How Do You Use Your BlackBerry - How do you communicate with your non-BlackBerry contacts?

By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2011 01:15 pm EDT

When it comes to communicating with people a BlackBerry can't be beat. Email, BBM, SMS, IM - it's all there. The method of choice from BlackBerry to BlackBerry is obviously BBM, but what about those contacts who don't own a BlackBerry? You have many options to stay in touch, but what is your method of choice? Do you use SMS? Email? IM? A cross-platform messenger? Cast your vote in the poll above and let us know how to communicate with those people that aren't BlackBerry users, then leave a comment letting us know why what you do works best. Thanks rrrebo!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry - How do you communicate with your non-BlackBerry contacts?


"The method of choice from BlackBerry to BlackBerry is obviously BBM"

False assumption. I know multiple BlackBerry owners that had no clue what BBM was until I showed them, and they still don't use it to this day.

SMS is by far the easiest, most convenient, and widely accepted/known form of mobile communication.

Well basically in the Philippines our primary mode of communication is SMS =]

That's why we are the Texting Capital of the World =]

i use everthing of the above
phone, sms, email, IM+ (icq/skype/msn/fb etc), cross-platform msg etc blabla everythiiing

I do SMS, but what i do is add all of my regular non-bbm friends on my bbm contact list, I just show up msg like to regular bbm contact :) Hope this helps.

I do the same thing but wasn't sure if this was the best practice for SMS and BBM. Seems like it is though, and it's convenient having everything in one place. And it means I can hide the SMS icon which is great.

Thanks jdaclutch for the excellent tip. I just added my regular sms contacts to BBM. It is so much more convenient!

Only one of my contacts is a BlackBerry user. We use BBM all the time.

Other contacts can be a wide range of services with the three most popular being SMS, Twitter and email.

Whee! I got a mention. ;) Yup, need a "combination" choice. I use WhatsApp, SMS for people who don't use WhatsApp, and e-mail with my folks, who have Jitterbug phones (but mom has an iPad...). With so many free options out there, I simply refuse to pay extra for SMS. I have the minimum 200/month just to cover those few folks I still use it with.

You're praising the endless ways of communication that blackberry offers its customers. I'd just like to remind, that the majority of blackberry users has no adequate way of accessing Skype! This might sound like a neglectable topic, but it's the one thing that makes me consider leaving bb for my next device..

I use Google Talk for a couple of reasons. I can IM back and forth to other smartphone users since GTalk is available on most smartphones. I can also IM back and forth between PCs and it allows me to jump from the PC to the Blackberry and back if I need to. I can also send SMS to non-smart phones from GTalk as well using the GVMax service ( and my Google Voice Line. No SMS charges that way either!

RIM needs to develop a bbm app for the iphone charge .99 for it. Marketing campaign would be "For the price of a single text message..."

Its like apple making itunes for a PC.

On a very comic comparison, that would be like He-Man letting everybody use his sword, or every single comic book character being able to go "SHAZAN!".

BBM is one of the things that make the BB service unique. Giving it up would be one less reason to buy a BlackBerry over any other device.

RIM understands it and did the right thing not to go for it.

Based on others feedback i would say not to many people choose a bb smart phone over others based on bbm alone. I know i didn't.

WhatsApp mostly and sometimes SMS (to those people who don't own a phone that can go to the internet, yes these people still exist ;))

Hate to say it but bbm is the bottom for me. I rarely use bbm, just one or two contacts. However the beta of Facebook 2.0 was nice to get for the chat feature.

Email (HAH, didn't see it coming did ya?) and Windows Live Messenger for BlackBerry-to-desktop or BB-to-non BB smartphone.

Phone calls (Yep, some of us remember that these are still phones ^^ ) and SMS for non-smartphone owners.

BBM for BB-to-BB (got you again, haven't I).

I use a combination of allall of them. Some people have phonesphones. Other people are on computers or tablets. Why limit yourself to just one or two wayways to communicate?

i use sms or sometimes we just grow apart if they give up their blackberry. Sadly my friend who go from blackberry to "selfish" I phone are usually out of loop as they are no longer in bbm groups. Also i usually mock the phones of anyone i know without a blackberry.

I use all of the above.. It depends on who I am contacting. Their communication preferences differ from mine. So Its always nice to have the ability to accommodate all. I've juggled 5 different conversation methods at once before. Google Talk, WhatsApp, SMS, FB Chat and BBM :)

i think there should have been another answer to choose from. Depending on the type of person your talking to will really say in what ways do you communitate with them on your BlackBerry. Me being a C.E.O myself, i have some business contacts whom im not able to talk to via BBM or even SMS, so for them its email. Or my boyfriend doesnt have a BB so for him and i, sometimes we can email and or SMS. Then for friends with BB's no duh its BBM... so, this is a question that is really all about whom said contact is and why your even talking to them

By the way, this site is now on my list all time favs! It falls behind Twitter for me!
Feel free to follow me on twitter you guys! And if you want a follow back, let me know!!

Tried LiveProfile and it just never caught on, and it also kept freezing my phone so I ditched that program right away.
But there is always good ol text messaging, since some of my friends don't even have smart phones.

I use most of the services, but my first option is Whatsapp. The service is unreliable compared to BBM but their isn't a choice available.

SMS and email. Handful of contacts on BBM. Wish there was a really great cross platform messenger that everyone has and used on their smart phone, no matter what brand. I could cut $10/month off my bill with SMS! LOL!

For non BB contacts, It's primarily SMS for me. I'm not a big fan of the cross platform IM apps. Alternatively, I will use FB chat for those who are also contacts but live in other countries. I do use BBM for 2 or 3 of my contacts regularly.

With the entry of many Cross platform apps now we have more option to use sms is still the best choice though

No one I contact regularly uses BBM so I don't bother with it. Email is most common because most messages are too long for SMS. SMS next. Blackberry has a pretty good voice app too called "phone" that I use for personal contacts.

I dont worry about cross platform communications or Skype at all, if I need to talk to someone I call them, no cross platform problems there, I can communicate much more information faster and more concisely than a text could possibly do, I can also talk way faster than I can text, most of my Blackberry friends have jumped ship to Apple or Android so BBM is less usefull to me than when I bought my Bold 9000.

Judging by this poll,people communicate the least through talking on the phone,smh,nothing is better than hearing someone's voice,sms cant compare to that,im only 22,but im more old school than new generation