How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How do you primarily charge your device?

BlackBerry Charging Pod
By Adam Zeis on 9 Aug 2010 02:50 pm EDT

One of the first accessories I purchased with my 8830WE way back when was a BlackBerry charging pod. I've never been a big fan of having to plug in my devices, so I immediately fell in love with the little guy. Being able to just drop in the device and let it charge is as easy as it gets. I've tried other solutions over the years like the PowerMat, but found that to be annoying (and expensive) and went right back to my charging pod. I'm curious to know just how you primarily charge your device. Do you just use the standard BlackBerry charger and plug in? Do you use a BlackBerry charging pod? Do you use another 3rd party solution? Cast you vote in the poll and leave a comment letting us know why.

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How do you primarily charge your device?


same here, only I don't need to take it with me. I take one battery out, replace with charged battery (either at night or the morning)

I once saw a lady at an airport with two blackberries, one was the one she actually used and the other was just for charging the fresh battery. Needless to say, I had to make her aware that that's overkill, you just an ac standalone battery charger. It's the perfect solution for staying mobile while the other one is charging. Now if could only find a battery larger than my 1.8 milliamp extended life 3rd party battery, I'd be set.

Remember the old school phones that always came with charging cradles? My parents had those. I never did.

I have two pods for my 9650: one for home and one for work. I also have a Seidio 2600mAh Xtended batttery and the charging pods work with it. I use to use the USB port on the side, but with a-lot of devices(including phones) this can break easily. I am going to try and use the pod attached to my computer this week and see how well that works out.

I use the charging pod at home. If I am traveling, I just use the BlackBerry charger. But, now that I have the 9650, I'll start bringing the charging pod with me when I am traveling to take advantage of the bedside mode clock.

I selected plugging in, BUT really I have a RIM branded battery charger plus an extra Seidio extended life battery.

I mainly just charge it at night using the mains charger. I did buy a 9700 Charging Pod just in case the USB port breaks as mentioned above, which I use now and again. I've usually only ever used the main mini/micro USB port to charge via mains or PC with all my previous phones with no problems.

I use the charging pod 95% of the time because over time after plugging and unplugging from the mini-usb port losens that connection which could cause failure. Also, it seems to me that my phone charges much faster on the pod.

Always use the charging pod. I have 3 because I think they come in so handy. One for the bedside, one at the work office, and one on the computer stand. Even if it isn't charing it is a great place to hold the phone. I don't even charge it at work, I just use it as a stand.

I plug it to the laptop anytime it hits 25%, if I can.

I keep a spare battery around for those days I know I won't have access to a computer.

Wall charger at the weekends or when travelling.

I use the Otterbox Defender case (which is awesome). However it necessitates the use of the micro USB...

I use Storm2 Blackberry Desktop Charger and and external spare battery charger...I always pack a charged spare battery...we all know the storm 2 battery life stinks.

When one battery is dying, swap out for a freshly charged other one, and the dying one is getting charged, rinse and repeat. I find this convenient as I dislike having my BB tethered in anyway to a spot for the purpose of charging. Now I wish there were a way to do this with my netbook.

When travelling I often just swap to my extra battery when power is running low and the depleted battery gets recharged in the battery charger. At home or work I have a charging pod to top off with.

Yeah I was a cable guy, just using what they gave me in the box. Later I saw and ordered a pod from eBay.
Wow, so different to charge and recharge. Excellent. Look for a deal from Amazon or eBay or wherever and get a pod.


Two charging pods, one at home on the nightstand and one on my desk at the office...although the battery is so good, I can't remember the last time I dropped it into the pod at the office.

I'd rather use a charging pod than a plug in. In my previous BB, the BB's receptacle for the cord became crooked and wouldn't receive the cord properly. That was my only way to charge my BB at the time, so it became a serious problem.

When I'm using my Otterbox Commuter case, I use the BB OEM charging cable. This is my biggest complaint about the Otterbox case that I can't use a charging pod. Wish they would develop one for their cases.

When I use my Seidio Innocase II, I use their proprietary charging pod and BB OEM charging cable without the BB9700 insert. It works great and I love the charging pod but I like my Commuter case better.

When I don't use a case -- rarely, I use my Seidio charging pod with the BB9700 insert.

Same situation. I like the commuter case so much I am stuck with the charging cable. I would enjoy and really use the charging pod if it were possible.

Primarily the pod (at night) and the car charger (on a long trip while using GPS or playing/streaming music). I also occasionally plug it in to my computer at work to grab a charge if it has been a heavy day or when I get home I'll plug it in next to me while sitting on the couch relaxing again if it has been a heavy usage day.

I to hate the cords and inconvenience of not having an outlet when you need on but its just so much cheaper to use what's given with your Phone.

I to hate the cords and inconvenience of not having an outlet when you need on but its just so much cheaper to use what's given with your Phone.

I remember seeing not to long ago, that Powermat was going to be coming out with a battery that would replace the stock bat, and would eliminate the need for a big back door contraption... Any new on that? I use the standard now, but if that was availible soon, I would switch.

I've got 2, one I keep on my nightstand & the other is for traveling. I'll probably keep #2 at work on my desk until it's vacation time again though.

My wife and I use a charging pod at home. I use my travel charger or USB in the office, and my car charger on the road.

1) With a BB mini USB charger in the car; 2) with a mini USB sync cable attached to the laptop at work (and sometimes at home); 3) and with the pod charger at night next to the bed. My Storm 2 is my daily alarm clock.

I use the charging cradle for my 9700 when I'm at home but plug it in while I'm on the road, primarily because the Commuter case I use when I'm traveling doesn't play nice with the cradle.

I too use the commuter case and am screwed for any pod even if I wanted sooooo wall plug always and car charger of course.

I use the charging pod.

Its very convenient. Drop my 9700 in there, it goes to bedside mode- a dim clock; plus it also switches to a night sound profile that I added- only phone calls activate the LED and a low volume sound.

Pick it up out of the pod, and its back to the normal sound profile and the regular normal home screen.

I used the pod on my 8330 and now use a pod for my 9650. It is easy to view the progress and places no strain on the side plug.

I expected to see more pod votes. I use mine at the bedside to take advantage of the alarm clock. I also have a travel charger I keep in my work bag, but I rarely use it because of my 2600 extended battery. My 9650 is thirstier than what the GSM people enjoy.

Only 26% use a BlackBerry charging pod? Wow, a lot of people are missing out on one of the great advantages of owning a BlackBerry. I have a Tour 9630, and I always use my BB charging pod. I have one on the nightstand at home and another on my office desk (although my battery lasts so long I rarely have to use that one).

Each night, I drop my Tour into its pod and it becomes my clock (auto bedside mode kicks in). I turn on the White Noise app to "rainstorm" and I'm out in a flash. The app turns off automatically and my phone is ready to go in the AM.

Got my charging pod as a gift from gf. Tried having it next to my bed but I would always end up knocking my bb down trying to hit the snooze on the alarm. Can't afford to do that specially since the bb has to be naked in order to use the charging pod. It's safer for me to just have it lay down while it charges overnight =]

I realize charging pod bring my BlackBerry in full charge faster than USB port. Just take 1-2 hours to full charge my Tour, while plug-in USB port in the same time just charge up to 70%.

I generally use my car charger since I am in my truck for 14hrs out of my day, and my Bold 9700 is my mobile office, but occasionallyi use my charging pod at bed side.

Wall charger at home, Car charger on the road and USB cable with my Laptop. With my previous device (Bold 9000) I used a PowerMat at home. Never had a pod.

Wall charger at home, Car charger on the road and USB cable with my Laptop. With my previous device (Bold 9000) I used a PowerMat at home. Never had a pod.

Wow, I am surprised to see more people adapting charging pods.
I carry BB OEM charger and extra OEM battery for my 9700.
But I rarely use other battery, usually battery stays till 3 days and I leave it for charge before I go to bed.

I use my chargepod for bedside mode and it charges at the same time. I use my plug-in if I need to look up something and my battery is low.

My way of charging is just the most common way... plugging the stock charger for my Bold. I don't like or trust using different kinds of chargers if it's not made by blackberry. Just being safe on my part and for my phone. But i'd like to try an original Blackberry pod out. I just don't have one. :)

I love the charging Pods! I have 1 at home & 1 at work. I always take one with me when I travel. Love bedside mode & using it as an alarm clock as well.

I mainly use the charging pod I have one at home on my computer desk I have one at work on my toolbox I'm a mechanic so I hate carrying it around when I work so I set it on the pod with it unplugged and I have a 3rd pod for out of town trips oh and I carry a car charger in my truck glove box in case of long trips or emergency's ..

Strange it is not got more use. While I have usb cable at office and car charger for extended out of town trips trips. My wife and I both drop our berrys in the pod before we go to bed.

I see the computer word and and also see that no one plugs it into their computer to sync and charge.
I find it interesting as this is counter to keeping apps up to date a la iPhone. I wonder if RIM has a concern or a different plan to get into the app world?

I have e 4 charging plugs. I have 2 at home 1 at work and a car charger. I always wanted a charging dock but just never got one. at home, and one at work. I alway keep my 9000 topped off and ready to be away for a while. This saves wear and tear on the USB connector.
I was dissapointed to see the charge contacts dropped on the 9800. It is even worse, since the went to a smaller micro USB connector. We shall see how long those last.

I use the standard charger that comes with my 9700. I also plug the USB into my laptop if I'm using it for an extended period of time (gotta keep my BB nearby, even if I'm working on a 10 000 word essay!)

I would love to get a pod, but the bank account won't allow it. Perhaps should hold a contest for me to win? I charge using more than one method~Three to be exact!!!
Car charger in the car, wall charger when I'm traveling and the cradle at home (I have a spare wall charger that I leave in my travel bag). Because of all the stories I heard about the USB connection on the phone being delicate and easily 'mortally wounded,' I try to use the car and wall as LITTLE as possible. Going on two years old, so far so good!

When I had a curve 8330, i used the cradle and prefer a cradle. however, the 8530 doesn't have a cradle after RIM made changes. I hope that other BB's I purchase in the future will have a cradle.
I've looked at a PowerMat, but feel that it is too expensive.
My husband recently bought me a Droid X and one of the first accessories I bought was the cradle. However, I didn't like the my berry...and he has now inherited that cradle.
In the meantime, I do wish BB would offer some sort of cradle/charging pod for the Curve 8530.

I recently got a charging pod. I got one for two reasons: (a) to save wear and tear on and prevent accidental damage to the micro usb socket, and (b) to take advatage of the clock/bedside mode. I love my cradle.