How do you describe BBM Channels to others?

And can you explain it to them in 45 seconds or less?!

BBM Channels
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Feb 2014 10:10 am EST

My financée is currently living in Paris, getting her MBA. At the moment, she's deep in thought trying to figure out her thesis topic. It's a critical thing for her to get right for a couple reasons: one, because it's 40% of her final grade; and two, because she's going to spend a ton of time working on it over the next nine months so she better choose the subject carefully and make sure it's one that she likes.

One of the tips her professor gave her was to make sure her thesis topic is refined enough that it passes the "elevator pitch" test. In other words, while riding up an elevator from the main floor to fourth floor with another person, she should be able to concisely relay the thesis idea before the elevator stops. 45 seconds, there or about. It's a necessity to thesis planning. It helps keep all the research and work to be done focused, and when it comes time to present and be graded it on it, there's a clear expectation set.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because it got me thinking about BBM Channels, and specifically my concern that it doesn't yet pass the "elevator pitch" test. As I wrote recently, I'm getting really excited for BBM Channels, and I **want** to tell people about it. Yet, I'm having this issue that when I try and tell others about the awesomeness that is BBM Channels, I can never cleanly and concisely tell them what is in 45 seconds or less. It's a confusing thing to talk about.

I waffle a bit, and lean on comparisons to other existing social networks to try and get across what it's all about. "It's kind of like Instagram, where you can post a photo or video to your followers, but you can also choose to not post a photo. And hash tags and @usernames don't really matter." It's not super clear, so then I switch to, "Well, it's more like a micro blogging tool — kinda like Tumblr — but it's mobile-only and you have to subscribe to a channel before you can read it, and it's built into the BBM app so you see new posts mixed in with your friends status updates." Then, I don't want to leave out any of the really cool features, so I mention that I can see the stats on posts I make via BBM Channels, and open up one to one conversations with my followers, and even ban problem commenters if there are any. 

By this time I see the glossy look in the eyes of the person I'm explaining BBM Channels too, so I remember to switch tactics and then I just SHOW them on my phone what BBM Channels is. After a couple minutes of this, it usually seems to click. And then they get what BBM Channels is about. And most people I show BBM Channels too, like me, get excited for it after they see it. But when I'm simply telling them about it, they're confused as all hell. And heck, sometimes so am I.

Going to BlackBerry's BBM Channel page, I'm not sure it does any better job. If you had never heard or seen BBM Channels before, would you read the following and know exactly what it's about — and more importantly — why you'd want to start using it?

As it stands, I can't help but feel that BBM Channels has to solve this "elevator pitch" problem before it makes its way onto iOS and Android, which is coming soon. BBM Channels shows well, but people need to be able to talk about it just as well too and clearly understand the premise and how it's unique among the existing social networks out there.

Which brings me to...

The Question of the Day: How do you describe BBM Channels to others?

I'm really curious to hear your take on BBM Channels. How do you describe it to your friends, family, colleagues when it comes up in conversation? What's your elevator pitch? Leave it in the comments. I'll be reading through them. And if somebody comes up with a great, concise and repeatable "pitch", I'll be sure to repost it here on CrackBerry with a dedicated post and sing your praises. Thanks!

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How do you describe BBM Channels to others?



Hey Kevin why don't you leverage the marketing that bbry has developed for channels? There must be some nice marketing development / motherhood statements available based on the investment being made.

Or... has anything been done?

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Kindly help me the BBM of my Z10( STL100-02) does not have Channels. There are only Chats, Updates, Groups, Contacts and Invites. It's OS is Many thanks.

Go to app world and search for BBM, update it and that's it... for more helps please join my channel C0001177F

Thanks for your help.
My BBM is updated, it is Unfortunately there is still no Channels.

Try to download the BBM beta version from "betazone"app. The last solution is to format it. I heard that some Europe countries didn't get the channel feature for some reason.

Hi FeFoo.
I am in Vietnam and betazone app for bb10 is not available.
How should i fix it? Cheers.

Undoubtedly you're right - if BlackBerry has enough time and creativeness to spread BBM wings. BBM(.com) really can be some kind of 'Twitter-upgrade' in social media. Twitter actually doesn't develop. On the other hand e.g. financial markets always need fresh 'Panama Canals' to divert and redirect money streams. BBM(.com) seems to be today the biggest canal for hello-world-spam but it's today. As a matter of fact MBA thesis is the best way for showing how wide and far Author sees the topic. Don't let it be just another here and now piece of common thinking... Regards from London, Denver University MBA graduate (2004 thesis regarding telecom-banking).

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10:

It's actually crap. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram already does everything and better. BBM Channels is limited to BBM only so it wont go anywhere. I have not even used BBM in like 3 or 4 years cause it is useless here and in a couple weeks I will be on WP8 anyway. I'm jumping full board with Microsoft again cause they are doing many thing's right and better then RIM.

If Facebook pages + twitter + Instagram + tumblr had foursome, BBM Channels would be their love child.

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I hear ya. I saw mention of his fiance' a few months ago and was shocked! For some reason, I had figured Kevin was gay. LOL

What do you say to people who say 'what is Twitter? What is Instagram?'

Good question Kevin. I just think that a large portion of the population barely even touch Facebook. Think about the Boomer's and Zoomer's demographic; this is where all our money will be spent in the next 15 years.

BBM Channels is like your email, pictures and video rolled into one; it allows you to share your life (or interest topics) but control who you share and interact with.

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I'd agree if you could access BBM Channels on your desktop and if it had an EXTREMELY cool UI. Doesn't seem like it'd be overly expensive to get up and running. I can't even upload large photos right now.

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Hmmm, customized ad spots lol

Btw, is Bbm channels also available so BBOS users too?

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Sadly, my go to selling line is that it's good for providing reading material on the toilet. People seem to really like that one.

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" A bunch of cool user groups in one place, like deals Canada or fantasy football or whatever you are into. You can even make your own channel and have your own followers to interact with." That's about the end of my pitch.

Kevin I have had the same issue, especially when it comes to android or iOS users. "So it is a texting app?" when told its BBM seems to always happen. Only showing someone on your phone seems to work. So I was thinking what if you run a contest to get CB users to make a video that best explains the channels. Then we can share this video via social networks to get message across.

It's not available for cross platform folks right? I don't bother to tell folks about channels since they can't get to it. When it's released I will invite folks. With my friends I'm the only one on blackberry

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I agree with you. As Kevin said, if you can't explain what it is cleanly in less than a minute, you have not effectively communicated what it is.

Like most things BlackBerry does, Channels shows up to the dance late, when all the pretty girls are gone. Now it tries now to compete in an already over saturated social media environment.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Same problem with bb10. The only way to truly appreciate it is to actually use it. It's quite frustrating trying to explain to them how good they both are.

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I literally sing up just to say bbm channel give me an exiting subject that all my friends and sisters just want to know more and more about it .
really smart idea from blackberry world


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Doors Close - *ding*

To me, BBM channels is like a world within this world, and my BlackBerry is both my car(transportation) and my backpack(supplies)

Second Floor *ding*
It allows me to explore that world, travelling to new places, meeting and interacting with new people in which we share interests, or to bring people to me and share those same interests.

Third floor *ding*
It allows me to present myself, my interest or, for companies; their brand, while encouraging interaction. Unlike other social platforms, BBM Channels is for extroverts.

Fourth Floor *ding*
It allows me to bring or share my interests to or from my fingertips, seamlessly, beautifully and best of all free.

Now you can explain how....

I don't understand channels, so I don't currently see a use for it. Though I don't use Facebook either, so maybe it's the whole dying social networking thing.

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BBM channels is still young, it's still raw, there much more that needs to be added in terms of admin control for it to start to grow in my opinion. Not sure how I would describe it to others either atm.

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BBM Channels is for specific topics, each channel is unique and you can subscribe to whatever and however many channels you want. Each channel is like a diary for the channel owner, if you want look and comment on photographs or learn about wilderness survival or even get daily inspirational quotes.

The best pitch: (Kevin says) What are a couple of your hobbies?

(Man or woman on elevator) I like watching movies and going out to eat.

(Kevin) Well BBM Channels can help evolve that experience and help you learn more about that.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It's a place to practice filtering through spam and trying to find content worth reading.

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It's a way channels or individuals have to interact and share info/knowledge with a group of other likeminded/interested people.

This one works, but now that I said it, it kinda sounds boring. lol...

I struggle with channels. Maybe it's because of the ones I follow but by the time I go to BBM > Menu > Channels > My Channels and select the channel with a new post the new post is something I have already seen on a Website, social media site or news app. Plus I go to the other spots first as there is more posts/more details. When things get posted to channels it feels like an after thought.

Although now thanks to channels and the CrackBerry team I think I need to watch Dr. Who

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I think this is good feedback to all Channel owners like myself. I do make an effort to post unique and not so "out there" information. Thanks all the same.

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

lol MBA style ;)
ok, I claim for an XtraBall ...
A social application where you can broadcast your informations (text, images, links) to a large number of people without being polluted by other broadcasters noise and yet able to interact with each of these people.
(damm this is terrible English, why do you think I used a sentence without a verb !?! lol)

BBM needs to step it up big time. If you look at wechats features they are so far ahead and making money hand over fist. WeChat just is killing the chinese facebook Sina Weibo.. shows the future potential of messanger apps..

Recently I was trying to convince a friend to create a channel for her local business. I used the instagram / Facebook combination to convince her even though it's not quite as popular yet. I told her to advertise it on every available media and that in my opinion it was simpler to use.

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With BBM Channels you get the #1 messaging and video calling platform (BBM), PLUS now also a Twitter and Instagram like way to socially share messages, images and information, or to anonymously follow your favourite sources.
Imagine Whatsapp, Skype, Twitter and Instagram, all rolled into a single sleek app, with great BlackBerry quality behind it.

What is so hard to explain about it, it is meant like a one-stop-shop to compete with all those other (third party) clients.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

Facebook Twitter and BBM squished together into a little clay ball then molded into pure awesomeness

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First there was the Internet, which was called the information super highway. This allowed people access to information, anywhere and anytime.

Next came social media which allowed people businesses to connect. This was and is a relatively static interaction.

Now, the new evolution has arrived. BBM Channels is where people and business can truly engage with each other. It is a place where activity, participation, and creativity can flow in either direction and back again. It is an active engagement tool for the next generation for social interaction.

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I disagree. When I first did the beta I was like wtf BlackBerry do we need another "social platform"??? But I used it and it grew on me it's fun and I really like it. I think making it available to use on all platforms so everyone can use it is more important then having an elevator pitch. If someone tried to pitch it to me I'd make up my own opinion and be like "F that I don't got time to play with that." Using it is the pitch.

Did Facebook use an elevator pitch? When someone introduced me to it years ago they said just use it its fun so i tried it and it was fun.

Swordsmanship Channel C000C9AF6

It's twitter on roids! Best way I can say it. Or maybe a more social Facebook. Either way I use it way more than both combined.

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

This has been a huge issue since day one. I remember googling non-stop trying to find one page that explained what the hell channels was all about. I'm not convinced they even know what it's supposed to be....

I tried using it but found it to suffer from poor UX design. It's clunky, un-intuitive, and is definitely not addictive.

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Well BBMC is a great platform for brands and individuals, if BlackBerry can add more features to it, the platform can compete with any other social networking service, facebook, linkedIn etc... even if they add video servicez etcc.. they can go after Youtube, keek with the BBM integration with Skype etc, the features BlackBerry are planning to add in the future depend on the way they want to monetize it. With mobile internet taking over desktop the future is mobile and BlackBerry should act now, Facebook and other platform are already working on that. To describe it on its current form BBMC is a mix between FB timeline and twitter with the advantage of having it open to all subscribers to join and interact on the channel and not limited to friends, followers or accepted contacts , I m sure if BlackBerry is willing to push BBMC the platform will be different than what it is today.

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They should include videos to it... It could serve as a news channel to budding journalists tbh...

BBMC has so many potential uses!

Tumblr with chats.

While I like it in principle, before I can actually use it regularly (as an admin) I need two things: automatic import from an RSS feed, and even more importantly, automatic extraction of an image from a link to use as the cover image (like Facebook, Google+, etc all have). I occasionally remember to post a link to a blog network I manage but then have to download the image from the article to my computer and upload it to Channels or else it is plain text and even I don't pay attention to it.

Honestly, get the porn industry involved lol, but really BlackBerry needs to talk to banks and large companies that would use BBM Channels for productivity.

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Its an all inclusive Social Blog/Community with rich tools and editing functionality. You make it what you make it. If you have a few minutes I can show you how easy it is!

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It's the online mobile equivalent of the corporate water fountain. A meeting place to share whatever you want with like-minded people.


Unfortunately, no one can be told what BBM is... you have to see it for yourself.

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It just has to arrive on the other platforms, and work properly there. And then, if people decide to like and use it, it will become a self-runner. If people on other platforms don't see the point, it will fail.
Currently it's just like a proprietary, non-open to everybody attempt to create a Twitter-competitor, that focuses more on topics than on people, and that allows for more than 140 characters to be entered, but that has WAY less users.
I think that there is no compelling elevator pitch, as there is no real killer argument (yet?).

It's like a socially interactive RSS feed app, but with posts on a smaller Twitter or micro blogging scale, which you can tailor specifically to the things and people that interest you, and interact directly with them. I find the content to be exclusive.

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I have a BBM update setting in BlackBerry World which would give me Channels. But the last time I installed it I lost about 10 new emoticons. I won't install the update because those emoticons are more important to me than Channels. Does that help?

It's a mobile BLOG that doesn't let you post videos.

It's kind of like Instagram mixed with Facebook Pages; very picture-focused. No one can see which channels you follow so there's no social pressure to follow certain channels. Any BBM user can follow a channel without having a channel of their own.

It's hard to describe. My wife is happy with channels as I spend most of my time on it and don't bother her at all :-)

ChannelX C000D3759 We promote channels

It's a social platform within BBM and it's the 1st that was built on mobile rather than the web!

Posted via CB10 via the power of " Q "

No, Twitter was really. 140 characters was a consideration because Twitter was originally and primarily SMS based remember?

Here's your drawing board back. ;)

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I'm bored, I stole these and change a few, but their all classic slogans. I'll see if I can come up with a pitch.

"When you got it, flaunt it."
"We try harder."
"Reach out and touch someone."
"It's what your right arm's for."
"Say it with BBM"
"Finger flickin' good."
"Because It's worth it."
"Got BBM?"
"I love BBM Channel's ."
"Just do it". (Might get sued for this one)
"The future's bright. The future's BBM Channel's ."
"If it's on, it's in."
"You can be sure of BBM ."
"It's a Blackberry . Honest."
"Be all you can be, Blackberry" (couldn't resist)
"It's everywhere you want to be."
"What we want is BBM Channel's ."


BBM Channels is nice. Browsing for channels is awkward. Consider how it can be browsing an app store, but this not an app store, any user can create a channel so there are a lot. As far as content goes, BBM Channels appears as a blog. The typical Official PGA Tour channel post features a picture, short article, and shortened link to the PGA Tour website.

My favourite feature is that there are no adverts being pushed into my face, only the content published by the channel. It is remarkably fast.

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Ummmm? Uggghhh? Wellll, itssss Ummmm kinda like twitter but Ummmm you ugh can subscribe to these things that are called channels and Ummmm Ya that why it's Ummmm ok so Ya it's pretty cool. Then usually show girls in yoga pants channel. Awesone.

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After reading this I realize just what a problem BlackBerry has with some of their products. I've had so much trouble with my "elevator pitch" describing BBM Channels to people and you get a sense of confusion to the person you're showing it to.

A product should not be hard to explain, someone should look at it and quickly, simply and easily see value. I'm not so sure BlackBerry does that with BBM Channels.

You don't want to give away to much information and you don't want to compare it to others.

Be enthusiastic! "Now here's something I'm really excited about."

Find a personal connection, start with talking about your great history with BlackBerry.

There is a saying "that every year, 6 million quarter-inch drill bits are sold, yet nobody wants a quarter-inch drill bit; they want a quarter-inch hole..... Nobody cares about the features of BBM Channel's, but they want to know what the features provide.

What are you really selling? Your not selling BBM Channel's, your selling let's say "the experience". Productivity, security, ease of use, speed...etc. Remember your are not selling BBM Channel's, your selling a better life due to the experience with BBM Channel's.

Doesn't start a pitch by saying: "The level of security BBM represents is best-in-class technology." Start by saying "Imagine walking into work Monday morning to find that your BlackBerry had been stolen…" Tell power stories and teach your audience something they didn't know before, and you'll have their attention.

I'm not good a writing pitches, never really tired though, I took some of these tips from other websites and reworded it some. Hopefully it helps someone write a boss pitch.


Really I don't tell people about blackberry channels because I don't think people is really interested in the blackberry ecosystem.

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BBM Channels is social networking on steroids. It's a place where you can search for subjects and comment and reply to others. You can share pictures, stories, quotes, motivational words and smileys. You can show off your website and promote your product the options are endless.

Kindly help me the BBM of my Z10( STL100-02) does not have Channels. There are only Chats, Updates, Groups, Contacts and Invites. It's OS is Many thanks.

It's like a written mobile radio station where anyone can be the dj / host where you can suggest topics, provide content that you feel is relevant to you and your audience, express thoughts, get listener/reader feedback, take "calls" through chat functions. But unlike real radio, any station / channel you subscribe to has a running log that you can easily scroll through so you'll always be able to know what you might have missed for the day and beyond. All in all, Bbm channels is an intimate spin on interactive branding and networking.

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It's like a TV channel, that can be made interactive when you want. Just like in American Idol. Candidates perform, you vote if you like it. You twitter about a performance and those messages are aired. You can chat with the candidates one-to-one or many-to-one. It's easy man. Your fiancee's assignment is much more complicated.

Have a nice day

My channel is "Design and Development" with over 4000 followers. (C00014A86)

I describe the channels as a mixture of twitter and Facebook. A headline, 400 characters, an optional image, that's it. I also mention that there is a chat function to get in contact with channel admins.

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I describe as badly thought out and poorly executed which has made it irrelevant and unnecessary outside of the BlackBerry BBM bubble before it even goes cross platform.

That's why you struggle to describe what it is and why anyone should need it Kevin, BlackBerry don't even know themselves what it is or why anyone should need it. God help them monetising that!

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i haven't even told anyone about channels. i like it. i subscribe to a few channels. but i can't figure out what makes it better than other social media. how is subscribing to a channel better than liking and subscribing to a facebook page? it's better than twitter in a lot of ways for sure. but i thought twitter was pretty limited from the start. but twitter's hashtags and retweet features are a unique driver of that platform. so far, to me, channels is akin to subscribing to someone's blog and leaving comments. being able to send a message to someone who comments isn't that big of a deal. if it weren't part of BBM i wouldn't bother with it. it's hard enough to get people on board with BBM. how many new users has BBM been adding since the initial rush? unless they get the BBM experience to work as smoothly on iOS and Android, Channels is going to struggle.

Sorry dude, you better go home. Your negative post is not adding any real value to the discussion

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I think Channels is a way to follow or be followed by anyone anywhere at any given time about any subject.
What are your interests? Do you like shoes? You can "channel" that interest and watch others with the same interest.

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I'll probably describe it as a social media tool under the BBM umbrella(or integrated into BBM) that povides subscribers with similar interests a stream/feed of relevant content associated with the channel description. Like tuning in to National Geography on the televeision; you'd expect to see documentaries on nature and the earth. In this cases, a National Geography BBM Channel will provide subscribers/followers with micro information on various topics within the theme of the channel. Combining, photos, micro blogging, videos, comment/forum ability, dropping links and learning what's popular and what's not with the like button.

Hope this helps :)

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

It's quite difficult to describe channels other than: an instagram-like version app, with better interaction.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)

So hard to describe. But I like the privacy aspect, share what you share, join what you join, but it's no one else's business.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

"Focused conversations". 3 second pitch.

If pressed, a social tool without the baggage.


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Easy: It's like Twitter, Tumblr, & Instagram had a baby and that baby is the supreme ruler of the universe.

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

I said it's a facebook like social media but integrated with BBM, so it's like to write a BBM Status but someone or somebody can like and comment on it :)

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I tell people that Channels is a cross between Google+ and Twitter. Then I say if you've a BlackBerry, subscribe to Geeks United to get a taste of what Channels can offer - C00122408ً

I can't think of an elevator pitch either. But in my case, that might be because I find it a bit difficult to maintain enthusiasm about BBM Channels. Not getting notifications in the same was aas was possible with BBOS might have a little to do with it. I don't find myself drifting over to check out what's going on in my chosen channels as I did with my Torch 9810. Without the hook of a notification, I am not finding any channels compelling enough to visit for their own sake. Social media fatigue?

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I wrote this rather quickly on the train :)

BBM Channels is your direct source for connecting to your friends and followers. Whether to share personal thoughts, media, events, spread news about your business, or showcase performers and artists it brings you closer to your audience and gets your message across simply and clearly. With its easy to use interface, channel owners may chat with their subscribers, instantly read feedback through the comment system, or share posts by others they are connected to. It acts as your primary social news conduit and reaches BBM users all over the world.

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'Connect directly, via BlackBerry Messenger or on the web, to channels created by and for the people and things you care about.

Interact in real time, learn and share more with others who love the same things and people as you.'

Sounds like I'm talking 'bout Twitter don't it? There might be a lesson in that...

Another thing, that description blurs the distinction between BBM 'personal' and BBM Channels, quite deliberately. Not only does that help to keep things succinct, it also helps to mediate the feel of Channels by association. Kind of osmotic approach.

Ah well, that's probably more or less as it good as it gets to be honest.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

When ppl ask me about channels I tell them it's like having a combination of pinterest, a blog/vlog or a youtube channel.. you can subscribe or join channels youre interested in or create you're own and make it accessible world wide.. it really has all the elements of twitter, instagram, vine and pinterest..

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I'm BB through and through: However I think that the UX for channels is lacking: Just played with FB Paper on IOS ( On a pals device in Seattle) It's very well designed.The layout and purpose is almost like channels but smoother and more interesting. I think the promise for channels and brands can be large, but the creative elements needs improving ( it's in the details), FYI: I know that creative details is not in the BB DNA, but it should be addressed and improved soon.

I tell people it's like all their favourite social sites in one clean package. It's organized, can add posts from phone or Web, and has stats. BlackBerry sharing allows you to post directly to your channel for the most part.

For me BBM Channel is a social blog solution optimized for mobile device.

It's really better than WordPress site + WordPress mobile application.

I'd like to have more features as :
- BBM Channel should be readable from a desktop browser for anyone
- missing a search function to find a particular BBM Channel post
- mark a BBM Channel post as favorite


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If somebody ask me what is bbm channels I tell them it's a replacement to facebook and other social networking sites. You get all the news which your interested in a go. Plus there are other cool blogs where u get to know awesome music, facts etc :)

"It is a private twitter, but if is only available for BlackBerry phones" - now that makes it so exclusive sounding lol.

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I have a bbm channel with over 1400 subscribers. I love the idea just wish I could make money off of it.

Posted via CB10

BBM channel is a superb way of getting beyond RSS Feeds and it is way beyond the experience of Flipboard since BlackBerry is always on time in giving notifications about any updates.

Posted via CB10

I wish someone would describe it in meaningful terms, that could perhaps help me to see what I would do with it. Most descriptions I see so far compare it to Instagram and Twitter, neither of which really help me. Instagram I've never seen, so have no idea what it does. Twitter I tried to look at, but I just feel like my head's about to implode when I try to work it out. Facebook I do get, a little bit, but still don't know what I might want to put on it - I'm certainly not the type who wants to tell the world what I had for breakfast, and have never seen a 'need' for it.

I do share photos occasionally, nearly always on a one to one basis, using BBM or Whatsapp to send to whoever I want to have it. I did have a couple of photos last year that friends liked, and said I should put on Facebook, and fortunately my phone made it relatively easy to do so. But I don't feel a pressing need to share them all with the whole world, which seems to be what this 'social networking' is all about.

So, what does BBM channels do, and what am I meant to do with it ?

It's like twitter but better in that you have people and companies that you can follow and interact with but on a more personal level. Videos and gifts, trends and favorites. All around what twitter could have been but better.
That's how I describe it.

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I usually just show them on my Z10. That way it becomes clear what they are and how to use them. People can also see that BBM has a lot more to offer than other similar social media apps.

As for myself I'm a relative newbie using BBM Channels, I've only been making use for about 3 months...but damn it they are addictive as hell!

I pretty much subscribed to the channels that fit with my interests and use them regularly.

But yeah...crazy addictive!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

I don't really get social media in general. I tried channels only because it's a BlackBerry thing, but even then I am uncertain what I am doing with it.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

I don't understand it, which is why I don't currently use it. It's like Twitter to me right now or four square, or instagram, pinterest, and the others, I just have no desire to figure out what it is I'm supposed to be doing.

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It's social media in blog form where you're free to post content within BBM. You have followers akin to twitter who comment on your page like instagram.

Posted via CB10

I would say it's like instagram and twitter in one the only thing is BBM Channel is way more safe! You won't have to worry about being hacked like twitter and instagram user have been.

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Not enough population awareness to make it worth your while and you need a desktop version for companies to embrace it...

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And I am still trying to figure out how to get BBM Channels on my Z30 before I could even start understanding it.

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Channels on your Z30? EASY, just update your BBM.

Launch your BBM App, at the bottom of the screen, to the left side bottom, click the menu button and you will see Channels in the list. For me anyway, I can tell BBRY has done some amazing work with Channels. It's quite easy to use, and looks attractive.