How do you use your BlackBerry: Do you use Views in BlackBerry 6?

By Adam Zeis on 9 Dec 2010 12:10 pm EST

It's been a much debated topic at CrackBerry HQ and beyond. Some users find the new views in BlackBerry 6 to be extremely useful, while some find them to be extremely pointless. Depending on your device (touchscreen or not) and how you use it, you may find that they are more a hinderence than help. On my Torch I tried to use them (and like them) but it was a no go. Now that I'm on my Bold 9780 I find them even less usefully and fairly annoying. As Kevin said in his Bold 9780 review, a big issue is that you actually scroll across views when you don't want to which just kind of sucks in general.

So our question today CrackBerry Nation is this -- do you use views on your BlackBerry 6 device? We want to see first off how many of you actually use the views, and second what the difference is between touchscreen and non-touchscreen devices. Cast your vote in one of the polls above and leave a comment letting us know why or why not and what device you are using. Make sure you vote in the correct poll - there is one for Torch users and one for non-Torch users. Lets hear it!

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How do you use your BlackBerry: Do you use Views in BlackBerry 6?


Although it i'm pretty sure you're just a troll. But i also had enough of RIM and moved to the droid x. Upgraded to the Bold (took my GF's upgrade) a month later.

No matter how much you complain about RIM and lagging on the media department, they've definitely perfected the communication part of the phone, which is kind of the primary purpose of a phone..

EDIT: Oh no, replied to the wrong thing..

Although it i'm pretty sure you're just a troll. But i also had enough of RIM and moved to the droid x. Upgraded to the Bold (took my GF's upgrade) a month later.

No matter how much you complain about RIM and lagging on the media department, they've definitely perfected the communication part of the phone, which is kind of the primary purpose of a phone..

RIM is a dying company in terms of market share and innovation. Email is going to become less of a concern (unless you are business user) as more apps and social networks take place of communicating through email.

I wouldn't buy RIM anything. They are too wrapped up in this tablet nonsense. RIM will be a former shell of itself in 2-3 years.

So why are you on a blackberry fan site? Go troll somewhere else.

It is ridiculous that you can't add/delete pages, I only use all and favorites as well, sometimes media. I don't need downloads, that's what my download folder is for. Shouldn't frequent end up being my favorites? It's redundant.

But no reason to double post. The first one you said you were leaving... So go! Bye.

As for the views thing (shockingly I am going to be on topic with MY post), I can see why they are there, however they should be customizable - able to change name or number of views.

Yuck Yuck it is easy to see that the smokin playbook has you fuming! I guess you bought an iFart sorry loser.

This trolling business doesn't win any new fans and it's getting old. These trolling annoys people and makes me want to hate Android even more and more.

PS. get a life.

I only use All and Universal Search. I'm constantly going to the other pages and getting stuck trying to slowly slide over to the right view. I don't have a problem with my touchpad sensitivity at all during other activities. It needs to be an optional feature.

Same here. I use all and favourites. And OCASSIONALLY Media. The rest are totally pointless. My frequetly used apps are the top 6 on my all screen. And the "downloads" folder is always blank.

Same Opinion !!! I like it but if is posibble to create more folder or views o to rename teh existing would be great !!!!

Thought I'd like them, but they really annoy me on my 9780. Like the review posted here, I keep accidentally switching and it takes more time than it needs to. I never use anything than All. I can't wait for Theme Builder to include the 9780 so that I can make basically the same theme but without views. If I was on a Torch, I think I might like them better because you wouldn't accidentally switch as much and it is an effect that seems to make more sense with a swipe than a trackpad movement, but on the 9780 it is very annoying.

As a Torch user I don't like them as they are currently presented. I currently only use the "All" view. If they were customizable so I could disable the views I don't want I would be happy with it and would use it more. However, I don't accidentally scroll to different views as a touch screen user so it's easy to ignore and overall is a non-issue for me.

I agree customizable views are what is needed. For example folder should be views. The only one I use is Media because that makes sense.

Maybe an OS update would allow for customization??

Agreed. Torch user. The folders should be views. I use All and Favorites and sometimes Media. Thats it. Frequent serves no purpose.

I have both a Bold 9700 (work) and a Torch (personal), both of which have OS6. I use the All view and sometimes the Favorite view, which is pretty much the exact same as All, I set it up to be the same so that I can use either one. I sometimes scroll over to the Media view, that's a bit useful too. However, the Downloads view is pure garbage and a waste of space while the Frequent view is nothing but a gimmick. Sure its nice to see what my frequent Apps are, but I will never use that view for actually launching them. I have my All view customized to already see my frequent apps.

With my Bold, the different views is a NIGHTMARE. Accidental scrolling makes me want to chuck my Bold across the room. On the Torch, its bearable because its tolerable to scroll through views

In the end, the user should have a CHOICE of disabling these views. Let the customer make their own choice. Thats really not that hard.

I don't fully agree with the options available for voting. I voted no for Torch users, but it's not because I hate them or I don't see the point. It's only because I don't see it's usefulness for me.

I too only use All and Favorites, but most of what I use is on my Quicklaunch. I agree with others that they should be more customizable, and you should be able to remove what you dont use. I have the Style, but have played with the Torch, and I think they are a little easier to use on the touchscreen, you have to be too precise when scrolling with the touchpad.
It seems to me that RIM added them to make their OS look somewhat like Android to try and lure back some of the users that they have lost.
I really like my Style, but would honestly prefer to have OS 5 instead of 6, and the views is the main reason.

I agree that they did this so that you had something "swipe" to when you're using a touch enabled device. It's "cool" but really isn't that important on a mobile device.

I agree with others in that we should be able to disable certain views or rename them. The frequent view is just annoying.

And if you can make a download folder, the download view is a waste of space and one extra swipe to get to the view you actually find useful

I am sorry- but what do we mean about 'views' exactly? do you mean those damn tabs? I hated those tabs....i think that 'favorites' was the only one that they should have added. Is there a way of only showing the home tab and the favorites tab?

the views serve no purpose because they have folders.

the problems isnt the views in general, its that the views that they have are pointless and redundnat.

if there was a social networks view, and apps view, a media view, a games view, a home screen view, and maybe a favorites view they would make more sense.

but as of now, all the views are pointless and redundant because i already know how to find my favorite apps just from the home/all screen.

I only use the all view but just hitting the end button takes you out of any view so it doesn't bother me much.

Like most previous comments, I typically only use All and Favorites. And about the only reason I use All is because of the bug where apps disappear from Favorites. I echo the previous comments about the need for the tabs to be customizable to be truly useful.

On my Bold 9650, there's no point to have these "views" if you already have QuickLaunch. Now if that were integrated into an OS, I'd be pretty stoked.

Torch user here.

The concept of views is great. The execution is what stinks. Not being able to customize them is the main, if not only, fault.

'All' is the one I use the most, and I have folders created for sub-categories, where views would actually be useful.

'Media' is OK. This would have been a folder anyway, so this one I do use.

'Downloads' - I like being able to find anything I download in one place, but it's never going to stay there. It will always get moved to some other folder, so it's empty most of the time. No need to have a permanent view for this.

'Favorites' - some like this, some don't. If icons wouldn't sometimes disappear, I might use it.

'Frequent' - the most pointless of all. Depending on what I use, they keep rearranging, which means I still have to hunt for something, if it's even still there at all.

RIM, please keep 'All' by default. Leave the rest to us. Let me add/delete my own as I need them.

I use a personal today+ theme, so I don't have the option of choosing different views. But if I were I would go with "all". I hope in the next update they can add options like view calander/messages etc., that would be much better than favorites & download.

I'm going to be different... I do like the Views. I have made my life easier by using them. The All view allows me to organize all apps into folders... the rest is avoiding unnecessary trackpad clicks on my 9650... Swiping is easier... I just add all my media to "Media" like youtube links homescreen bookmarks and media apps like Pandora... Frequent is just quick access to commonly used apps... Favorites are apps that I don't frequent but like to have easy access to, like tether...

Downloads, I agree is probably the most useless View. RIM, easy fix, make views customizable by allowing users to "check" which views they want... and allow the titles to be editable. Simple...

I'd like to be able to disable views, especially if it gave me a little more screen space and the 'all' 'favourite'etc banners were gone.

I think I'd love and OS5 Zen theme for OS6 when theme start rolling out.

Ps new leak is really good.

I like the views quite a bit. I use them all except Downloaded (wish I could get rid of that one).

All - I have weather, mail, calendar, social feeds and apps and messing folder.
Favorites - I place all the top non media apps I am using (currently google, text inbox, gtalk, enterprise messenger and waze)
Media - I keep my top media apps on the top row (tweet media player, espn radio, podcasts, slacker, audible and pictures)

I like checking frequent to see what I am using.

Again I could do with out the downloaded tab.

I only use All and Universal Search. I love Universal Search. Dang phone keeps switching views which is annoying. I'm hoping RIM is listening to the people and give us some sort of a option to this views thing or just remove it. All and Universal Search everything else Meh!

I just wish i could lock the views>
i don't use any of them and i'm always srcolling right or left by accident.

Are the three I use the most. Media doesn't really have to be there, IMO. Hope there's a way to remove the tabs in the future. I use Quicklaunch more though for anything that isn't easily accessible.

Research In Motion is the greatest company ever. We are all blessed they have graced us with their business. I plan to have a BlackBerry in my hand for the rest of my life and if they offered me a contract to sign for life, I would right now.

I plan to name my children after BlackBerry's. My first born with be Curve 8310 Smith. My least favorite will be named Style 9670 Smith and my favorite will be named Bold 9700 Smith. They will each be given the newest BlackBerry at the moment of birth. I will ask RIM CEO Mike Lazaridis to be the God father of all my children.

Thats a fact, Jack.

downloads and frequent are pointless. we all have appworld, it scans our apps for us and so does the crackberry's app to see what we already have on our phones....we dont need a view to tell us.

my choice is to customize the screens, disable some, and definately keep the favorites (its really the only one i use.

ANOTHER SHAME...we cant make our home screen our favorites file! isnt that the point of having "favorite?"

The views really annoy me and the best thing I can come up with was to hide all the icons and create shortcuts for the ones used. All business related Apps are either launched by key press or via shortcut me and all multimedia launched by quicklaunch.

No Icons under the row section
Space Bar Quicklaunch (Multimedia)
Right conv key Shortcut me (Business)
Launch by typing Application shortcuts.

Very rarely do I have the need to use view or Open Tray which suits me fine at the moment.

Bold 9780 user.

you all are crazy. Downloads are good because we get some apps from places besides app world. That's one. Favorites are very useful. As is the media section.
I think Torch users have a better experience with this views feature. As we can do the quick swipe and move through the phone super fast. Especially with only one conveinance key.

If you are using a Bold or other device with a keyboard present all the time you have various shortcuts to get you to your apps. Which make views a little less useful. Therefore when the new storm drops you will hear people really loving the views.
People with the Bold will almost always say they don't use it, the universal search makes it almost useless.

You crackberry addicts are so negative towards blackberry omg.

I'd prefer they make it optional. BB's are good (on OS5) because of their elegance and simplicity. This all makes it so more complex, I don't think I can convince my girlfriends to upgrade to OS6, they won't never understand the extra steps they need to take when using the menu etc.

Having an alternate view you could switch to is not a bad idea but the way multiple veiws are displayed scrolling freely across the screen is a very poor and annoying design.

I don't like the views. I only use all and find it anoying when I accidently jump to another view. The media view is usually empty depending on theme so...yeah they should be custemizable incuding but not limeted to disabling them!

I don't like the views. I only use all and find it anoying when I accidently jump to another view. The media view is usually empty depending on theme so...yeah they should be custemizable incuding but not limeted to disabling them! ~sorry browser got stuck :-/

I use only the "All" view on my Torch 9800. I find that it is usually more efficient to scroll to the bottom of that view than it is to scroll left and right. And it is true that most of the time I end up scrolling left and right when I don't need to. It would be fantastic to have a "View Lock", or have the option to disable some/all views except one.

I move what I use most into Favorites and use that all the time. Sometimes an item mysteriously disappears from Favs and I have to re-add. Not sure if that's this xmas theme i'm running that is quirky.

One suggestion I would have for RIM is to allow me to "lock" in place the favorites view so I don't accidentally scroll into another one - that can be very annoying for sure.

All is about all that I use. I just have it set up to launch everything of importance from there, a habit from my Storms. I think I may use the views a little more if I could customize them. So, for now I'm happy with all and everything else is just wasted.

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