How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Adding Contacts to BlackBerry Messenger

By Adam Zeis on 30 Apr 2010 12:33 pm EDT
BBM - Add a contact

Last week's poll totally blew me away. I had talked with Kevin on it before it was posted, and we both agreed it would be close. I had no idea it would be a dead heat at 50/50 however. Out of over 15k votes, the results were split down the middle on using a 3rd party theme or not. Really interesting stuff on that one.

For this week we turn to another burning question. While at WES, I was asked what is the easiest way to add a contact to BlackBerry Messenger. While I find that in person, the barcode method is best, others say that they always just add via PIN. Then there is also the email address and elusive "SMS contact's name or phone number" method. While I have never been able to add a contact via email for some reason, others have done it without a problem. So our question this week is, what is your primary method of adding contacts to BlackBerry Messenger? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know why you choose that method. 

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Series: Adding Contacts to BlackBerry Messenger



But, it should be noted that I rarely use BBM. I have all of 3 people on my list because none of my friends have BBs (I did add them via PIN, however). Any messaging I do generally goes through SMS or Google Chat.

I completely understand your position. All of my friends either have iPhones or Android devices, so the only way that I can talk to them is through SMS or Google Chat...and on the very rare occasion, as much as I hate to say it, Yahoo! chat.

Usually I know the person's email address, but I would have to get in touch with them and ask for their pin... so it's easier just add via email. This will probably change though, if I ever end up using a personal Blackberry and NOT using it primarily for work as I do now. Of course if they're standing right there, I ALWAYS do the barcode method.

If they are already a contact I just add from my contacts. If I am in person and not a contact I use the barcode feature because it is more fun to do. I selected contact because that is how I have added most of my contacts.

Out of the 28 contacts I have, probably 23-24 have been added by PIN. Barcode is the rest, they were obviously standing right next to me except for one who posted their barcode on Facebook

I use the barcode when i can. But there are two major problems with it.

1) A lot of people haven't upgraded to the new version because they don't know about it. It's especially disappointing to know that brand new devices don't have a 5.0 version of BBM right out of the box, Including the 9700 from AT&T.

2) We can't scan barcodes from a file, only from an external image scan. How silly.

In relevance to the blog: request by PIN!

Ok now that's taken care of. Where are the developers and I'm sure bbm users such as myself would LOVE to see an application or filer to ELIMINATE broadcast messaging through bbm.

Does anyone know of an application, a software, connections to RIM to get this on this OS or future OS asap? I can't stand when contacts use bbm as if it is twitter!

It's a must to add a way to control broadcast messaging on BBM!

add contacts by pin....really is jus a simple way. because u dont kno a contacts name before u add them. and barcode only works if u hav the phone or d image.

i add by pin because i'm usually not with the person and if i am it takes just as long to type the pin as to scan the barcode

Dont have the option to add by sms name or phone os 4.5..8330. I thought I had the latest version of messenger, whats up with that?

For some reason the add by email has never worked-keeps getting stuck at "waiting for authorization" same contact gets added by PIN almost yea, PIN always for me.

Most BB users do not know about bar codes, they ussually don't know about BBM, when shown have to update before bar code can be used.

because, many people don't have the latest BBM. If not, this would most likely be my method to add contacts.

I have been using the PIN method has most of my BBM friend I have met either online or live down in the cities. When available I do use the Barcode method as it is much quicker.

I use the PIN more because every BB user I know would just send it through a text message using the mypin space short cut. But me personally I would rather put a persons email so when they switch BB's I wouldn't have to ask them for their new pin, but I prefer the Barcode option is alot more fun than both especially when its someone with their first BB and I show them that option with the Barcode they get happier than me.

Most people I add to BBM aren't close to me, so I just use their PIN. If they are close, I'll use the barcode, but that doesn't happen very often.

I like to use barcode more but most of my contacts were either added before the barcode was available or either they weren't around me...

while i love the idea of using the barcode to add people. and it seems like the easiest definitly.
my company hasnt upgraded from using 8830's yet so im the only one with a 5.0 OS right now...
(also they dont have cameras like my 8330 does :) )

Most of the time, I just get their cell # in my call log but then I find them on Facebook and then download their contact info from Facebook.