How do you listen to music on your BlackBerry?

By Adam Zeis on 10 Sep 2013 12:46 pm EDT

I have always been a big fan of streaming media apps on my BlackBerry. From Pandora and Spotify on my Bold 9000 and now apps like Songza, iHeartRadio and Slacker - there are plenty of options out there.The ability to load up music right to an SD card is a viable solution as well and has been the easiest method of listening to music on the go for years. 

Streaming options offer many features that keep users coming back. Plenty of services have streaming stations for music that you can customize to your liking while services like Sonza cater to your mood and the time of day. Finding one service that meets all your needs can be tough at times, but there are most certainly plenty to choose from, although we're still waiting on some bigger services like Rdio and Spotify to find their way to BlackBerry 10.

For those that don't care so much about streaming, loading up an SD card with music is a great way to go. Given that BlackBerry 10 devices can use up to 64GB memory cards - that's plenty of music to keep you rocking for quite a few hours. Even better is that you don't have to worry about any streaming services acting up or not working at all - plus no data fees since your music is stored locally. 

Whatever you're choice may be your BlackBerry is a great tool for listening to music on the go. 

Oh, and what about BBM Music? Does anyone miss that?

What do you prefer when is comes to music on your device? Streaming apps? Local music? Plain old radio? Hit up the comments and let us know why you choose what you do and what works best.




TuneIn is pretty good tho.


I use TuneIn to get a local news station: 680 News, but that's it.

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Tune In is so amazing.

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I switched from TuneIn to Nobex.
Nobex customer service is excellent. If there's a station missing, you just tell them about it and they add it very quickly.


I use the Native Music app - which has a few bugs and needs an upgrade urgently! I also use 3rd party apps such as Neutron Player and Podcasts.


I love TuneIn also for radio, podcasts and scanner feeds. Great selection of feeds to choose from.

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Really need an all of the above option. I have a 32GB SD card, but often stream from Slacker to find new content, and I also use the sideloaded Amazon Mp3 app to stream from my cloud sometimes - and let's not forget the internet. Where would we be without Youtube and NPR?

R Field

Skooday, Tunein, and the stock music app.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -


Never tried TuneIn but got Nobex and my favourite radio has a BB10 app.

Non of the other streaming app are available either for my device (Q10) and/or region: so no Pandora, no Songza, no iHeartRadio, no Spotify.


Skooday rules. I don't even open the other music apps now. It's damn near perfect now as it is.

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jojo beaconsfield

I Don't,I wish the buds were better,and am looking into what the market offers,any suggestions?


Get Beats. trolololol *runs away*


I use JayBird BlueBuds X because they are wireless and the sound quality is excellent. However, some people think they are expensive.

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Depends on price range and type of design. For me, I can't be without my Shures. SE215s and above are excellent. If you cand find em, 210s are really cheap and amazing if fitted properly.

jojo beaconsfield

Just a thought ,why can't BB experiment, and come to a consensus what ear bud is best for their product ,and offer it as an option ,just like car companies do.I would think that if they were serious and want the consumer to have the best experience they would be in a position to even make a few bucks doing so,but don't get greedy and choose the best.


I don't listen to music, period.

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I have to say, that's unique...

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No it's not.

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So many benefits to music, not the least of which is health benefits!

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Sad, my compassion, you "hear" the world in "black and white"...

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Gregory Ryan

Apollo, Nobex, and iHeartRadio are my three go tos

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I don't use my phone to listen to music - that's what my computer is for :)


Mp3's stored on my phone and the music gateway in my car. :-)

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I wish the music gateway didn't need separate power

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Stored music, songza, skooday and slacker radio. in that order


64Gb SD card loaded with music, using Neutron player with Bluetooth to my car and home sound systems.

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+1 to neutron.

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Neutron MP + 64GB SD Card + Car sound system is a great combo.

Javid Gozalov

+1 to Neutron.

It's wild, 48GB of songs here on my SD Card.


Pandora or in our case Apollos. I would love it if someone added accuradio for BlackBerry 10.

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I stream it because I've never been able to transfer music onto my z10 using link. Never been able to backup either.

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When you connect your device, explorer should allow you to navigate to your phone and sd memory card, just copy and paste your music into it that way. I've never used link, or bb desktop to transfer my music...

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It always times out when I try using explorer. I have a new computer coming tomorrow, we will see if that changes anything.

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Do you have other VPN software running while trying to use Link? Try shutting that off for the duration. I also have had to toggle the USB connection method from 'Auto-Detect' to Windows (for me) or back, then Link disconnects and redetects the device and sometimes that works.

As for playing music, SD card for me unless I'm at home on wi-fi, I have limited data. Another shout-out for Neutron music player.


I find streaming a bit annoying as it sometimes cuts off. I have downloaded music onto my SD card.
I used to wear a fanny pack with speakers and strap my iPod to my arm while riding my horse to music. Now I have my Q10 on my belt. I can't believe how good the speaker is and how much easier this is compared to my old method!!!

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Deezer in my case, since then only streaming.


I listen to music stored on the device mostly. I do miss BBM Music. It was a great way to discover new music.


Headphones Man! It's all about the headphones!

SD card. Streamed from Cloud. Streamed from Local. Browser. ALL OF THE ABOVE!


I used to use Pandora side loaded but with the latest official OS the app starts and appears to be playing but there's no sound. I have to set my z10 to hot spot and play Pandora on my old torch. I know it's Pandora's fault because they are a bunch of [SELF CENSORED] jerks and won't make a native app for bb10 but I'm getting real tired of making excuses for sticking with blackberry.

"But you should use software XYZ instead! "

Stuff it.

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Have you tried Apollo - third party app for pandora? For the z10 and free? Works for me!


Haven't heard of it but will give it a look. Does it support BT? That's my primary use; Pandora through BT in my car...


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Haven't tried Bluetooth in the car but at least one review states it works well on Bluetooth.


I use bluetooth in the car, found it by accident one day while driving and I can't live without it now, works great. My old iPhone didn't have this feature or it wasn't working??? I asked some friends about it and knowone seems to know what I'm talking about.

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You use Apollo with BT in the car?


I have a BB Music Gateway set up in my car. I use Apollo and its amazing. My car doesn't have built in BT so it's nice being able to stream music through apps, or even play music that's stored on the phone. It works super well.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!


I've been listening to music through my SD card since my first Berry. No worries of connectivity issues when I'm in cottage country, traveling by air, etc. Fantastic at the gym with Bluetooth headphones to drown out everything around me and focus on my workout. I even ordered a Bluetooth adapter for my legacy iPod Hi-Fi which is the hit of the party no matter where it's playing.


I miss BBM Music tremendously. Fortunately I created a BBM Group while the app was still going strong so I maintained a friendship with some of my contacts from it.


The native music app is pretty confusing. It needs to list songs instead of showing thumbnails for each song. Does anyone else see this too?


I thought so to until I hit play list.

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I use iHeartRadio to listen to News Talk radio; Slacker and Pandora for music.

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Skooday of course. Exclusive for BlackBerry 10 oyeah!

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IHeart sucks on my 9930. it loads but the script is so small and does not work most the time.

I listen on my laptop to Iheart


Add another selection as its a combination. I listen to music on my SD card and use iHeart Radio, Tunein and Nobex. This combo has replaced the radio in my car.

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Rowan M


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I don't listen to too much music on my BlackBerry, but when I do it is the music already stored on my SD card. I do listen to a lot of podcasts however, and I would be curious if you ran the same poll for that since there isnt a native podcast app from BlackBerry. The PodTrapper app from BB OS is not available on BB10 and the Podcast app doesn't seem to be supported anymore with no response form the developer to bug notices.


I listen to a lot of podcasts, and found the built in player too clunky. It does not sort the files based on names and dates, and does not remember which podcasts I have already listened to.

Unfortunately had to shift back to my old iPod which has a better interface.

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I keep my music on my sd card too, I only wish my z10 had an fm radio :'(

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I use Skooday and Easytune because iHeartRadio,Songza and Slacker are NOT AVAILABLE in the PHILIPPINES! I also don't have an option to buy songs legally from the BlackBerry World. Any update on these issues!?

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SlakerRadio Fools!

The realP3 Gamer

Tyrone Whiston

I use TuneIn all the time. It's a wonderful app.

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Skooday & Easytune

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Pilot Prop

i have the iheart radio app but rarely use just easier to load my own music on to my Q10. Maybe when my device gets full i'll take advantage of streaming more


Slacker. Cuz I'm used to it from my old BlackBerry torch.

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I miss BlackBerry music.

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With my ears

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I used to travel a lot. While waiting for bus or plane, I'd love to listen my favorite music. I put it in my SD Card.

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For a couple of radio stations that are too distant to get by the house I'll use Nobex, but I've got a good amount of stuff on the SD card (loving the Q10's support for FLAC) that I can usually get a pretty good mix of songs just using the native music player. This also allows me a little more control over what I'm in the mood for.


Slacker mostly over wifi, otherwise I listen to music on my sd card because I don't have unlimited data anymore (thanks verizon) and the streaming apps burn data pretty quickly.

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Songza doesn't work for me..

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neutron to play music off the sd card


Songza and Tunein. All the way

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Does my Z10 have a built-in Radio?????


I was just wondering about that - why is it an option??


Was surprised to discover last night that I could stream music from my Z10 directly to my Sonos system (from Music> Play On..., and it detected the Sonos components as devices to play on.). Not sure that that I'd ever want to, as it only works when I'm on my own network and I have all of my music on a server on the same network, but still, good to know...



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Tater Tots

No both option. :,(

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I don't. I.listen to enough as a dj but if I must it's going to be ministry of sound baby. Ministry of sound!


Unbiased Tech

I use both as it provides a great balance. I use Neutron MP as my main music player for local. As far as streaming and Internet I use StereoTube then Skooday along with Slacker and Nobex.

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Deezer and Nobex!

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I generally listen to music stored on my device. Commuting in Toronto, we have no cell reception in the subways, making streaming services unfeasible for the daily trip to work. I do use Songza, but that's when I have coverage - typically in my bedroom at night before bed. I'm also using the Neutron Music Player as opposed to the native BlackBerry music player. I love the sound options and control the NMP affords me over how my music sounds, as well as it's extensive options to control how the player/UI behaves.

Darren Clark1

Most of what I listen to is stored locally to my SD card I don't however use the standard Z10 music player as it's absolute pants, the Neutron player is far superior and really brings my music to life.............

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Music...Shuffle All.

4GB of pure entertainment.

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.


I use the SD card 75% of the time. The rest is streaming. Nobex gets a good chunk of the remainder.

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Dj Teknision

64gb card and Neutron is my combination!!

DJ TEKNISION (All mix No talk) Podcast BBM Channel C001208C3


I love Pandora, and Apollo natively beats down the official Pandora app that doesn't exist!

I use a BlackBerry because it makes sense


Your missing the best option yet, I use my BlackBerry with Link to stream music from my home music collection. Beat that iPhone!

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Don't use it for music, but one thing BB10 needs is MIDI support. I mean, what kind of device doesn't support MIDI files nowadays.


Still waiting for the native Songza app.


Does anyone have a link to the .bar of the previous version? It was a good android port, then updated to the latest version. Now there's ads and it takes about three minutes just to navigate to a playlist (Z10). BRUTAL.


Through the native player. I buy from I tunes.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10


Other than the media player, I have Soundcloud sideloaded, and I occasionally use Nobex.

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Nobex all the way.

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Apollo rocks...

Dave's Z10


BBM music was my No. Go too ... but for some reason it's been down for some time now :p

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Content provided saw unfit to renew the contract.

And due to that, half the world didn't get to try BBM Music. ><

Thano Adam

Used to use songza until their terrible update. Now love slacker radio.

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I use Neutron to listen to local music on my SD card. I also have a couple of playlists to listen to DI.FM/SKY.FM Premium streams and some other live radio stations, including a private mpd/icecast stream to listen to my music collection from home.

With a 6GB data plan, I don't need to settle with crappy, low bit rate streams.

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My local libraries.

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I'm using the standard music app, Spotify and Nobex radio.

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Z10 to music gateway to my home theater does the trick.

Personally i only stream music at home but my receiver has an ethernet connection so i rarely use streaming services on my phone

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Wish i could vote twice. I use local music and streaming via Slacker for new music.


64gb micro SD card. Native player (sucks), Jet Audio Plus and basic player.



You think so? Besides not having an equalizer and those nifty audio profiles (Voice, Jazz, etc.) I find the native Music app to be enough for me.

Sure it could use a few tweaks (as in, not showing a bloody list when you hit a band, but instead show the albuns as thumbnails and then, after you click one, you'd get to the list we see now - just for the sake of finding albuns faster) but I rather like the lil' thing.


I use several music apps: Slacker, TuneIn, Songza (REALLY laggy, but love the selection), and several others that I try now and again. I use YouTube now and again, but not as much as I used to - got turned off by the mobile apps available and haven't gotten back into apps like FastTube (although good first impression). Also have a tonne of music loaded on my Z10.

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Try 8tracks. I love it! And no I am not affiliated with them :)

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I typically just load up the 64GB sd card you mentioned.


When travelling i use a dedicated mp3 player instead of my BlackBerry - which conserves battery life too.

BUT when I do use the BlackBerry for music (e.g. In an office) I mainly stream music via Nobex radio.
I also have a collection of music on my micro SD card - but I don't use it a lot.

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Nick Spagnolo

I am dependent that my BB10 plays all music formats and TML games. Go leafs go

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I love Slacker but they don't have the ability to cache. Does anyone know of a paid service for BlackBerry that does cache?

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Deezer does.

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I use streaming services for music, sports radio and podcasts. Luckly, I still have unlimited Data on Verizon's LTE network so no need to worry about data charges!


8tracks for streaming and 32gb card for offline

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Any suggestions for a music player on BB10? The baked in player is not that good...!

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Apollo. TuneIn. StereoTube. SD and Device got tunes as well.

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Mostly, stored ITunes
Cancelling Spotify at the end of the month; it's great, if you have a small or non-existant ITunes collection.
I don't need it

Orion Cristopher

MP3s, but still waiting for the SiriusXM app..


I really miss BBM Music. It was the best.

Bacon Munchers

Radio apps for bb10 aren't an issue IMO, but podcast and RSS apps are.

I really hope the BlackBerry steps up with a headless audio app at least equivalent to iPhones.
Nobex is probably the closest thing to a decent remedy so far.


Skooday, local music, and 8tracks

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Tunein is cool but hands down Neutron is the best app. It can stream also if you have the url.

- aBBuser seeing squircles on CB10


Apollo is my choice to stream my Pandora acct

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


Not as much now that Verizon is no longer unlimited data

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Most times its local music but also streaming (Youtube, Nobex and the likes).


Listen mostly to podcasts on the Q10...when I do listen to music, it's from my SD card. Some fave CDs that are out of print/not avail on the streaming services.

I use Rhapsody on my PlayBook; also loaded music from my CD collection. Would love to see Rhapsody app for BB10. Had the app on my 9930; may end up sideloading it, which is how I got it on the PlayBook.


25GB of music on my SC card. Why should I bother with streaming? :p

The Z10 made my dream of being able to carry my whole mp3 library with me at all times (just gotta finish the tags on the other 25GB of songs I have that didn't make it to the SD card...)!

I also got a nice Podcast app (SHAME on YOU BlackBerry for making me pay for one instead of porting the old one over) that keeps me up to date with both professional and Mobile nations stuff.

I'm a happy camper.


I use both streaming and sd card,

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Stored music in my case! Hope to see Spotify soon...

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I transfer all of my iTunes OTA using Link. Not a fan of streaming platforms.

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TuneIn mainly, streamed, wifi only, thanks to VZW's limited, structured data plans, or I certainly would use it more!

Also use Apollo, Nobex, iHeartRadio, tried a sideloaded version of Pandora, but no sound :( - be nice if they'd give a native version :).

No device tunes, yet [!], getting there ;-).


I generally listen to streaming radio using Slacker and Tune-in. For the time being my data plan acts as though it is unlimited so the ability to stream live radio is very much appreciated.

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By far my favorite way to listen to music is to stream from the Soundcloud mobile app (tried sideloading, mobile app works far better). Probably use Soundcloud every day between working out and driving!

Sayumi Whisp

Native media player, or shout cast services for Japanese radio streams..
I really cannot understand all these streaming services like Spotify or others... there are thousands of music stations for all genres in the web.

But when I want best sound I'm listen with neutron player :)

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SD Card or side loaded Sirius on my Z10.


Either my own music or the 8tracks app is pretty good

Posted via CB10 on Ze Z10 in Ze Germany


Local stored music.

I rather to have MY music, than pay for a service with the illusion that the music belongs to me... whilst, all it takes is a missed payment and "my" music would be no more!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running


Just started to use iheart today while at work

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With my ears

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Pete The Penguin

I have Nobex on my Q10 for podcasts.


Neutron off the SD and podcasts through Nobex

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my current dd is a nexus 4, however i still use my pb and 9310 for my music library.


I listen to my local music on my memory card. But sometimes I use Skooday a nice little app.

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I don't use my Blackberry to listen to music because of the severely limited functionality of the music player. No Songs category and the failure of the device to continually play the next track whether shuffled or otherwise. This is basic stuff six year old obsolete feature phones can do but not the latest and greatest from Blackberry? Sort yourselves out BB!!!



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TuneIn radio for blackhawks games when I'm not rear the tv. Native music app for when I'm in bad cell service area and my favorite is stereo Tube media player

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It depends on where I am and what I'm doing. Most of the time, I listen to the radio in my car. When I get tired of that, I use my BB to stream music over Bluetooth to my stereo. Sometimes I use the music on my SD card, and sometimes I use Apollo, Grooveshark, or bPod.


Between the Playbook and Z10 I mostly use Nobex.


I have music on my 64 GB SD card, which I stream via Bluetooth in my car. Other times I use BlackBerry headphones/set. I own the previous generation's Premium headphones but I didn't like how they fit in the ear nor the tinny sound (I listen to metal). I have dabbled with Slacker in the past.


I use local music mostly because since I'm in NY, I lose a connection being on the train. But when I'm back home in PA, I'll have Pandora playing

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Plug in my earphones and away I go normally......oh right I get ya hee hee
I dl all my music :-))

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Although I occasionally listen to iHeartRadio, my main source for music is my collection of 1600+ songs on my SD card. I use it via bluetooth in the car, on my home theater system, friends house and in Vegas when our room has a music docking station.

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NUETRON MUSIC PLAYER is the way to go.
Un like the native player you can search folders and files directly as opposed to it grouping albums and artist in a big jumble mess which takes forever to look trough if you're trying to find particular songs.
Also the ability to manually imput IP address for streaming music stations is kick ass as BB does not enjoy the wealth of streaming apps other platforms do.

Would be nice if they had a more car friendly version with larger characters to easily see better.

My 2 cents.

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Slacker first. Then music collection. Then Streaming concerts I went to in past 30 years.

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I listen to what stations the world has to offer.
Listen to angola and Brazil, Venezuela and México and japan

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Wish I could get IHeartRadio in Canada...


Man why did we get short changed on these speakers .

My z10 speakers are horrible smh. I just use my bluetooth speakers most of the time when im home. My 9900 bold and 9700 sh*t even my 9900 curve were louder than this z10.


I use Nobex, the best one I used so far.

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Nobex for downloading podcast when near a wifi and SD library (I'm in a bad data area). I love my z10 but I wish the native music app had a horizontal album art display, waste of the envy inspiring screen. People ask me about it every time I put it on the treadmill

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Neutron FTW as music player!!!


I listen to Pandora and TuneIn Radio for my streaming needs. I also use my 1275 songs that are stored onto my sd card in my Bold 9930. On my playbook I listen to Apollo (pandora).


Tune in on BlackBerry is missing many stations. Available on other devices. So have to resort to browser. Any suggestions, please.

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I've only ever listened to music on my SD card, never tries a streaming app. I might also be the only one out there that still buys CDs :p

My z10 is a Leafs fan


Skooday app! :)

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I'd consider listening to music if my Z's battery life wasn't so short. I'd rather preserve it for the more important task of messaging.

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Greg Rochford

With my ears

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Greg Rochford

I try to preserve my battery to make the three phone calls and a few texts and then dead. Well some surfing online. Maybe they have viagra for the z10 battery

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Neutron music player to play my music files.

Tune in radio is ok, but on iphone it will play a radio station I listen too locally, but on BlackBerry it will not, I emailed them about it way back this year and their response was it's not supported on BlackBerry and will probably not be.

How the hell can iphone play that station, but not BlackBerry??????

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You need to find the IP address of the station you want and manually input it to nuetron player and bam just like that you can enjoy streams on your BlackBerry just like other platforms

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CBC Music app is great for streaming, and Neutron for my personal collection!

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Native music app, Apollo, and Songza. The best stations on Songza: cooking with Walter white and cooking with Jesse pinkman.

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Tool n Toymaker

Several SD cards, one of them loaded up with CFRO CO-OP Radio "THE SHOCKWAVE!" and played with the Neutron through IEM's or stage monitors or car system or......

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Music playback on the z10 is rather weak which is disappointing

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I have the strongest urge to use such profane language in this post because I love the ishhhhhh out of my z10 and am loving the bb10 experience but this music thing is one of my miniscule issues! We need a Pandora app; point. blank. period. That Apollo app does not work! I love Songza and the stock music app gets a lot of play but I need a freakin' Pandora app. If I had that my music experience on my BB would be a 10. I noticed that Pandora stopped working for us back when I still had my 9900. Stupid. I only use Spotify on my cpu.


Grooveshark Web application

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I use SD card because data here in Portugal is only 1gig on contract. Don't know any contract with unlimited... but a lot of streaming apps don't work either and bbworld only let me purchase some apps and games. no media content whatsoever... yeah BlackBerry screwed us... that's why everyone as an iPhone here. Still love my z10 though, as I'm not a heavy listener.

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I buy music on my PlayBook still then transfer it over to my phone. I just like the 7digital app on the PlayBook. I don't stream much since I wouldn't even know where to look for the music I tend to listen to. I use the native Music app most of the time.

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I also use Splashtop remote to access my computer running a Logitech Media Server. I would love to see an app made available for this but Z10 is the king of workarounds. When there's a will, there's a way!


Stereotube for the win for me


Neutron music player ftw!


I primarily use html5 Grooveshark in browser. Apolllo/Pandora sometimes. SD card music is a distant third for when I don't have internet. Skooday is pretty sweet also.

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At the moment 8tracks streaming via BT to my Cambridge Dac Magic running to the Schiit Asgard to the wood Denons...and flawless!
While I'm playing RR3 and posting this...ppl are missing out on the BB10 experience...sucka's.
Also use Slacker all the time and sometimes CBC radio. A lot of times I load via wifi any new albums I've DL lately...from my Macbook pro.

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I use every possible option to listen to music on my Q. Depends on the occasion.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81


Almost everything is streamed now. Slacker is still probably used the most of the streaming services (even when riding my motorcycle), followed by my music stored on Google Play. I also use Pandora, Jango, and Nobex.

I really like how I can add a song to my Google Play library (automatically syncs from my computer) and it will be on my Z10 and PlayBook without needing to copy files. It comes in handy when we are out with friend, talking about local artists we follow, and I can pull up that artist's songs.

I'm liking Nobex a lot now, too. The BlackBerry 10 version has podcasts, which is something I wish the PlayBook version would add. At least the PlayBook has a dedicated podcast app.


I use slacker, apollo/pandora, built in media player and I just downloaded neutron music app.

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64gb memory card loaded with music. Bluetooth in my vehicle and at home.


Stream using subsonic server.. great if you have your own collection

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I use tunein radio for when I'm homesick and want to hear my hometown LA California stations I grew up on, I use slacker just for random music plus I have it on my xbox so I like how everything syncs. But for the most part, I listen the old fashion way, locally. I have over 100 albums on my Q10 so that's the best way for me. But losing BBM music was a big blow for me. I don't think BlackBerry knew what they had with that. That was by far the best and my favorite streaming music app ever! The social part of it and being that the music wasn't just some random computer generated playlist based on a genre or artist (like Pandora or Slacker) but it was music from actual fellow users that you can make playlist from. I listen to bbm music for many hours a day & happily paid my subscription for it ever month. It was a sad day when they got rid of that. If they could've marketed it right and especially with cross (or multi) platform bbm coming, BlackBerry would have a hit on their hands with bbm music. It needs to come back!

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I REALLY miss wifi music sync. :(

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For playback of music I use Kalemsoft Media Player (used that on my Touchpad also) and Neutron. Much better than the stock player.

Kalemsoft is great for easily choosing to play folders of music. Neutron, for choosing artist or albums.


I have been using Nobex for over six years when I got my first BB. I use it now on the PlayBook which I hook up to my NAD receiver and my Z10 when I am in the car. Living in southern Ontario, I can listen to classical stations in London England, Paris France, Adelaide Australia, and my favourite sports radio station in Ottawa Canada. No satellite radio needed here!


I also listen to which has quite a lot of variety of music to listen to.

piko 72

Slacker radio for me !

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Usually blue tooth A2DP to my Toyota Venza. Either that or using my old Torch headset.

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Should be able to multi- select. I stream too but mostly local. 55/45

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Well, I was using Apollo and playing songs that I have saved on my phone, but I'm going to check out Skooday now because of all these positive remarks about it.

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Huey Newton

I use apollo( the Pandora app that's better than Pandora it's like getting the paid version for free) and the nobex radio app

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Neutron music player, because of its eq function. Have to have that because of my mild audiophile-ness

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CB10 on ZED10


The native player has handled my music from the SD just fine - via earbuds while at home and through the auto's system on the road. About 90% of my listening time.

I stream music from native apps (like CBC Radio 3) or Slacker/Songza/Nobex for the rest.

Not counting podcasts (news freak) in any of this.

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Sd card,nobex radio, songza, deezer,skooday

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I generally purchase music on Mac using iTunes, then copy it onto the BlackBerry. For a while on the PlayBook I used Songza, generally I liked it, but I found it always stopped playing, too much to be frustrating.

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Theo Groenevelt

Im with Conkybubs...32gB SDHC + VM605 (Blackberry BT).

= phenomenal tunes on a Bose Lux system in my GMC 2500HD dirty max!

Yea baby!

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Theo Groenevelt

.....and All of that running on the NEUTRON app!

Simply exquisite..

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??


Yup I'm a Tunein Radio guy as well. Just can't beat it.

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Christopher Medrano

I use both streaming services and music player on the device, but that option isn't available on the poll.

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Now that I have my Z10 the 9930 still lives on as a sort of BlackBerry iPod. The 9930 has remarkably good sound for such a small piece of equipment. . .far better than the actual iPod. It's even better than some of the actual radios I used to have.


StereoTube Player and Radio Player+ !


How do I listen to music on my BlackBerry? Not with Spotify which was one of the many touted apps supposed to appear in bb10 but still hasn't and that was back in January!!

Guess it's back to sticking my mp3 collection on a micro sd card...

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Bring back BBM Music. Best. Music. App. Ever.

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Trey King

Skooday is the best. Can stream any song in seconds. It works great for indie listeners too because it has a ton of songs from underground albums/mixtapes.

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So I've downloaded Deezer to my Blackberry Z10, loaded up some music playlists but have no idea how to listen to these offline. The songs show they are downloaded by the green symbol. What next, do I have to sync them? I'm lost--any step by step help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.