How Do You Use Your Blackberry: Do you play games on your device?

By Adam Zeis on 30 Mar 2011 09:32 am EDT

Another week another burning BlackBerry question in hopes on an answer. Our pal Fabian sent this one in and now I'm curious to know as well. We all know that apps are a big part of the BlackBerry experience. Some users have a few while others have tons. I like to keep my app bank small (10 or so) but some people I know have over 50 apps on their device. When it comes to games however it's a totally different story. BlackBerry has never been known as a gaming device, so finding good ones can someitmes be a challenge. I actually don't have any games on my device at the moment, so I'm curious to know just how many of you play games on your device. This poll could have gone in multiple directions (how many games, what device etc) but we'll try to keep it simple. We just want to know if you do or don't play games on your device. We've split it up into two polls - one for touchscreen users (Torch, Storm) and one for everyone else. So cast your vote in the poll above, then drop a comment letting us know why you do or don't play games on your BlackBerry.

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How Do You Use Your Blackberry: Do you play games on your device?


I have to agree that I do the same. I love my torch but to be honest and I'm sure a lot if not all blackberry users can agree the gaming for blackberry's suck. I love the games on my touch because quite frankly, its way better than what they've got in app world. When you have to promote hangman as a game to get, doesn't really speak much when compared to the free games you can get with apple, let alone if you jailbreak your apple device then its hands down and shovel dirt on top the winner. Break out the android apps and I'm sure this view will definitely change

Yeah I'm in the same boat. when I can play Final Fantasy or Tiny Wing on my torch I'll start gaming on my bb. I am hoping that android support on the playbook changes things though

Yeah they have some games but the good games don't come usually with free trials or free at all. And if u have to pay the prices are ri-donk-ulous. Even if u could jailbreak a bb, they don't have any good games to download anyway. I mean look at the game they're advertising now, yey 'Dots' :p seriously?

I had touch don't see need of 2 devices with me. Touch has more games, but I have 20+ on my torch and haven't got board yet: uno, final fantasy, sonic 2, solitare, zum-zum, and about 4 games for my kids for long road trips if I forget their nintendo DS. ALSO I DON'T EXPECT EVERYTHING TO BE FREE!!!!! I work for a living so I understand developers have to pay bills just like me!

i currently have a torch and i love to play games on there i have about 3 games i like the touch screen and i feel it gives me good game play. and is more interactive. i used to use a bold 9000 and on there i didnt like to play games. first i didnt have much space to download i would often download an app and after a week erase it becuase i felt my phone was slowing down. on the bold the games were not as fun you were had to push certian letters or numbers and i just didnt have as much fun i never really got to see the screen i was always watching what i was pushing for example dinner dash and word mole hated it. now on my torch i love word mole dinner dash not so much becuase you still have to use the keypad.

I play games on my Torch while commuting. Top three in no particular order:
Xploding Boxes
Number Cruncher

9780 and do not play games. I guess i wouldn't be using a bberry if games were a huge part of my daily life.

WHAT GAMES? ... Is there any good game out there for Blackberry?... there's not even a half good game as the iPhone, that's why most of the users of Blackberry have to purchase an iPod Touch.

I request a poll asking ... "Blackberry users, do you have an iPod Touch /yes/No/"

If you have a Torch get Brain Cube. This game is seriously good. It is so good that I drained my battery playing it.

Warning, the game requires some thought so may not be suitable to iOwners.

Have an iPod touch never use it sits in my drawer, can't be bothered trying to wade through the thousands of stupid games to try to find a good one, and Angry birds isn't a good game, period. At least not for people that like Brain Cube.

LOL! That's a good point. It's funny, when I'm using the iPod I end up thinking, geez this would be cool if it had wireless too and not just wi-fi. :-D

There are good games for the BB especially if you like puzzles. ;) I think a big part of the problem is that you've got this huge user base spread across YEARS of different product models and that means a wide spread of varying hardware. Compared to the iOS devices, where you write code once and you're done. It would be impossible to have Angy Birds on a Pearl, for example, which means Devs do a ton of work to make a game that can only be run on two (?) devices out of the entire BB lineup. Two - I'm thinking Storm & Torch - would you want to play an angry birds game on a screen half the size of an ipod touch?

So the Dev is looking at all this work they put into writing a game and figuring out how they can actually make money off it. Most of the BB community can't even run it because they have a bold or curve, so they either charge 99 cents and lose their shirts, or charge 5 bucks or more and hear everyone scream about how expensive it is and how it's not worth it.

Apple just manages to win here because they don't give their customers any choice. If you want an iPhone, just go get it off the shelf. Doesn't matter which one you pick. But if you want a blackberry, well, you can get it in all sorts of flavors. But every additional option you have means one less developer that's willing to put the time and money into making a game that most people won't buy anyway. I mean look at angry farm! Closest thing I've probably ever seen to an ipod-type game running on a blackberry. Good, modern game that's not just another board game, developed by "Smarter Apps". It's what we've all been asking for, yet it's not what anyone is suggesting. Devs like Smarter Apps will need a lot more support if they're going to keep working to make games for the BB and I just don't see that happening with the current range of products available. (Okay, wow, I just looked, and I think they say angry farm will run on pretty much every single current BB out there LOL)

Sorry, I'm ranting and babbling, but this is something I've been thinking about quite a bit recently.

MIssing the option: I have games on my BB, but I rarely play them. It's nice to have them on there, but they don't make/break my experience.

i only use my blackberry for emails, sms, calling, internet and IM's
sadly my ipod touch as well is only used for internet and music. last time i played a game on my ipod touch, i think was last nov on my flight and i have never played a game on my blackberry lol as a mof, i deleted all my games on my blackberry

Yeah, I'll play a game or two on my Torch every now and then. Pinball Deluxe which was just posted for free is really decent and plays well! (unlike Angry Farm, unfortunately). I play games on my Torch when I'm caught up on news, twitter, crackberry and facebook but don't have enough time to start reading a book. The option is nice to have but the games just aren't there. If I really want to sit down and play some casual games for a bit I'll break out the iPod Touch and see how long I can go before the battery dies. :-D Actually that's not entirely true. Half the time I start browsing thru the top free games list and see if anything catches my eye and then maybe start playing something. I really wish it weren't that way. I'm absolutely in love with my Torch and could care less about an iPhone. I think most of the Apple AppStore is full of useless garbage, but that's because everyone is developing for that platform and if you think of a program you want chances are good someone has written it for you. I'm still trying to find a multi-chat client that is still supported by the developer, for crying out loud. (currently using IM+ Pro)

Curve 3G. Just moved to BB after realized for myself that need the phone for calls, emails, SMS, IMs, and calendar - that's it. Not that play much games, but do it on iPad ... Also, virtually stopped browsing on the phone after got iPad few months ago - in the past was using over half of the time on the phone for browsing.

As far as games, I didn't have any until a couple of days ago when CB pointed us to Pinball Deluxe Free... it is very well done and entertaining if you have a few minutes to kill. So that made me have to answer Yes.

You will laugh.

I love playing Phase Ten on my BB Curve. It is a GREAT time killer when I have to wait somewhere for someone...

Go ahead, laugh.....

Games that doesn't require quick movement with trackball against time, works nicely on my Tour. Favorites like Sudoku, Dots, Pixelated, Bubble Burst, Minesweeper and Battleships!

I have MeBoy installed with Tetris and Tetris DX, did have Pokemon Red on there but discovered you lose the save game if you wipe your phone (os updates) as it does not back up MeBoy. GB Tetris rocks though.

My 9700 is not there for games, it's my internet (os6), email, sms, various chat, fb and telephone. The fact that bbm runs through bis and therefore not off my data allowance means free picture messages to and from my wife.

I have a DS for games on the move.

seriously people?

Blackberry games are down right horrendous.

I would rather poke myself with a pin than play anything on my blackberry.

comments like this are foolish. yes we can all buy apple stuff and we choose not to. Whoop de do!

The games are fine for killing a few minutes.

When ever I see a person in a room with an iPhone and one with a black berry, I know which person works and which person doesn't, it's that simple.

Also I saw a woman on an airplane playing angry birds on her iPod touch for like 10 min. My reaction - she's a moron. Think of that the next time you think you are cool breaking out your iPod touch. :D

Currently installed: Addictive Tower Defense, Xploding Boxes, Jumbles, Pinball Deluxe

Currently uninstalled but on-deck: Dots, Pixelated, Aces Hold 'Em, Sudoku

To all you "BlackBerry games suck!" people: This is not a gaming machine. I have no need to play Half-Life or Quake on my BB, even though that would rock if I could. It would likely destroy my battery life, too. These are light games (with the exception of ATD), meant for quick play and occasional time-wasting, though they can certainly work themselves into obsessions. ;) I have a DS, PC, and PS3 for more serious gaming.

I've deleted all games on my BB as I don't play any of them. I use my BB mainly as a communications device and personal organizer.

I have a Storm 2 and normally hate games on phones. That is until I discovered the pinball game on Crackberry. I love a true pinball machine and do not like electronic games. I downloaded the pinball and play it when there isn't much tp watch on T.V. During the day, my Storm 2 is a work tool.

PlayTomo FTW the torch has an array of games to choose from cuz of the improved touch screen, not all gems thought, but PlayTomo sticks out for me

I didn't play anything till pinball now hooked on it. But really if I want games I use a console. Use my bb to communicate really