How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Do you keep the standard email signature?

By Adam Zeis on 7 Apr 2011 02:55 pm EDT
 BlackBerry BIS email signature  

One of the issues that used to bother users most (and probably still does) is that pesky email signature you get when adding email addresses. Sent From My BlackBerry (or some incarnation) shows after all your emails - some users don't mind it while others can't stand it. I personally go with no signature, but I know many like to go with Sent from my CrackBerry or something else that is more personal. You can always just blank it out or change it up, but we want to know how many of you actually do that. So our quetsion today is: Do you use the standard BlackBerry email signature or change it up to something else. Cast your vote in the poll above, then leave a comment telling us what you do. Thanks Alicia!

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How Do You Use Your BlackBerry: Do you keep the standard email signature?


I usually change it to something dumb, like "Sent from my iPhone on the Sprint Now Network" or something similar.

Well I don't either, but just so people know I am not at the computer.

Maybe we should add Sent from My computer to emails we don't send from the BlackBerries? :p

I hate the signature. I even go so far as to change it on my friends phones without them knowing. The only thing that it's good for is it allows the excuse for typos.

I kept the "sent from my blackberry" but then add my usual work signature. fools people all the time. "What are you doing at work at 11:30pm?"

The standard one on t-mobile germany 'sent with my blackberry with t-mobile webmail'.. i always hated that...

I actually, customized each email to have a signature. My personal email is really simple just one line with my name. My business emails are with the name, position, company, number, email & website.

Am I the only that does that?

yeah I changed it, I have 4 emails configured and each one of em has a diff signature, some ones are: "sent from my light saber" or "sent from a galaxy far far far far away" the other ones are more corporate but no "blackberry" mentions whatsoever

I got bored with it and on a whim decided to change it to "The be sent from my 'Berry yo". It makes my friends and family laugh when they read it.

I leave the blackberry signature cause it shows my employees that they are getting a hold of me, and getting quick responses, no matter where i am

Personally, I hate the "Sent from my X" signatures. It comes off as pretentious. I honestly don't care if you sent me an email from your BlackBerry or iPad.

Well, "Sent from my BlackBerry" can carry many meetings. "Hey, look at me, I'm a BlackBerry fanboy!" is just one of the many meanings. There are practical reasons to keep such a signature. A few examples:

1. "If you send me a zip file with an EXE or DLL to test, don't expect immediate response because I'm not at my computer.

2. "If you see weird typos or misspellings, it's not that I've turned dumb, but rather that I'm typing on a cramped tiny keyboard."

3. "That Word doc attachement I just sent you might have quirky formatting issues, as I did not edit it in Word, but in QuickOffice / Documents To Go / somethiing else."

4. "If you need to talk to me, call my mobile number, not my office or home number."

I'm sure others will find other practical uses. :)

Mine stays with the sent from BlackBerry. I am proud to own the phone and to use it for e-mail. No harm in advertising that fact to as many as possible.

I have my work ones to match exactly the Outlook ones, so that way, people from work can't tell where I'm responding from.

My personal emails I have left the "sent from my blackberry" since I don't mind my friends and family knowing that I'm out and about.

Same here, I match my Outlook so nobody knows where I'm working from. They don't need to know if I'm in the office, at the airport or on the course, they should just be happy I'm responding. Had to adjust my Outlook signature since the fonts etc were limited on the blackberry.

Didn't those fruits from Crapple start this inanity?

Why waste the smidgeon of bandwidth? Why waste the time of your recipient? Why discuss it?

Y'all seem really bored and reaching at Crackburgh lately. Hire an editor or something.... sheesh.

Sent from my Post new comment web-based text box

I usually delete the device name I carry.

I use:

My Name
my mobile number
sent from mobile device

A friend of mine has the last name of "Straub"........and noticed that on his email signature that it said "Sent from my Verizon Wireless StrauBerry". Thought that was cute! LOL

I heard a guy at our office was let go for modifying his tag line to this:

"This message was ciphered using Blackberry technology (tiny screen, tiny keyboard, big thumbs) The sender cannot be held responsible for recipient’s lack of a deciphering technology."

or sum such crap.

Tish...changed mine to keep my users guessing whether I'm in the building or out! Best part of a Blackberry is I can be mobile and still work!

I do both. Work email I change to match the signature that I have in Outlook. I like the "Sent from my BlackBerry" signature so I keep it for my personal accounts.

Leaving the default "Sent from my BlackBerry" seems kind of tacky from my point of view -- so i keep it simple and write my name there.

I didn't know the default signature changed. It used to be (back when I got my first BB, the Pearl 8100) "Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T".

I changed it to "Sent from my BlackBerry" a long time ago and it's still that way to this day. For my work email, I match our office standard signature but add the same "Sent from my BlackBerry" tag after it. It doesn't matter if it's different from what is sent out of the office, because the BB can't match the custom font formatting we use anyway. It already looks more generic coming from the phones.

I love the Blackberry Signature. I changed mine slightly to read:

Brought to you Via My TorchBerry

I think it adds a bit of prioritization to the sender. If you received a response with that Tag at the were, or your Email was, important enough to me to respond right away from wherever I was and for me to stop whatever I was doing to respond instead of waiting until I review my messages on my PC/MAC. at home or office.
Consider yourselves important when you see a BlackBerry Tagged signature!

Although, nowadays it should probably read:

Sent to you By My Ridiculously Overpriced Data Plan for my BlackBerry!

I like peopke to know that I'm responding from my fabulous BlackBerry which could explain typos at times and the speedy reponse that you NEVER get from other phones!!

I have customized it only slighly (removing the word "verizon"). I answer many emails on the blackberry and want the reader to know why typos might be there.

The same typos, sent from a computer, would be REAL embarrassing. From a phone, not at all....and they appreciate the quick reply, too!

Typos are THE reason to let the signature reveal the source.

As i was finally changing my work email signature to include a confidentiality notice i saw this poll come up and laughed

The annoying issue where the signature showed up at the very end of a string of email replies made it somewhat useless but I used it...

I have a handful of auto-correct signatures I use so I can have more signatures to choose from on the fly. Citing all examples of pros/cons and preferences I like it best when I can choose for every email. Just make signatures in auto-correct dictionary that replace typing of s1, s2, etc.

I cleared all of my email signatures to blank. I use Auto Text whenever I want to add a signature to my emails. This is very useful when going back and forth with replies to the same email. (It can get pretty annoying seeing a signature 10 times in the same email.) The only email address where I have left the default signature is my "" address, since I only use that one when I WANT people to know I'm on my Berry.

I went to the apple store and changed their signature on the ipad to "Sent from my BlackBerry" :P

I've added my own email signature and I've edited it to read "Sent from my Blackberry Torch 9800; the world's best smartphone."

Changed the sig for work email to match the one that comes from my computer and changed my home email sig to blank.

I used to keep the "Sent from my BlackBerry" (deleting the carrier advertising) on my personal email account/personal CrackBerry, but now that I only carry a work-issued 'Berry, my company has removed the signature by default and doesn't want it on there.

I change it to have my name, yet I still keep the "Sent from my BlackBerry" tag, it give me an out for possible bad punctuation and grammar ;-)

I change mine

For my Gmail it's
My name
Sent from my BOLD 9700

but I got a little more creative for my Blackberry email account it's
My Name
Sent from my BOLD 9700. "A woman is a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke."

I turned OFF the auto signature and use AutoText or Word Substitution to insert the siggy I want to use. Obviously shorter for business text messages, full signature with tag line in email. People don't need to know if it's from my BlackBerry or my desktop. I DON'T like saying sent from my BlackBerry Torch or PlayBook. I also won't advertise for my carrier without a marketing fee--which they won't pay... Happy weekend all! DeanoDean

Just my work email signature is change.
For my personal email I just add my name and leave sent from my blackberry and delete the network.

Today i will change it for crackberry instead of blackberry jajajajaja

Hmm, the default signature was:
"Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile."

So I definitely had to change it, as T-Mobile wasn't going to get free advertising on me.
Enviado desde my BlackBerry.
Sent from my BlackBerry."