How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Do You Use Auto On/Off?

By Adam Zeis on 27 May 2010 02:42 pm EDT
Auto On/Off

We had another close race last week. It looks like the vote is pretty even when it comes to using a holster or not. This week we'll find out how many of you use the Auto On/Off feature (Options > Auto On/Off). This feature is very convenient and come in handy for multiple needs. I used this all the time when I have my 8830, setting it to power off my device at night when I went to bed, and having it come on about and hour or so before I woke up. I love having it and it made BlackBerry that much cooler in my eyes. After a while when I upgraded myself to BlackBerry abuser status, I realized that turning off the device at all was strictly forbidden. So our question this week: Do you use the Auto On/Off on your device? Leave your vote in the poll and drop a comment letting us know why you do or don't use this feature.

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Do You Use Auto On/Off?


Incredibly poorly thought out. Did they do any end-user testing at at atll?

i) Weekdays only mode turns your phone off on Friday night and leaves it off until monday morning.

Q. Why would I want my blackberry off all weekend?
A. I wouldn't. I wan't it ON all weekend.

Now, say on the unanticipated, unlikely and just downright crazy chance that I want to use my blackberry during the weekend and do happen to turn it on, this brings me to:

ii) Weekdays only mode leaves my blackberry on all Sunday night, allowing me to hear all manner of email & messaging alerts well in to Monday early AM, at which point auto on will diligently attempt to turn on an already switched on blackberry.

Q. Why would I want to receive calls & notifications between -oh lets say- 11:00 PM Sunday and 06:00 AM Monday?
A. I wouldn't: I can't think of a worse way to start the week than being woken up at 3:00 AM on a Monday morning.

I used to use this feature all the time. The last thing I wanted was to get a phone call from a client at some ridiculaous hour.

Turn off @ 945p, on at 7a (I usually end up turning it on around 5a, I just have it set to 7 in case I decide to sleep in, I don't want to be woken up by an email/call/text etc)

You know you can turn all alerts off for the night and not worry about a call, text or email right? When you wake up its all there but you weren't disturbed.
Mine goes bedside mode and phone only when plugged in. Emergency calls is all I need when I plan on going to bed. I've always wondered who uses this part of the BBRY.

Don't cut it off other than to reboot when memory gets below 1MB. There is a "Silent" or "Vibrate Only" mode if you don't want to be awaken in the night by a customer or similar. :)

We don't have a landline, so our BlackBerries are our primary contact points for friends and family. They pretty have to be on for emergency contact at all times, with very few exceptions.

Ed: These are our personal devices, not company.

I can't turn mine off, work pays for my phone and I'm on call more or less 24/7.

I do have meterberry restart my phone at 3am though. :)

I want to be able to have it go to ring only or mute at a certian time instead of having to change teh ringer setting every night. I cannot totally turn off due to 24 hour call status, but don't need to get email or text notification after hours.

I do not use auto turn off, just mannually change settings.

This brings up an interesting concept. I frequently forget to turn my sounds back on after a meeting and it is annoying. I am not aware of a way to set them to return to a certain setting at "x" time, so I think one of you smart people should come up with an app for that. Sounds and/or vibrate could be set to change for scheduled times PLUS should have various options when mannually making changes to return to the previous settings. Choices could be similar to what we have with task options on our computers like 5, 15, 30, 45 minutes, etc.
If I don't know about some auto settings that already exist, someone have mercy and get me up to speed! LOL

Got it set to turn off at midnight (used to be 10pm until we had our baby last year) and back on at 7am which is about the time I leave for work.

Sometimes, if I am playing on it later than midnight, I'll just turn it back on or cancel the shut down - which it will let you do for a few seconds before it does turn it off.

It sits in the kitchen at night charging, so I have no need for it to be on during that time.

For some reason, the vote button caused a "running script is slowing the browser" error, which I never got voting here before. I'll try later to plug in my vote.

Ah, the vote button finally worked.

I would use it except it is my only phone so leave it on for emergency calls. Don't get late night calls unless urgent. If it was a work phone I'd use the feature a LOT!

I don't use it on my berry... I use the bedside mode with my charge pod. My wife on the other hand does use it.

My Storm shuts off at 4AM and then comes back on at 4:02AM. I was told that doing that resets the memory so the phone performs better. I leave it on 24/7 otherwise and leave it plugged in at night.

since i'm using my Bold I've never use that app. My Blackberry stays ON always. Its rare that i do manual turn Off!

I do use the auto on/off feature, I'm on call 24/7 so I have it reboot once in the middle of the night just to gain back some memory, not sure if it's working since I haven't verified it yet, I'm on vacation!

Use it to reboot daily.
Off at 02:59hrs and on again at 03:01hrs.
I find it helps with speed. I have "a few" apps, and this keeps everything in check.

I used to use Auto On/Off to turn my Blackberry off at night but after I got a charging pod I set the phone to go into bedside mode when charging and switch to the phone only profile. Now I still get phone calls but don't have to deal with alerts for emails at night.

No one should be calling me between those hours. If they do...then they have my other number.

Off at Midnight, On at 6:30am then QuickPull at 6:45am for my Storm 9530. I don't need bedside mode or an alarm clock; when it turns on at 6:30 and the emails start coming in, that's enough sound to wake me up.

I leave my BB on 24/7 and just set the profile/ringer to "OFF" when I go to sleep. That way, if I wake-up in the middle of the night, I can still check for messages or make an emergency call without having to wait for boot-up.

My Blackberry is always on. If I feel like I don't want to be bothered at night, then I just change the profile. But I never, ever turn my phone off unless it needs a reboot!

Off at 10:30pm on at 6:40am during the week, I don't use it during the weekend & now that school's coming to an end I'll probably disable it (I work in a school so I have it kick on right before I leave for work). I can totally understand people not turning theirs off, mine is my only phone too, I just live too far away from family to do anything in an emergency situation so for me there's really no point in keeping my phone on all night, though after an upgrade I'll probably just use "bedside" mode instead.

I've used this feature every day since I found it on my 8703e. While I am addicted to my BlackBerry, my wife is not (yet) and it annoyed her greatly to get email notifications all night long. So, in the interest of marital harmony, it goes off at 2330, and comes back on at 0510 every day. I'm so used to it now that when I was using a Palm Pre (I've repented and made it right, also made my daughter quite happy when I gave it to her.) it drove me crazy not to have the auto on/off feature. I know I can change the profile to phone only, which I do after 10pm, but it's okay to be unplugged while I'm asleep.

I use auto turn off from 11:00pm to 6:30am. I am a higher than average user of my berry, and get 3-4 days out of a charge. Why have the radio and display wasting battery when I am sleeping. Do I really need to know if I get an email @ 4:00

OFF @ 9PM & ON @ 9AM, Everyday...if I need it between those hours, simply turn it on...but if I'm knocked out passed out or am "occupied" at tha time, then its a battery saver

you have your Blackberry off half the day and you visit a site like this. Am i the only confused one here?

I used to use it with my 8830WE. Since getting the Tour and the charging pod, it is now my bedside clock, set to not give me any alerts between 11pm and 7am.

I use it to automatically turn my phone off at bedtime. I forget to turn it off and when I wake up in the morning my battery is drain. So it's a BIG helper for me!

never use, switch to "phone only" for the night. wish they made it so it switched profiles at certain times so i didn't have to manually switch!

I use this feature when I am on vacation.. Where I run the risk of killing my battery and cutting lose :-)

When I had a Pearl 8130 I would have it turn off every night at 4:00 AM and have it turn back on at 4:05 AM. I did it just to keep everything running smoothly

This could very well be my favorite feature of Blackberry. I'm an android user as well and wish they would incorporate it. Off at 11pm and on at 7!

Have always used auto on off since I had my bb. Got an alarm clock at side of bed do no need for me to use in bedside mode. Love the feature I set it ti come on just before I leave for work in the morning and goes off at midnight. Then on weekends I set it to come on at 10am so I try to get a lie in lol

I don't use it - I turn off my 8900 before I go to bed, plug it in, charge it overnight, then turn it on again when I wake up.

I have mine set to turn off at 5 AM and back on at 5:03 AM just to reconnect with cell towers, whatever that's for.

I Never turn my blackberry off, but I have phone tweak turn off my radio from 12 till 7.
Otherwise I'd get an email or something during the night, and the vib will wake me up.

I have mine set to power off at like 3am and come on at 315, I dunno if it helps, but I like to think it gets power cycled so it gets a fresh boot once a day

It's a sin against the BBB (BlackBerry Bible) to shut your berry off at any point in time unless IT (the bb) tells you to (i.e. deinstalling a program/app/theme) Battery pulls are even a little iffy!

The Blackberry never gets turned off because 1) it's a Blackberry and 2) I ditched the landline a few years back and only roll mobile now.

not sure why peeps would even use this feature nowadaze.

i could/would never turn of my device...i never even tried this feature.

i sit my storm1 in the cradle every night and have it set for a soft reset 15 mins before i get out of bed everyday while it is IN the pod...but thats it.

Off at 11p, on at 5:45a. I have an alarm set for 5:46, but the incoming emails usually wake me before the alarm.

The first time I used my alarm was in a hotel in L.A. (I live on the east coast) before I discovered the auto on/off feature. I started getting emails at 2:00a PST. Not a pleasant night.

I do not use this feature anymore although I must say it's very useful to regain some app memory from all the memory leaks going on throughout the day.

I had to stop using it though because when it logged back in, I would be signed out of my various apps and I just hated having to log back into everything, especially the IMs apps...

on the nights I forget to plug in; it's nice to have enough juice left to keep it running all a.m. + I don't like to be bothered at night anyway :)

"I realized that turning off the device at all was strictly forbidden."

why is it bad? yeah i use the auto on/off feature (off at midnight - 7a).

To start my phone is my only source of contact (no house phone). Alsoit would be very inconvenient to have it shut down at a specific hour, what if I was out partying or something? I don't want my phone to shut down and then wait for it to start up again when I need to make a call or text someone.
Personally I have my phone set to go into bedside mode when its plugged in after 8:30pm. Then my LED's are disabled and my phone only makes sound if someone calls.

Now that I've made my point, what are some legitimate reasons?

Great feature, saves your battery, gives you a break from work off from 11pm to 7am or as you want. Why wouldn't you use it.

There is no such thing as off. I haven't cut a cell phone off ever and I'm not about to start now lol

I do, however, put it on phone calls only when I get to bed and my berrybuzz lights shut off from 10 P to 6 A in case I have an emergency phone call.

I used to do this with my 9700, but I only did for about a week. My girlfriend brought up a very good point. If there is an emergency or something in the middle of the night, and I've got my phone turned off, I won't get the message or be there to help!

So, my 9700 stays on 24/7. I do a couple of QuickPull resets during the week, though.

Nope. Simply put, it's my only phone, and there have been a few emergencies in the middle of the night that it was good to have on. I put a custom profile on that lets the phone and BBM ring. The only contacts I have in BBM are important ones that I want to talk to, and know not to wake me up for no reason. Of course, a couple times I do forget to switch the profile and it angers me when I get a spam email that wake me up. Since they do have the auto on/off feature, would it be that hard to incorporate auto profile switch? And before you say bedside mode, that don't work for me. I tried bringing my pod home from work and using it. Even with the display dimmed, it lit the whole freaking room up and I couldn't sleep. Maybe if we could change the color of the clock to red like my alarm clock it would be ok.

I used this when I had my 8300 and 8310 because I was under the impression that it was supposed to be turned off once a day...I stopped after I got my 9000 and I def don't use this on my 9700

no i go to bed, and still am busy with my blackberry, when i'm tired or done with my work i put my blackberry to sleep myself, my blackberry goes on when my alarm clock goes off and it's time for a new day. but at night a turn it off, in the beginning i didn't, but i was getting mails, call's, and messages 3am, and i didn't like that at all.

It is perhaps the only feature on my BlackBerry smartphone that I use everyday ever since I have owned BlackBerry devices. It turns on at 5am every weekday morning and turns off at 8pm every weekday night at 8pm. Weekends; 7am and 10 pm. I love this feature and as far as I know, it is the only smartphone that has one.

Now that I have my charging station next to my bed, I no longer use the feature. That said, my wife does use it. She never remembers to turn off her cell phone, so it was dead more often than not. Now that she has a Curve, it's actually working when I need to reach her!

I used the auto off feature religiously before I moved into management. Now I have to be able to answer calls 24/7. I miss not being disturbed through the night!!!

No, I did use it for a short time until I found Bedside Mode. Much more control with Bedside Mode, I turn off all my alerts and the LED but allow phone calls to ring. That way I can get emergency calls, but don't have a bunch of email alerts all night long.

I don't use auto-off at all. I don't use auto-on explicitly either, though the alarm clock uses that functionality and I do use the alarm clock.

Never used it, I think the idea was right but the application is wrong, so wrong.... But I geuss its useful to some of us.

I've used this feature since day 1 on my Storm. Off at 11:00 pm, on at 6:30 am & Meterberry does a reset at 6:31. Fresh Berry every morning.

I tried to vote before logging in and the nice graphic just sat there spinning.

I don't know if that is by design (in which case it should show a message, not just sit there...) or a unintended feature ;)

Seems most people don't use this feature. I can see how it may be handy in situations where you're expected a call or message by a certain time but need to save battery power otherwise. Just not a situation I find myself in and I like to have my Storm 2 on all the time.

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The only time my BlackBerry is turned off is when I do a reset/battery pull or I power off to get my signal back. Other than that, my phone stays on 24/7.

I may, however, change my profile to "bedside" with the modification of a few important contacts ringer set to audible. Everyone else is set to "silent". This is best because I like to have either Pandora or iHeart Radio playing while I'm sleeping.

When I get tired of the device, need to sleep or simply don't
want to be bothered I just turn it off myself.

I have 62 watches so I don't need it to tell time. I have a
real alarm clock so I don't need it for that. I have a
dedicated (and better) multimedia device so I don't need it
for that. I also have a landline so anyone who is important
can reach me.

After seeing this I decided to give it a try and I love it!
I didn't think I would but I turn my phone off at night just to give it a bit of a break. It came on an hour before me this morning just waiting for me to pick it up :)

I wouldn't buy a device that doesn't have this capability. Nothing wrong with 10 to 12 hours a day of no email/phone/bbm distractions!!!!!

I have mine set to turn off at 1 and on at 8, simply because i DONT want to be woken up by an every 5am good morning text.

Quote"There is a "Silent" or "Vibrate Only" mode if you don't want to be awaken in the night by a customer or similar" only if you dont have downloaded ring tones set to a certain person sadly it still rings if you do =/

Charging cradle by your bed. Set up to go to Bedside Mode when charging, set Bedside up to use "Phone Only" profile. wonderful.

I automatically turn off my device from 2AM to 8AM on weekdays because I believe no one will call me on that tine but I leave it on on the weekends because I am such a party animal.

Yes I use the auto on/off feature only because I was told by someone who worked for a mobile co. that your service providers are always running updates and/or upgrades to products and services. Whether this is a fact or not, I guess I bought it. I do agree that the auto on/off feature was not thought out. Are they aware it stays off after Fri.?

but i have a weird schedule where i basically work sunday thru thursday (3rd shifter) when i had it set to turn off at 1pm during the week and back on at 10pm id often somtimes run into the problem where it would shut off on friday and didnt need it to. then i got tired of having to catch it at 12:59pm on fridays to keep it from turning off. too much of a headache. now if they fix it to where u can set ur own days then ill definately switch back. till then i have to turn it off manually (if/when i remember)