How do you use your BlackBerry: How many 3rd party apps do you have on your device?

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jan 2011 12:48 pm EST
 BlackBerry 3rd party apps  

When chatting with people about their devices, I'm sometimes amazed to see how many 3rd party apps they do or don't have on their device. Many users have a device which they bought or were given by work etc. that they just use "as is". They don't worry about installing any extra apps as they feel the native apps are good enough for them. On the flipside there are users that just can't stop installing apps. They load up their devices and have it busting at the seams with 3rd party apps. So our question today is this - how many 3rd party apps do you have on your device? Cast your vote in the poll above, and leave a comment stating your case! 

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How do you use your BlackBerry: How many 3rd party apps do you have on your device?


I like to try out the free apps that I see and think are interesting. I tend to download and if I don't use them I delete them but if I use them off and on I'll keep them. If they tend to phone home too much or use up too much battery then I dump them too even if I use them.

I have 35 apps on my BlackBerry Torch and got 301MB free left, all productivity apps, specially those from Shao-Soft which are my favorites, (SixTools FTW!!) and my device is fast as hell, people should not be afraid to install apps on their BB's! if they slow your device is because ur current Os sucks (Hybrid FTW too), wonder how i got much memory left? did a light java folder myself, deleted those unnecesary things on the OS java folder and installed the OS on my device.

Total apps: 76
Free apps: 14
Paid apps: 62

I use every one of these at least once a week and half of them daily.

My apps run the gamut from music palyer, location based, system utils, replacements and enhancements to default apps, etc.

Fortunately with the 9800 this many apps is a non-issue with respect to performance and I have over 260mb free memory.

I've never thought of myself as having lots of apps installed, but I guess I do!
A lot of them are what I consider "the basics". Apps that add or improve the functionality of the OS:
-Smart Calling
-Who is It

Then there's the Productivity/Useful apps:
-Google Maps
-Google Mobile App
-Google Sync
-Video Flashlight

Then finally there's my "other" apps:

I guess so many of them fall in to the "basics" category, I don't really think of them as add-on apps most of the time...

By the way, that's all on a 9700 with OS 6... I've gotta get a 9780!

I am only running about 15. I prob would run more but my 9700 and 9300 dont have enough memory. I guess its time to upgrade to the 9780....

I just downloaded BerryBuzz [trial] and BerryWeather [trial], both of which are pretty deluxe. However, I don't know that I could spend $9.99 on a weather app. It's gorgeous though. So hard to decide :(

Addictive Tower Defense
Google Maps
ScanLife Barcode Reader
DirecTV Scheduler
Wallpaper Changer

I'd like to add a few more but I'm still on a Storm 9530 so these are what I consider the essentials. Not sure what else I would add. MLB GameDay is a summer-time app. When I upgrade phone I'll most likely get an app to manage my WiFi connection, may be motivated to finally get Slingbox. Other than that I think I'm good and I'm still at the 15 or so apps.

I would have a lot more on my 9700 but I like to keep at least 40mb available app memory. What is the minimum memory I should keep free.

As for true 3rd party apps, I have 18 on my Torch. But a few more if you include Blackberry made apps that don't come with the phone and have to be installed separately such as Facebook and the News Reader (so, technically, those wouldn't be 3rd party apps). With just that, I have about 256 mb left.

visual voicemail

slacker radio

wide color
zen six

27 games
22 applications
7 themes
My phone recently broke and I had to re-install all my apps, so these are mainly the ones I use often. You might have guessed by the number of games, I have a Torch.

30ish. And I am counting launchers such as the CB launcher and CB Store, as they are not native to the OS.

Also, if you count themes, then tack on about another 7-10.

I have about 20 apps installed. I used to have many more, but then I updated to OS6 on my 9700 and didn't have enough memory for this many apps. Seeing people with Torches say they have 30+ apps. Dang I need one of those!


Addictive Tower Defense
BeWeather Free
TRON theme by StaticFX
Fancy Characters
Google Maps
Newegg Mobile
OTA Downloader
Photobucket Mobile
CB Superstore
TBL Lancher

59 on Tour and use about 20 on daily basis, rest about once a week. Oh, and it is only free apps. Wonder what it will be if I get into paid apps! Does that make me an app junky?

Right now my storm 9530 has 24 apps.

At one point I had 42, but I took them off the device since I wasn't using them regularly.

17 right now. EA is having another sale in the App World so I'll probably end up with at least 7 more after the weekend is over. Yep my BB is all play no work. :D

If RIM would let us install apps on the built in Storage (like on the Storm and Torch) we'd have a phone that almost rivals the iPhones and Androids (in terms of apps).

There is no installing app to built in storage on ANY BlackBerry device.

It is all device memory and even the 64mb devices can hold a crapload of them. My 8310 had over 40 apps.

because I stil have to storm 1 I have less than 5 or to much memory gets used and I even shrank my os cant wait to get something better.

I have 9 themes, 11 games and over 25 apps. The real question (and votes) I would like to see is how often people use these apps? Other than the core BB apps, I use about 4 apps throughout the day, another 4 or 5 at least once a day and the rest as needed. Themes rotate based on how I feel that day and games are just confidential.

Similar thought for me, I would have guessed around 25. I counted 60!

20 of those are games that my daughter and I play.

Free space 35mb, w/OS6 and BHTM Hybrid.

I have 92 third party apps, 98 if you include non-os RIM apps. And yes, I use them all on a weekly basis at least. If I haven't used an app in the last 30 days, I must not need it.

Not counting my themes and utility apps that don't have icons, I have 76 third party apps on my Storm 2. I have more that were purchased and I'm not using right now.

I have 56. These are free apps,paid & crackberry contest ones! I've included my themes (17). Yeah, love those themes. I do a weekly backup in case my bb gets bricked AGAIN. Remember-do that battery pull after installations everyone.

I thought I only had about 5-10 until this survey, now I know I have 24! I can't believe it, never thought I had that many on my 9700. Well one is my theme so I don't know if that really counts & for some reason I have Reset & Reset2, no idea why but I still have 108.8MB free so I'm happy. I could probably get rid of a few of these but they're not hurting anything so unless I find something that I really want to replace them with they can stay for now.

I have approximately 65 apps and around 248mb left on my Bold 9650, I just have seen so many useful apps that I enjoy like Dropbox, Groupon, Vlingo, Tether, Show Me The Images, Quicklaunch, Pageonce, Kindle, Fuel Economy, Filescout - "Donation Version", and not to forget the Crackberry Launcher. I am a Theme and App junkie. I bought approximately 80 themes in the last 2 years, some were all but a few of Elicite themes. Until recently I have changed themes about every two weeks, but have been using BellaMintDsgns (formally EThemes) nonstop for almost 5 months. Now to get back in the givaway contests Crackberry has to see if I can get a few more! ; )

I have 285 apps. of course i have the iphone 4. i don't think any blackberry can hold than 35 apps, and stil i have 20 gb free in my memory.

Sorry for you still have a blackberry. dinosaurs.

Ps. i got 8 something GBS in apps. can your blackberry handle that?

Waiting for someone answer me that. thank u.

Okay, who left the apple door open again? Or does it sound more like what we said when we were kids, "my dog is bigger than your dog".

It really doesn't matter how many apps you have on your Smartphone or how much free memory, what’s important is; does the device work for you and are you making good use of it. My colleagues and I have had many discussions over our beverage of choice (and I won't go there for which drink is better) and we always walk away with our same choice Smartphone. So in a nutshell... “Vive la difference!”

Did you not see my post and free memory.

Trust me if I needed to load the stupid shit that is on you iPhone I could and not break a sweat.

But yeah, go on being the type of obnoxious POS that we BlackBerry users laugh at and pity.

Not counting the RIM apps (Facebook, Traffic, Twitter, etc. ) I have a good 40 third party apps. And I have 22 games (including Brick Breaker and Word Mole).
So that's 62 apps and games, not including RIM's apps.

And I also have 8 themes on my device... used to be about 15.

I'm on the 9800... with about 230 mbs left.

Atomichelix Notify
BofA mobile
Barcode Assistant
Sheath Theme
Slate BlackOut OS6 icon
Slate White OS6 icon
Slate Blackout regular icon
Copter Universal Search Icon
Dexrew SMS Backup
Google Maps
MP3 Ringtone Creator
Navita Translator
Documents to Go Pro
Quick Wallpaper Change
Quick wallpaper Save
Wallpaper Changer Pro
What's Running
World Clock Multi-Alarms

Scoremobile FC
Role Call Tasks
Google Mobile App
Google Maps
Google Sync
Google Voice
NY Times

I'm surprised the 20+ count seems low. Especially with the number of people at 30+ and 40+.

I have 50 3rd party apps on my Tour:

Aces Blackjack
Ascendo Money
Barcode Assistant
Berry Weather
Bubble Popper
Buddy Guard
Camera Mute App
CrackBerry App Store
SocsToGo Premium
Bank App
Google Sync
Google Voice
GPS Tracker
GPS Logger
Kindle App
Mobile Merchant Pro
Mobipocket Reader
Navita Translator
Opera Mini
Random Password Generator
Text Warrior
Word Search
Your Navigator Deluxe

Hmmm....I agree about the "who left the apple door open""s not about how many, but are they useful to you? For me I don't have fart apps or zit popping ridiculousness, but in addition to the preinstalled games/apps I also have...

aMaze GPS Navigator
Bible Reader
Google Maps
RBC Banking
Tunein Radio

How many you have depends on the device memory capacity. I run a 9000 so I'm pretty capped at these 27.
BB Launcher 1.0
BeamReader 1.0.10
BeBuzz Free 3.2.18
BlockBerry 5.78
BOLT 2.31
com_plazmic_theme_ota_today 1.0
Documents To Go 2.0003.030
Fixmo Tools
Flycast v2 2.12
Freelight 1.34
gCalc 0.6.8
Gmail 2.0.6
Google Maps 4.5.2
Google Mobile App 3.9.6
Mobiola xPlayer 1.9.1
Nobex Radio Companion 2.2.9
OntoCalander 3.5.9
qsms 0.1
Slacker Radio 3.1.153
Smap (Sanoodi) 1.6.2
The Hockey News Mobile
TiVo DVR Scheduler
Viigo 3.1.507
ZonaSnap 1.1.08

Currently I have 13 third party apps. The majority of the apps are work related. I don't play games on a computer or on my phone. For me, my phone is a tool, just like my Montblanc 149 pen is a tool. However, there isn't any rule that states your tools cannot be useful and have style.

Holy crap, I have 47 and I didn't even count themes or crap like visual voicemail or My Verizon that showed up in the list. Sadly, I use 75% of them on a weekly basis.

34 on 9650 with BB6, all but 4 used at least once a week. 3 of the 34 are games (Hangman, Sudoku, and Free Chess), the rest productivity apps. When the new theme builder is released, I'll probably carry 4-5 themes.

What the heck? How does everyone have more 3rd party apps then me?, lol

Anyway on my Pearl Flip, I have which are not part of the 3rd party apps:
RIM Apps: IM (BBM, AIM, Y!, GTalk, Winlive), Social (Facebook, Twitter), App World, Podcast, Newsfeed,
Count 9

3rd Party Apps: Pandora, Google Search, Google Maps, Shazam, Docs to Go (word,sheet, presentation, files), Wells Fargo, BOA.
Count 10

So I have 10 3rd party apps with 25 to 12 MB free. This leaves me no room for 3rd party apps.

My piece of crap tour can barely handle having more than 10 apps on it. Well, it can, but the battery life goes to crap.