How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How do you reset your device?

By Adam Zeis on 23 Jul 2010 02:02 pm EDT
CrackBerry BlackBerry Boot Screen

Being BlackBerry users we face the truth and know that we have to resest our devices more than we'd like. It's and unfortunate truth, but we just kind of roll with it. Most users rely on a good ol' battery pull to do the job, while others use the keyboard shortcut and some stick with a 3rd party app. Whatever you choose, they all serve the same purpose. Here's to hoping that soon we won't have to worry about reseting, but for now we want to know how you reset your device. Do you do a battery pull, alt-shift-del key combo or a different 3rd party app like QuickPull or QuickLaunch? Leave your vote in the poll and drop a comment letting us know why. Thanks Diego!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How do you reset your device?


Quickpull doesn't seem to work on my 8330 running a 5.0 hybrid so I just pull the battery. Waiting for phone to finish booting as I type.

I am on an 8330 running what os are u running and are you having bluetooth issues. Talking on my bluetooth is fine but I can't hear anything if I try to listen to my music through bluetooth thanks for your input in advance. I also use control+alt+delete(thread answer)

Bold 9000 - OS .681

I do a battery pull about once a week.
Alt/Shift/Del locks my phone - is it suppose to reset it??

What's the point of ripping the battery door off and yanking the battery, or finding some app to do it that takes up some space? Just the quick and simple key-combo works wonders!

you have to have dial from homescreen enabled. people who utilize their blackberry w/ shortcuts, like it's meant to be used, don't get to use this shortcut anymore...

I thought the exact same thing, and I used to soft reset once a day on my 9530, then I started getting a nasty battery drain after I loaded a new OS, I loaded a different OS, deleted some apps, and finally I pulled the battery out for 90 seconds, put it back in and my battery drain was gone. Ever since I've been all about the hard reset, I don't exactly know why but it does a more 'complete' reboot than some of the 'soft reset' apps out there.

Or it bricks our phones. Key combo completely locks up my Tour... maybe this will change when I get my THIRD Tour this year early this week... though I doubt it.

Actually..I started with the 3-button combo for the longest time just to find out that some issues still remain. What is happening is that as long as you have power to the phone (ie, battery never been removed) some problems persist. If you find that your still having issues after the 3 button reset, try a battery pull and you'll notice that fixes more problems. So I'm a battery puller...and its nothing to do with laziness or clueless, its a better and more reliable way of resetting. For those concerned about wear and tear, then you must be using pliers and screw drivers to remove your battery or you have a "shell" thats a PITA to remove.

The best way to reset your device is the battery pull. Pull out the battery for at least 30 seconds to make sure that everything resets.

I use the key board shortcut. Never understood how the 3rd party apps would work since most resets are done because the device is frozen. If frozen, how are you supposed to access the 3rd Party App???

So true! Just like "Youve reached Tech Support. Sorry all lines are busy. Please visit our website for more information"

Actual battery pulls are for the clueless. What's the point of opening the device up and pulling out the battery when alt-right shift-del does the exact same thing? (And it DOES do the exact same thing.)

Actually, battery pulls are for Storm users who don't have a physical keyboard to reboot with. Sucks that I've sometimes been forced to do this a few times a day within the past month or so.

Does the keyboard method work when the device has completely frozen? I always just pulled the battery out.

Battery pull if I am not going to move to the next 4 minutes or if I am at home.

Alt+Shift+Del if I am on the go.

Either I have been extremely lucky or don't strain my devices enough, but I have only had to do atmost 10 device resets in the 5 years I have had BB's (8800, 9000, 9700, 9530). Didn't know about the key code though - will try that next time.

On my Storm Battery Pull is the best option...

I can say that I am really impressed with the build quality of the battery cover latches ;)

Alt shift delete for me.
This post should've had two polls tho, one for storms and one for non storms. Hard to do alt shift delete on a touchscreen ;)

If you've got a Storm2 you have to use Quicklaunch or the metal prongs on the battery door will break off after a couple months.

I've done a thousand battery pulls with my 9530 and the metal prongs on my battery door still work great... my wife's 9630 with the plastic lever however, is now pretty weak and loose.

I don't have to worry about resetting my Tour. It randomly resets itself when I open the Facebook app. But when needed, I do a battery pull. Seems to clear a lot of space when it reboots after a pull. Almost 8mb worth.

its either the battery or RestartMe... but i dislike both of these. Why isn't there an option in settings to reset your phone??

I used to do the battery pull, but it was getting to be a pain since my Curve 8330's in a Body Glove hard case. Now I use RestartMe. Never knew about the key combo, have to try it.

I have quickpull reset my berry every morning. If I need it done during the day I turn on my camera. That will reset it about half of the time lol.....

QL reset or alt + shift + del is first option.
Batterly pull is second option if #1 doesn't fix problem

I got a storm 2. Hit call button type in ##000000 green call button again. Scroll down to the password type in vzw then save. She then resets I have mine in a otterbox case too!

Never saw the point in doing anything more than holding down the three keys. Everything else seems like extra effort for the same results.

I rely on the good ol battery pull. Most 3rd party apps don't want to work for my phone, and sometimes I just forget about the 3button combo. But who can forget a battery pull!

A program, quickpull I think, I set the phone to reset automatically at 4 when I'm sleeping every Thursday and Sunday, and pull the battery quiet often when changing my Sims, thank god for call forwarding, don't know what I'd do without it, although I'm having problems forwarding my o2 number to both my 3 and Vodafone number so I can't create my loop of always connected, anyone know how? I'm trying to get Vodafone to forward to o2 to forward to 3 to forward to Vodafone so I'm always connected but only forward when I'm unreachable or for eg my sim is out. Dam o2

8520, os

QuickPull doesnt work for me, since installing os 5.0

sometimes ...
1) the system lags ... alt-shift-del

2) the system locks up (no keyboard response) ... battery pull

3) i get locked in this battery drain mode ... battery pull is the only fix (alt-shift-del doesnt correct it)

I have it scheduled for once a week at like 3am so I don't even notice it. Works really nice. But I do BP's when my tour is frozen

I use meterberry on my storm to have it automatically reset at 5:00 AM. Works like a charm for me, I could probably get away with one pull every few days, but having it reset whhile I'm sleeping is nice.

Storm 2 user. I use quickpull, but it's rarely used. The memory is much better, but with new BB OS 6.0 it may not be enough which leaves us Storm 2 consumers in limbo.

I usually battery pull.

However, more often than not, I get my thrills from simply installing an application, or uninstalling an application. What is it with these apps that require such deep integration that the device must always be restarted? It's absolutely maddening. My lovely Tour take 12 minutes to reboot on the latest version from Verizon (with all my corporate security installed). Every time I upgrade an app or remove another one, time for a reboot! This probably happens twice a week.

BBOS6 can't come soon enough.

Too bad it most likely won't be coming to the Tour :( Us Tour users get left with a ten minute boot up and not enough RAM to run the apps the phone comes with, let alone install any others.

I usually do the 3-finger soft reboot because I use the Otterbox Commuter case. I only do a full pull when the soft reboot doesn't resolve a problem. I only reset as needed, such as when installing an app, and I think I've only had to remove my battery once in the past few months.

Memory booster recovers all the lost memory from using applications and maitains app memory at its max. Works really good and sure beats having to reset your device to get it back. We know it takes forever for the phone to start up. You can have memory booster recover the memory back when memory drops below a certain thresh hold or at minute, hour, or day intervals. My app memory stays at 75megs. of course you can tell it to recover manually whenever you want as well. worth the $5 I paid for it. Unless I install an app that requires a restart i will just select the restart now option.

Although there is a single "Alt" key, a single "Shift" key and a "Del" key on a Pearl; that combination doesn't work on it.

A battery pull is the only standard option.

Never tried a third party option.

I also don't think the software methods of resetting do exactly the same thing as a real battery pull.

When I am having real problems, I do a battery messin' around.

Generally I just do a battery pull.
Used to use Quick Pull but it didn't seem to like my Tours, so I got rid of it.
Now I have the Bold 9650 and have stuck with battery pulls or using the reset option in Quick Launch.
All though other than downloading a new app or deleting one that requires a restart I haven't had to do a single battery pull due to lagging or low memory since going to the Bold.
I also have Meter Berry Installed but really don't monitor my memory anymore since going to the Bold.
I beleive I also have the OEM memory cleaner set to work when device is idle for 10 minutes. Always had it set that way but never really seemed to make much of a difference on my original Storm or Tour.

Battery pulls and use quick pull depends on situation I use quick pull when I'm out of house and don't wanna take my bb apart. Both seem to work for me.

...all of the above option, so I just chose the one I used the most which is the Alt-Shift-Del one.

I have MeterBerry set up to reboot my phone in the early morning before I wake up. (Now that I think of it, that's probably the one I use the most.)

If I notice a memory leak, I'll usually reboot with the shortcut.

If I just installed an application or new theme, I'll do a hard battery pull.

When I had my Curve 8310 I would just alt-shift-del when needed. Now that I have Storm2 I use the QuickLaunch reset or when I've downloaded a new app and it asks to reboot. I don't do battery pulls really. I haven't really needed to.

For the BB Tour

Hold your BB w/screen UP thumbs underneath to support it,ring index and middle fingers at each side....(as if you were going to play a clarinet)

Index finger of LEFT hand.....depress the "left" ALT key...

Index finger on RIGHT HAND......depress "right" SHIFT key...

Middle finger on RIGHT HAND....depress DEL key

I used to use the alt-shift-del, I think on the 8830, and it wasn't the same as the full reboot as the battery pull (or at least it didn't seem that way). Now I have a 9650 and I try to avoid the battery pull at all costs, because it seems to take more than 10 minutes to reboot. Thankfully with the 9650 I don't have to pull very often. There is also a way to clear the debug logs that is supposed to help (who knows, a verizon/bb tech support person told me) so I do that also (hold alt and L then G then L then G, brings up debug log, use menu key to clear log). The 9650 and the newest OS does also seem to have some better memory cleanup. I have long thought that there should be a menu option somewhere to reboot the device!

It's all about speed and efficiency. If I'm going to have to reset...and frequently I do, rather than having to remove my 9550 from its case, then remove the battery cover and THEN pull the battery - better to simply use Meter Berry in my case and get it over with. And yes, it would be great and about time to get a Berry that is relatively reset-free. Oh well.

I had to take off the protective case on my curve and then remove the battery. Then I payed for the 3rd party app, realizing after that most apps probably use the ALT,R Shift, Del. With the bold I very rarely have to reset, but when I do I use combo.

I had been using QuickPull on my 9700, but when I updated the BB software I started having problems with it so I deleted it and now I pull the battery. I'm going to try the alt-right shift-delete as soon as I finish this message.

On Verizon phones....

Dial ##000000 and hit send.. This brings up the CDMA Service Edit Screen

Scroll down to where it says 'SIP Password:'
Type in the letters vzw
Click the BlackBerry menu button and hit save

This will reset the device and have the same effect as a battery pull..

I rock the QuickPull because I have an 8130, so the qwerty-combo doesn't work for me, and I find QuickPull free is faster than taking off my seido soft/hard case, opening my battery door, and pulling my battery.

I usually do an Battery pull when I a doing dishes or laundry around the house. you should leave the Battery out for 30 to 60 seconds anyway. Just makes sense to me. I am still rockin a Pearl 8230. Upgrading to Bold 9650 on Verizon tommorrow

I use alt-shift-del. Simple, it's faster than an app and if you have a case you don't have to take it apart to do a pull.

I have to use the good ol' QuickPull. On my 9500 you can't do the keyboard shortcut (not at last attempt anyway) and hard pulls are only for when it hourglasses >_< (NOTE: it hasn't since I upgraded to OS5 :D *crosses fingers tight*)

I use QuickPull. It works very well. But, I do a regular battery pull every once in a while for a true reset also.

The fact that we actually have to do this is upsetting. But I have to it at least once in a couples days. But since I tried quickpull it automatically resets on a timer so it lets my forget my storm 2 is inept and has to be reset lol

Thanks for the info! I've been wondering why whenever I try alt+shift+del it never worked until I found out, here, that I was pressing the wrong shift key. Just tried it and it worked!

Again! Thanks!!!

I use alt, right shift, delete. Sometimes I will also do a hard reset (battery pull). Although with my 9700 I don't have to do a whole lot of resetting.

I use alt, right shift, delete. Sometimes I will also do a hard reset (battery pull). Although with my 9700 I don't have to do a whole lot of resetting.

I can't believe so few people complain about this issue. It's ridiculous that we have to reset the phone so often. is this normal for all smart phones?

I used to use the Memory Eye app, but it stopped working after an OS upgrade. And the developer no longer responds to emails. Battery pulls are no fun because the case has to come off, so I use QuickPull Free. It works but it comes with ads. sad. Build a phone that can compete with the current market and build it to work reliably. It's really all we ask for.

I use this because quick pull doesn't work on my fone and its easy to Ðø without pulling thƺ battery. Y get æ 3rd party app if I could Ðø it myself. I think I'm sticking with this method for now