How Do You BB10: Do you use NFC file sharing?

By Adam Zeis on 11 Jun 2013 12:20 pm EDT

Everyone uses their BlackBerry 10 device differently. There are just so many features that no one is bound to use all of them. Some users may use certain features while others don't, and that's the case with any device really. Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC and even apps - it all varies user by user. That's why we're starting up a new series called How Do You BB10?.

In the series we'll look to find out just how all of the CrackBerry readers user their device. We want to know about everything from apps to settings to notifications to accessories. We'll pose different questions to find out just how everyone uses BlackBerry 10 and get a better idea of just how BlackBerry users do their thing.

Our first question is about NFC File Sharing.

One of the great things about BlackBerry 10 devices (and some legacy devices) is the ability to use NFC to share files. If you have a photo, video or file you want to quickly share with another user, just choose the option to share via NFC and tap your devices together - that's it! It makes for easy file transfers without the need to email or BBM to the other person. 

It obviously only works with people you are physically with, but it's a great tool that you should definitely check out if you haven't already. 

So we want to know - do you use NFC file sharing? Let us know in the poll below then hit up the comments and discuss!




Yeah I use it for all that!


Remember that you don't have to actually use the share menu. With NFC active on your phone and the person you'd like to share with, have what you want to share open on the phone, like a picture, web page, movie, music, etc. and simply tap the phones together to inviate the transfer. Doesn't get more awesome than that!



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I have used it to transfer large files between my wife and my Z10's that we couldn't send via BBM, text, etc.


Good idea, I hadn't thought of using it that way.

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Himanshu Chandra1


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In addition to the NFC chip installed in your wife, does your wife's phone also have an NFC chip installed so that you can transfer files to and from your Z10? :P


Haven't tried it yet. Need More people who have NFC to Transfer with.

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There's plenty of people that have NFC that just don't now they do. NFC's hiddenly enabled automatically (Droids) and is there for almost all new phones. I found my NFC started to work with the 10.1 update. Before then, my LG couldn't seem to contact my BlackBerry. People just don't know it exists.


There are plenty of phones with NFC. It works great between my Z10 and a S3, a S4 and Lumia of different friends.



I get a little kick out of offering to share a file with my iPhone friends via NFC.
'No NFC? Oh well, that's OK for a budget phone....'


Hell yeah !!
I always use this with my dad and girlfriend..


You don't even have to chose anything as long as nfc is enabled and you are viewing the picture just tap the phones :D

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Kevin Michaluk

I find myself using NFC file sharing on BB10 quite a lot. Really has come in convenient on more than one occasion. Using it most for sharing photos between devices at the moment. Even last week at our Talk Mobile launch party, would use it after photos were snapped by one person, would share over NFC. More efficient than asking people for their email address, etc. in a loud room and sending. 


Ya I use it to send pics and videos to my wife. When you send a pic another way like bbm, it loses its pic quality. When we use nfc she gets the same pic quality as the original.

Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe


I believe if you hold down the pic in bbm it will request a higher quality version of the same pic

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About 95% of the people I work with don't have the capability on their phones. It would be a nice option to have at work though.

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Are you saying that 95% of your coworkers have iPhones.... meh...

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NFC is great and I'm hoping it is widely adopted and used.

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Leroy Padilla

In restaurants and clubs ect...that be nice. all you need is your ID and tour phone to pay

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So few of my friends and family are into geekery like me, so they have no idea what that is or why they want it. It is more of a hassle telling them what it is and turning it on, than is typically worth the effort.

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Haha have the same problem, I just take my friends phones, turn on nfc, then when I try to share something later it just works like magic. They're impressed, didn't even know there phones could do that lol

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So true, I wanted to send some photos to my friends phone & asked him if his NFC was turned on, he thought I was talking about NFL football...

jojo beaconsfield

Used it a couple of times,Love it!!


I havent tried yet. soon thou.

Alvin Tang

I've only ever used NFC once and that was just to test it with my friend who has a Q10.


It's great for pics and keeping the original file size and quality :)

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And soon you will be able to use NFC for debit and visa transactions by phone. The royal bank and bell has been working on this and the UK is already using this.

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My brother and I work together, and we swap pics and files for jobs regularly and that is awesome. We also will send each other links and app links if we are goofing around on the Z10. I wish they would improve the native app to program tags tho, it's almost hidden to begin with and I want to just TAP The tag and it call/or perform the function, not ask me or open a settings window.

Mayer Tanuan

I've used it to share files with BlackBerry folks and non BlackBerry folks (android peeps). Definitely easier than emailing it to them and it works instantly. It's easier for me to share to an android user than it is the other way around.

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Use it all the time, im tryna figure out snart tags tho

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Can you share a full cd through NFC?

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I've transfered a 10mb file before but haven't tried anything bigger. I believe it can it just takes a massive amout of time. NFC works instantly for pretty much any file around1mb.


I seem to remember sharing a 640mb movie file over nfc once, took a while but worked. Not sure the data transfer speed...

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Use it all the time to transfer pictures and contacts. I really look forward to using it for payments.


I think it is a great feature but, generally, the people I need to share stuff with are not in the same room or don’t have or use NFC yet.


Can you share with Samsung galaxy that has nfc?

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Yes. My brothers Son was over here and I got a song (mp3) from him using NFC but it was a bit slow, so he tried bluetooth instead and it was a lot faster.

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I use it all the time! Actually all u have to do is select what u want to share and tap. U do not have to choose "Share" coolest feature ever!

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Cannot wait to be able to pay with my phone also... I love me some NFC

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Hey, that's a bottle of the Russian River! Where did you get that ?


Definitely a win for us. Aside from the convenience, I can't think of a more secure way to transfer files than having to tap the devices together for an electronic handshake.

Presented by Dr. Emmett Brown on BlackBerry Z41


Omfg I do this all the time. Neat sites I've found to share with my wife, or apps, or calendar events. I can even send photos and url to and from Android "proper" (Samsung devices with nfc doesn't seem to work well). So sites I find on the phone I want to see bigger, I share with android tablet. Works so well.

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For me, I'm always taking pictures for either my mom or a girl friend. So instead of me emailing it I just tap. Or as they call it, "phone kiss" haha :)


The NFC animation on BB10 when you're about to share, seems to suggest something other than "kiss" ;)

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Definitely! It's the easiest way to transfer files if you're in person and hate that BBM limits the sizes and picture quality (sure you can request HQ images after the fact, but that takes extra time, data and effort-especially if the other person doesn't know they can request HQ images).

I wish I could set to send/receive only in HQ. I know that for some things it is not a big deal to some, but I like to see the higher quality pics each time.

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I voted no but only because no one I know has nfc on their phone. That will change when my daughter gets her Q10

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Yes, I do use NFC. It seems faster.


I love getting that buzz!

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Yeah nfc is quite handy
I use it to swap pictures between phones (me and my wife) she has an S3and works flawless
Odd thing is its easier to do from the BlackBerry

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I've used it a few times from BlackBerry to BlackBerry.. but haven't been able to get it working with my wife's Samsung galaxy S3... Would use it more for pictures if I could get it to work

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I have the same problem. S3 doesn't work. The S2 worked flawless.

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I use it on the occasions where I need to transfer files/contacts between BB10 phones and BB7< phones.

Well, I guess the word I'm looking for is 'yes', then.


It's a neat feature, however I tried sending my wife a short video( 2 mins) of a family member and the download time was going to take what seemed like a half hour. That doesn't seem quicker than e-mail. For photos and banking, I think I will learn to really appreciate it.

Sent from the future on my Z10.


iPhone (and I presume Android) has a Bump application where you bump the phones together, they find each other and transfer the file. I haven't used it and I don't know its limitations. I showed off the NFC file sharing once, and my iPhone friend said that's just like 'Bump'. I didn't have an answer so I just commented that its a great feature. Does anyone know how these systems work, and how or if they are different? I'm guessing that for the NFC share, the two phones 'see' each other in the same space, and then connect via Bluetooth. Bump should be the same, whereas rather than touching the two NFC antennas together, the accelerometer in the phones senses the action and then searches for phones within range that experienced the 'bump' at exactly the same time, connect via Bluetooth and do their thing. Different initiation process, but same final result. I'm totally guessing here. Anyone actually know?


Bump works by recording the audio of the physical bump, and comparing sound waves in the cloud to find the two devices with the same sound wave at the same time.

Then it's a http connection with Bump as the gateway.

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Are you serious or are you being funny? That is too much to believe. What if the phones had rubber cases on them and didn't make any click or bump sound?


I've used it once or twice. I'd like to use it more but everyone I'd use it for has an iPhone. So n/a or a galaxy and we can't figure out how to do. Or they have bbm

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I use it all the time for sharing pictures from my Z10 to my wifes Z10. When it comes to other peoples phones, no I don't because hardly anyone ever keeps it on or the phones don't have it :( it sucks.


I use it but I'm waiting for an app to accept credit cards on my z10 via Nfc. Come on BlackBerry get us a useful business credit card payments app! Anyone know of something in the works or something I can use now?

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No, disappointingly I do not get to use NFC hardly at all... Most people I know that I am around on a daily basis here in the U.S. either do not have any NFC capability at all or the few who do on Android based devices, cannot make use of the technology due to issues with their devices. *sad face*


I use nfc tags more often than file sharing

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I just want to use it to pay for things. When's that coming?


Don't use file sharing but nfc work perfect on my music gateway with the z10

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I love the ability, but I have had two problems with it. First, some of these add on cases seem to block the signal... no connection detection at all with the case on. Second, I am the only person I know that has a z10 so I can only assume it's some minor incompatibility ... it will work with my Android phone and tablet, but it's unreliable. Almost never works the first time, and often I just end up giving up... plan to replace my work phone (atrix 2) with a Q10 when available so I'll retest then.

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Love this feature. I use it for more than simple file sharing. Adding new BBM contacts. Sharing apps, Web pages, using it with NFC tags, and soon for payments and security card access. It's a great feature.

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Wow! This series (blog topic) is awesome! I never knew the capability of NFC. Thought it was something for smart tags and pay me ta through. I am stoked about this! Just need more compadre with BB10 devices.

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Don't know how to use it before. Thanks for the idea!

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Often when I take a photo for someone. I can use my own phone and give it to then right away

However I mostly use nfc for blue tooth pairing and contact sharing

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Christopher Youngblood

I've tried to use NFC to transfer a photo from my Z10 to my new ultrabook but couldn't get it to work. Don't know it the problem is with Z10 or the laptop. Anyone else having the same issue with their Z10?


I probably don't use it all that much but I have checked it out to see what it is all about and was impressed with how simple and easy it is to use. Will most likely start to use it more and more.

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Bikram Kochar

No i dnt use no ona in my grp carries a bb . All have either samsung, iphone or htc..n now when bbm is going cross platform so m also planning to shift to htc

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Never have used it, don't see any use for it.

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


I use NFC to share lots of data. Contacts, files, pictures, whatever. Works awesome.

Posted via CB10 on a Q10 or a Z10, either way it's golden.


I tried it for a 60 some MB video....took forever, i can't believe how slow it is. I've also tried it with non-BB phones and haven't been able to get it to work with a Windows phone, and it also did not work with a samsung Note 2. Bluetooth seems to be just as fast, or faster, and the phones don't have to be next to each other. Also, I've had it work with the windows phone and samsung note 2, but I could not get it to work with an iphone. It worked from BlackBerry to BlackBerry obviously. I think Bluetooth is better than NFC for file sharing.

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I'm glad to see computers with it built-in, like the Sony Vaio Fit. It's that feature I think will make me get it over another one. Hope it's an open connection, not just for other Sony products. Hope more computers offer it in the future.

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I've tried it out with a friends droid when I first got my STL-4 Z10... it wouldn't work.

I'm now running a "leaked" OS, and I tried again and it worked great. That said, very few people I know have a NFC device, even fewer of the ones that do have in enabled. So other than testing it, I haven't yet found it useful.



could we please see the number of users for each of the votes please, not just the percentages? I'm VERY curious. Thanks.


I use it primarily for quick picture or small documents transfer as well as for transferring business card information.

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I use it for photos, music and apps.

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I wish you would add another option of "I want to but can't seem to get it to work!". That's my scenario and I've tried it with other legacy BB's to no avail. Same problems that are not unknown. :(


Yeah I mostly use it for large file sharing... the movie maker videos tend to be more than 100mb so there's no way of sharing it with someone unless I use nfc. can't wait for payments to be made through it in the Netherlands. I already never let go of the Z and that would make it even worse! Loving it

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I'd like to but hardly anyone seems to have it that I see IRL. Just one mate at work with a Z10

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I use NFC to transfer music and pictures to my GF. I can't wait for businesses to apply NFC to products and advertising.

Loving the Q10


I'm waiting for Mastercard PayPass or VISA wave to work with the BB NFC. Until then, NFC is OFF.


Same here :)

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I use it quite often. Mostly to transfer pictures and videos, sometimes music.

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I tried with a friend who has a SGS3. No luck. :(


I've tried to use it between my Z10 and my gf's S3, I keep getting a message saying they have to be the same make of phone :(

Sent from my Z10!

Jimberry Storm

i love it, just wish the other uses would start to make their way out into the world (credit card app, ticket purchases, etc.).

Solar 77

Tried NFC once using my client's S4 and the Z10, works great for quick file transfers.

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I use it all the time with my buddy to swap pictures, sites, etc.. loving it and can't wait to be able to use it to make purchases..

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The thing about NFC is that there's millions of ways it could be used, however there are one a few real ways to use it RIGHT NOW. I'd love more options to use the technology and more opportunities for its capabilities. As of now, I've used it once since I don't know many BB10 users in Montreal. I hope to use it more often in the future.


It works seamlessly between BB10 devices and Bold 9900's. You don't need to find another BB10 user.


Correction : I need to find more BlackBerry users


I would use it if it had A Credit Card capability. Otherwise I just message pics over bbm/text

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I've got a friend with a 9900 who was told at his carrier store that he had to pay an additional monthly fee on his bill to use it.
I set him straight and sent him a picture ;)



I love NFC sharing. Would have liked it better if the device would have switched over to wifi for the actual file transfer if both devices are connected to the same access point.

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I tried it before but couldn't get it to work. I haven't tried it though since I upgraded to 10.1

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Can we just have mobile payments already :(?

DJ Reyes

NFC all the way. It's the most useful way conveniently share with someone quickly. At least when I'm in the same room as someone.

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I use bluetooth cos it's faster and more convenient, I don't have to kiss your phone to send a file

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Kevin Denmark

I use it a lot for pictures with my girlfriend and it impresses her iPhone friends, once no one had the needed document in a meeting and I was able to just look at the PDF and tap tap tap my phone without pressing any buttons. It was impressive even to us z10 owners in the room hehe ;-P

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NFC is the best way to share files. I love it!

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sorry to say but I don't know anyone with a BB10 device but me. I've been trying to buy the Wife one but she want my ole Torch 9860


I'd love to use the NFC feature, if I knew another bb10 owner near me...

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It works with the Bold as well.....

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Just like BBM, it's a feature I would make use of if I myself wasn't the only one capable of doing it that I know of.

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Used it once!!

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We call it snail mating... since it works best when you put your devices back to back

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Have used it with other Z10's but, have been unsuccessful with any other phones...tried it with the new Windows Phone and a droid....

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Do you chat over NFC?
Check out NFChat in BlackBerry World! You can find it at


Haven't used it yet I don't know enough people that have NFC.. but i plan to use it..

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Doesn't work between my gf's Lumia 920 and my Z10.

Kevin had said if you just open a pic and to the back to back with another bb10 phone where both have NFC turned on, then it will sen the pic automatically. (?)

But didn't work between my friends Q10 and my Z10 :(

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I think you have to select whether or not you accept and send files automatically via by your settings first

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NFC does not work for me. No matter what I do. Not on my friends z10 either.

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My wife and I cannot get this feature to work between her S3 and my Z10. Keeps saying files aren't recognizing file content. Any tips?

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I don't think NFC was intended to be used to transfer huge files - it's for quick and dirty transfers of a photo or contact - which it does superbly. Pictures and contacts are the things I transfer most. And it does work with select Android phones, but only one way - from my Z10 to theirs - no love my direction. Their phone keeps trying to send it using some other system Androids use (forgot the name of it).


Been using NFC a lot more lately. Such and awesome feature.

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Detective M Downs

I have an NFC and QR business card - just tap to download my vcard.


NFC is great! Air Drop is a nice concept but too proprietary.

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Air drop screams of control. And perhaps stop gap until they have nfc.

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I use it to share work docs with colleges so they can see what I an looking at but I do not want to send the email chain and or use data to transmit the large email and large attachments. Also sharing pics with wife's z10.

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I would use it but I have never had the opportunity. So I just use bluetooth if I can or if it is an iphone user......

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Would love to use the NFC but I have the powerskin battery pack that us supposed to be NFC enabled but it doesn't work.

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I have used it to share photos, videos, music with nfc. This is a priceless feature!

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I have just tested it between my Q and the wife's Zed. However, I REALLY want to be able to use it for pay-pass payments. Reading all the pre-BB10 info it sounded like this was going to be possible out of the box. I was disappointed to find that this was not the case. I still hope it happens in the coming OS updates.

CB on my Q10

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I have used it a couple of times but not as much as I would like to use it. I expect to begin using it more when more banks set up for payment options that will be coming to us by the end of the year.

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Haven't managed to use it yet, hopefully that will change if I can manage to persuade the wife to get a Q10! I really want to be able to make contactless payments too!

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I actually use it a lot for transferring music and video

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It's not like every phone around here has NFC (or I want to share stuff with people that actually have those phones) but since 10.1, I no longer need to email my mother any pitures I happen to want to show her.

It's a very interesting feature and I am looking forward to VISA and mobile payments via NFC!


Nope, but i want to use it for Oyster. (London metro card)


Hubby and I share songs and photos and such this way! Love it!

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I think you can only use it with another bb device? In that case. I don't know anyone else who has a BlackBerry. If not, I wouldn't use it because I would use text or whatsapp or e-mail.

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I totally forgot about that function, what a bird.Lol

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I think it will take a long time before NFC will be important. I am awaiting to buy a cold can of beer from a machine by touch payment. THEN I will think it is great!

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I like that u can usually on nfc immediately when u need it but it will be great if in is switched off automatically after u used too!

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Bettina H

Had no idea we could. Thought that was a Samsung thing. Love BlackBerry more, if that's even possible!!

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never used it. not even once.
My bluetooth antenna gets used all day errreyyday though

Forti Kravala

I only use it with my awesome BlackBerry Music Gateway. I have no other opportunities.

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What's the difference with the new ios7 sharing and NFC ? Apple claims they do not need to bump their phones together to share. Is that sharing between iOS only ?

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Not once yet

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Chi Allan

I never use it. It's difficult to connect with other device.

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I would use NFC if there were any other BlackBerry users around me. Hopefully soon. One of my coworkers is getting tired of what he says iOS is down grading to. He keeps borrowing my Z10 to check out the features and I think I have him hooked. Hopefully I will get to start using NFC soon. Also I work in a college campus. I would think I would see more BlackBerry devices either 10 or legacy, but I think I have seen one other person carry a BlackBerry besides myself.

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Great for sharing videos between family members.

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Never used nfc. Limited application

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anwar azraie

How to stop or off the NFC,the icon still there after i close the apps