How Do You BB10: What's on your homescreen?

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jul 2013 01:49 pm EDT

Aside from my constant wallpaper crisis (wherein I can never find a wallpaper that keeps me happy for more than a few days) I always seem to shuffle around the apps on my homescreen. I typically keep my most-used native apps up top with a few of my newer or favorite apps on the front page as well.

I've been using the Q10 full time so I also get cut down from the 16 homescreen apps of the Z10 to just 12 - making for a tough decision some days. It almost reminds me of the constant MySpace battle for my top 8 friends.

Right now my homescreen is setup as in the image above. My top row takes my most used apps - the browser, calendar, Blaq and Facebook. My "middle apps" are CB10, contacts, pictures and BeWeather. The bottom row is Foursquare, BBM, Rdio and Our Groceries (I do a lot of shopping, what can I say).

I have them setup so that my muscle memory knows where each icon is for easy access and I try to keep them in the same general area on all my devices. When I have a new app I want to bump up to the homescreen it's a hard decision but I'll usually knock down whatever app I haven't put to recent use.

So what we want to know is just what apps are on your homescreen and how you have things arranged. Drop a comment here with your list of top apps, then swing by this thread in the forums and show off your homescreen!

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How Do You BB10: What's on your homescreen?


Best one is a black background pic with this barely visible white discus thing in center. And I use folders to hold all apps. Arranged by type. Everything on one screen. That's the only way to roll. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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On my Z10 I like everything on one screen and my wall paper is of the PlayBook in a dark background

Swiped from the Links amazing Z10

The only 3rd party apps on my home screen is flashlight, word of the day plus, and CB10

Favorite BB10 apps: CB10, GasBuddy, Word of the Day PLUS, BlackBerry Travel, USA Today

Wow, apparently I need to pay more attention to the word of the day plus app :/... *are

Favorite BB10 apps: CB10, GasBuddy, Word of the Day PLUS, BlackBerry Travel, USA Today

Downloaded a pure black wallpaper, save some extra battery on my Q10. Looks amazing with the aps lit up, all other pixels off...

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Did you really need to "download" a black background though? Why not just open paint and fill a square with black, save it and use that as the background? Lol, I would feel kind of silly to go online and look for a blank image of a solid color... :-P

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Folders are your friend Adam. I condensed down my apps to 3 pages from 7. My one rule is I never have folders on my home screen. I always want immediate access to those apps.

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Even that seems time consuming. I just took a picture with my finger over the lens. Solid black.

This is not solid black. As well it will much higher then it needs to be just create one in paint on a computer that rbg black

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I actually tend to put my top used apps toward the bottom row of each page since they are easier to reach with my thumb while holding the phone...

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The problem is BB10 doesn't HAVE a home screen. Its too cluttered at times. This look is ok on the Z10 cause of the added room but on the Q10, it just looks forced. I would love to see BB come up with widgets of some sort. I loved the way i could separate and drop my apps on BB7. Also, the icons look MASSIVE. Its passable on my Z10, again because of the screen size, but on my Q10, it just looks ridiculous. BB10 Os is amazing... So much so I got both the Z10 and Q10 cause i didn't want to miss out on ANY of its features. But I miss having a REAL home screen.

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All the essentials on the first, all the games and downloaded apps on the second and then all the extra stuff on the third. A very organized 3 panels. Each panel with 12 icons as well haha

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Black wallpaper, crucial apps and folders on home screen. Contact shortcuts using the Speeddial app on the 2nd screen. Simple and effective.

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Mines totally stock. I don't have the "need" to jump quickly into my apps. I don't mind the extra swipe to the second screen where I keep all my most important third party apps at the top. Games come after all apps. Nothing too out of the ordinary.

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I don't bother organizing my home screen. Rather than hunting for the icon, I use search instead. Works far better than trying to figure out what screen or folder an icon should be in.

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I never move around my apps. And I have a specific order. First is communication/social stuff, then documents, then media, then news/sports/information, then utilities. I don't use any folders except at the end for games. This is a total of 4 pages. My wall paper right now is the default wallpaper that comes with Windows Vista which looks awesome. But I do change up wall papers every once in a while.

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I organize my social, news, games, and fun apps in folders while keeping my calendar, Remember, Browser and contacts as out of the box. I live using folders, and my Batman Wallpaper fits perfectly in the bottom corner with grey around the rest.

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I like to have my apps in folders, but with BlackBerry, much like ios you cant have more than 1 page of apps per grouping. I hope they add this functionality in upcoming releases.


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My home screen has four folders. They're not named. Anything "extra" goes into two more folders one pane to the right, like "add to home screen" Web pages and apps I am trying out.

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PIM Row: Browser, Calendar, Remember, Contacts
IM Row: BBM, Text Messages, Google Talk, Skype
Social Row: Facebook, Blaq, LinkedIn, Foursquare
Other Favourites Row: BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Travel, BeWeather, WordPress (I would be content to move any of these off the home page)

Then the second page is broken down into folders other than a couple other key apps that I like to keep quickly accessible

I keep everything clean. First page Q10 is FB/Blaq/CB/BBM top row, and browser/calendar/contacts/bbworld second. Second page is all other apps categorized.

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I think I'm a little OCD in a way that I have my icons in alphabetical order. Then the next screen will be items I use from time to time and then items I rarely use to items that are utility items. It helps me organize my screen and allows me to easily flow through the screen with ease. It fits my personality; clean and smooth.

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Who are we kidding ??
BB10 does not have a Homescreen .... and it needs one!

the Active frames only come close to it ... but when all apps are closed we do not see a "homescreen"


Have a HomeScreen that sits between the Active Frames and the Icon screens, Give it vertical scrolling, Add stuff like Android and BB10 Widgets, Resizable and Permanently Pinnable Active Frames, Blinkfeed type Stuff, Some new BB10 stuff, some Hub notifications, Application Shortcuts, add dash of TAT and you are good to go!

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All black wallpaper looks amazing. Since I've went black, I've never went back ;)

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Black wallpaper is the best choice to me!
Got 4 pages, the home screen with social feeds (BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin...) calendar and contact, need my Bible all time and on top of the second page kobo and Kindle... the media + games closing the door

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Why wouldn't you have your most used icons on the bottom? It's easier access, unless you're 7 feet tall.


im guessing old bb habbits, the homescreen showed just the single row of icons at the bottom which were the top row in the apps drawer, so i guess since BB10 does not have any homescreen, just an app drawer, the fav icons go to the top.

So is there a way to have a Today screen? Say my next 5 tasks or appointments?

I use something called DeToday that "todays" my wallpaper on my 9810. One glance and I see what's happening. Really handy.

I keep Words with friends as my only icon on my homescreen, so I can enjoy the wallpaper. Then on next screen my most used, Browser, Silent foto, BB world, BBM, CB10, Calendar, Short cut with picture of my Hubby ;), BeBuzz Pro, Facebook, Corky Notes.

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Guess, I'm the odd one out so far. I have a picture (I took with my Z10) for my background. We went to Nicaragua, and were helping build a school down there. While there, we went to the area of the first school that was built by SchoolBOX (organization we were with), and I took a picture of the tree, under which was the first location for the school (there is now an 8 room school built for the kids in the area, and over 600 go there). The tree reminds me of how lucky I have it, and to continue to think and pray for the kids down there. For my icons, I have YouVersion Bible app first, calendar, contacts, and then the browser. I also have four folders on my first screen, and they icons grouped into like things (like games). I like the folders, and don't mind the extra tap/swipe.

I had 6 pages of apps before reading this confined to 4 pages....Thnx Crackberry. ;)

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YYC Stampede wallpaper. Other than that I leave it on my active frames with a battery meter and the default layout of apps for the first screen the came with my phone.

I always put my most used applications on the bottom of the screen. Makes if a lot more fluid for the thumb without having to reach for the top row. For example, my most useful app is in the bottom right hand corner (nearest to my thumb)

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I dont go to the app grid.I live in active frames.I have a new paradigm I keep search framed up at all times and use instant actions to call up apps and message.That keeps me in active frames and a swipe away from the hub because of that im always in active frames.Trust me much more fluid then app grid,frame ,app grid frame.

You dont need an app for black...just take a picture with your camera full face down on a flat surface, and then make it your wallpaper. :)

Wallpaper is a black wall with bb dots in the middle.

Most apps are just there, games and settings in folders.

Hardly even have active frames on, but I would if I could pin them to the homescreen...

Wow alot of you guys have a black wallpaper. No cool walls? :/ I'm always changing wallpapers but my four most used apps are on the first page then on page two are the second most used apps, and so forth for all my apps. And I always have BBM and Blaq on the Active Frames page :)

I'm needing my wallpaper :) beautiful hello! Project :) cute :)
On every home screen page I have just 4 apps or 4 folders :) wanna see my wallpaper every time and for the social stuff I'm using the hub primary :)

Sayu Smiles - artouse, action, bubblegum, Horror -Novel coming soon

I haven't changed around any of my apps... wouldn't be able to find them now if I did! But I love my background, a peacock feather :) (peacock feathers and peacocks in general are my latest obsession)

One page.
8 folders and
8 apps (
corky notes,
be weather,
a day in life,
Mireo and
that's it.
Oh, and black wallpaper ;-)

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I move all that sh.. to the next trays except one icon. This way I have the whole screen to show off my wallpaper. I hate having all those apps laying on top of my wallpaper on the main tray. It's messy

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Z10 - Default wallpaper - no fancy stuff.
Page 1 (not Home Screen)
Browser/Contacts/BBworld/BB Travel
Calendar/ BBM/ Text Massages / Phone
Weather ( Two apps), Calculator

Page 2 - favorite apps - sports and news apps /Twitter/Kobo/Poynt/Gasbuddy /CB
Page 3- Apps Music/videos/
Page 4- Setup / help guides/ATT stuff / print to go/ docs to go etc etc
Page 4 apps - religious music / horoscope apps
Page 5 misc apps

For all the all black wallpaper: I have a black Z10. Removed the back cover, took a pic of it without flash, darkened it a bit and converted to black n white. And used as wallpaper. BlackBerry logo in the center and the back cover dark texture... looks amazing :-)

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I like folders to keep most of the apps on the first page. I like the black screen as the icons are easier to see.

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I have the original blue background with a couple of folders witch I never use. Launching everything from search is much quicker on my Q10.

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Almost a black background for me too, which provide a very nice look and quite easy text reading...

In fact, I have set it with a very dark brown leather background on which I did add the BlackBerry logo reflecting on top of it. ...adding more texture and also in memory of my old BB 9700 (which had leather back)
I had posted it past week there (post #102)

My home screen:
- Contacts, calendar and notes database. Also my calculator and the clock apps
+ Obviously most of my communication apps that I use BBM, Skype, Text (+ LinkedIn & Facebook)
--> well I use it mainly for business need quick acces to these stuff

--> I did also set "Night Ports" apps easily accessible from the my main screen. Most of the time, I plug it late while in the dark to recharge it. ...Yes my battery last that long.

Second screen:
- All my various apps grouped in various categorized folders

Third screen:
- Miscellanuous recently donwloaded apps

Does anyone else wonder why the icons don't flow from the bottom up.. most important icons at the bottom?

The rest of the OS is designed with the thought that the bottom of the device is easier to reach (because your hands are usually in keyboard position) .. so why not be committed and rin the icons from the bottom row up.

Or at least allow the icons to be placed anywhere and give the users the option? ;)

I truly believe in the bottom priority concept of the OS, I just wish that BlackBerry would commit to their UI implementations... I think they are right, and work well.. they are just so inconsistent.

UI gestures have the same inconsistency issues...

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On my homepage I made a folder for all the apps I use a lot, then a second one for games, then a third one for apps I plan an using soon lol. I did that so people can see more of my wallpaper, it's the Battlefield 3 cover.

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Refuse to have more than 4 pages of apps. I create folders like "Go to apps" and "Tools & Utilities " but I do have an issue that, unlike on the defunct PlayBook, you can only have one page in a folder (12 apps I think)
Would be nice to have multiple pages within folders?

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For background, I downloaded Bing's Daily Wallpaper app. If I like that day's wallpaper, I set wallpaper.

Downloaded apps on my home screen:

-Daily Wallpaper
-CB 10

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I have a very dark red curtain that looks black and the icons look much better because you can't see the border. Too bad we don't have the option to customize the icon border to blend in with the wallpaper or just get rid of it. Me likes the PlayBook icons.

First page is for productivity... what do I use during a days work? Only out of the box apps + WhatsApp and Parrot (voice recording).. Once BBM goes cross platform I'll ditch WhatsApp immediately and BlackBerry needs to put up a native recorder outside Remember...

Second screen is BlackBerry World + all third party apps (most of them in folders like news, music etc.) and third screen is games. I have Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, Run in Crowd and Chess-Wise (built for BlackBerry) lined up and 4 folders (arcade, puzzles, race and misc)

Fourth screen is all the out of the box apps I don't need an icon for to use (like phone, camera, search etc.)

I keep it clean... I try out different wallpapers to try and find something that works, but it seems to me that only full on black does the trick really... this would change dramatically though if we were able to change the colour of the grey backdrop and the fonts... I'd make it red with black fonts....

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

Mostly live in the Hub and use Bing Image of the Day to rotate wallpaper. Have most of my apps, other than first two rows, in groups (reading, travel, driving, working, play) . Bottom row of first page is for stuff I browse on way to work via public teansit- Bing, RocketMan, Solitaire). Last pages are usually recent downloads to try out. Last page has just Sim Services so I can actually see Daily Wallpaper

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I find I regularly change my wallpapers too unless it's of my son playing in the sun. Other than that it's all things Marvel ™

Fave apps include CB10 (absolutely essential), Facebook, BBM, Mybuses UK, Purity and Flixster.

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I miss the application bar on the PlayBook which is always visible from all pages. Wish they could do that for bb10. Swipe down from top and see 6 apps or folders which I configure to be there with a tack icon to toggle auto hide .

First page is all comms and social media (communication device first and foremost). Contacts, phone, BBM, SMS, whatsapp, taki, Facebook, linked in, Skype, steam, etc.

Second page is all media. Browser, pictures, Cbc news app,Reading (folder with Epub and comic reading apps) music (folder with all streaming, music apps, etc), video (again folder with Netflix, video, link to subsonic server, etc). For some reason I have clock, calendar and search here probably because I don't have enough task/organization apps to warrant it's own page.

Third page is utils, settings, apps.

Fourth page is games.

I don't like having so many pages because every time I open a app I have to swipe over 4 times agaun. To return to my page.

I think the best way is a combination of page organization and grouping of apps into folders. Similar to the process of designing diagrams with the right amount of depth and width when exploding into teirs.

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I rock a Z10.

Three pages, first page your core apps that came w/ the phone, the 4 most used icons at the bottoms. Second page, 3rd party games and apps. And third page consists of very few recent apps and a special fold I have dubbed: Icon Oblivion.

It consists of your more repetitive icons such as Search, Camera, Phone, and Settings, etc which are already a staple of your phone in their own intuitive way.

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Is there any way to position the wallpaper on the z10. Sometimes I got a nice wallpaper but then it crops it down so it doesn't look good anymore

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Well in my case I'm not the type of person that use the icons all in every page I like to create a folder only ganes another por apps social etc etc

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Hmm: well contacts, browzer, texts and bbm, then banking (folder), Neutron for tunes, whatsApp, camera & weather + 3 speed dial icons for the 2 kids and the bride.

The rest are in folders or on their own over a cpl pages.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

Apps in Folders? Easy...long Press on an app, then move while pressing and drop onto another app. a text box will appear and ask you to name the newly created folder.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??

I took a picture of a black background and made it my wallpaper...then clumped all the apps I have into folders...everything is on the home screen. :)

Top apps for me : navigator, calendar, soundhound, BlackBerry World.
Middle apps: social network and messaging + contact and weather channel.
Bottom apps: images, music and videos + tunln radio.

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Love keeping my favourite apps open, thanks to CB for their native support. We need that on Facebook and Twitter, with newest tweets being displayed!

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I have a pretty sweet picture of the Russian alphabet as my background and I have all my apps in folders. 2 media folders, 2 games folders, 3 utilities folders, navigation, finance, storage, and weather.. all fit on one page.

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On my Q10 since I'm lefthanded, I have contacts, Text messenger and BBM vertically on the far left column. The column next to that has a browser folder with Google, Bing and BlackBerry browser then underneath is my social media folder with Tumblr, FB & Twitter. And bottom is the CB app for this great blog!