How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Playbook - How do you enter standby mode?

BlackBerry PlayBook Power Button
By Adam Zeis on 11 May 2011 01:43 pm EDT

Here's on that came up in a discussion between some of our writers yesterday. We all know that some PlayBook's seem to have a big issue with the power button. While it bothers some users, others argue that you don't really need to use it anyway so it doesn't matter. If you don't already know, you can easily turn down the screen timeout on the device (to 1 or 2 minutes) and just let it go to standby on its own. To wake again, simply swipe bezel to bezel - you never need to use the power button. Everyone has their own method however, so our question is this: How do you put your PlayBook into standby? Do you use the power button to turn it off quickly or do you let it timeout on its own? Cast your vote in the poll above and leave a comment letting us know what works best for you!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Playbook - How do you enter standby mode?


I find the power button easy to use. Just press down on it and it always works. You may not feel any movement but who cares.

Are people really still complaining about the power button??? It's not that bad. I've used different playbooks, and even the ones that are a little more Recessed really aren't a big deal. Once you learn the feel of the button, it should be nice and easy to hit the button. I like that the button is recessed a bit. It doesn't get hit accidentally. Also, there's enough around it to get a feeler's reference for the sweetspot for the button.

I wish people would quit making such a big deal about it. Man, gadgetphiles sure are a bunch of whining pansies.

Hopefully your post/poll helps end the ridiculous complaint and brings people to their sense.

Oh, and I use the power button. And Kevin's two-finger swipe suggestion is a great idea and should be implemented.

I agree about Kevin's two finger swipe to put PB in standby would be awesome. I'd use the power button but I have a case so I just wait for the timeout.

My thoughts exactly with the power button, just press it with your fingertip, hold for a second or two and the screen turns off.

Really surprised people are struggling with this!

I'm hoping all the hype for it turns into a PROPPER touchscreen BB running all the "magic" that the playbook has at this time next year. Qnx, android player, flash, same kinda look and feel to the device as the playbook, swiping etc..

I use the power button, but really do with that A:) 2 finger swipe was implemented, B:) the Power button Icon could be used for Turn off, reboot, stand by, as sometimes the device doesn't go to stand by when I press the power button and when I take the device out of my pocket a bunch of apps are now open

I use both, but I seem to have the reverse problem. When I'm using pandora via the browser it stops playing once the 5-minute max timeout is reached.

Shouldn't some things prevent the standby timeout from occurring (like the speakers are being used)? I shouldn't have to touch the playbook every 5 minutes to keep it working.

And also, what's with the maximum timeout length being 5 minutes for when it's plugged-in?? I could see for battery, but why can't i set it to 30 minutes or NEVER timeout when it's plugged in? I like to play music when I go to bed but it doesn't do me much good when my playbook goes to sleep before I do.

And what happens to those clock/alarm applications when you have it on the rapid charger stand? I'm sure you'd want to be able to look up and see the time without swiping your playbook to life and entering your password.

I use the power button.

With the PlayBook safely tucked in the Otterbox, the power button is easily accessed. Otterbox made an easy to press button so it takes care of the "issue".

I would use the two finger swipe though if it was implemented.

NEW AND BETTER QUESTION: How long will people put up with this inadequate device with insufficient software? Dont think its insufficient, just keep talking about how you push or dont push your power button and it will come to you.

If by FOOL! you mean realist then thanks. (^_^) When I see the competition I see iPad comercials that show what it can do in a business situation and the same goes for android powered devices but when I look at the Playbook commercials...... all I see is that stupid NFS game and how it runs videos while doing something else (multitasking)I would rather be looking at things through a fools eye than yours.

Have you actually even used a PlayBook before? By the tone of your statement, I am going to go out on a limb and say no. I find it amusing that you are so negatively opinionated about a device that is excellent in comparison to virtually any tablet on the market. Each tablet has something that it does better than the competition and at the same time, lack in comparison.

You are not honestly using commercials as your main argument for why the other products are better, are you? That is very idiotic.

Realist my ass.

I can see it now; your delusional outlook on life is filled with Big Macs that steam with freshness as you open the box, bathroom scrubbers that sprout eyes and clean your bathroom while you sleep, and "magical" computers that will wipe your ass for you and then tell you you're special as they give you a reach around.

I am going to give you an assignment: Next time you are watching television, take a close look at every commercial you see, right down to the fine print, and take note of what you see. I assure you, "items are exactly as they appear in real life" will not be present in any of them.

You are a marketer's wet dream.

Actually you are the one who should have an assignment. Hmmmm.... lets see, how bout takin the blue pill. Lets clear something up.... I have a BB Playbook, why would I curse it so if I didnt??? and yes I do have the iPhone 4 but that was bumped up from a BB Storm. What you should be gathering is that I WAS a BB fanatic until EVERYONE else started releasing better devices. I am an electronics guru of sorts. I have lots of things to play with and also go to Japan to get stuff that isnt sold in the states. I buy things because they are the best in their department "thus far" I bought a BB Playbook. I bought my iPhone4 because it was THE ONLY phone with the speed and the screen resolution and the software. BB phones, although releasing new versions of the old ones, are still behind. You also have to realize that the Playbooks software is insufficient, it doesnt even have native email, and dont say "its coming" because all other tabs release with native email among other things. The software sucks and oher companies are releasing dual core tabs with better resolution and better core software. I know why other products are better. The commercials just show everyone why they are better, but its people like you who cant see that so take the pill. Oh and for your info I dont have a Mac. I have a HP that I tricked out myself and actually I am a marketers worst nightmare because I know what the products can and cannot do and know what the competition can and cannot do and am quick to point it out when they TRY and sell me something. You seem like the type that wouldnt even ask questions.......

You basically summarized the fundamental problem with people who are so susceptible to marketing. Believe it or not, hardware specs are not the baseline to how you should be comparing products.

Have you ever heard of the term "Bigger is not always better"? It is very true in this instance and something you have failed to grasp.

I am the first to admit that Blackberry phones have been lacking in several ways for the past couple years, but as a communication device, they are exceptional. I do not compare products based on their ability to throw angry birds. Most of my time spent on my phone is used for its fundamental purpose: communication. If I wanted to play games, I would use my iPod.

I'm convinced you aren't even sure what your definition of a "better product" is. Yes, the screen resolution of the iPhone is quite impressive but who cares? Are you really going to benefit from reading super tiny print rather than just plain ol' tiny print? From what I have heard, the new line of Blackberrys will have a very nice screen, but they have the added benefit of being a good phone as well.

By speed, what are you referring to? Processor speed? Scrolling speed? An addictive substance? Just saying it has the speed is ridiculous and gives your argument no merit. I will pass on this one.

Have you bothered to look at any other App store other than the apple one? I have over 60 applications on my Blackberry phone, all of which work perfectly and serve a useful purpose. I honestly cannot think of another application I could benefit from. Do you have an awesome fart app that I don't know about? Does it make Darth Vader sounds or squeaky gopher farts? Totally worth it!

Yes, the PlayBook has few apps at the moment, and according to you, this sucks. Does this mean that when they release email, calendar and android player in a couple months it will be awesome? Good argument.... Software is just that, a non-physical asset that can be changed, altered, updated, and/or removed.

Have you watched a video on the PlayBook? The screen is amazing! Again, you're warped mindset on this notion that more is better is tortuous.

You obviously have no idea why you think one product is better than the other. As I had mentioned in my last post, each has their advantage and their shortfall. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a perfect product. To be so negatively polarized to one that is basically the same damn thing just proves my point.

So far this "inadequate" device has traveled with me into MANY meetings in my pocket, I was able to review a few warehouses pulling out the playbook as needed, but putting it away in my pocket when not,

it has plugged directly into multiple HDTV's and Projectors for use in presentations, and has been a fantastic Storage device for Excel/Word/and Powerpoint files when transferring them from computer to computer or sharing them with customers using Wifi access.

There are short comings, I wont say this device is perfect, but so far it is the smallest feature rich tablet, that does not require me to have a contract for Cellular data connectivity

I press the power button, and while I've never had any issues with the button itself, I agree the Otterbox makes it much easier to access.

I remember from the preproduction images+vids, the "Power Off" app had a Standby icon. I wonder why they removed that from the production release.

The OEM skin case makes it almost impossible to press the power button. It even triggers the volume buttons sometimes. The volume buttons are unpredictable also when the case is on.

Frankly I'm more surprised there are over 1,000 people claiming to own a PlayBook.

I've stopped in three Best Buy's and a Staples and haven't been able to see one on display yet. Doesn't seem to be a big item anyone is pushing, and I'd love to get my hands on one to try it out so I can make up my mind what I'm going to purchase.

Really? I was actually impressed with the future shop down from my house. They had four demo models strewn across the store compared to only one ipad2.

You should ask an associate, the first week it was out they had it locked in a cabinet. It wasn't until week 2 when I actually made my purchase that they finally got one out on display (in the cell phone area).

Despite this they told me they were selling well and they couldn't keep the higher GB models in stock.

Well that makes NO SENSE at all. Lock them away during product launch and have no display?

Honestly I've given up on looking. I went specifically to the Best Buy to look at the product, and tried during the first two weeks to find one... and couldn't.

Now they have them on display, in the cell phone area? A Wi-Fi only tablet in the cell phones? Hmm...

I don't shop for anything at Best Buy anymore, so maybe some point down the road I'll take a look. I won't purchase until the PlayBook can do Android apps anyway, as there are too many things I want to use the tablet for which have no BB apps and only iOS and Android. I don't like the UI for Android devices... but I like the apps.

Our Staples has a working Playbook display that is very attractive and functional. At Best Buy, you cannot even find a display. And when you ask about a Playbook to a Best Buy salesperson, they try to talk you out of one and steer you to an IPad.
The first two weeks after the Playbook was released, Best Buy had them locked away in a cabinet with no display.

The first day, the Staple where I live sold out ... had 1 on display. Went to Walmart where they had them locked away out of sight from customers. I asked 2 different associates whether or not they had any ... and they inturn had to ask someone else as they didn't know. WHAT A JOKE THE WAL-MART STAFF WAS ! At the cash, the lady looked at it like it was something from outerspace, and asked me what it was. Told her it was the NEW BlackBerry Tablet. She said that the iPad is pretty good, and suggested that I look at that. WHAT A JOKE THE WAL-MART STAFF WAS.

But I would like to add that they were very polite in all respects.

They want to win the top $$$$ prize for most PlayBooks sold in that week. There is BIG competition between retailers in the works now as to who can sell the most PlayBooks

There isn't a Best Buy anywhere around me that had a 64 GB model in stock. I had to go to Office Depot to find one, and they had quite a few. I don't think Best Buy has a very good supply. If I'm traveling, I use the power button. If I'm sitting around I just let the screen time out. I don't have much need to turn it off since it always seems to be in my hands!

i use the power button all the time to put it into standby mode. My power button isnt raised either and i dont have any trouble pressing it. I only use the touch controls when i have to do a restart.

Concerning the Playbook and iPad displays, in the Best Buys near my house, they have the iPads near the notebook computers, and the Playbook in the cell phone section. I wish they would put them side by side for comparison but I also wonder if it's done on purpose to try to push one over the other. Instead, when I went to buy my dad a Playbook I first found the iPads with no problem and after he tried them out we had a really hard time finding the Playbook in a whole different section of the store, however, he did get to check out all of the tablets but I still wish they would display them side by side. Needless to say he picked the Playbook.

On the issue of the power button, I bought the convertible case that is sold in Best Buy and it makes it really hard to press the power button I like the idea of a two finger swipe to tuck my Playbook baby to sleep.

I rarely use the power button but when I do I use the on screen button/icon. Seems like an easy solution to me. It doesn't put it to sleep though.

We need something to lock the screen...everytime I put it into standby to clean the screen, it turns on

Standbye? That is certainly not the Playbook's problem. The problem is that it cant be kept off of going into standby every flippin 5 minutes if your not actually touching the screen which renders the Playbook utterly and completely useless to stream anything such as radio station from the Internet. You constantly have to swipe the screen to keep the station playing instead of just being able to leave the playbook on with the radio playing. And yes, I know there is a Slaker app - an app which has hardly anything compared to what is available online. Wish that TuneIN Radio app would have come out by now but unfortunately, there are delays - whatever that means. RIM needs to upgrade this function immediately. Whats worse, you cant even leave the playbook in the charger and stay on. Poor design. Stupid design. Sorry to be negative, but this is becoming a greater annoyance every day that I use the playbook and have to keep running to it to touch the damn thing.

never had the need to use the power button i lett the PB go into standby itself, if i need to reboot theres always the power off app

Personally I have no problem with the button... I kind of like that it doesn't get in the way and can't be hit too easily. That said, rarely use it... have screen time-out + standby down to 90 secs. Bezel-to-Bezel for waking it up is great. Two-finger b-t-b for standby would be sweet.

i like to get my battery worth out of a charge,so uhats why i almost always but my devices in stanby mode manually