CrackBerry Asks: How do you lock your device?

By Adam Zeis on 27 Dec 2011 01:30 pm EST
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Every since I've owned a BlackBerry I have always struggled as to the best way to lock my device. Obviously using the native password lock is the best, most secure way to go, but sometimes it just doesn't work well for a users needs. There are other options as well like just locking the keyboard (holding the A key or using the lock button) or using a third-party app to get the job done. What we want to know is just how you lock your device (if you do at all). Do you use a password? Just the lock button? A third-party app? Let us know in the poll above which option best fits you, then sound off in the comments!

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CrackBerry Asks: How do you lock your device?


I usually just hit the A button, also this is the first time I got first comment, not as cool as I thought it would be

^yea being first to post isn't all some make it out to be....actually posting "first" is kinda....really lame

My Torch times out and locks using the native password...i also have AFBB Apps Lock on my device to keep certain applications secure when my device isn't locked.

3rd party app is the only way to keep certains things on your phone locked right? Like if I want text messages and Facebook app locked only, I would need a seperate app? I agree now though, first was pretty lame

I just use the lock button to lock the keyboard because I have found a few times when I take my 9700 out of my holster some keys had been pressed or an app launched.

I use Speedlock on my Torch 9850 AND have the native password app that locks it up after 30 minutes of no use. It's great to simply tap the screen icon to lock the screen and in the (gasp!) event that I misplace/lose my phone, it'll lock itself up.

yeah i couldn't vote because i just use the K key to password lock the device. Or the timeout if i don't press the K to lock it immediately.

I hated when they changed the lock button on the top of the phone to lock the keypad instead of locking the device. :(

I wish we could Lock Single Apps, Like other Smartphones can lock only Media, Messages, Facebook and not have to lock the entire device. Anyone agree?

Same here. PatternLock after 10 minutes, password lock after 1 hour (because I have encryption enabled on the media card)

Funny this poll came up. I want to know how to remove the password option on my 9700. I always have a lock symbol when I go to setings. I won speedlock 2day I want to use that

in the options menu under security there is an option for setting your password. through here you are able to: "Enable" and "Disable"

I have tried the pattern lock app but it times out to quickly so literally every time I attempt to use the phone i have to enter the dam! Pattern. And lets be honest the 9900's touchscreen isn't the most responsive especially when beginning a finger gesture from the bottom of the device. So I end up having to put it in multiple times before it gets it right..

The native password lock works well because you are able to set the time out up to an hour. but for some reason I just don't like it.. So even though my GF constantly tries to break in to my phone.. I still just keep it with no lock.. lol

Locking the keypad is enough for me..had the native password lock going on for a while, but constantly typing the password got annoying after a while..

I started using the native lock because it locks the bridge apps on the Playbook. I also have Pattern lock on individual apps, but it will not lock bridge app access.

I use both a third-party and native password for security. On BES, your resposible for yor device so make it secure as possible. Some I've used were berryslider, slide to unlock, pattern lock, but the best for me right now is Drag lock,that's says what it does. Works wonderfully with my 9800 so far too.

I don't lock it with a password. I just use the screen and keyboard slide lock (third party app.) The one thing I don't understand is why is there a shorcut on the letter A for locking and also a designated button. Doesn't that seem like overkill to anybod? I would prefer to be able to add a contact to "A" or be able to use the top conveniance key for something else.

Anybody agree?

yeah, I just wanted to scold you ;) as this should be easy to change via shortcuts but indeed we can't change the a, q and w shortcuts - really stupid as there is no reason for RIM to do that...

I use the keyboard lock button on top of the 9900 to immediately conserve battery power and stop the thing from going back on when I put it in the holster. Then the phone is programmed to enter into password lock after an hour of not being used, for security reasons. That basically ensures that during the work day I don't have to keep on entering the password every time I use the phone. This is the system that works best for me.

This question has been plaguing me as well.. I don't mind the native lock, but since they took away the lock button, the only way to instant password lock rather then waiting for the timeout is to use the icon.. and that won't do..

I like pattern lock.. it works well, and you can set it to lock via the native keyboard/screen lock key at the top of the device.. but as someone else said, it doesn't lock the bridge apps on the playbook..

There's a few posts above about using the 'k' key to launch native password lock.. is this something on older devices? I've never heard of it before or tried it on any of my older BB's, but I just tried it on my 9900 and it doesn't work...

I changed my language input to alt and space (or something) as when in my pocket pressure kept pressing alt+ent but for the life of me I can't remember how I did it after just searching through my phone for it

I use a password. It just feels more secure. You have the peace of mind knowing that if anyone picks it up at the bar or a party or whatever they won't be able to get at anything important.

7.1 has a built in slider lock, for the 9810. Closing the slider, locks the screen and keyboard. Pressing the lock button, receiving a call, or opening the slider unlocks the phone. There are no wasted resources and its a great battery saver

I used to use the native password lock on my 9700 and the on 9900 I heard a lot of complains about lower manufacturing quality on keyboards and other hardware. So, to reduce the wear of the keyboard, I now use PatternLock. No keyboard entry, just the touch.