How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Playbook - Do you use a case for your PlayBook?

PlayBook Neoprene Case
By Adam Zeis on 27 Apr 2011 01:38 pm EDT

Taking off on our How Do You Use Your BlackBerry series, forums member valorian suggested we change it up a bit and ask some questions about the PlayBook and I totally agree. So to get things started we'll go with something quick and easy. The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with a sweet neoprene sleeve out of the box. I totally love it and used it religiously the first few days I had my device. I did use the PlayBook Barely There case for a bit, but I have since purchased the PlayBook convertible case however, and can't say that I'll ever stray from it. It does just what I need and it is truly an awesome case. So PlayBook owners: do you use a BlackBerry PlayBook case of any kind on your device? We want to know if you use the neoprene sleeve, a different case or just go out naked! Cast your vote in the poll above, then leave a comment letting us know!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry Playbook - Do you use a case for your PlayBook?


I'm still waiting for the skin case and charge pod from Crackberry Store... pre-ordered but somehow will be shipped in 5/10... ouch... So i will see if that will replace the soft sleeve but that's the one I'm using now and I like it for traveling.

I use a leather case that i got for $15 on ebay a while back for the original nook.. works perfectly! still careful with it though. it holds it in the 4 corners. no back camera access. Waiting on the OtterBox.
sleeve it came with is annoying, though your blue one looks neat! mine's black.

Hah! will do. I remember it being blue inside now.

I still find it kinda annoying and freaky to stuff it in there. I imagine it flying out of my hands and shattering like in that drop test vid!

I would, but still waiting on the foldable case I ordered from the store. May 2nd estimated to ship. For now when it leaves the house, it's in the neoprene. Otherwise, lying around the house naked (Playbook, not me).

I use the stock one that it came with. Works well for me.

Do any of you know if there there is/will be a vibration function available?
Has anyone noticed how bad the quality of video being sent through microHDMI is? 55" 1080p TV
Anyone else keep getting an exclamation mark when trying to play certain flash videos?

I am pleased with my purchase, but will be more so when the native features are added.

just ordered the zagg skin..will see how that works out..neoprene is doing it's thing. I just feel I'm not prepared for upcoming scratches..that's why I ordered the zaggskin. As for dropping it..I will NOT let that happen..but it has happened to my BB9700..but I will do my d@mn best not to let that happen to my playbook..

I voted for the third party case but I also use the sleeve it came with as well...the third party case will still fit snugly into it.

I use the leather journal case from Blackberry. Works great. and I too am having alot of issues playing videos. Didn't realize only a certain type of video files are supported.

I have a screen protector on it. I use the sleeve that came with it but I have a leather folding case on the way! Can't wait to prop it up to watch movies...Netflix soon?!?!

I watch stuff that I've downloaded from the internet and loaded on to my PB. I don't stream movies, only tv shows from like or southparkstudios

I have a screen protector and use a leather convertible case.

If I want to slim it down to slip in the pocket of my cargo pants I'll probably use the neoprene sleeve :)

Mine is always in the BB Journal case, which I love. But if it has to go in my purse I double bag and put it in the sleeve as well.