fell in the pot. That's another story, it wasn't ready for scuba diving.

...but I use it. All the time. I like the standby feature, the ability to have different sound profiles when the holster is used and the lower risk of pocket calling someone. I hate that it is bulky and the belt clip can't be removed (so far as I know). I rarely put the phone on my belt because of this.

If I could find a slimmer holster that has a removable belt clip (or no clip at all) I would be very happy....I'm sure it's out there, I just haven't done the shopping.

I buy a Seidio case that neatly fits also inside the blackberry holster case that comes with the device. The blackberry holster-case apparently also shields potentially unhealthy electromagnetic radiation penetration. What better reason to use it than that???????? Read your safety manuals that ship with the devices!

I've always been a "holster for the cell phone" guy, going all the way back to my Nextel Motorola i1000 days... I'm only on my second BB. My first (Curve 8330) was toted around in an aftermarket (Cellet) horizontal holster that had a magnet in it, retaining the sleep function. I currently have a Tour, which I tote around in a Platinum brand case/holster combo from Best Buy (made by Seidio and is essentially an Innocase/Innocase holster combo re-branded for sale at Best Buy). This case has been a real winner for me because it allows me to carry my phone on my belt when I'm doing "normal" stuff (i.e. going to work or just being out and about), or I can just ditch the holster and slip the cased phone in a pocket or belt pouch when I'm riding my bike or taking a walk through my neighborhood.

Holsters RULE!!!

I normally have my money clip and keys in one pocket and my concealed carry in the other pocket, so having a holster for my phone is nice plus it also puts the phone to sleep which helps increase the battery life.

No holster for me, I don't like going around with a belt full of gadgets. I use the default leather case which came with my BB, and I drop it into my pocket.

For those of you who think it's dorky/toolish
to carry in a're right! And I wear mine every day anyhow! Its simply too convenient not too. Seidio low profile at least. Not the big puffy leather pillow looking thing.


I use the "holster" (more of a leather pocket, since it doesn't have a belt clip) to protect my 9550 in my work bag and to change the profile while it's in there. I like the in holster/out of holster options.

I don't think I'd ever clip in on my belt with what I do for work (unless I wanted it stolen).

I wonder if a lot of people use this type of "holster" and don't wear it on their belt are the reason the vote is so split, because I also don't see a lot of people with their BBs on their hip....

I use the sleeve from my old 8320 on my 9700. It has all the features and protection of a holster (i.e. separate profiles). But I have the convenience of carrying it in my pocket rather than in the bulky holster which came with the 9700.

I answered "Yes" because I'd use the holster much more often if I didn't have the sleeve. The sleeve also provides all the functionality of the holster.

If the question was meant to be worded, "Do you wear your phone on your hip?" then I answered incorrectly.

I can't walk and chew gum, I fall UP the stairs and my XJ has been on its roof more times than I care to recall. Therefore,if there is a way for me to protect my BB I will have it.

I was a holster guy for years with other models. Got a Bold 9000 lasr Oct. and with the nice 'leather' backing decided to go without. In my pocket or on the desk nowadays....don't miss the holster. Put on an Invisashield to protect the screen and never have had a problem.

I keep my storm 2 in a holster when I'm walking. I like to be hands free when I'm working out. Also, I'm clumsy. So if I accidentally drop it or it goes flying out of my hands (this has been known to happen), there's less chance I'll crack the screen.

I use my holster some times. usually at the beach or when I don't have a decent pocket to keep my man size bold 9000. They are handy to have and i'm glad it comes with the device, others wise I don't use one enough to warrent buying a holster. So its nice to have that FREE option.

I've been using a case and holster since I got my S1 last year and I love it! Save battery, memory, and just looks good.

How many of those that pocket their BB are men? Because I don't know many women who are comfortable doing that- it's a bit bulky if you're wearing something somewhat form fitting :)
Mine gets both, a thin case to protect against my clumsiness & a holster clipped to my pocket.

I use an otterbox defender on my curve. I am really rough on my phones and ordered the defender before I even had the phone in hand. I use the holster partly to keep the curve handy, also I am forgetful and if I keep the phone on my hip, it is easier for me to make sure I have my BB with me.

I use the BB holster along with the Seidio 360 case. It's a nice tight fit, and I get the best of both and holster.

I definetly use a oem holster. Its a must have for work cus it frees up space in my pockets for other items I might need to carry around. Only issue is that my curve started to get small scratch marks from bieng taken in & out.

I think I'm lucky because my holster came without a belt clip and doesn't have a flap, I use my holster all the time as my Bold 9700 is my very first Blackberry and I want to look after this baby.

Important people wear their blackberry's on there waist, or people that think they are important. I'm probably the latter.

The real reason I wear my phone on the waist is because I heard of radiation risk to my gems having my phone in my front pocket.

I'm not one to risk it.

Used to use a holster all the time. After moving to the Q10 I got thee Otterbox Defender with holster. Used the holster for a bit but with the case, there's no real need anymore.