How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How many email accounts do you have on your device?

By Adam Zeis on 1 Jul 2011 02:02 pm EDT
 BlackBerry Bold 9780 Email Setup  

Way back when I first got into my geeky internet lifestyle, I had loads of email addresses floating around. I had a Hotmail, Yahoo!, ISP email, Gmail and many more. I was eager to try out all the various services "just because" and had no real organization to anything. In recent years I've consolidated to using just a few accounts, and while the others are still active, I haven't touched them in years.

On my BlackBerry I currently have four active email accounts. My AT&T BIS email as well as three Gmail accounts. I think that's plenty for me as I hate to manage more than I can handle. What I'm curious to know is just how many email accounts CrackBerry readers have on their device? BlackBerry smartphones allow up to 10 emails on BIS (which would drive me nuts) but I'm assuming not many have all the slots filled up. So let us know in the poll above just how many you have on your device, then leave a comment letting us know why. 

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How many email accounts do you have on your device?


Kinda surprises me that so far the same amount of people that have 6 also have 1.

I had just 1 for the longest time, but just recently added a second, so I voted 2.

0 should be an option. Until about 2 months ago I didn't have any email accounts on my blackberry, and I've had it since April of 2009.

1 for my work phone.
I check my personal email at home on the desk top .... don't want to do that on company time.

Love the Bold 9700 and the PlayBook.

Seriously come on!! These articles seem to be getting even more boring and pathetic day by day, are these articles the crackberry team can only think of these days? polls?

The crackberry team just seem to repeat most articles, topics, celebrity sightings (SOME of which are so old they may not even still own a blackberry). At least 10 times! Do you guys have nothing better to do then this?

all we see is 101 this and 101 that, what do you with your blackberry, how do you use your blackberry, it’s like the crackberry team have run out or are running out of ideas.

i know for a fact a lot of loyal blackberry users feel the same but choose not to say anything, as a BB user for 5 years I don’t have anything against RIM, their devices or the crackberry team, however seriously, who’s really interested in things like this? We want to know about future devices, where RIM is heading, QNX progression so far for BB handsets etc...

We want to know real meaningful stories and articles, not polls and boring s*** like this or about boring apps that other OS app can do 100 time better.

It’s nothing personal against the crackberry, the community here, just giving my opinion. FREEDOM OF SPEECH

Where is 0? I voted 1, because I usually just have my personal email setup, but I took it off, re-added, and recently got rid of it again. Am I the only one who can't even read emails on the freaking device? I have to check the email from the Messages app, but then I have to go on the internet ANYWAY to actually read the message.

Well, I'm one of the few with 6. Two of them are Gmail accounts although one of those is collecting dust as that company is now dissolved. Been meaning to clear that out and shut it down. I think I'll take a few minutes today and do that lol

3. I used to have 8 or so, until I switched to an iphone (for the longest 6 months of my life). When I went back to the blackberry, I stuck to just the 3 that I actually use often.

I have a total of 5 email accounts on my phone.
My main one that I use for personal and some business is on Gmail. Of course I have my college email on there as well, normally I'd use that as my business account but the new server its on is always fuggin up. My former main acount is on Yahoo, I just like Gmail more. I also have an old AOL account, I use that mostly for Twitter notifications. And my last account is my Fraternity Chapter website email address, which is on Yahoo.

Would be six, but I took my old hotmail account off.

All of these emails and more, are why I'm hooked on BlackBerry.

And a netzero account from 15 years ago I haven't checked in 15 years. But I guess that doesn't count for my BB email setup.

Got 6 - all personal.......never can have too many personal e-mail accounts - just like driver's licenses ha!!

I have six, 1 for my online accounts notification and stuff, 1 for my mailing list, 1 for my blog, 1 for my personal email, 1 for my mailing list and 1 for blackberry account 'coz it's just too hard to resist :)

I have a Gmail address and a work address that I use on my Bold 9650. I also have a second Gmail address that's really only used for spam.

Seriously, though, who uses 10 email accounts concurrently? You couldn't possibly consolidate a few of these?

I currently have three. My gmail being the main account, my yahoo which I have had for a decade, and a fresh I use for work. I am in the mobile business after all.

I have 6
personal email
spam email
church email (I work as their wemaster)
gmail Account for my nook color rooted of course
old personal email
work email

I also manage 4 Twitter accounts and 2 fb fan pages - this will be increasing due to work.

needles to say a blackberry is the only device that can handle this volumn.

I have four.
one for my device i use for apps and such things only device related
Hotmail for my personal stuff like facebook, bills, family
Gmail for coupons, junk
BES work email

I think I have everyone beat... I have **12** email accounts set up on my BB. 10 through BIS, and 2 more with the Gmail app installed on my BB.

I run multiple online stores, so it helps to keep the various emails separate by having different email addresses for each. I could probably consolidate a few into a catch-all address or two, but that would involve a lot of work and stuff :(

10 is not enough. I still have to use Logicmail to manage some extra catchall accounts to screen spammers.

As of right now I have two, my personal and my school email.
I mainly use my school email, since our teachers, principal and everyone else uses the school emails to send out everything.