How do you use your BlackBerry - How do you upgrade your OS?

BlackBerry Wireless Update
By Adam Zeis on 23 Dec 2010 02:02 pm EST


It's really just a matter of preference, but BlackBerry users have a few options when it comes to installing and official OS upgrade on their device. The most common is via App Loader or Desktop Manager, but the OTA wireless upgrade is proving a convenient option as well. Personally I've never used the OTA option, but many users are big fans. Installing via the wireless update does take a bit longer than using App Loader/Desktop Manager, but it's also easier and can be done without a PC. So our question today is this - how do you install official OS upgrades on your device? Keep in mind we're not referring to leaked software (which can't be installed OTA) and just official carrier releases (like Sprint's OTA of OS 6). Cast your vote in the poll above and leave a comment letting us know why you do what you do. Thanks donniejet

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How do you use your BlackBerry - How do you upgrade your OS?


i never success upgrade by using Desktop Manager. Always use AppLoader. Yeah. there is no vote status after the vote.

I would prefer an OTA but my carrier is never ahead of me when it comes to releases. I think RIM is trying to get their carrier partners to start making more use of OTA to reach the users that don't use desktop manager to update their software(Mr. Balsillie referenced OTA in the last earnings call). It's a great way to show users the increased functionality of a new OS and can keep them loyal to the platform.

However, I prefer Apploader for more control, such as shrinking an OS or adding what I only want. OTA is nice, if you are out and about and can't wait to try an official out, but generally most people can wait. I recommend Apploader for more advanced users and heck isn't even that hard for inexperienced people. Crackberry has tons of threads with very detailed instructions....Just my 2 cents anyway...

Hi there. I just use apploader.

What I normally do is wipe all and put in new OS. Well, just preferences using apploader. Been using it since day one :)

At first I was skeptical of doing an OTA. What happens if something goes wrong right in the middle of the upgrade? But I've done the last few Official OS updates all using OTA. They've gone more smoothly than with AppLoader/DM. OTA OS Updates was a great idea! IMHO

I always do OTA and have yet to experience any serious problems as other people say they have when they try it. But then again, I don't run any hybrid or shrunken OS' on my BB.

I use the AppLoader/DM for the same reasons that most people have stated above. I like having more control overr what goes on my phone and what doesn't. While I know there are thing that will always end up being pushed onto it by the Carrier, at least I have SOME control over what is put on my phone.

Your mileage may vary.


I have traditionally been an apploader guy, but i have to say that lately DM has been great and speedy. Kudos to RIM. I updated to the latest 9700 leak in 16 minutes. A marked improvement.

I've actually done all three. I don't do OTA any more since I generally don't stick to a supported OS long. I used OTA on my Torch and my 9700 before I found the leaked OSs. I've actaully installed leaks & standard OS with DM and AppLoader. AppLoader has to be the best way I've seen but if you run standard OS and can't wait to get to a computer OTA works fine.

I use apploader all the time. for some reason I don't feel comfortable using DM, one of them being my hands were so itchy to Ctrl-click on certain CODs, delete them manually, and run apploader straight away (heh heh).

oh and I do agree with the opinion that the inability to upgrade an operating system from a mac is indeed a crime. I'd really love to be able to shrink and install operating systems while I'm sitting on my bed and having my MacBook on my lap, instead of getting up from the bed and sitting in front of the PC doing the whole process.

App loader and desktop manager are definitely the best ways to go....this last update was actually my first time using OTA OS upgrading and not only does it take almost three times as long as using apploader, but for some reason, applications take WAAYYY longer to install on an OS that has been upgraded OTA.....I figure it has to do with overhead left from the previous loader/desktop manager installs are just fresher.

BBSAK or BBhybrids tool (Shrink and OS) ;-p
I can't remember the last time I loaded a clean official OS, hybrids is the way to go! LOL

Most of us that live out side the US, CA OR EU dont get official updates from our carriers and we have to use leaks or delete the vender file from other official os carriers (two thums up for this CB :)), were I live I have never ever seen an os update from any of the 4 carriers via OTA or DM, better yetI havent seen any update for any latinamerican wireless provider (I could be wrong) and I have been a BB user since they brought them here(panama), around 2007.

I will still have the latest and greatest OS for my 9700.

Desktop Manager gives you option to back up your device - so if something goes wrong there is no problem !!!

Have upgraded all of the different ways....OTA is the least efficient for me, since the carrier supported upgrades are far behind the latest leaked OS. This latest upgrade of my 9700 to OS 6 I took out the things I do not use, and it loaded up perfectly. Prior attempts without shrinking failed and gave me errors...but this time it worked great.....loving OS6.0.0.418

I've have no need to shrink my OS so App Loader isn't for me. Tried OTA and it went smoothly but it took awhile. DM is reliable for me and it takes roughly 15-20min to install a new OS.

I have an older Mac, so I have no choice but to do OTA. OTA has always gone smoothly for me; I've had no problems upgrading to official OS that way.

I always used the desktop manager but the last update I performed was via the app loader thanks to a suggestion and found it to be a much easier Solution.

Ive ONLY used OTA and without any problems as of yet. I'm not always near a computer to go the other routes.