How do you use your BlackBerry: Do you use your BlackBerry as a multimedia device?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Jan 2011 01:53 pm EST
 BlackBerry Music Player  

I've never been one to use my BlackBerry as a media player. Honestly as soon as I get a new device, I always hide both the music and video icons and rarely ever use them. I've had my trusy iPod for as long as I can remember, and when I'm on the go it's my music player of choice. Part of me just likes having a separate music player, and I suppose part of me worries that I'll eat up my BlackBerry battery when I'm out and about if I use it as a media player. So today I have to ask - do you use your BlackBerry as a multimedia player for music and/or video? I'm sure lots of you have all your music loaded up and ready to roll, while others are like me and use a separate device. Cast your vote in the poll above, and leave a comment letting us know why.

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How do you use your BlackBerry: Do you use your BlackBerry as a multimedia device?


I don't use it heavily for music but I was never one to have an ipod glued to my ear either, but I do like being able to listen to some tunes on it.

i don't use it for music or video in general. Sometimes when i'm travel by train or in my bed while reading but it's very rare. I use it heavily for social networking and browing.

16 gb memory card, I watch movies and listen to music all day. The perks of working Loss Prevention.

I've never had an iPod, never was able to figure out how to work the orig ones......but I do have a ton of music loaded on my Curve, and I mainly use it at work to drown out all my coworkers ;)

I use my 32gb SansaView for all multimedia. It just does a better job than any BlackBerry I have ever owned (8100, 8310, 9000, 8900, 9700 & 9800)

I use my 9780 (with a 32GB SD card) as a music player, but still use iTunes and keep a number of iPods for use at home and in the car. The main advantage to using the BlackBerry is that if I get a telephone call the sound automatically cuts out and the caller is right there on the headphones. I was always missing calls when I used an iPod.

BlackBerry Desktop 6's music sync capability is much better than in previous versions (so long and farewell Roxio, and don't call), and wifi music sync is pretty cool too, in a geeky kind of way.

You said the it. The reason I stopped using another device was the convenience of having the music stop automatically when someone calls. Press the button on the wire and your connected. No need to fubmble with devices. If you are going to have earphones in, why not be able to use your phone through them as well. It's perfect. In addition, my Blackberry still vibrates or makes a noise through the ear phones for other notifications, ensuring I get them.

I definitely use my BlackBerry Style as a multimedia device - it's one of the reasons I switched. No more iPod for me - with a 16gig chip there is no need. Music (which syncs with iTunes), videos, podcasts, etc. - my Style 9670 is AWESOME. Not to mention slacker radio, normal radio, and Pandora - plus YouTube works perfectly. I'm completely satisfied - gave my iPod to a friend, no regrets at all.

I use my Curve for email and texting with family & friends. I do not have any music or videos on my it. I have a very dependable MPS 3 that I use because it has an FM receiver and I can listen to CBC radio which I am addicted to.

Everyday. Watch videos and listen to music with no problems or dissapointments. Currently waiting for my 16GB sd card to arrive in the mail but have a 4GB for now. OS6 and the Torch ftw!!!

Yes! Downloading ripped music to my laptop and then to my phone is a simple process and now with the Amazon MP3 app, it's REALLY easy to find and download great music. I then sync with Windows Media, move a copy to iTunes, and Tool/Black Sabbath/Perfect Circle has never sounded so good! Ultimately, having one device that does EVERYTHING.....just...completely....kicks.....butt!

Note: A decent set of earbuds is a must!

Apple free since April last year and sooo happy I don't need anything from that company! Slacker, podcasts and tune-in radio are good enough for me. If the music player on the playbook is as good as it looks I might use it for albums.

Use BlackBerry Storm 2 to listen music and watch tv episodes while at gym or walking. Less to carry. Haven't used my Ipod Video since I moved over to BlackBerry over 3 years ago.

I use my 9700 as a media device every day. Much more convenient to only have to carry one device for communication/media purposes IMO. I have been using the Sirius XM app alot lately, especially now that Stern is available on there.

I definitely use it as one of my multimedia devices, but not necessarily a primary music device. It has replaced my iPod on the treadmill at home, but only b/c we have WiFi and it can reliably do Slacker or Pandora. I do not like too much as music player b/c I have an 8GB microSD card, I have to manually move iTunes stuff over, and the sound quality/EQ isn't quite as good, IMO. Also, it's a little more of a pain to adjust the volume on the fly, as compared to an iPod device. But it's getting used more and more for music b/c of the internet connection.

With the introduction of the blackberry podcast app, i'm able sync my podcasts when connected to wifi. It's much easier than having to connect my ipod to my computer, then making sure my itunes library is updated.

I was very skeptical of its usefulness as a media device at first, but i can honestly say that my ipod nano has gone from my primary music device down to an over glorified pedometer.

Thanks for mentioning the podcast app. I've been trying to find apps that will help me be less reliant on my iPod touch, so I can do more with my BlackBerry and not have to carry around two devices all the time.

I would rather use an iPod or mp3 player because I don't want to eat up my battery and be left without a phone. I already text and such enough that I don't need music playing to be another reason I have no battery life on my phone.

I use my 9800 as my main music device. Not really into watching videos on the small screen. At work I hook up my headphones to my Torch and in the car I synch it over bluetooth and play the music that way. This was my first BB and one of the things I was looking for before I moved to a BB.


Main reason I switched from Windows Mobile to BB was the native music/media player in OS6 was so much better than what I had before.

I've only got about 2 gigs of music on my Torch and some game trailers and other video clips but I've never owned an iPod or used any thing other than the phone I had at the time as my music player.

Why purchase and carry a separate device?

I was like you, Adam. I didn't want to run my BB's battery down/I preferred two devices. Then my trusty iPod broke. I moved some of my non-DRM music over to my Bold 9000 and have never looked back since! I also now listen to podcasts and audio books from Audible on my BlackBerry. I can't believe that it took me this long to realize the full capabilities of my device. It is much more convenient to take just the one device with me everyday. I have had absolutely zero battery drain problems. I can't wait to try the new media player once I upgrade.

I am in sales and travel all the time. I have a 16g card in my 9650 and use it for music all the time in the car or flying. I have all the same music on my BB that I have on my 16g Nano.

Took a trip last year and while on the plane i watched a movie on my Storm . I have music loaded and listen to slacker when i cut the grass or snowblow outside.
Someone mentioned the battery dies out but that happens with every portable device. I can change the battery and i am good to go again. Can that be done with an ipod or other devices? lol

I love my 9800 for Media, 16GB micro SD card with 30-40 full cd's in mp3 format and even digital copies of some of my favorite Blu-ray movies for those long airplane flights. I keep a DC charger on me so I can power it on the plane and recharge it in the car while playing my favorite playlists thru my cars stereo system. Pandora on it rocks as well.

I've always used my BB as my primary portable music player. Ever since I got a Bluetooth capable stereo receiver, now I'm slowly using it as my primary music player period. As soon as I walk in the door at home, the BB picks up the stereo and automatically switches from my headphones to the stereo speaker system. So very convenient. And battery drain? I don't notice.

I have a 9700 and its my primary music device. It sounds better than my 3G iPhone (good earphones PLEASE) and the battery impact is not big. I use it as sound system sometimes on my car (AUX cable, can't figure out bluetooth A2PD) and actually thinking in trying that USB connector... I should also say that the only thing missing is good offline turn by turn software and I'll have everything I need on the device...

I use my Torch as my main music player, coming from a Zune 120. Added a 32GB micro SD card and Rhapsody subscription, and I couldn't be happier. For music it does great, and I occasionally watch video on it.

I love my iPod, and I've always kept my music on it. I use my Blackberries as communication, organisation and productivity tools so I keep my entertainment elsewhwere.

I use two Blackberries. I keep my 9000 in my work truck to play Slacker Radio(cached)and use my 9800 to watch vids, surf, and listen to music when I'm not working.....

I have always used my BB's memory card for ringtones and pictures. Last week I decided to load a couple of TV shows to the Torch that I hadn't got around to watching. I'm addicted and I can see myself refreshing my playlist weekly. Oh, and all I have is an 8GB Kingston that I bought when I first got my 8900.

I never used to use my BB as a Media device. I was worried about battery life as well. Until recently I started playing music on my Torch while at work. I have never looked back.

I just thought it was a little stupid to worry about battery life since I have a car charger, USB cord for my computer, and a land line at my disposal at all time.

I use my 9700 for a few songs, any more and i'll use an mp3.
i don't view videos as the screen is too small and i can't be bothered with the hassle of converting the files to the right format.

I only need to try to not lose one device. And only have to keep one device charged. I have some mp3 saved to media card. Mostly use podtrapper and slacker. Used to use nobex radio...just switched to tune-in and LOVE it.

It would be nice a 3rd option saying "Loaded and ready in case of Walkman disappearance"... Have my 4GB microSD loaded with Music and a couple videos (just in case) but I mostly use my trustworthy Walkman for Media...

i use every feature on my blackberry. Well almost every. And the DM to sync iTunes playlists as well as videos is great. 16GB SD card is a must have for everyone.
However I do own an iPod.

I'm in sales and in my car all day. Use my iPod to listen to podcasts and my Storm to listen to Pandora (mostly) and Slacker, but I do have a few of my iTunes playlists stored on the Storm.

If I couldn't use it for media I would not own one. I firmly believe everything is about convergence. One device for everything! I use my Torch for everything, music, video, podcasts, and I love it!

I've used my ipod touch for the longest time, and carry it with me. Besides, media players sucks battery life, let alone my blackberry. I've really never used the music player on my BB , just my ipod and always will.

I use it to watch You Tube video and listen to music when I have time. The capability to download from ITunes with Blackberry is a def. plus.

I use my Torch for music almost all day....I got to class with it, I listen to it @ home, and I even sleep with my headphones on....thank you Pandora and thestandard music media app

While I agree that it is great to be able to be listening to music on the BB and then have the music stop when a call comes in etc, the main reason I still like to use my Touch for music is that it holds more but more importantly, the headphone allow me to adjust the volume up and down and pause and skip tracks without digging into my pocket. Is there a set of BB headphones that allows me to control volume and some playback? (Even if just pause and skip?)

Yes, absolutely, Try Moor Bluetooth headphones and you'll find they do all you want, and without wires to get in the way either.

I use my 9700 for videos, music and ebooks all the time. I have a docking station at my desk at work and bluetooth headphones so I can let it play all day. I can move about the office without having to carry it around, and also be notified if I get a call. I watch youtube videos on occastion as well. The ebooks are my main media and I ride a metro train to and from work so I have my ebook library handy for my daily commute. I know the screen is smaller than a kindle and an ipod might be more suited for music, but having all my options in one handy device is a much more convenient benefit.

Yes I love my blackberry torch and I use my mp3 every day at work works very well all though i had to buy better head set!

I use my 9700 as soon as I wake up, Wifi is connected and my battery has been loaded trough the night. I switch to a Dutch website and choose my favorite radiostream, Then I hit the shower, BB under a towel and there I go. Workes like advertised. When I am at the office I connect my BB too a pair of subwoofers and tweeters and play my mp3's that I have put on it. So yeah I guess I use it as a mediaplayer :)

All the time. Still haven't found a site where I can download 3pg movies or t.v. Episodes straight to my BB though. :(
Thats my only option since I don't have a PC right now.

I have tonnes of music in mine, it's much easier to use than an ipod & best of all I don't have to use itunes which has to be the least user friendly program ever created.

I use my ipod and itunes for listening music. Blackberry is always for email, browsing, typing text, business activities only.

I use both my BB and my iPod. The iPod gets hooked up to my computer at work so I don't take up the harddrive. The BB is for when I need to be away from my desk and I listen to the music through my Bluetooth headset. I charge my BB through my computer when I am back at my desk. I can't live without my music anywhere!

Haha, right after reading this poll, I saw a guy walking down the hall near my work who had a music vid playing and signing along with it as he was walking by. Definitely reminded me of this poll :-D

I don't understand why people still haul around iPods when they have a BlackBerry. I totally agree with some of the other commenters that there if you have a BlackBerry with a media card, why do you need an iPod? Its just one more thing to potentially lose. I'm all about the all-in-one factor. I have Motorola S9-HD bluetooth headphones and they work great with my 8900. I can put it away entirely and skip songs and control volume directly on the headphones, or I can keep it out and play doodle jump or read email with no wires and amazing sound quality. They also work as a bluetooth headset that takes calls and seamlessly continues the music after the call.

It always frustrates me to see people messing with an iPod, leaving it in their lap, then pulling out their BB to BBM or something. Put the iPod away and put your music on your BB! Its actually extremely simple to do.

I have an iPod but the BlackBerry is the way to listen to audio for me. Why?

1 - superior loudspeaker
2 - BlackBerry supports mp3, wma, ogg AND flac. Kickarse!
3 - tracks playback without gaps between them
4 - doesn't require iTunes or any other irritating music manager. Just copy the files on and away you go!

It may come as a shock to some, but for me the BlackBerry is the best portable audio player I've ever owned.

I don't use mine for multimedia. I have some songs for ringtones but that's about as far as I've gone. I use mine mainly for browsing, facebook and tumblr. I have an ipod touch I've had for 3 years that hasn't crapped out on me yet. I guess when that thing dies ill use this for music. Till then ill stick with my 2gb card.

I definitely use my Berry as a media device. I'm on a Torch, but even when I was on a Curve I had tons of music on my device and listened to streaming radio apps all of the time.

Now that I'm on a Torch with a larger screen and more memory (internally and I have a larger SD card), I have triple the amount of songs, and I have a few videos and movies on my device.

I'm a person that likes having one device do everything so that I can have less to carry. So I pretty much use my Torch for just about all of its features(communications, browser, media, social, gaming, school work etc.)

I use my blackberry as my primary music device. I do have a MP3, I use in the car while driving and sometimes while a work. I use my 9700 at work as well, the song stops immediately when a call comes through. Answer the call and you right back listening to your music. Perfect!!!

I mainly use the Blackberry to listen to podcasts and Pandora. I also carry an iPod touch (I have a lot of music).

I'm sort of in between. I use my Zune (no POS iCrap here) for music listening but watch many videos from my Storm (2). Couldn't handle using my BB for music as my library of music far exceeds the capacity of almost every mobile device on the market. In fact, I have two Zunes, one Zune HD (64G) and a normal Zune 120G. Even my Zune HD isn't capable of holding just all my Rock genre music, I have to pick and choose what I want on it. The 120G is starting to get full even though my complete library of music is on it. Whatever... I do watch videos on my BB plus keep all my pics on it for whenever I need to show them. 16G is just too small for my eclectic taste in music though. In fact I wish that MS made a bigger Zune HD, but they don't ;( .

My Blackberry's ability to be a media player (with attention paid to high sound quality) as well as a streaming client for personal music and talk radio is absolutely essential to me. I find myself on public transportation often, where there is no elbow room to constantly switch between devices with different purposes. As a matter of fact, when choosing my phone, I choose it for its sound quality and media player capabilities FIRST (having already defaulted to some sort of Blackberry in order to KNOW that the other features like call quality, excellent messaging, excellent battery life are accounted for). Having my Rhapsody, Slacker, Pandora, Last.FM (via AT&T on a BB), the ability to play FLAC files on my Torch (and therefore function as a player of pure CDs), and the ability to drive my very expensive headphones and provide faithful frequency response all contribute to my appreciation of my BB as a mobile powerhouse. It will only get better my friends.
I sense that RIM will continue to learn how to cater to the enterprise, to the audiophile and videophile, and to the habitually connected BBM'er and gamer and we will soon see a monster of a BB phone device in the near future. Keep the momentum going RIM!

I listen to music on my Bold 9780 all the time!!! Not so much for video. I have 128 songs on my phone right now and I use 7digital and Amazon MP3 to download songs directly to my phone ;) Of course I use my ipod as well mainly on long trips or even at home... and I watch my fav tv shows on there too I don't carry a bag or purse and on a day to day I don't like carrying a lot of items so when I'm on the go I love that I can use my phone for everything I need... music videos and ebooks too - the ipod and nook stay at home ;) And I'm always useing my phone multi tasking while listening to music the battry on my Bold 9780 lasts me the entire day! I love it!!!

I have been a blackberry user for years. From the 8700, Curve 8300, Bold 9000 to my current and beloved Torch. I have always used my phone for business, and for pleasure. What is the point in having all these other gadgets? I'm an organized person, but let's face it. Who wants to wake up and say " Got my Jacket, keys, my blackberry, and oh yeah a music device! You might as well be a wild west gadget slinger with a series of holsters. I love that I can connect my phone to any computer and practically instantly transer music onto my phone. Not like these third party applications where you have to go to Itunes just to add or subtract music! I love the all in one use!! That's what makes the blackberry experience so awesome. And impossibly hard to let go!!

I listen to music downloaded, and occasionally slacker radio, view occasional videos. I use the motorkr bluetooth stereo headphones/phone headset.

I don't use the media player for music/videos, so no files on my BB. I love streaming music, however. I do this in the car and at home connecting my BB to either sound system. Some of the music I play are just not on local radio stations...not to mention commercial free and no subscriptions. :-) BB Rocks! (literally)

I have to say, my Berry is my all purpose everything. I use it in the car for MP3 via an auxillary cord and can still seamlessly take calls on my Bluetooth. The less crap in my pocket the better. I have a Storm 2 and my battery still lasts all day. The BJoose App helps the battery situation a lot. ;)

I usually carry an 8 GB Ipod Touch along with my 9800. I use the 9800 for streaming slacker or pandora. I do like the EQ on my Ipod better though, so I guess I'm 50/50.

I use my 9550 for music and videos all the time! Only thing is it's battery life sucks! Always need to carry around a spare battery or a portable charger!

The most media is use with my BB is Slacker radio and watching the occasional video on my Youtube player but for hardcore media usage I use my iPod.

jes i use it all the time to listen to music . i dont worry about video . wen going home from work i have a 1 hour trip in the bus i listen to my music . the sound quality with the earphones that came with my phone is poor solved that by replasing thge earphone with a sony earphone

I installed a 16G media card. I'm not organized enough to carry two devices so I listen to all my music and watch all my videos on my Blackberry Bold 9700. I would regularly forget my iPod at home but my Blackberry is ALWAYS with me. So, I ditched my iPod. No regrets. It's too much to carry.

Use mine for multimedia as well, @jstray I work in Asset Protection(Loss Protection) as well, I love it, best job in retail....

Being a mail clerk I stream music all day to keep the day interesting . I don't see the point of having Ipods or any another music player anymore . I have a 32g card for my 9780 for my own music and with Pandora and Slacker , must I need more ? Less to carry , Less things to charge !