How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Do you use default or custom sounds?

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jul 2010 08:17 am EDT
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When out and about at the mall, out to dinner or just hanging out with friends, I constantly hear the ring of a BlackBerry and see any number of people grab their device to check it out. I personally use custom sounds for all of my alerts so I don't have this issue, but I know many of you just stick with the stock sounds. I like knowing my alerts are unique so I won't feel the need to check my device every time someone else's BlackBerry goes off. So our question to you is this: do you use the default sounds included on your BlackBerry or your own custom tones? If you only use the vibrate or silent profiles then you're exempt from this question, but if you use audible alerts we want to know! Leave your vote in the poll and drop a comment letting us know why you do what you do.

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Do you use default or custom sounds?


When I first got my BB I had a different song ringtone for every notification, but after a while that got REALLY annoying, getting a 30 second clip every time I got a new BBM or FB message, so I changed everything over to the Notifier tones, and it made a world of difference. I don't even have a music tone for my phone ringer, just the standard BB ringer. The only thing I use a tone for is my alarm clock in the mornings...

oh yeah, I have a different sound for each type of ringer on my phone. that way i know if its work e-mail, personal e-mail, sms, mms, and now I have the different LED for certain people so I don't have to check everytime it goes off if I am busy. the phone ringer is the only thing i have that is over 5 seconds long.

...phones have been able to play wma's, mp3's and wav's I have always made my own tones, be it something off the top of my head, or a rip of a tune i like..

when i get a phone call it plays a musical ringtone but for notifications i use a different default sound for each event (facebook, text, weatherbug ,and the 2 email accounts i have tied to my blackberry have their own sound.

While at work, usually just phone ringer on and vibrate for everything else - with custom LED colors thru BerryBuzz of course.
When sounds are on, I use different ones that come stock on the Berry - but I must be unique in the ones I choose because I never hear them from others' BB's.

The one custom sound I do use is for my wife's phone calls - the ringer plays Star Wars' "Imperial March" :) :)

I have a work and personal blackberry. My work phone is 8220, and it is 100% stock always running in silent mode (really just an email client).

My personal (8900) is customized to use different custom ring tone for general ring/SMS/BBM/email, as well as some custom tones for some of my more active "friends" as well.

Link, plz. Want. Thankee! Check out the CB free wallpaper gallery. I've uploaded several nice Tron Legacy walls for 9700 and 83xx..

I use a lot of the default sounds for nice short alert tones, like Sonar Ping for BBM, and BBRelaxed_Gong for Gmail, and lots of custom tones, like airline dings for SocialScope, a Viking horn for e-mail, and certain individual contacts have dedicated songs or clips for ringtones. My wife's phone ringtone is "Fish Heads" by Barnes and Barnes. My dad's ringtone is "Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" from Monty Python.

When there are at least 50 BlackBerrys around you at all times, you need custom ringtones so you know which one is yours instead of pulling out your BB every time a Notifier goes off, Although I do love the names they think up!

There's no combination option to vote for, so no voting for me this time. I have custom ringtones. For email, it all standard, except for my roadrunner email. Gotta have the meep meep for that. Text/mms also has a custom one.

In practice, I hear the standard tones a lot more than any of the custom ones though.

Yea I stick with the stock tones that come on the Berry...Ringer_BBPro_1 for my phone calls, BBPro_Sanguine for emails, BBPro_GungHo for MMS, BBPro_Link for SMS, and last but certainly not least Notifier_BBPro_6 for BBM. By using the stock tones I do, from time to time, run into situations where someone's BB goes off and I notice that several people reach for their device, including me. But then again even when I had custom tones I still checked when I heard a tone that I knew was native to the BlackBerry.

I use the defaults for BBM and other notifications. What do others use for those? I'm not thrilled with the defaults for BBM. I changed and its just annoying!

I use some custom.

For instance, for my wife, for email/sms contact alerting, I use a Trek Communicator sound. For my daughter I use the "badoop badoop badoop" TiVo sound.

And then I have some custom ringtones I use too.

For messages I use the stock notifications because they are short. Only ringers do I use custom sounds.

I do use custom sounds to alert when my wife contacts me through whatever means. I also looooove BerryBuzz and use it religiously! It's great for knowing when I need to check my messages right away or can ignore it for a bit!

I leave my tones & alerts at the default setting, not because of technical ignorance, but because it is a good excuse in a social setting to quickly check your loving-BB anyway and maybe shoot off a quick BBM whilst at it !

Custom ringtones for phone calls and custom alerts for new text, MMS, email messages and alarm clock. For Calendar reminders I use from the built-in sounds. Everything else I leave to silent or LED notification.

i never feel the vibrate for some reason, so i went with a different nintendo sound for every notification type... and the jurassic park theme for calls

I only use a custom sound for phone calls. Otherwise I use the stock sounds. However, I almost never play sounds unless I am at home. Most of the time, I use vibrate. I have the vibration set for 2 medium vibrations for e-mails, 3 short vibrations for BBM, 1 medium vibration for SMS/MMS, so I know what kind of message I am getting.

I have a custom ringtone for all, and a specific one for the wife(hehe) I mainly have it on vibrate during work hours because of my work environment.
I have added a few custom sounds for alerts, but only my frequent ones.
I must agree that being in a crowded place and watching everyone fumble for they're BBs is hilarious and the other noticeable thing is that they're also all deaf as the level is set to loud always.

OMG! That's why I love my Blackberry. Each contact has their own ringtone for calls and a separate one for texts. I recorded my own voice for each email account so I know which email to check, Facebook has my nephew screaming "facebook" when there's an update--I could never just use vibration alerts, although those differ according to the alert as well. Never really got into the LED thing. Maybe soon.

After moving from a Palm Treo 650 that I had for years to a BB Curve, I realized how ubiquitous the default BB ringtones are, and I also didn't always recognize the ringtone because it wasn't the set of ringtones I had been used to for so long. So I simply moved my most used Treo ringtones over to my microSD card via BT and have had ringtones that I know and that are different from everyone else's ever since.

I use LED for Twitter/facebook messages. I can check those out on my own time. I have custom ring tone for Phone calls and
Custom rings for certain people under my contacts. I also have use 10 or 15 second ring tones for SMS or MMS. BBM's I will use a tone pre-installed on the phone...I like to change things up but for now that's what I have on my phone...

For calls and emails, I use cool custom jingles from the days of Boss Radio.......(i'm an older dude)
For alerts and SMS..I use the BB stuff......
Best of both worlds on the BB.....
On my iPhone...their unmoveable alerts for email, SMS, etc...suck......
they're not loud enough and some alert tones are really ???????????

BB wins this one!

Custom ringers for the people I want to make sure I don't miss their calls or if I'm not near the phone, know who's before I get to the phone, or know to check the message sooner, rather than later. But I have a feeling in a room full of BB users, I'd be the only one reaching for my phone, when phone calls or messages, sound off. :D

There are some great custom notification tones out there.

Supersion by Stevie Wonder - Phone
Predator Growl - BBM
"Message" from Don't be a Menace to Society While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood as well as the X files theme - SMS
Elevator Version of the Imperial March from Starwars - MMS

Finding RUN D MC ringtone snipets are great notification tones as well and there are a few out there.

Different Jimmy Hendrix clips for the 3 emails I have on my BB (all pretty short)

Transformers sound from 80's cartoon - Facebook

I also have a handful of custom tones set for different contacts messages and phone calls.

Family all have same ones aside from Mom and Dad having their own, work all have the same ones aside from my boss having his own.

Girl friend of course has her own notifications for phone calls and messages.

Some friends have custom ring tones too.

At work it is in the holster pretty much all the time so I go on different vibrate settings so I know if I'm getting a call, sms/mms, BBM or Email.

Everyone was from Crackberry's free rigntone section.

One of the many reasons I prefer BB to an iPhone is that I can use ANY mp3 as a ringtone. I've basically themed my 9700 as an 8-bit Nintendo. Ringtones are longer songs while texts and IMs are shorter songs or sound effects. People get a real kick out of it.

For texting I have the sound from Metal Gear Solid and i usually have music as my ring tone. Right now its the song Joseph Merrick by Mastodon.

I use custom tones and sounds for everything. However, I have several e-mail addys and for the life of me I can never remember which ringtone goes with each addy but at least they're interesting tones!

One of the latest OS updates for the Storm2 messed up my custom text alerts. Every other custom alert works though.

i used custom sounds for a lot of my things.
A song for when people call, different ones for certain people.
Harry Potter Text tone for my BBM.
I only use the default for my FB and texting

I prefer the short notifier sounds for messages and alerts, songs for calls and alarms/reminders. I keep my e-mails silent because they're not usually urgent and I get too many to always be looking at my phone. Plus (being an addict), I rarely put it down for more than a few minutes anyway.

Always. I change em probably every two weeks. I don't like the stock tones, so I even manage to find short 5 second ones for my email and messaging. Sometimes I even cut mp3s down to that length if I really wanted to use it.

I mostly use my custom sounds for my ringtones for family friends, and co-workers. I use the short notifier sounds for my emails (yahoo, gmail, sbcglobal), BBM, MySpace and Facebook alerts.

My Berry talks to me! When my wife calls, i hear her voice telling me its her. For other calls i hear my own voice asking me to answer my phone, and on and on. I used an audio editor called Goldwave to create these.

Lol since I got the mp3 ringtone maker from the crackberry store, it's all custom ringers except while I'm at work

I have custom sounds. Not sounds i made myself but sounds i found on the internet. Everyone calls my blackberry a "farm" cause all of my sounds are based around animals. But i do get weird looks when my phone suddenly starts bahhhing like a sheep in the Walmart, LOL

I have a frog sound for when i get a text. A sheep when i get a email etcc.... It ranges from a horse to a hurt dog sound. I use music for my ringtones and dont use the norm music. People at work still get scared and jump when my phone goes off and i find it hilarious, LOL

Like yourself, I used custom sounds to distinguish my phone from others. However, mine are simple one second or two tone that are pleasant to the ears. (At least to mine anyway)

The only basic tone I used is the alarm. Cause they're loud and annoying. Hah.

for notifications, and the phone ringing. I have a custom ringtone for the callbox in my apartment building. SMS messages have that "gavel sound" from Law & Order, and MMS messages give the Transformers sound effect. Both garner interesting looks when they go off in public. There should be another option or two for the vote. :)

Friends and family all have unique ringtones that I downloaded here, makes sense to me to know whose calling without having to remove the phone to view the screen.

All my sounds are customized so I know it is my phone. I also have specific sounds for different people who I don't want to miss.

I usually only give "important" contacts a personal ringtone. It let's me know to run to my phone and pick it up when miraculously its not next to me lol
Other than than I have either vibrate or a subtle notifer tone for emails, sms, and FB.

I like having specific sounds for different people and different apps. That way I know what or who it is without having to pick it up. Besides, I love the reaction on people's faces when I get a call from someone and they hear the theme song to Good Times!!!