How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Do you use the App Switcher to navigate your applications?

BlackBerry App Switcher
By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2011 01:04 pm EDT

So many BlackBerry users and so many ways to navigate a device. Everyone finds what works best for them as far as getting around their personal device, and while some may make use of certain features, others may not even know about them. One of these that comes to mind is the App Switcher. This simple task lets you quickly switch between open apps simply by pressing and holding the Menu key on your device. I personally never really use the App Switcher but I know many users who can't get by without it. So our question today is this: Do you use the App Switcher on your BlackBerry? Cast your vote in the poll above, then leave a comment letting us know what works best for you. Thanks @kurtbert!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Do you use the App Switcher to navigate your applications?


I like to check it occasionally to see what I've got running in the background, & then use it to close Apps. But I don't use it specifically for just switching between Apps.

Using the app switcher and going to the home screen with the end-call button do the same thing. Apps don't exit when you do that. This poll is missing an option - "I sometimes use the app switcher and sometimes go to the home screen, but I'm ALWAYS multitasking!"

IndePanda, I do the same thing, to see what's running and kill them!

Hitting end-call can sometimes have devastating effects, especially when you're in the middle of a call...

Ha, that is true, and that is part of why I sometimes use the app switcher! Or the menu button to get to the home screen during a call! I have to admit to hanging up on people a few times!

+1 "I sometimes use the app switcher and sometimes go to the home screen, but I'm ALWAYS multitasking!"

It comes in handy on so many occasions! If my browser's still loading, but my podcasts have refreshed, I can simply use the App Switcher to get there without ending my browsing session!

If you go to the home screen with the end-call button, it is the same thing. It doesn't end your browsing session. Just don't use the back button!

I use the app switcher 95% of the time I'd say. Sucks though when background apps clog it up for no good reason (like BeAlert or almost anything from Toysoft Development Inc.)

App switcher it gives a good functionality to the Phone, but i dont use it tat often i might use it for closing apps cause sometimes they are not closing when you hit the back button (exp:Google maps), and sometimes i use it when im on twitter and i dont wanna close it cause i get a BBM so i switch to BBM and then back to Twitter, is good to have such a functionality on the phone, but i might think this pool is missing one more question "Im using AppS. but not so often depends of the situation"

App switching 100%. I like how it's optimized for one-hand use (hold Menu to activate, click Menu again to switch to the last used app). I wish app shortcuts would work though, like pressing M to switch to Messages

That's why I go to the Home Screen with the end button to switch apps, I can do it in 2 clicks, no scrolling, if I'm going to one of my main apps (M, N, Y, C, L). I use app switcher sometimes if I'm going back an forth between 2 apps a bunch and they'll be first on the list. Maybe I use the end button because I'm an old timer, from before there was an app switcher. You are still multi-tasking though, whether you use the end button or the app switcher.

I generally use the app switcher, except for going to my mail folder, in which case I use my convenience keys. Then, when I am done it the mail folder, I hit the back button and am returned to whatever app I was using before I hit the convenience key.

Another way I use the app switcher is as a quick launcher for the apps that are always open. I keep my home screen tray completly closed. No dock showing. If a new message comes in, call up the app switcher and open BBM or messages.

I really use it when power-tasking, actively swapping back and forth quickly from app to app, copying/pasting/researching, etc. It's also easier on the battery to leave BBM group chats open, so I tend to hit them from App Switcher if there is an active conversation going on.

During most casual use, I am usually an obsessive return-to-homescreen guy, usually by hitting the Call End button to leave whatever app I'm in running, but jump back to the home screen, or, if I'm really done with an app that can be closed, I exit it completely.

Sooooo...both. :D

I'm using it more and more. It does come in very handy instead of backing out of everything.

I'm ashamed to admit how long it took me to start using this feature, but once I figured it's awesome! I use it all the time now. That's a one of the things I love about tech...continuing to figure out how to improve my efficiency and productivity.

Now that I have the new torch and not the original bold, I can multitask easier without having to close out applications!

I love this function on the platform. My 9930 takes it to the next level with the speed and ease of transition. I was productive before but now I have other people asking me why I keep touching the screen on my bold. Partly due to app switcher. The only way I think it could get better is if they allow side swiping to move between apps. Hopefully this comes with QNX, hopefully...

This wasn't a feature that I used because I really didn't know anything about it. What have I been missing?!!

I don't use it near as much as I did before switching to .353 :) Hell I was using it every time I picked up my phone and pressed the back button. Now things are as they should be and I only use it to switch apps. Would be lost without it.

I didn't know this feature was available. I'm going to give this a try to see if I like it or not.

Just found out from Rogers BlackBerry tech support that there is bug in os7 that turns the "return" button" into an App Switcher. Only why to correct is to pull the battery however it will most likely happen again.

Sometimes I like to enable dial from home scren/universal search. That's when I make the most use of the app switcher, primarily to get to the browser and my im applications; in dhs/us mode my home screen shortcuts don't work.