How Do You BB10: Do you download movies and music from BlackBerry World?

By Adam Zeis on 26 Jun 2013 10:16 am EDT

For the last few years BlackBerry World (or BlackBerry App World as it was) had only apps and games available. There was no integrated movie or music store, however we did have separate stores in one form or another. That unfortunately meant that in order to buy movies or music you had to use a separate store with a separate app with a separate login - super annoying.

With BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry World dropped the "App" from its name and integrated a movie and music store thanks to Rovi and 7digital respectively. BlackBerry World now holds all your BlackBerry media needs with apps, games, music, movies and TV shows available for purchase. One app, one store, one login. Much easier.

While having this integrated store is awesome, I find that I don't really take advantage of it as much as I should. For my music I've always used streaming services like Spotify or Rdio so I rarely buy any tracks or albums. Movies I typically watch at home and rent on-demand from my cable provider, never thinking to grab one from BlackBerry World and fire up the ol' HDMI cable for movie night. Occasionally I'll buy a movie on my BlackBerry if I'm traveling or want something for my kids, but most times I don't even think to do it.

So we're curious to know just how many of you buy (or rent) movies and/or music from BlackBerry World and how many don't. Pick the answer that best fits you in the poll below then hit up the comments!


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How Do You BB10: Do you download movies and music from BlackBerry World?


I can't even see them!! No option no movies no nothing! Only apps and Games.. like having the old BlackBerry App World

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Looks like you have to write a follow up post, Adam. By reading all these comments you get the picture of a very inadequate experience for purchasing media through BlackBerry World. There are too many issues. DRM, Availability, Playbook Purchases not showing on BB 10...

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Crazy to see so many people don't support the BlackBerry world store. No wonder nothing comes to it. And people wanna complain.

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just because people dont buy music or movies, doesn't mean they dont buy apps. I have spent close to $300 since getting my z10 in February on apps... Movies and music well, get most of them free elsewhere. Or stream them....Maybe if the prices were a bit lower...

On BB7 i used to purchase music directly on my phone from Amazon MP3, much greater selection and lower price. Now with BB10, unfortunately no Amazon Mp3 yet. BBWorld music selection is just focused on pop music and I happen to be an underground junkie. Also, If BB had some kind of media center device like APPLE TV, i would definitely purchase movies and TV shows to stream to my TV. Phones are too small for watching movies!!

Duh..I do have an HDMI cable, and a very long one BTW! Still sucks to have that wire attached plus the micro HDMI connection loosens up easily if you move the phone around. For that reason I do not use my Z10 for movies.

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Get yourself a. Samsung Smart TV..
It streams great without HDMI. I had an Apple TV and it sucked. Worst $100 ever spent.

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The play on feature seems to handle photos, but not video. 10.2 is suppose to allow us to stream HD video wireless to the big screen. Waiting for that feature. Till then I have a PlayBook attached to big screen and phone as my remote. Blows smart tv away which is too cumbersome

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

You can sideload Amazon MP3 app. I used to check both before purchase and BB World was always more expensive than Amazon, so now I don't even bother checking, I just buy from Amazon MP3 app... and if I couldn't use that app I'd buy via computer - I love BlackBerry but I'm not going to pay more for the same stuff!

Yes, but you have to use a computer on your home network, so it's kinda not really what we want. We want to be able to project HDMI video and sound directly to any TV like we can with an HDMI cable, less the cable. I believe this is 10.2 OS. Then, a small decrease in price at BlackBerry World and I think they will be off to the races.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Seems to me that soundhound directs you to the amazon store if you click "buy"... so there is a way to keep using amazon mp3, as long as you're willing to whistle, hum, or sing the song you want to buy :)

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Yes exactly. I'm pretty sure a massive BlackBerry base does not have access to music and videos. Oh well, their loss...

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When available I buy all my music and movies and TV shows from BlackBerry World. If what I want isn't on there, it's utorrent.

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Me too.....except the Torrent part. I buy all my music and rent movies from BlackBerry World just to provide support for them. Movies are 1 to 2 bucks cheaper than through Bell Fibe and the selection is comparable. Plug in with microHDMI and sit back and enjoy the show.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

We need more supporters like you to build up BlackBerry and BB10.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

I wish it was possible to download movies and musics on BlackBerry world but I'm in switzerland so nothing is available...

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Where is the option that I buy some music AND rent movies. I can't select any of the options.

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Yes there should be an option for those who don't buy movies / music online at all. That would help explain why there's such a large %age for the "don't buy either" option.

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ITunes is my source if I go for movies or music by Internet. Tried to get The Wack Album by The Lonely Island on BlackBerry World and I could only get songs here and there no album. ITunes had the album in one spot, even a deluxe version for videos as well. No contest. Needs serious improvement in BlackBerry World.

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I use it all the time for music and TV shows. I just hope they can get more shows like Californication, Sons of Anarchy, and get more than one season of a show. I downloaded Spartacus to check it out and I love it. Now I have watched the first season and that is all I can download because that appears to be all they have.

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There's also another season of spartacus between when they had Andy Whitfield and the new guy on that is easy to miss. Good show for people that like the Gladiator/300 style action.

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Rented movies twice, but I do have a question about music: if I buy it there, is it synced to my 7digital account somehow? I currently buy from them and that is more beneficial since I can download directly to my computer.

I don't think so - there's currently no way to link your existing 7digital account with BlackBerry ID. There should be though. I side loaded the 7digital Android app because of this. I like that I can buy once and from any device download/sync the music from the cloud. With BBWorld, it only works with BB10 devices.

I bought an episode of the Walking Dead on my PlayBook using the Video Store app, and of course it is encrypted with DRM so I can't play it on my PC or anything other than my PlayBook. So I won't be spending $20 to buy a movie that is device-specific (which it is, in effect, because there's no way to play on a PC or other device). If RIM builds apps for other platforms where we can buy/sync/download music and movies with our BBID, that'd be great and would remove a major block for me.

DRM is the reason I don't buy movies or TV shows digitally at all. I've stuck with buying the Blu-Rays. I would really much prefer to have them digitally, but if there is no flexibility to open it in XBMC and on my Z10 and on my PlayBook and on my wife's MacBook it doesn't really help me. iTunes is the best, could take care of the computers but not our mobile devices or XBMC.

I am waiting for 7digital and BBWorld integration before buying music via BBWorld. If the Playbook gets BB10 with BBWorld then I'll do the one time migration of existing content purchased. Or, if BBWorld and 7digital synchronize users IDs then no migration is needed and music can be purchased via either method. For now, I'm only buying music via 7digital and not on my Z10. I would like BB to resolve this issue.

I'd love to buy music from BlackBerry World. Anything but iTunes. Only problem is I purchased an album and I keep getting network error messages. Yippee. There goes my money.

9700 > 9900 > Z10

I'm a Britney Spears stan and I only buy her music LOL
Too bad her new single isn't on board yet even though it had a great debut on Billboard.
BlackBerry better get her singles on board as soon as they are released because I always buy at least 10/15 copies for each single and I don't wanna give my money to iTunes lol

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True. I had been waiting on a new album from one of my favorite bands and when released, BlackBerry didn't have it! I gave them two entire weeks but nothing. So I caved in a bought it some where else

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Personally, movies are too expensive to buy. $20 for a DIGITAL movie is downright outrageous. May as well go buy the physical, upload it, and have it forever.

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Buy movies and music, have my favorite trilogy "Lord of The Ring" in Blackberry World ready for download. Used my Z10 as excellent media player and now - Q10. Friends always amazed by the quality. Also like to show my PB connected to TV and me controlling the PB from the phone.

I purchased a couple movies on my PB but am disappointed to find that they don't show up on My phone as having been purchased :(

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They really need to link the Playbook video store and the music store with BBWorld, since the providers are the same (Rovio and 7digital). It'd be great too if the videos weren't infected with DRM. I'd be fine with a digital watermark though so if it gets torrented it could be traced back to me - I just want to never have to worry about repurchasing it for different devices.

I've tried to look for the movies/music section in BlackBerry World, but I can never find it. I only found My Music and My Video under My World. Is this because it's not available in my country?

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My issue with movies is that I can not transfer them to my Mac to watch on my laptop...I purchase the file and I would like to have it on something other than the phone. Unless I am doing something wrong, please let me know if I am. But not having the ability to transfer it to my laptop and watch on my laptop really bothers me!

I haven't brought music. But I buy movies STILL on my PlayBook, but never on my phone via BB10. I have a 64 gb Playbook, so I use that via hdmi as my DVD player, etc..

Typed via BB Z10. Find me on Twitter @ahsonn_carter

Does not even show up on my device. From the Caribbean area. Smh...

Posted via my Zormtrooper...

Until BB World's music store actually integrates with my regular 7digital account, I will NEVER use it. I flat-out REFUSE to buy digital content that is only available through a single app, on a single device.

Back on BBOS, we had a separate 7digital app that did integrated with the same 7digital account you could access from your desktop PC. So it really didn't matter which device I browsed/purchased from, which is a much better experience.

So for now, I just buy my music via 7digital's regular website, download to my desktop, store with the rest of my real collection, then copy the files over to my phone.

I will never use a Store as long as the Files are DRM Protected. I want to be able to use my Music on every Device i carry with me or on my PC which is my Sound System.

It's ok for Files that you rent for maybe 24 Hours i.e. Movies. But other than that: No Way

And there are alternatives: Google for "Jamendo" - Free Music without any DRM C*ap. Choose an Album and stream it or if you want to hear it somewhere else: Just Download it. No need to register if You don't want to.

Live Creative Commons! :)

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The music purchased through BB World is DRM-free - you can copy the MP3s to any device and play anywhere. Movies are DRM protected to 5 blackberry devices only which stinks - one of the reasons I do not buy movies through BB World - a bummer for sure.

Wow music download really? Wish it was available in UAE. Would definitely use it. Lucky americans

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I buy music but the one thing missing from the BlackBerry store is the ability to load up a shopping cart and pay for all single cuts at the same time instead of having to buy each one separately.

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From what I recall its standard 48 hours to watch from the moment you start playing but you have 30 days to start playing.

I use BlackBerry World to buy music and rent movies. I rent on the PlayBook from the video store which I wish would integrate to BlackBerry World.
If they came up with a Roku or Smart TV app I would rent more from BlackBerry World.
It would also be good to partner with Visa or Mastercard and have a Blackberry Visa where you could earn points that you could use for discounts on BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Products.
I currently favor getting content from Amazon for this reason. I have an Amazon Visa.

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I've bought and rented at least 20 movies but for my PlayBook. About 3 albums for my z10 or my PlayBook. Like others, I use my hdmi cable to make my PlayBook a DVD player and my Music Gateway on my stéréo to make my phone my cd player.

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Movies nope, I do that on my PlayBook. Music on occasion as I do ha e a lot from iTunes over the years I just add on via BlackBerry world.

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If the updated blackberry world was on my playbook I would buy movies and music as it is my consumption device.

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Yes, they really need to integrate these for a more complete and flexible end user experience. Playbook, 7Digital account(locker) and videos rented or purchased on one device being viewable playable from another BBID connected device at least, if not to laptops or other content storage devices.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I agree completely. The phones are too small to enjoy movies, Playbook was my consumption device as well. At least when I was away from my PC and not hauling around my laptop. It fit a niche. Now it is nearly useless. I cannot even get the tethering to work on my Q10 yet, and BB Bridge is MIA.

If I put it back in the oven, should I try 350 or 425? I don't think it is done yet.

Nope! I get my music from iTunes. However, I've been thinking about getting some songs from BlackBerry World.

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Adam - you say: "grab one from BlackBerry World and fire up the ol' HDMI cable for movie night" but do not mention that this option sucks if you have 1080p TV because the video appears highly compressed and lower resolution than a true HD movie, especially on a larger (40"+) tv. I've done that couple of times and regretted. My first experience was a total disaster - got entire family in front of 50" tv -- wanted to showcase blackberry - rented Rise of Guardians, hooked up via HDMI to the tv and started playing --- everyone was booing and making fun of BlackBerry because the quality was more DVD like than HD! They didnt want to watch it - the details were not there. We ended up renting again from iTunes and watching it. When I checked the file which was downloaded on BlackBerry it was about 1.1GB, definitively no way to have a good quality experience for a movie like this no matter what compression is used. The movies are optimized for a blackberry screen viewing and casual HDMI hookup, definitively does not replace or become my main source for movie buying or renting.

Between my families 3 smartphones (2-iPhones and 1-Z10) most movies are cheaper in BlackBerry world than in iTunes. The download was quick, the picture quality and sound was awesome. Plus I do not need anything extra (only an HDMI cable or DLNA) like you would with the iPhone. Way to go BlackBerry!

For music I use amazon app for my Z10. Side load it and you can download all your music directly to your phone!!!!

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Music is AmazonMP3. Better prices and selection.

Video is also Amazon. Video on BlackBerry World is a non-starter until they provide options to view on other screens (TiVo, Roku, laptop, etc).

Why is the poll's font that small?
I am not that old but I can hardly read the question and answers on my Q10!
Am I missing something with settings?

I will buy a few songs that I like but if I like the whole album I buythe CD on Amazon or CD world and rip it. That way i have the CD if I change devices or want to play it in my Pick up etc.

The pricing seems a little high on the video content to be honest, but I am not comparing that to anyone else, just what I think they should charge.

I work on a radio station. I have all music that I need. Well, almost everything lol. Sometimes I send some to my bbm friends ^^

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i actually bought J.cole Born sinner album yesterday, even thought I had it when it leaked lol... wanted to try out the store. I like the fact that it saves directly to your music folder on your sd card.. but I usually use amazon mp3 since they have a lot more selection.

I buy my music from Amazon, have for quite a while now. I don't rent digital movies, what with having Hulu and Netflix. This is not to say that I don't appreciate BB World having them, it is just a service I don't use. I didn't buy from iTunes with my iPhone and I didn't buy movies, books, or music from Google with my Android phones.

I had decided to keep my digital media centralized back when I got a Kindle Fire. That meant Amazon. It has worked fine for me thus far.

I would love to use bb world to buy TV episodes and movies but too expensive. Should be $0.99 per TV episode, and maybe up to 2.99 for a movie.

Even better would be a monthly all you can eat plan like Netflix.

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I won't pay $20 for any movie, in BlackBerry World, iTunes, Walmart, or elsewhere. I just won't watch them more than once or twice (with very few exceptions), so it's not worth it to me. I have Hulu, Netflix, and occasionally Redbox to fill those needs. I don't even subscribe to cable.

Music? I only make so much money, and to have a usable collection, we're talking hundreds of dollars. No thanks. I'll stick to streaming services and... Other sources.

With that said, I am very happy that BlackBerry offers a more robust selection, and I'm sure it works for lots of people. However, I definitely do my part in supporting the ecosystem by purchasing a lot of apps and games. So I don't feel bad. :)

Check out "Wii U For the Win!" C000D1048 - I did this with my Z10! -

I've held off buying movies on both PlayBook and BB10, just not sure if I can get them back and forth between devices. Music, I can manage manually.

I only buy on iTunes as what I buy can always be re downloaded from them of I lose that phone or delete by accident whatever. With bbry you only got one shot. No thanks

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I don't buy or rent from BlackBerry World. I have a iPod for stuff like that. I keep my BlackBerry for communication and social stuff. Just my preference.

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None of the above. I rip Netflix DVDs to my Playbook because it has a larger screen. And I have Amazon Prime. Both movies and music are less expensive on Amazon. I would like to support BBRY by purchasing media from them, but can't afford to pay premium prices.

Over 60% do neither rent, nor buy movies or music form the BlackBerry World... First thought - People don't have Z/Q10 that are BBS for multimedia. On the other hand, it may be not everything what makes the truth. BB World seems to be refreshed but not enough to make us fun while getting into interactions. Content isn't bad, I mean, however sales methods do not thrill...

[...] and new hero's coming:

As a university student, barely any money to spend on $20+ movies. For music, youtube & radio apps is still the best options.

I buy all my music via the music store on my playbook. I really like the fact that it's a high quality mp3, and I can move it and copy the music to my network drive without any issue.

Movies on the other hand is another is another story. I dont like the fact it's tied to that specific device. I can't move the file to my network drive... so if my playbook goes belly up so do all of the movies because I am unable to login via the Web and see my purchased movies AND most movie sites won't keep your movies on their servers forever either.

If you read the fine print when the license for that movie runs out, off the server they go and you will no longer be able to stream them from the movie provider server. Which us fine if it's on your device, but when your device goes so do your movies.

That has been my experience with movies.

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Nothing from the list, cause live in Russia (only apps & gaming)

Posted via CB10 from my BlackBerry Z10

I download apps and music all the time. The music store could be a little more easier when searching, I find it difficult sometimes to find certain artist and songs. Haven't rented or bought any movies yet. Not sure I will.

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Although it is a welcome change for BlackBerry World. I still think that there can be even more improvement from BlackBerry.

Why not have some classic free movies ?

One classic free movie for every genre.

This would keep BlackBerry World relevant and the Studios keep releasing classics.

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Rented and watched James Bond with BB10 + HDMI cable. Download process very easy and quality was excellent. Recently I've been buying music too. Much easier than the process of buy through iTunes and then synch with BB link.

Should have I buy SOME of my music and movies. Tried a movie rental which was OK. The download was brutally long over Wi Fi. I'm talking interrupted and then slow. Quality of playback was fine , comparable to HD but prefer renting Blu Ray given superior quality. Music availability for purchase is good for my needs.

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I see the poll is indicating mostly "I don't buy or rent movies or music from BlackBerry World"
I believe Blackberry needs to bring back BBM Music. Perhaps change the service to a Slacker / Pandora type of business model. This would seem even more appealing after BBM goes cross platform. I've created a BBM Music channel to offer more insight and discussion. If you've got ideas or opinions, join C00010BF5.
I'm going to contact Blackberry and other Blackberry folks via twitter to get this discussion started!

I believe movies shouldn't be watched on anything smaller than a 25" screen. Music, I haven't updated my play list since last year and purchased from iTunes.

Nope too expensive and who would watch anything on a Z10?

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Me :p currently I already converted ten 24 episodes TV series and two movies to my BlackBerry. And I am converting more every day ;)

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Should have an extra choice 'I would like to buy music and movies, but they are not available for me'

Swoosh... swiped from my Z10

Can't buy music or movies from BlackBerry World cause it is not available in my country. It would be nice if it would change.

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I think it is the trend now to use streaming services instead. It makes more sense than having your computer clogged up with many unnecessary files...

Now if only they let us buy/listen to audible books...

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Music but no movies, yet anyway. Like most of the suppliers for BBRY I find them quite lacking compared to other platforms.

I wish it was available for Mexico... especifically the 7Digital integration should be posible thanks to the "Rest of the World" store, but BB10 does not integrate this option.

I have no available music and movies as well. I suppose it is not available in all countries in Europe. I don't know if it is BlackBerry or carriers fault.

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I've been able to find pretty much all music I'm interested in on BBWORLD so I'm happy with the selection. I absolutely despise ITUNES on a PC. It can be so frustrating.

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Would buy stuff if I could...

Same goes for apps... if I could pay through my carrier bill I would have a lot more apps

Cracked it out with the amazing Z

I don't, but I feel guilty because I feel like I SHOULD to support the platform. BlackBerry makes money off of those sales, so it's a good thing for the BlackBerry World platform to get those sales. It also helps show content providers that the platform is viable.

Please open music and movie store for Latinamerica, but good music please, not latin music, not all latins listen to salsa

The store is too crippled in that purchases are ONLY on the phone or tablet. If there were a way to watch on my other devices, I'd rent more.

As it is, when traveling with both PlayBook and Z10, I have to decide in advance which device to use. At least with iTunes, I can load the media on multiple devices.

Also, the $3ish rent is fine. But the purchases are ridiculously expensive. And many titles are only purchase, not rent. If the purchase meant they'd give me the digital copy to watch now, then they'd also mail me a bluray, I might consider it...

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Adam? Let's restart the test and add : service unavailable in my country. Could be fun!

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Anyone else have their bb10 annoying them when trying to navigate a website? Or how about it listening to music with a earpiece in? The music goes into whisper mode. The longer i have this phone, i miss the more reliable SGS3.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Pretty simple - they don't want my money, not available in my region. So yeah, same as you, for music, I'm using Deezer, and for movies video on demand from my Internet provider... Shut up and take my money!

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Downloaded once...its an expensive and stupid concept...paid four times the price and watched it 1/10 of TV screen size...smartphones are not for movies...did you hear that netflix.

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I echo what a few guys have said about 7digital. iTunes has always been an abomination for shallow thinking sheep. I resent BlackBerry attempting to push me towards their device specific offering whether or not it's engine is in effect 7digital. The fact is I want to know what bitrate my music is, I want to own it and do what I damn like with it. I note you can sideload 7digital - I will give it a go.

I wasn't aware that there was so many people without music and movies available. I just bought Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits yesterday. /:

In all if not everyone can get movies and music then this poll is not accurate at all.

Posted via

Sorry but there are two many options for digital content that are more flexible, provides better catalog of content and that are just more reasonably priced ($20 for some movies). BBRY tried to provide the missing content part of their platform... but so far they have failed.

Honestly, who in their right mind would pay for an mp3, they all sound like a fart. Nah, farts have a better bit rate. And movies, really, just play them through vlc streamed out to your devices. And if you want them on your device, plug it in and transfer it and there you go.

The only reason why I don't buy/rent movies or music is because frome where I'm from I can't. I'm really upset about this because I really wanted to take advantage of this awesome feature.

Nope, sorry but I don't pay for most of my music. They give it to the world for free via YouTube so I make a copy for myself. Most may say that is "illegal" but in reality it isn't, I won't get into the specifics of it but I am not selling it and the packets have to be sent and stored on my computer before I can view it anyway, so....

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i would like to watch a few TV series but it is so difficult getting the whole season at once that i gave up

I dont buy /all/ my music and movies from there, but I buy both music and movies. Even rented one. The music library needs to step it up a bit (imo Just a few cd's some new some old that I've looked for arent there)

I really like how easy renting a movie is through there. Tho it's hard to justify as I can get the same movie at redbox for a buck.

I don't see the point. I find it best to pay a monthly subscription for all my media needs and to rent blu-rays for a top quality show.
Things I buy in bbw won't play on my ps3, ipad, tablets, etc.

Note to BB: Dark theme and OLED screen combo = disaster outside

I must be old or something. What part of "work" does this have anything to do with? If I wanted to play then I'd already have an Android, BB's were made for work. Since getting my Q10 however, I've been disappointed. The media is getting in the way of my work. No universal exit button, no call button, cannot hang up while in another app, cannot even see the number I just dialed until it actually connects(did I touch the right one?), going "back" requires swiping up, or down, or left, or right, what? I know that it depends on where you are at, but WHY? Um, universal exit please? I just picked this thing up, I don't know and you are making me figure it out? Yea, yea, it takes a second or two, but , crap, now what was I thinking? It's a distraction!

I tried the voice command, server could not be contacted. Great. Another feature that requires an active connection that is pointless since I cannot take notes while driving lonely back roads. I certainly do not want to text. And I cannot read much either, so that's out.

Which brings up another point. When closing an app, I've got to look at the phone. Without there being an actual "back" button I need to see where to put my finger to close the app. It also requires that I reach higher and my thumb is not that long. I've had the Q10 for 5 days now and I want to go back to my Torch. Too bad the sim card is not compatible.

I did hook up the HDMI to my 52" plasma TV, but I only had a large representation of my actual BB screen, no better resolution that I could tell. It was not even in widescreen. And I transferred over an 8 GB MKV file, but it does not play. So no, I do not plan on using media on my BB. My PC is still better IMO. I do play podcasts, but I need to manually download them(since they require login) and BB likes to call them "music" since they are MP3 files. That is stupid. If they wanted to auto-arrange them they should just call them audio files. A 2 hour song that is not listed in CDDB? I don't think so.

I also do not go for these portals that only seem to give an excuse to pay more money. App store is great, and understandable, but not media. I like anything better than mp3. I am not a FLAK junkie, but mp3's sound dull to me. I want AAC and it is not usually supported. So again, PC is better. Buy it once, transcode it if necessary, and distribute it to devices as you need them.

Honestly, I do almost everything on my computer, why does everyone keep saying they are dying? Nothing else can do so much. No mobile device ever will because it is simple too small to enjoy many things. And Outlook sync issues are way off-topic here.

I buy/download to computer then use USB and transfer to my microsd card. Done. Downloading stuff on a mobile device is so hideous. So much better with internet download manager.

Apps, videos, music, social, internet, calls, video calls, BBM, text, gps, work, emails, games, sports, look for movies, to travel, book a Hotel, restaurants, to translate and everything in between!!

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If it were available seamlessly cross platform / device I would definitely rent movies and purchase music. I'm eager to support BlackBerry too but as of this moment I use amazon to rent movies and purchase music. Matter-of-fact what I love about amazon music is I usually get both the CD and can download. I may be old fashion but I don't want to pay full boat for a CD and not own a physical disk. If I were to get the CD for albums that I purchased in BlackBerry World I would purchase form them in a heartbeat.

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I would buy or rent movies from Blackberry World if they update blackberry link to view the videos so I can watch it on desktop.. or if I can watch it on my PlayBook through Blackberry bridge. Not the type of guy to watch a movie on my phone, especially since the z10 battery life is short.

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"How Do You BB10...." ????? Is this what you meant to write? It doesn't make sense! I.e. How do you iPhone or How do you Android? You're starting to write like Bla1ze!

You know I can't seem to get that vote button to register my vote!! It never works for me and yes! I'm signed in.

Music/Movies isn't even available in my country - Indonesia. Pretty sad since I want to support BB ecosystem. I spend at least $10 a month for music from the other ecosystem /sigh

The music and movie store is a good idea. But I think the movies are too expensive and the music selection is not comprehensive enough.

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Yes the captions were on purpose

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SONY has free services for movies and several outlets to rent and buy, plus underground stuff to subscribe to. No one does it better than SONY. SONY smarttv or hometheatre system or Blue Ray player.

Perhaps someone can help me. I own blackberry shares so yes I set up an account last night. I plugged my phone into my big screen and rented a tv show. The tv show didn't fill up my tv screen and changing it to 1080p didn't provide any change.

Can someone offer a suggestion? I own the Q10

So far i've only bought a few tunes. Have Soundhound, but it defaults to Amazon and ea and everytime I try to buy there I am unable to.? Must be the USA / Canada thing. I will say that so far BBW has had those songs I was after and I would prefer to support them than iTunes...but the site needs some MAJOR work. I also agree on the movie bit. Why would anyone spend $20 on a movie when the alternatives are numerous and in many cases free.? Why are there no books available.? ... If BB wants to increase their revenue stream it seems to me it should be open to all (droid/iOS), devices not just those with grapes. A lot work has to happen before that happens. Better pricing, ability to view content cross platform along with significantly greater variety.

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I am very impressed with the music I have purchased from 7digital and have been since I got the Playbook 2 years ago. Still with them today. The movies on BlackBerry 10 is great now and I use the hdmi cable often and I picked up a portable projector from Brookstone for $300 that is a great addition. The kids love Friday nights with a make shift drive-in theatre at home staring my Z10 and the movie of the night.

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Where are the movies in blackberry world? Can't search of any of them? No option for movies and music.

I only have three apps on my phone besides ones that were pre-installed (although I did remove a few of the pre-installed ones). Two are from BB World and one is a sideloaded Android app. I don't get any movies or music from the BB Store though.

If the sources of the movies & music in BlackBerry World are from the same as companies that provide them to the PlayBook, then why are the prices different (and a lot of times cheaper) on the PlayBook?

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Just like iTunes it is too expensive. I would think about it if there was a larger selection of music there.

I downloaded Ironman 3 and it was a 2Gb download and then installed. Does anyone know the resolution of these movies?

I just bought many at 99c which is nice but i can not play them on my PC that sucks. Back to iTunes

I just recently did, many good ones for $0.99 I can't pass up, either for the kids to watch or to play on TV thru the HDMI connection.

Now the question, can I copy the .wmv file from my Z30 and play on my 64GB Playbook or my 4G Playbook?

How do I transfer a video that I purchased on my z10 to my laptop? copying and pasting doesn't work. When I purchased the few movies (99 cents each) it said I can download them onto 5 devices. Do they all have to be blackberrys? Who has THAT many?!

So is there an option to purchase music on Z10 directly or we have to go to a computer... download it... then transfer it...that is not that efficient....

I love my Z10 but purchasing music being not possible I don't think it is well though out!