How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How do you carry your device?

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2011 02:16 pm EDT
 BlackBerry Torch Holster  

Throughout the years I've always seemed to change up the way I carry my BlackBerry. I started out using a belt-clip holster when I first had my 8830WE. From there I moved on to a leather pocket pouch with my Curve 8330, then slowly moved away to just a simple skin case and carried my device in my pocket. The last few years now (back to when I first got my Bold 9700 I'd say) I've pretty much migrated to not using a case at all and just carrying my device in my pocket (pants, jacket or whatever is easiest). I'll admit that many times when I'm out my BlackBerry never actually leaves my hand, but when enough is enough I'll tuck it away in a pocket for a minute or two until I feel the need to check it again.

So what is the best carrying solution for you? Do you use a holster of some sort? Carry your device in your purse/briefcase? Are you a "holder" or does your pocket work just fine? Understandably lots of you will have some variations as to how you carry your device, so choose the poll option that best suits you. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know why you do what you do. Thanks rrrebo!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: How do you carry your device?


Ever since I got my Bold 9000 for the first time I have been rocking the holster all the way.
But then again, that phone was a little too much of a behemoth to lounge around in my pockets.

I dont know people use skins and such, any time I try something other than a holster I butt dialed and texted about 3 times a day!

I use holster to ensure maximum protection and better battery life since screens are off once in holster. Also protection for the screen and keypads from scratches although I do admit it's pretty troublesome when needing to access with one hands only.

Because my device are taken care nicely, I always fetch good 2nd price whenever I sold off for newer device. Most who bought my device admired how well maintain it is.

I've been looking for a decent replacement for my now missing lambskin leather clutch case for my former 8800 series blackberry. After 4 years of use it went missing in a rental car, never to be seen again. It may have been slightly to large for my 9650 or Tour, but it still held them well. The case had deformed around the edges and had nice recesses for my fingers. While I never used the wrist strap for it, I did appreciate that it didn't have a buldge for attaching it to a holster.

Right now, the 9650 splits time between in and out the swivel pouch (with clip removed) in my pocket.

I used to just keep my 9650 in my pocket, but then I kept dropping it and started using the holster that came with it and I'll tell you what battery life has improved drastically.

Seido innocase w/ seido Holster. Have been using that combination with my 8330, 9630,9650 and now 9780. Has worked great every time...

By the sound of things, I'm old skool because I've always carried my BBs (starting with a 9000) in a BlackBerry leather belt-clip holster.

I do carry it in a pocket occasionally, but that's unusual.

9700/Otterbox Commuter/OEM 9000 belt holster. Right next to my Leatherman. Always, even around the house, though I occasionally drop it into my pocket for a minute if I need to at home. Perfect balance of accessibility and protection.

belt holster = loser
Pocket holsters are where it's at. I don't get why old people and tough guys love those ugly belt holsters.

holy god! 520 people that voted holsters better be construction workers. That's one step away from a fanny pack.

Ok. I'll give you a break if you're on the SWAT team or a surgeon and need to get to your phone really quick.

A friend of mine left a voicemail that was roughly 3 minutes in length to his wife. Apparently his phone dialed out without him noticing (it was in his pocket).He kept mouthing off about stuff that his wife was not supposed to know about. We all know how that ended up !?!. Thankfully I stick with my old-school ways and carry my phone in the Seido Holster...

Holster for sure.

If the blackberry was thinner/smaller--- perhaps the pockets would do...

Annoying to watch someone trying to fumble through their pants to pullout a phone...... or when they sit down to eat/work--- they always pull it out and lay it on the desk/table so they can sit more comfortable... lol

I agree with maddie1128... the bra is the way to go. I never keep it in my pocket or in a holster... just in my bra. :)

Depends on my clothing for the day.

Full suit with a jacket? Inside jacket pocket.
Corporate casual? Belt clip
Jeans? Belt clip
Cargo Jeans? Pocket
Shorts? Belt clip
Cargo Shorts? Pocket
Swimming gear? Waterproof puch
Cycling? Handlebar Mount

i have always carried my phone in a holster since my LG VX1 back in 2003 which i had to buy extra then i had a few nextel's which came with the holster and held up well my blackberry is in the leather holster pouch with a black skin for a stealthy look and will buy a holster if the new 9930 doesn't come with one

Holsters are douchey. I'd much rather let mine collect ass sweat in my back pocket. And don't give me this nonsense about 'oh noes!! you'll bust it if you sit down!! lol'
I won't.
I have an OtterBox case that would protect my BlackBerry through a nuclear holocaust.

In my pocket, because I would bang it up while I work. Besides that's where I keep my "Nextel" pager. Just kidding

Since I work in a hospital I wear the BB in a holster under my lab coat. Nobody knows it's there ('til it rings). At least it keeps the screen from getting scratched.

Although there have been times that I've slipped my Style 9670 in a pocket, I by far prefer a clip or pouch. My Curve 8350i came with a clip which i loved, but not many Berries do. So I'm back to the pouch for the Style. not bad though there aren't any I've found that support the magnetic standby mode well. If i found one that did and that I liked I would get it though b/c the battery is not the greatest in the Style. Still love the phone though. Here's hoping a Torch 2 hits Sprint. Fingers crossed! :)

I recently purchased several different funky coloured skins for my BB Bold 9780 on eBay. I love them! Also purchased a couple of screen protectors and voilà!! It slips easily in my pocket without creating a big ugly bulge and I have no fear of my screen getting scratched or damaged either. ;)

I USED to carry mine in the badass lil pouch they GAVE you but since RIM got all cheap on us now i just pocket it. No way am i spending on what used to come in the box. I wish RIM would straighten up because theyre losing customers left and right. Now im not saying its because of the pouches but the drain is certainly undeniable.

Never bothered using any holster. But had torrid time accidentally called people as happened to some. Or had tons of screenshot taken. Use an autolock app now. Can leave my 9700 with peace in my pocket.

holster all the way! but the clip in style, like on the 8350i or some of the other after market types. I wish they made the clip in style (or whatever its called) for every bb

Interesting comments, seems that many folks (46%) leave their BB in pocket...

This raises more questions than it answers, does this imply that more men are using BB than ladies? Just a thought...

I use the same sleeve that I bought for my Bold 9000 with my red Torch 9800. It fits perfectly! I use the magnetic sleeve to carry my Torch in my bag or purse. All of my bags/purses have cell phone pockets. When I am dressed casually and/or without a purse, I use a Golla smartbag clipped to my belt loop w/a small carbiner. I have three different Golla smartbags that I rotate through.

I just keep mine in my pocket, protected by a case/screen protector always. It's the most convenient for me!

Although the holster is an amazing solution, the torch holster was made with the worst quality. Mines and all of my friends' holsters ares starting to come apart

I'm not sure why people seem to think that phones are meant to be fashion accessories, or treated like embarrassments to be hidden away. Who gives a flying frak at a rolling donut what someone else thinks about how you look? It's my phone. It's where I need it to be. Being superficial about the appearance of your phone is douchey, imo.

I agree - it does depend on the clothing attire !!! I have a rubber case & belt clip ...but the way I like it the most is bare with no case or nothing ! I do this bc I like to see the whole phone I think cases like outter box -even tho save - it takes away from the phones appearance

If I'm wearing jeans or dickies, I use the oem holster. If I'm wearing dress pants/or shorts, I'll just put it in my front pocket by itself (no keys, coins, etc.)